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Power Season 5 Episode 9 Review: There's A Snitch Among Us

  • TVfanatic
This show just doesn't let you catch your breath, huh?

Some of you may still be reeling from everything that transpired in Power Season 5 Episode 8, and maybe you were hoping for a calmer hour to set up the season finale. Well, that's not what this show does. 

There was no calm on Power Season 5 Episode 9. Just deception, death, and one hell of a cliffhanger. 

The fallout from Kanan's death was briefer than expected, but then again every character on this show has about 20 different things going on in their lives that are pulling them in different directions. 

Tariq's assertion that he was the reason his family got a win was expected, as Tariq has genuinely morphed into Ghost Jr. He's arrogant, opinionated, and thinks he's the smartest person in any room. Gone are the days of the quiet son who was ignorant of the depths of his parents' situation. 

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Power Season 5 Episode 8 Review: A Friend of the Family

Is everyone okay? Have you picked your jaw up off the floor? 

Personally, I'm still recovering from Power Season 5 Episode 8, which I am officially dubbing the most intense hour of Power we have ever seen. 

There is no dancing around the most significant development of the season and one of the biggest of the series, so we're not wasting any time in getting to the big stuff. So spoiler alert, people! Continue at your own risk. 

For many of us, Kanan has either been a character you loathe and despise or someone you begrudgingly root for because, despite all his flaws, he's a charming guy who can often make you forget about all the evil that surrounds him when he flashes his signature grin. 

After Ghost's botched attempt to kill Kanan back in the day, it seemed like he was invincible. The man survived being burned alive for goodness sake.
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Power Recap: Do the Wrong Thing

Power Recap: Do the Wrong Thing
Need to catch up? Check out the previous Power recap here.

Two seasons back, if you had told me that I’d be not only interested in but eagerly awaiting scenes between Power‘s Tommy and Angela, I’d have told you to leave me alone and go find Yaz somewhere. But here we are.

The exchanges we’ve witnessed in the past few episodes between Ghost’s best friend and Ghost’s sometime girlfriend have been funny, chilling, insightful and captivating — and nowhere is that more apparent than in Sunday’s hour, when Egan realizes that the federal lawyer
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Stephen King's From A Buick 8 is Getting a Feature Film Adaptation

Stephen King adaptations are all the rage right now, and it was only a matter of time before studios started going after his deeper cuts in an attempt to snatch up some of that sweet King-related revenue.

Deadline reports Hyde Park Entertainment has optioned the rights to From A Buick 8 and has William Brent Bell on board to write the script and direct. Readers might know Bell for his work on The Devil Inside or Stay Alive. Just in case you're not familiar with the story:

From a Buick 8 centers around the rural town of Statler, Pennsylvania where the state police have kept a mysterious 1954 Buick Roadmaster in the shed behind the barracks for over twenty years. But when the town is plagued by strange and supernatural events, it turns out the Buick isn’t exactly a car- it’s a door to another dimension.

I don't claim to be the biggest Stephen King fan,
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Stephen King’s ‘From a Buick 8’ in the Works as a Movie

  • Variety
Stephen King’s ‘From a Buick 8’ in the Works as a Movie
Stephen King’s horror novel “From a Buick 8” is in the works as movie at Ashok Amritraj’s Hyde Park Entertainment with William Brent Bell set to direct from his own script.

King published “From a Buick 8” — which derives its title from the 1965 Bob Dylan song “From a Buick 6” — in 2002 and set the story around the rural town of Statler, Pa., where state police have kept a mysterious 1954 Buick Roadmaster in the shed behind the barracks for over 20 years. After a well-liked member of the troop is killed by a drunk driver, his son begins to visit the barracks and the cops begin telling Ned about the “Buick 8,” which turns out to have a malevolent spirit.

