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  • Henry's surprise birthday party turns into disaster when the guys discover a dead body in a shut-down, out-of-the-way barbecue joint. Back in the lab, Dr. Langston discovers that "Dr. Jeckyl" has struck again.

  • Nick, Greg and Hodges 'abduct' unamused colleague Henry for what they claim will reverse his history of miserable birthdays at dream barbecue Henry's Hog restaurant, way in the desert. After a long drive and a near-serious crash which wrecks the car, they find the place closed since 5 months for hepatitis hazard. Inside are the corpse of cook Gomez and a raccoon attached to his battered. They only people who turn up are the night watcher Slick and his hag driver Shirley, former colleagues and lovers, until Nick makes another horrible discovery. Meanwhile Asian Lily's help call failed to get the police in time to prevent her drowning in the bath tub of house owner Bernard Higgins, who maintains his innocence until his incurable illnesses are fatally aggravated by the stress of Brass's hostile interrogation. The autopsy really gets Langston's attention, given a Dr. Jeckyl signature and second potential cause of death.


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  • "CSI" - "Appendicitement" - Dec. 10, 2009

    There are two twisty tales in Vegas tonight. Strike that, one in Vegas and one outside.

    The first tale concerns lab tech Henry. Greg, Nick, and Hodges literally kidnap Henry on his birthday to take him to this great barbecue place up the road apiece called Harry's Hog Hideout. On the way there a crazy lady runs them off the road and the car rolls. Fortunately, none of them is seriously injured but Nick's car is out of commission. With no cell service, they decide to walk the last little bit to Harry's but, unfortunately, when they arrive they discover it's been closed for seven months due to a Hepatitis outbreak. They decide to poke around and see if there's a working phone inside.

    Instead they find a dead body, a man with a raccoon attached to his face.

    While Henry, disgruntled about his crummy birthday, hangs with the dead guy Hodges and Greg poke around outside. They figure out that the guy lured the raccoon to a nearby barrel and tried to kill him by filling the barrel with ethylene gas and blowing him up. The explosion threw the raccoon and the guy through the window of Harry's. So it was an accident.

    Meanwhile, Nick looks for a phone and it's not working. He returns to the scene just as another guy shows up and pulls a gun on Henry. They make it clear that they're cops and the guy, Slick explains that the dead guy was Gomez the cook at Harry's, who was generally a good guy. Just then the crazy broad that ran them off the road comes barreling up and crashes into the debris outside, rendering her car unusable as well.

    She comes in, soused, and she and Slick make eyes at each other while eating martini olives. She was Harry's wife and they explain that Harry ran off, cleaned out their accounts, and they haven't heard from him since. Nick asks after a phone and Slick says there's a ham radio out back. They try it but it blows a tube. Super nerd Greg thinks he can make one though.

    Meanwhile, Shirley shows Henry a postcard from Harry saying he found a younger woman, took all their money, and ran off to an island to be happy without her. He agrees it's mean. She then tries to, ew, put the moves on him.

    Hodges discovers that Slick and Shirley were making moonshine in the basement. Greg figures out how to make a phone work by wiring up the receiver directly to the phone pole outside and calls for help. As they wait, Henry accidentally spills sulfuric acid on his hand and Nick quickly runs to the BBQ pit in the middle of the restaurant and grabs some charcoal to neutralize it. While rooting around in there he discovers a human skull. He pulls his gun and goes over to Slick and Shirley and asks them if they know who it is, they claim they don't.

    Later at the station they determine the skull and other bones found in the pit are in fact Harry. Nick realizes the ribs are gone. Harry also had hepatitis. They deduce that whoever killed him then served up his ribs at the restaurant. Slick and Shirley each blame the other in their interviews with Brass. But Henry is stuck on the postcard. When they discover that Gomez had a rap sheet for forgery, they figure out that he forged Harry's handwriting, sent the postcard to his mom in Florida to send back to Shirley. They figure that Harry found out about Gomez' past and used it against him to keep him at the restaurant and Gomez got sick of it. Henry, who sprained his ankle and burned his hand, decides it wasn't the worst birthday ever after all.

    In the night's other storyline a comely, young Asian woman is drowned in the tub of a wealthy, old guy. Katherine and Ray investigae. The old guy, a real estate mogul, claims he didn't do it even though he was home at the time of the attack. He concedes that he and the young woman, an international flight attendant, were not a natural match and he paid her "expenses" but that their "hearts touched." With his litany of illnesses: sleep apnea, narcolepsy, Crohn's disease he has a semi-decent alibi. It doesn't matter though because he drops dead while Brass is interrogating him.

    Robbins opens him up and curiously finds that he had two appendixes. One, infected with sepsis, was surgically attached and is the cause of death. Ray figures out from the laparoscopic incision and a snippet of laparoscopic scissors left behind that this is the work of "Dr. Jekyll," the surgical serial killer last seen tying a homeless man's intestines in a bow a few episodes back.

    There are no obvious links between the two victims, but he and Katherine believe that the new vic knew "Dr. Jekyll" so they collect all his stuff for future use when he strikes again. Katherine wonders aloud to Ray about one thing though: When the bad Dr. tied the intestines he took the homeless guy's bow tie- he took one and he left one- she wondered what he took in exchange for the appendix this time. Ray appraises the dead guy's house and notices the guy's autobiography lying open on a pedestal. He turns to the appendix, hee, and notices a small snippet of one page is missing. As Ray is looking at this we crosscut to Robbins who is slicing up the appendix. He finds a small metal fragment with a small piece of paper rolled up inside it. He pulls it out and it reads "Michelangelo."

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