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MPAA Rated R for some language and sexual content

Sex & Nudity

  • A little girl imagines her mom lying on top of her pastor in a bathing suit, doing a swimming stroke.
  • A teenage boy has sex with his girlfriend and climaxes. (Only their clothed top halves are shown; the girl is indifferent.)
  • A teenage girl is pregnant.
  • Two teenage boys flash their penises out a bus window. (Nothing is shown.)
  • A voice on a Christian cassette tape talks about using clitoral stimulation to please your wife.
  • One woman counsels another on how to spice up her sex life, recommending that she draw her husband's penis. They show each other their drawings.
  • A woman says that learning to drive stick-shift is like sex--ease, and press.
  • A woman describes her wedgie suggestively to a man.
  • A pregnant woman imagines herself doing a sexy dance in a black bra and panties in front of a mirror.
  • A woman looks at a wall of penis drawings and then fantasizes about a woman licking her toes.
  • A woman playfully squeezes her friend's breast and asks if she's wearing a padded bra. When the friend reciprocates, she says, "That's all me, baby."
  • A woman imagines herself caressing a man's head and back and starts breathing heavily.
  • A woman tells her husband that he doesn't understand how to make love, and that it is much more efficient for her to just do it herself.
  • In an art gallery, a family gazes at a photograph of a naked woman. (Her bare breasts are visible, but not her lower parts.)

Violence & Gore

  • A woman hits a man in the arm.
  • A man chokes a woman with his hands, and she screams strainedly for help.


  • Asshole: 1 / Bitch: 1 / Damn: 2 / Fuck: 8 / Shit: 3 / God's name in vain: 4
  • A teenage boy sticks up his middle finger.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A bus filled with people crashes into a lake.
  • A near-strangulation occurs. (See above, "Violence & Gore.")

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