King’s 1983 novel “Christine” touched similar themes with a vintage Plymouth Fury and its effects on the car’s new teenage owner. Columbia made the movie “Christine” in the same year with John Carpenter directing and Keith Gordon,
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Stephen King's Next Film Adaptation Is From a Buick 8

Stephen King's Next Film Adaptation Is From a Buick 8
2017 was the beginning of a true Stephen King Renaissance. Even with the abominable TV series based on The Mist, It: Chapter 1, Gerald's Game, and 1922 constituted a near-perfect trifecta of films adapted from the bestselling author's sizable bibliography. Now, From a Buick 8 will join 2 other King-based properties currently in production; It: Chapter 2 is being shot in Toronto with a re-adaptation of Pet Sematary moving full-steam ahead outside of Montreal. Though it may have quieted in 2018, the Stephen King Renaissance is certain to surge again in 2019.

Attached to write and direct From a Buick 8 for Ashok Amritraj's Hyde Park Entertainment is William Brent Bell, a filmmaker who's no stranger to horror aficionados. His most recent hit was 2016's The Boy, while other bloody feathers in his cap include 2006's techno-horror Stay Alive, 2012's chilling yet controversial found footage film The Devil Inside, and the lycanthropic creeper Wer in 2013. The filmmaker, originally from Lexington,
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Stephen King’s From A Buick 8 finds its director

Hyde Park Entertainment have named their director for the next instalment of the Stephen King adaptation renaissance, From A Buick 8. According to Deadline, William Brent Bell, whose credits include The Boy, The Devil Inside, and Wer, will take control of the wheel on the evil car horror.

From A Buick 8 was originally published in 2002, and tells the story of a mysterious 1954 Buick Roadmaster, which has been kept locked up by the rural town Pennsylvania police department for over twenty years, before strange occurrences in the area lead people to believe that the car is in fact the gateway to another dimension.

After Christine, it’s the second King book to prominently feature a vehicular demon of some sort, with the filmmakers hoping that this will follow in the tyre tracks of recent King success stories, It and Gerald’s Game.

What do you think? Have you read From A Buick
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Hyde Park Sets Stephen King’s ‘From A Buick 8’ As William Brent Bell Vehicle

  • Deadline
Hyde Park Sets Stephen King’s ‘From A Buick 8’ As William Brent Bell Vehicle
Exclusive: Stephen King’s bestselling novel From A Buick 8 has been optioned by Ashok Amritraj’s Hyde Park Entertainment. Amritraj has set William Brent Bell to write the script and direct. Bell last helmed the Stx release The Boy, and his other credits include the Paramont genre hit The Devil Inside, Wer, and Stay Alive. Amritraj will produce. Addison Mehr and Priya Amritraj will be executive producers.

King published the novel in 2002, his second to feature a vintage car as a fulcrum of evil, alongside Christine. From a Buick 8 centers around the rural town of Statler, Pennsylvania where the state police have kept a mysterious 1954 Buick Roadmaster in the shed behind the barracks for over twenty years. But when the town is plagued by strange and supernatural events, it turns out the Buick isn’t exactly a car- it’s a door to another dimension. Pic becomes the latest title
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Lee Sizemore May Look Familiar, but You Probably Haven't Seen Him Outside Westworld

In case you missed it, the season two premiere of Westworld hit us with an unexpected full-frontal scene from handsome British actor Simon Quarterman. Granted, the nudity isn't a first for the series, but the scene is a turning point for his character, Lee Sizemore, and a metaphor for the shift in power that has taken place in the park.

"There's a few moving parts in the scene," said Quarterman to The Hollywood Reporter. "There's the shift in power, in those terms, especially in seeing this happen with one of Maeve's creators, someone who writes her storylines and has controlled her actions and her mind. Seeing her take her creator and stripping him naked . . . we're seeing that shift in power now. The hosts are now in control."

