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Atmosphere carries the day
Ichiro1 June 2010
A young girl named Megan discovers she is pregnant and desires an abortion. The doctor asks her to take the weekend to think it over, and Megan finds herself alone in a large and isolated house with her own demons ... and perhaps something else.

Like most of Rob Kreh's short horror films, "Knicker Knockers" starts with an idea or theme but then chooses to turn its attention to traditional horror movie scares. This is not necessarily a bad thing. In Megan's terrifying ordeal as the shadowing "knicker knockers" tap at her door and ask to be let in (speaking in reverberating, monstrous voices), there are some genuine chills to be had by all. If I have a complaint, it's that not enough is known about Megan for us to really care about her (we learn next to nothing about the father of her child), and her ultimate fate, which comes about as a result of her final choices (key word), seems to contradict Kreh's actual message.

Still, these are issues that came to mind after the fact. In the moment of watching this 15-minute short I was compelled by the premise and duly impressed by Kreh's use of shadow and sound. Creepy, creepy stuff.
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