Die Bergretter Poster

(2009– )

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Season 4

3 Jan. 2013
Tödliches Vertrauen
[PART 1] Andreas Marthaler's Ramsau team rescues high-pregnant Sabine Baumann, who fell from a high rock, thanks to Andreas's late ex Sara's daredevil brother Joss, who spotted her during a perilous parachute jump. Andreas and Tobias, coached over the phone by pregnant Bea, deliver the baby, but she can't be questioned. Andreas Marthaler painstakingly finds out she stayed in Hotel Herbrechter, with husband Alexander and son Max (9), both trackless so far. [PART 2] Searching the mountain cabins, Andreas's team finds and returns Max. While his colleagues seek Alexander,...
10 Jan. 2013
Wilde Wasser
[PART 1] Ramsau local Hannes Bäcker can finally take his family on a mountain hike, hoping to overcome overprotective wife Silke's paranoia since the long illness of kid daughter Lena, but a wooden bridge breaks. When Andreas Marthaler arrives dangling from the rescue helicopter, he can only grab Silke to safety, Lena falls down the wild mountain stream and probably a waterfall, not found all day. Andreas feels somehow guilty against reason, Silke blindly blames husband Hannes, driving him so desperate, already in therapy, he sees no way out for the family except ...
17 Jan. 2013
Der Tote im Berg
[PART 1] The rescue team is puzzled when called by an old man who was covered by an earth slide down an Alp, warning there's another victim 'in the mountain' but dying before the helicopter arrives. They and the police only find a non-swimmer who abandoned an small boat in the lake down the slope. Andreas Marthaler and Tobias Herbrechter ignore that Ulli Jäger was thrown down a deep copper shaft by the slide, wounded and desperately seeking a way out. Andreas is shocked when the senior is identified as Alois Maria Kofler, Emilie's father, who left the region years ago...
24 Jan. 2013
[PART 1] Tobias lets Emilie convince him to climb the mountain to the site of her late husband's lover crucifix as close since his fatal fall. She suddenly falls, Tobias wounds his hands climbing down her rope and failed to inform anyone. * Luckily Andreas in works out were they probably went and commandeers the helicopter, with new team member Jessika, Emilie's sister, but didn't leave a flight plan either and the machine, in need of ample repairs, can't cope and makes a controlled crash on a slope, during which pilot Michael breaks a leg. Bad weather prevents them ...
31 Jan. 2013
[PART 1] Thomas Wagner set out on a romantic camping date by a mountain lake successfully proposing to his beloved Sarah, but wakes up naked and alone by a burnt tent, wanders off and is hit badly by a tree felt by forester Oliver Grohner, her ex. Tobias quickly dresses after a night with Andreas's ex Emilie before joining him -now with her sister nurse Jessika- on rescue search, starting in hospital, where Thomas has amnesia and swallowed a dangerous cocktail, hence now needs urgently a donor kidney, which only Sarah was able to give. Andreas, Tobias, Toni and ...

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