At the end of season one, Lee agrees to create a story narrative that would allow executive director Charlotte Hale to smuggle valuable
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‘Jumanji’ Sequel Topples ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Insidious’ Box Office Rivals

  • Indiewire
In its third week, “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” (Sony) surged to the top spot at the New Year’s weekend box office, after pulling ahead of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” (Disney) for the full week that included New Year’s Day — so its dominant position this weekend was no surprise.

“Insidious: The Last Key”

Insidious: The Last Key” (Universal) performed well in the usual post-holiday horror film slot, though not at the high end for past performers.

In third place, “The Last Jedi” remains a major success, looking at a certain worldwide total of over $1.3 billion.

All these and more contributed to a first post-New Year weekend of 2018 that is some $25 million — or 16 per cent — better than the last year. It’s a robust start for the box office, which wound up the year above expectations, taking pressure off a mediocre 2017 performance.

The “Jumanji” success makes sense: the
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Mother!, The Wicker Man, and All the Other Movies With "F" CinemaScores

  • BuzzSugar
Darren Aronofsky's mother!, with its lowercase title and exclamation point, was always going to push the envelope. The disturbingly vague trailer alone was hint enough that the Jennifer Lawrence-led film was not Hollywood's average horror entry. As a result, many of the scary movie fans who flocked to theaters left disappointed, confused, or a mixture of both. The backlash to the film has been so strong that Paramount actually released a statement defending Aronofsky's "audacious and brave" work. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to keep mother! from pulling in a shockingly bad "F" rating on poll-based website CinemaScore (the worst score that can be given by audiences). Mother! certainly isn't the first movie to land on CinemaScore's "F" list, but until now, the complete list had yet to be published. Vulture set out to discover the full list of titles by speaking to CinemaScore research analyst Harold Mintz. He
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Darren Aronofsky Defends 'Mother!' After 'F' CinemaScore: It's 'a Punk Movie'

Darren Aronofsky Defends 'Mother!' After 'F' CinemaScore: It's 'a Punk Movie'
Darren Aronofsky has been talking a lot about the meaning behind his new film, Mother!, following harsh critical response and a weak opening weekend at the box office, and in a recent interview, he contended that the film was meant to provoke, not please.

"How, if you walk out of this movie, are you not going to give it an 'F'?" he said in an interview with radio host John Horn following a recent screening at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. "It's a punch. It's a total punch.
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Movie Review – Watch Over Us (2017)

Watch Over Us, 2017.

Directed by F.C. Rabbath.

Starring Avery Kristen Pohl, Ella Schaefer, Daniel Link, Henry Tisdale, and Hudson Meeks.


A father and his young daughters move onto their grandfather’s secluded farm following the breakup of their parents. But once there, they are soon plagued by paranormal events that reveal a deadly secret that has haunted the family for generations, and an evil force that demands they uphold a deadly promise made by their ancestors.

Supernatural horror films have become a genre of their own in their recent years, kickstarted by the phenomenal popularity of the Paranormal Activity franchise, which spawned countless imitators and led to studios putting out as many similarly-themed films as they could – The Devil Inside, Devil’s Due, The Bye Bye Man… the list is almost endless. We even got another entry into the Blair Witch series, which unfortunately failed to connect with audiences,
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Rob Zombie to host 13 Nights of Halloween

Hdnet Movies has announced the complete line-up for "Rob Zombie's 13 Nights of Halloween," hosted by the horror icon himself, kicking off Thursday, Oct. 19 with his hit film "The Devil's Rejects" at 9pE.

Other films featured during the holiday stunt, which culminates in a 24-hour marathon on Halloween, include Wes Craven's "The Last House on the Left," Jonathan Demme's "The Silence of the Lambs," Steve McQueen in the original 1958 "The Blob" and more.

The full schedule and official details can be found below.

