Curiosity Poster

(2011– )


International Documentary Association 2013

IDA Award
Best Continuing Series
Geoff Deehan (producer)
Leslie Schwerin (producer)
Christine Weber (producer)
Erik Nelson (executive producer)
Simon Dickson (executive producer)
Sanjay Singhal (executive producer)
Dave Harding (executive producer)
Mike Masland (executive producer)
Howard B. Swartz (executive producer)
Simon Andreae (executive producer)

News & Documentary Emmy Awards 2013

Outstanding Graphic Design & Art Direction
Lon Molnar (visual effects producer)
Jo Singh Brar (visual effects producer)
Howard B. Swartz (visual effects producer)
Geoff D.E. Scott (visual effects supervisor)
Leanne Hein (visual effects)
William Chang (visual effects)
Bojan Zoric (visual effects)
Tory Miles (visual effects)
Nathaniel Larouche (visual effects)
Voytek Kufner (visual effects)
Dominic Cheung (visual effects)
Eric Doiron (visual effects)
Andrew Alzner (visual effects)
Paul Belchamber (visual effects)
Cash B. Lim (visual effects)
Discovery Channel
For episode "Battlefield Cell"

News & Documentary Emmy Awards 2012

Outstanding Science and Technology Programming
Ben Bowie (executive producer)
Alan Eyres (executive producer)
John Smithson (executive producer)
Susan Winslow (executive producer)
Simon Andreae (senior executive producer)
Iain Riddick (series producer)
John Cavanagh (coordinating producer)
Discovery Channel
For episode "Did God Create The Universe?"

Visual Effects Society Awards 2013

VES Award
Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Program
Nathaniel Larouche
Lon Molnar
Geoff D.E. Scott
Bojan Zoric
Episode: "Curiosity: Battlefield Cell (2012)"

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