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Never cry Wolf Town
rikverwaest23 July 2011
Okay, recession hit everyone hard. So I'm not gonna blame the makers of "Wolf Town" for charging me 8 € for a movie that was produced for half that money. I can get past the fact that the entire "Wolf Town" was populated by a meager three wolves who kill by gnawing at life-sized dolls. Neither shall I complain that the special effects look like they were shoplifted from the local funstore (check out the red blubber that was plopped on Rob to pass for intestines). I'm not even gonna rant about the fact that they couldn't even be bothered to remove the wreckage of modern tractors from the scenery of a "ghost town from the 1800's". All those things require money, and it's blatantly clear that this cheap flick was made on a shoe-string budget.

But there can be no excuse whatsoever for the extremely bland and dumb story. Creativity and imagination are free. A decent filmmaker can make a great movie on a nickel and dime. "Blair Witch Project", anyone? But no-one involved in the production "Wolf Town" shows a glimpse of such talent. Therefore this is doomed to be a poor man's movie with a poor man's script. There are plot holes the size of Europe. So we're supposed to believe the wolves managed to sabotage a car, steal their cellphones and catch up with the idea of dynamite? The director stops quite short of crediting them with setting up the town's website to lure edible tourists. Even more irritating is the utter standstill that the story creeps in after fifteen minutes. The main characters run from one deserted house to the other, where they start to bicker at each other. After a while the wolves are fed up with their nagging and jump through a window. That's the sign for our jolly bunch to run casually to another house. That process is actually repeated six to seven times, I kid you not. To top it off the end leaves us with a wacky eco-message when the wimpy kid starts to understand the "motive" of the wolves, who just want the strangers to leave their cozy town. Wolf-children of the Corn, ay?

A final warning: those like me who love a good killer animal-flick and let themselves be fooled by the cover will find themselves howling at the moon in utter frustration.
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Lame and Amateurish Low Budget Movie
claudio_carvalho15 January 2012
The timid and insecure Kyle (Levi Fiehler) has a crush on Jess (Alicia Ziegler) and he invites her to go to the Paradise ghost town as a pretext to be close to her. He brings his best friend Ben (Max Adler) with him, but Jess comes with her boyfriend Rob (Josh Kelly).

Kyle drives his convertible to the town and sooner Ben is deadly wounded by a ferocious pack of wolves. The trio of survivors is surrounded and trapped by the smart wolves and they have to be brave enough to face the animals.

"Wolf Town" is a lame and amateurish low budget movie with a terrible screenplay. The wolves are capable to trash the wires of a car to trap the driver and passengers in town; Rob succeeds to go to the barn during the night to get only one dynamite when there is a box of dynamites; Rob, Kyle and Jess escape from the wolves and do not bring a piece of wood or any weapon for self defense. However, the acting is decent, but the cast could not do any better with such poor script. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Terra dos Lobos" ("Wolves Land")
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Low-Budget and cliché
jredcay9 July 2012
I can handle the whole cliché thing, and I can usually even enjoy a lower budget movie from time to time, but this movie gives a whole new meaning to the word "low-budget".

The wolf attack scenes are almost laughable. The camera simply changes angles and cuts to different areas that it is impossible to even see what is happening.

The acting isn't terrible, although what the writers have the actors doing is quite ridiculous. They just wander about the town, going off by themselves from time to time, often for no reason at all. It just seems as though someone was too lazy to come up with even a half-decent plot line.

I really feel this movie was not even worth the $1.20 that I paid to rent it from a RedBox.
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Wolf Town: Surprisingly good effort
Platypuschow30 September 2017
Wolf Town is another one of those films that I spotted on Youtube and decided (Against my better judgement) to give a chance due to the impressive cover art.

I had no idea what to expect and just assumed it would be another low budget horror mess so was pleasantly surprised by the quality.

For a start the film looks great, the budget limitations are blatant but they get around that using solid camera work which disguises it brilliantly.

The story is about a small town in the ol'wild west that discovers gold but mere months later they are all gone and it's become a ghost town. Cut forward to modern day and four 20 somethings visit and discover the horrifying secret behind the towns fate.

This story was solid and the execution was highly original. The characters are hit and miss and are the biggest weakness by far, our "Hero" is a whiney little unlikeable idiot that it's very hard to get behind.

If you can get past that we have a competently made, genuinely interesting horror/thriller that is well worth anyone's time.

The Good:

Looks great

Fantastic story

Budget limitations are very well hidden

The Bad:

Some weak characters

Rushed ending

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Wolves are just dogs

Wolves know how to disable cars

I really want to visit a ghost town suddenly

Sounds influence peoples dreams, my other half had a nightmare about wolves attacking the house due to sleeping while I had the film on!
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This is one trip to Paridise to avoid
movieman_kev28 July 2012
Kyle and Ben are off to Paridise, a ghost town, under the pretense of looking for good, but really Kyle just wants to get in Jess's pants who ends up bringing her boyfriend. Uh-oh. To make matters worse they're hounded by killer wolves, one of which bites Ben. Now they must find a way to survive. Will they? a better question would be will anyone care??

