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It's OK
YRLY59E19 November 2021
Nice filming location in BC, acting seems bad because they dubbed the dialog or badly mixed it due to cost cutting. The story is largely a cross between Stephen King's The Shining and Bentley Little's The Vanishing. The musical track is interesting and good at times and bad at others. A little more effort it would have been better, too much budget cutting.
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Yikes, it gets bad to worse.
info-33728-3004016 November 2021
Warning: Spoilers
The story concept is good, but the delivery and execution is horrible. The only redeeming thing about the movie is Nick Preston's acting, especially since he didn't really have much to work with. I am sure we will see great things from him in future works. That being said Erie's character and personality has no flow and is all over the place. That could have been amped up much more. Perhaps an indicator to alcoholism, which could have come up later after an argument with Kit and a drunken binge at the bar, where he would meet up with the dishevelled Rusty. That would have made more sense with the messy button shirt.

There were a lot of problems from continuity, the beer drinking in the bar, the rocking chair outside - which was not even weathered. The guitar scene doesn't make any sense in the beginning. If it was so precious, why would it be left in the back seat with a child?? There wasn't even any reference to the guitar in the memory montage. It could have been hyped up a lot more. Like Kit learning to play their favourite song, some depth and emotional connection.

The relationship with the Alphonse and Kit doesn't make sense. Nor does the suggested idea of suicide at the lake, which if anything would have maybe caused a sprain at best.

The attempted comedy relief with Alphonse and Rusty was lazy.

So much more could have been done with such a budget. The score was decent, although sound editing was quite rough and out of sync at times.

The end falling scene was not good at all.

Again, the actual story concept is a good idea and could be remade and be quite awesome. Being that this is Goldie Dhillon's first directors debut, I would have given it 4 stars. There is potential there, but needs major extreme improvement.
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Its bad lol and dubbed even though everyone is english speaking :/
theadhdgod16 November 2021
The acting is horrific and the plot is silly and its dubbed lol i have no idea why a film with english speaking actors would dub a film with English I DONT GET IT lol its not effective, it makes the acting seem even more worse than what it is, theres no emotion and again, WHY IS IT DUBBED? You dont dub a film where everyone speaks english anyway with english dub....
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I didn't understand the concept of the movie
vijayalimeti21 December 2021
I want to ask a question to direction team , The Zeme is a movie?

I don't think its not even considered a shot film or drama

Hole movie missing a connectivity and enter from one store to enter another store that their no connectivity

I think they have a lot of money and they spending money in the name of ZEME

Thanks all please try to spoil our good time.
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