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By Far The Funniest Internet Show!
bill_b42 July 2010
Good sense of humor? 10 years old at heart? Tendency to reply "Your mom" whenever someone's getting the best of you? This show is for you! Even if you don't fall into any of categories I just mentioned, still give the show a try. I'm hooked, and would go so far as to say this show is probably the best way to determine someone's coolness factor. Don't know if that special person is hip or intelligent? Have 'em watch an episode and gauge their reaction. If they like it, they're a keeper! If they don't, you couldn't run away from 'em fast enough, 'cause they've got issues you'll find out about, sooner rather than later. Posted on YouTube 2-3 times a week, these quick 3-5 minute shows are some of the funniest clips and commentary I have ever seen! Give it a try! He's Ray William Johnson, and I think he'd approve this message. Give him a try and be sure to post your comments in his feedback section b-e-l-o-w (insiders will know what I'm talking about).
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What happened?
rmsccbm13 April 2016
First of all, I was a humongous fan of this show, having been a long time viewer since 2009. And when, in 2014, Ray Johnson retired as host I was upset yet optimistic to see what direction the show could go under a new host. Robbie Motz got cast and he was good. A good fit for Ray, with charm, humour and likability. Then HE retired as host. Along comes Kaja Martin. In her many episodes, I can't recall ever laughing as the shows concept and fun and charm was being sucked out and replaced with some of the worst humour put into the show. I stopped watching until she stepped down. Then Carlos came. This guy is just as bad, awkward, uncharismatic and really boring. He adds nothing new and just doesn't look into it. There hasn't been a funny episode since 2014, in fact I recommend watching before 2014 to appreciate what this show once was. It's terrible now, but it gets a 3 for Motz's episodes.
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Not funny anymore
Michael Hurricane28 February 2015
It was funny, but now it's just repetitive ,baby throwing ,fat folks falling ,Russian folks crashing.

Since the dawn of time there have been YouTube videos, and reviewing them??? thats just stupid. Too be fair it's a good way to find interesting videos. And the new host isn't the best why?? He isn't RWJ. I hate those jump-cuts(or whatever it's called) that he does. They get annoying after 30 videos or so might wanna change style, just saying. Well it's still better than those gamers, would you rather watch a video or watch someone watch the video.

Too summaries it's something not to watch it gets old' repetitive.
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