Almost every Tuesday Instant Netflix has at least one film streaming on same day as released on DVD, this week it's three films (this one, The Myth of the American Teenager, and Beneath the Darkness) This film is definitely the worst of the bunch. amateurish, boring, awfully (over)acted (by the people, the wolves under act), and quite a task to sit through.

My Grade: F
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YAAAAAAWN!!!! We've seen it all before...
keithgoddard726 July 2011
Well as we get more advanced in CGI and other effects one would think that films would get better and more so typical predictable American films, Here we have Yet again a group of young adults find themselves looking for gold in an old American town they are all more or less models again as is the norm in American films?? no one seems to be ugly these days?, there is a mine there and they discover an old book from the residents that lived there many years ago, The town is deserted and this book explains why, i wont spoil the plot but its weak and as normal the people in the movie (x3 men x1 woman) all have to fight for their lives, there is NO special affects hardly any gore the plot is weak and its the kinda films where the girl is the spice of the film the men all want her and are been flirtatious with her, i reckon if you watched the first 5 minutes then skipped to the last 5 of the film you would be able to put together the complete story! if i was too of bought this on DVD or gone to the Cinema i would ask for my money back! I would like to of seen some even a sniff of originality on the film it did have potential to be a better film but lets be honest a film about wolfs is hardly head behind pillow is it, the camera work was pretty good and the sound was good too, i just wasn't convinced by the actors and the acting, there is a scene where one of the wolfs gets a licking off a chair leg by one of the guys AWEFULL realism! anyway i skipped more a less all over the film it was just so bland i reminded myself i need to decorate my house cause i spent more time looking around my room due to been so bored!
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No real wolves and bad attack scenes
alee36122 February 2013
I wanted to see a vicious pack of wolves destroy some humans. Sadly, that didn't happen.

1) The "wolves" were just a bunch of dogs... I guess the director didn't want to waste his time getting real wolves. I don't see how wolves are that much harder to train or more expensive than bears (since that director made a different movie about a killer bear) .. If you can get a bear for another movie, you should be able to get real wolves! I didn't rent this movie to see dogs. I rented it to see WOLVES!

2) ALL the attack scenes were horrible. I don't have very high standards for animal attacks, but this movie really crossed the line.

If you want to see real wolves (or at least CGI wolves, like in "The Grey"), Wolf Town is NOT the movie for you. The cover is extremely misleading. The "wolves" in the movie don't look like the wolves on the cover AT ALL.

The "attack" scenes don't even deserve to be called that. This movie is a movie about teens running away from wolfy-looking dogs. The action is lame. This movie is NOT worth your money and especially not worth your time.
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Who's afraid of the big baaaa wolf??
humodda2 January 2012
Well, this movie does not offer any groundbreaking new story to the genre but it's worth to be seen.

You just should watch it with the right expectations. It's not a Spielberg Blockbuster but it also does not pretend to be.

What you will get is a nice claustrophobic wolf horror feature and people who are afraid of these animals will get scared by all means. The plot is pretty simple and straight forward, but you're not going to watch that for the story anyways. It's all about the very well trained animals who are the true starring actors in this film. Sure, the young "human" actors do their job quite well also. You have the shy loser type, a sweet hottie, the sarcastic fatso and the sporty cool guy and that's all to be known about the main cast. And of course the wolf pack, featuring some pretty nice animal shots.

If you're just looking for some fine animal horror title, playing with the basic fears of most people this might be the right kind of entertainment for you. I really enjoyed it!
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Horrible movie
shannondouglass8 February 2021
Just watched this movie on Tubi. While DOGs in the movie were cute they were NOT wolves. They were Malamutes. How dare they assume that wolves would do this to human beings. They are NOT blood thirsty like hollywood wants us to believe. Yes they do hunt in packs, but they are more afraid of humans than we are of them. They are NOT methodical to even have the mindset of doing anything that resembled the calculation in their minds that hollywood would have us believe. This movie was a waste of money, waste of space in the lives of those of us that watched it and waste of time for the actors that played in it. This kind of crap is why they are destroying the lives of wolves everywhere and why there are evil subhumans everywhere.
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Really unimpressive creature feature
kannibalcorpsegrinder25 June 2015
Hoping to use a spur-of-the-moment camping trip to win his dream-girl, a couple of friends tag along and stumble upon an abandoned mining town that serves as the home to a pack of vicious, killer wolves, forcing them to fight off the creatures to get away alive.