From The Press Release

“The Great American Nightmare” comes to Hdnet Movies this October, as the network unleashes Rob Zombie’s 13 Nights Of Halloween—airing every night at 9pE from Thursday, October 19 through Tuesday, October 31. The Halloween event puts the spotlight on 13 films hosted by heavy metal mastermind and acclaimed horror icon Rob Zombie. The event kicks off with Zombie’s celebrated sophomore opus The Devil’S Rejects,
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Horror Highlights: Star Trek Beer, Rob Zombie’s 13 Nights of Halloween, Kindred Spirits and Evil Things, Screambox’s Bloody Disgusting Collection, The Evil In Us, Evolution, American Gods

For Trek fans, collectors, beer connoisseurs, and everyone in between, here comes Shmaltz Brewing Company's Star Trek Symbiosis, a collector's edition item to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Also in today's Horror Highlights: Rob Zombie's 13 Nights of Halloween, premiere details for Kindred Spirits and Evil Things, release details for both Screambox's Bloody Disgusting Collection and The Evil in Us, a look at the new comic book series Evolution, and guests from American Gods are set to attend Famous Monsters Halloween Convention.

Shmaltz Brewing Company's Star Trek Beer: Press Release: "Clifton Park, NY -- Wednesday, August 9, 2017 -- Shmaltz Brewing Company nationally rolls out its unique Collector's Edition release StarTrek Symbiosis® to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation. With an incredible debut at Comic-Con International (San Diego) and the official launch at the "Star Trek Las Vegas" convention, Star Trek Symbiosis® is
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Evan Helmuth, ‘The Devil Inside’ Actor, Dies at 40

Evan Helmuth, ‘The Devil Inside’ Actor, Dies at 40
Evan Helmuth, an actor best known for playing the priest in 2012 horror “The Devil Inside,” has died. He was 40. Helmuth (pictured above left) passed away from complications from a stroke on Monday. “It’s just simply heartbreaking. Such a profoundly kind and beautiful person, friend and actor,” spokesperson David Greene of Chaotik Media told TheWrap in a statement confirming Helmuth’s death. Also Read: Harvey Atkin, 'Meatballs,' 'Cagney & Lacey' Actor, Dies at 74 Along with his famous role in William Brent Bell’s terrifying hit, he also appeared in “Fever Pitch” and “Jobs,” alongside Ashton Kutcher. On the small screen,
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Evan Helmuth Dies: ‘The Devil Inside’ Actor Was 40

Evan Helmuth Dies: ‘The Devil Inside’ Actor Was 40
Updated: Evan Helmuth, the film and TV actor who played a priest in William Brent Bell’s 2012 horror movie The Devil Inside, died Monday of complications from a stroke. He was 40. Also among his film credits, he appeared opposite Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore in the Farrelly Brothers’ Fever Pitch, and was in Joshua Michael Stern’s 2013 Steve Jobs biopic Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher. On the TV side his credits spanned the likes of Alias, NCIS, Bones, Rizzoli & Isles and…
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Image Nation Abu Dhabi pacts with producers Roy Lee, Steven Schneider

  • ScreenDaily
Image Nation Abu Dhabi pacts with producers Roy Lee, Steven Schneider
Three-year production deal aims for one genre film a year.

Image Nation Abu Dhabi has struck a production deal with veteran producers Roy Lee and Steven Schneider on a slate of high-concept, modestly- budgeted English-language genre films.

The goal is for the projects to demonstrate broad international appeal and franchise potential and make at least one film a year that Image Nation will fully finance. The parties declined to reveal titles.

The deal reunites Schneider with Image Nation after their recent collaboration on Ali F. Mostafa’s dystopian thriller The Worthy, set to debut worldwide this month on Netflix after it became the streaming service’s first acquisition in the UAE.Schneider produced with Peter Safran and Rami Yasin.

Lee and Schneider helped launch genre franchises including The Ring, Paranormal Activity, Insidious and The Grudge.

Besides The Worthy, Image Nation’s regional genre credits encompass Djinn, Majid Al Ansari’s debut feature Rattle The Cage (Zinzana).

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