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  • All of Teen Wolf's werewolves are made more powerful when they possess a position in a pack. This is not just strength in numbers, it literally renders them quicker and stronger. The pack hierarchy that has been seen thus far is as follows:

    Alpha-The Alpha Werewolf is the strongest member and leader of the pack. They possess red eyes and the ability to force members of their pack into or out of wolf form by howling. In addition, wounds inflicted by an Alpha onto his underlings do not super-heal the way normal injuries would. Scott is one of these.

    Beta- The soldiers or "guard dogs" of the pack, they seem to make up the breadth of the forces.

    Omega- The lone wolf, this is a werewolf who no longer has a pack, either because he/she left, was banished, or his/her packmates are all dead. They are the physically weakest of the three.

    When a Beta or an Omega morphs, they are still very human looking, just with beastly supernatural powers, characteristics, and physical changes. (Claws, Eye Color Change, Fangs, Wolf Nose, and Mutton Chops).

    Alphas who descend into killing humans and enjoying transform monstrously (i.e Peter Hale in the first season as the first season's antagonist and Scott McCall's slight changes in Season 4 when slicing in to a Deadpool Hunter of the Hunters).

    Werewolves who kill someone for the first time and do not take visceral pleasure in it (werewolves that are Betas or Omegas) have their eyes change from Yellow to Blue.

    In Season 3 Part One A Pack comprising entirely of Alphas are introduced as tertiary antagonists, Ethan and Aiden two identical twin members of the Alpha Pack have the special ability of being able to conjoin their bodies and to form a hulking large Alpha of even more immense strength and stature. Kali another member of the Alpha Pack has clawed toe nails which are a unique werewolf weapon of hers. Deucalion the leader of the Alpha Pact is known as the Demon Wolf as with all the werewolves he has killed and innocents he has transcended beyond just a horrific visage but into actual part demonic entity, one in touch with the currents emanated by Beacon Hills and The Nemeton, his demonic monster visage is revealed in the Season 3 part one finale Lunar Ellipse, he regains the sight he lost at Gerard Argent's hands when he wolfs out in Demon Wolf visage).

    The Chimera hybrid monsters of Season 5 created by The Dread Doctors have their first primary set of DNA mixture are of werewolf. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Before the second season was broadcast,20th Century Fox released the first season on DVD in the USA on May 22nd, 2012. As a special gift for the fans, an extended version of the season finale "Code Breaker" was put on the disc next to the TV-version. It differs from the TV-version in numerous ways, but rarely offers any interesting or important changes of the plot. What remain are extended and additional dialogue or generally scenes which run for a few more seconds. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Extras casting call for hit MTV series 'Teen Wolf' seeking hot guys and gals in Los Angeles - http://www.tvshowauditions.info/2013/08/extras-casting-call-for-hit-mtv-series.html

    Additional casting updates are being posted throughout season 3.

    2013 Actors Resource Guide eBooks

    http://www.ActorsResourceGuides.com Edit (Coming Soon)

  • A Teen Wolf soundtrack, including scene descriptions, curated by the Music Supervisor can be found on TuneFind. Edit (Coming Soon)


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