This was a somewhat decent effort here that does have some rather enjoyable aspects. One of the few good parts to this one is the creepy ghost-town setting in here that gives this one some great elements due to that as the film gets quite a lot of work with the setting of the film. There's some good use of the familiar image here with the long dirt roads, dusty trails and wooden storefronts that evokes so many classic westerns which makes for the great reversal being in such territory while giving this one some rather nicely-designed setting here. There's a lot of time on the action here, especially in the second half where the group is trapped in the saloon and really feeling as though there's little hope of getting out as the relentless attacks to get past their lines make for quite a fun time with all these exciting scenes all packed together into an incredibly frantic pace. The other impressive part here is the rather clever twist to make the creatures plain old wolves, which was pretty unique as the early set-ups here pointed directly at werewolves being involved so that change-up comes off rather nicely. While it's not a terrible film, there's some problems with this one. One of the biggest problems here is the fact that the film really can't do anything with the wolves to showcase their killing skills, relying on the concept of the numerous numbers within the pack constantly around them instead to generate the fear, which drastically reduces their fearfulness. There's so few attacks here as the vast majority of its running time is spent on their relationship troubles and exploration of the town that it feels pretty dragged out in spaces and moves along at such lame paces and because there's not a lot that can be done here that this leaves so much of the film devoid of wolf attacks. Also problematic for this section is that there's such a small body count of potential victims there's hardly a chance for this to succeed because of the lowered chance of getting anything to happen to this small group. The other real flaw to this one is in fact the change-over of the creatures from werewolves to plain wolves that really comes off as quite a shock with the new creatures here being quite a cheat from what's to be expected that it becomes a rather irritating point. This is what's really holding this one down though the other problems are just as big.

Rated R: Graphic Language, Violence and violence-against-animals.
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There's wolves in them thar hills.
BA_Harrison26 March 2015
During the gold rush, the prospecting town of Paradise is attacked by a pack of wolves, the animals wiping out all of the inhabitants, who are unable to save themselves despite being armed to the teeth with rifles and dynamite. Cut to the present day, and a group of college friends travel to the ghost town as part of a history project; lo and behold, the wolves still run the place, and are mightily upset by the intrusion.

Yes, Wolf Town really is as dreadful as it sounds: its hairy killers are not only able to dodge bullets and avoid detection for a century and a half, but they also have enough intelligence to sabotage a car by ripping out its wiring and steal their victim's provisions. Clever wolfies! Meanwhile, the youngsters who stray onto the wolfs' territory display next to no common sense (they're certainly less switched on than the wolves), failing to adequately arm themselves against the snarling beasts and repeatedly risking life and limb to go it alone (one character makes a daring bid to retrieve the dynamite and comes back with just one stick!).

In addition to an iffy script, the film also suffers from uninspired direction from John Rebel (the man behind the equally dire 2010 killer-animal movie Bear), who achieves zero tension or sense of horror, and poor editing that makes it looks as if there are only two wolves for most of the running time (only towards the end do we see as many as five on the screen at the same time). Amazingly, the acting is more than passable for such nonsense, but with such awful material, the cast can do nothing to prevent this film from being one hell of a mess.
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great movie
punkrokr8828 February 2012
I Loved this movie great storyline. I recommend everyone see it. I like horror and thrillers. Josh Kelly did an amazing job in this movie. I also like that it was not filled with blood and guts.It was well worth the 2.99 that i paid to rent this movie. I will be buying this movie in the next week or so. I disagree with all the negative comments. Just because its 2012 don't mean every movie has to have graphics like it is. If you think about it the town they where in was more then a hundred years old. They could not possibly make it look like towns do now. I like it when a movie looks older. I hope to see much more from Josh Kelly and all the other actors in this film great job to all of you.
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Skip it, not worth the dollar I paid to rent it.
Toocooltoobefooled26 April 2012
This movie is a waste of film. I saw another movie, looks to be filmed around the same time, about several friends on an island being attacked by dogs, which while not great, is 10 stars above this one, but I can't recall the name. This movie is very low budget. First of all, there are only 4 actors, not the usual 6-8 you would expect in this type of movie. Literally 4 actors, no one in the background, no one else seen ever in the film. Since there are so few actors, only one can be killed off otherwise there would be no one left to create tension. It's three boys and one girl, a relative sausage fest. The female character doesn't' even take off her jacket, so forget your thoughts of gratuitous nudity, nope not here. This movie is rated R? For what? the gore, please, some spaghetti and ketchup? Oh yes several foul words tossed in to get the rating. One thing to note, if you look at the breakdown of who likes and dislikes this film, women overwhelmingly gave it higher marks then males, soooooo, you may want to rent this one with your girlfriend if she is not much of a movie fan. She maybe pleased by it. In general the actors themselves are not bad, but they have nothing to work with. Horrible script, no imagination, no real plot. Basically a dud to be forgotten in the cabinets of Hollywood or whatever low budget place this was concocted. If I had paid money to see this in the theater I would have been very upset, but a dollar rental serves as a lesson, read reviews first.
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