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Sex & Nudity

  • In season 3 episode 11 "Nude Beach" Tommy sing sex songs and there is a lot of nudity. Nothing explicit is shown.
  • Gene sometimes says explicit sexual references like o**y and p******ute.
  • Slut is occasionally used
  • Most of the sexual content is rather comedic than serious.
  • Throughout season 1 Tina, the elder daughter, is obviously going through puberty and in multiple instances exclaims that her crotch is itchy and tries to kiss boys.
  • Mild to moderate sex references throughout. Nothing too strong, or crude. The character Teddy says some pretty inappropriate things from time to time, but Bob usually stops him.
  • Bob takes a job as a cab driver and befriends a group of transvestites.
  • One episode in the third season features a home full of old swingers, and it has sexual references throughout the episode.
  • In the third season, one character says that her family should "sell sex for money, because sex sells. So let's find some sex and sell it."
  • In the fourth season, a gay character beckons someone else to have sex with them.
  • In one episode, a student reveals that he rubs his genitals on the couch.
  • In one episode, Linda rolls a sexy dice. She rolls "lick foot" Bob does not like it and tries to have sex with Linda.
  • In the thirdseason, Bob's new health inspector Tommy, sings sexual songs. Such as ''The Sex Song ''and ''Elderly Prostitute''.

Violence & Gore

  • Blood is occasionally seen. In multiple episodes, characters have mild injuries.
  • In the fourth season, an episode shows a nanny giving a teenager a black eye by punching her, and then shows the kids giving each other and the nanny black eyes by punching each other so that they could confuse the parents and not get in trouble.
  • In the third season, blood sprays onto the car window from Bob's finger as Linda is driving. (Rather comedic)


  • Seasons 5-9 have huge uses of son of a bitch and bastard.
  • Bitch, slut, ass, and hell are sometimes said.
  • The worst thing said in the show to date is when Linda says Bob is a "dick."
  • In one episode in Season 3, The captain of a cruise ship walks into the restaurant and says "Is this restaurant seaman friendly?" Everyone looks at each other uncomfortably.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Critter of the One-Eyed Snakes says something to Bob along the lines of "cooking meth and forgetting all our troubles." Louise says it sounds nice and they should cook meth, then Gene says "God bless this meth." Seems just like a little comedic thing that show kids not knowning much about drugs and its effects. Harmless scene, though.
  • The characters sometimes drink alcohol, sometimes getting drunk.
  • In one episode, Bob reveals trying crack. Also, Bob gets addicted to his pills and gets high.
  • In another episode, Linda tells Bob she got pills from a pharmacy and is using several of them.
  • In Season 3, one episode involves the kids working at a marijuana farm. (But they are oblivious to what they are doing)
  • The mother Linda, is said to be an alcoholic. (more comedic than anything)
  • In the first season, Bob lets a whole bunch of people into his restaurant and they get drunk. Leaving the restaurant wrecked.
  • Most of these scenes (E.I Bob admitting he tried crack) are played for laughs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some characters may be somewhat close to death. Some characters are mentioned to have died.
  • Rated PG-13 for sexual references, some partial nudity and language
  • None.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • In season 1 episode 5 Hamburger dinner theater : In some part it talks about murdered and a guy said "I've been murdered to death" - and blood shows.
  • Another episode in the fourth season, Felix, Mr. Fischoder's brother attempts to kill Bob and his brother.
  • In the same episode he decides to save them but a part of the Wharf breaks apart. The Belchers have to dive and it could be intense for some viewers.


  • Bob says "son of a bitch" in season 1 episode 2.

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