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  • After a wild New Year's Eve, Jack tries to undo the damage he caused from leaving a drunken message on an ex-lover's voicemail. In the meantime, Jenna pursues a faux relationship with actor James Franco in an attempt to cover up his embarrassing secret. After "outing" her sheltered cousin to his family, Liz welcomes him to New York City, while Tracy discovers a newfound respect for women.

  • Jack and Kenneth try to erase an embarrassing drunk phone message he left on New Year's Eve, Jenna agrees to "date" James Franco for publicity, Liz's cousin comes to visit after she outs him, and Tracy thinks his wife's pregnant with a girl.


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  • Open with everybody coming back to work after New Year's. Jack opened a 2,000 year old bottle of wine from a sunken boat and the fumes made everybody at his party sick. He tells Liz that Nancy has not contacted him. Liz outed her cousin Randy at a family gathering. Jenna met James Franco's manager and agreed to stage a fake relationship with the actor to help his reputation. Tracy thinks he got wife pregnant and is sure it's a girl.

    Jack frantically tells Liz that he saw on his phone he left a message for Nancy on at 3:40am on New Year's Day morning. Looking at YouFace they see Nancy is on vacation in Florida. Jack wants to somehow erase the message before she gets back from Florida.

    Franco and Jenna will pretend to be in a relationship. Franco is trying to cover up his love for a Japanese body pillow named Kimiko.

    Randy calls Liz. He has left home and is in New York City. She tells him to go to her apartment.

    Jack picks Kenneth (over a devastated Jonathan) to go with him to Massachusetts and break into Nancy's home.

    Tracy's wife is officially pregnant. He's convinced it's a girl since he yelled "Susan B. Anthony" at the moment of conception. Jenna is really excited about the fake relationship with James, specifically all the attention she is getting from the paparazzi and blogs.

    Jack and Kenneth get into Nancy's place and begin looking for the password to her voicemail. While Kenneth struggles on the computer, Jack sees signs that Nancy's husband has been sleeping on the couch.

    Randy comes back to Liz' later after spending time with some guys he met. He's really excited to explore the city but Liz wants to keep him home.

    James and Jenna kiss on their way home. She really enjoyed the moment, but James only did it because he saw someone with a camera.

    Jack discovers more evidence that Nancy's marriage is on the rocks. Kenneth sees on the computer that they took separate vacations.

    Randy went out last night and is home with the word "SLUT" written on his forehead. When Liz tries to talk him into going back home he locks her in the closet and leaves.

    Having spotted the voicemail code on the dry erase board, Jack listens to the message he left. On it he references the German class he and Nancy had together in high school. His name was Klaus and hers was Greta. Jack considers not erasing the message, but Kenneth convinces him he shouldn't interfere since Nancy hasn't reached out to him at all.

    Jenna tells Liz about the kiss. Liz tells her she should be with someone who will love her back. On TV Liz sees Randy and a sailor telling the Today Show they are going to get married.

    When Tracy hits on one of the TGS dancers, he comes to the realization that every woman is someone's daughter.

    Kenneth notices the numbers in Nancy's voicemail password spell Klaus on the telephone pad. He runs to Jack with the apparent good news.

    Liz is furious with Randy. He tells her the problem is that she doesn't know how to have fun anymore. She agrees, and allows him to take her out that night.

    James is upset that Jenna wants to break-up with him: "Youre being such a non-pillow right now." She convinces him to be with Kimiko.

    Jack leaves another voicemail for Nancy and seems very happy with himself.

    Liz meets James at the club and ends up taking him and Kimiko home. Tracy announces that he will add a woman to the entourage.

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