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Sex & Nudity

  • It's implied that one of the offenses a young girl makes is prostitution.
  • The leader of a girl mob forces a member to prostitute herself for them to make money.
  • A young teen girl is being blackmailed by other young teen boys, she had sexual pictures took without her consent while she was sleeping. You only see her in a crop top and unbuttoned tight shorts, no nudity.
  • Two young teen girls are s e x u a l l y a s s a u l t e d by a gang. Not shown but we see a young girl passed out with bruises.

Violence & Gore

  • A 13 year old dismembers a 8 year old child, while the act is not shown we see the 13 year old covered in blood, and in a later shot police find a bloody bag hinting it's the 8 year old child's mutilated body in the bag.
  • A young girl is a abused by her father, we see her body covered in bruises & marks, we also see the young girl stealing and she joins a runaway gang.
  • We see a caregiver throw around, slap, and break a young girls leg with a chair. We also see her bully other young girls that she takes care of.
  • Bullying from young kids is shown as well as child a b u s e.
  • We see kids bullying other kids as well as adults at times.
  • A young girl is bullied by a mob of young girls, they call her names and hit and beat her, they even send her to the hospital cause they fractured her leg.
  • In a lunchroom, a young girl beats up a girl because she accidentally bumped into her while she was eating her food.
  • A young teen is beat up by a gang, they rob her of her money and call her names, she tries to fight back but she is overpowered.
  • A young girl has a bat and is destroying a home for girls, another young girl provokes her and they end up fighting, a mob of girls tries to help there friend on the ground but she pushes the girl off, the young girl with the bat tells them to leave and swings the bat back and forth.
  • In a young girl group, they single out a member and she gets robbed by them and beat up severally, she's in the hospital in a wheelchair, you can see bruises on her face as well as her hands being blooded.
  • A young girl goes to visit her mom, but her mom rejects her, the girl then starts breaking the windows outside and beating on the door (her hand is bloody), the mom's boyfriend opens the door and the girl tries to get inside but the man grabs her by the hair and slaps her outside as the mom watches, he then shuts the door, and punches, slaps and kicks the young girl, she is covered with bruises and spitting out blood.
  • A underage group in a car is being chased by police when a young teen driving the car is under the influence, he makes cars wreck into each other and he even hits a man on a motorcycle, afterwards the car with the young teens wrecks. All parties end up in critical conditions, the man on the motorcycle we see is very bloody.
  • While being recorded, a young teen boy is being beat up by another young teen boy.
  • Two girls are sexually a s s a u l t e d and badly beaten by a gang of boys.
  • A girl tries to commit self harm by slitting her wrist. She's transported to the hospital. (Bloody wrist are shown briefly)


  • In the English dub there are multiple F words and other profanity said throughout the show.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • An abusive father was under the influence of alcohol.
  • Young girls provoke there caregiver by saying they will eat there food if the teacher lets them smoke.
  • We see young teens smoke in the show.
  • We see in a club underaged teens partying with alcohol and drugs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A 13 year old tells the court about why he killed a 8 year old, we also see him laughing about the incident, may upset some people.
  • Throughout the show, we see and hear testimonys from young offenders who break the law. The show tackles injustice, social problems, and even goes into account on some of the things the young kids do, we see many things like murder, stealing, lying, b u l l y i n g, child a b u s e, fraud. Not for the faint of heart, aspects of the show can be disturbing to some and definitely not recommend for young children to watch.
  • The show talks about young kids murdering, stealing, lying. Also talks about child a b u s e, mental health as well as the social problems and injustice in the court system when dealing with young offenders.
  • Grief from parents is displayed and can be heartbreaking to watch.
  • A young girl is beat with a bat repeatedly and ask to die, very disturbing.
  • The show is very violent and depressing. We see very traumatic scenes of child abuse, beatings, gang violence, s e x u a l abuse, prostitution by minors and a very dark atmosphere. I would not reccomend it for the faint of heart.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • We find out later on a 13 & 16 year old worked together to kill a 8 year old child.
  • We learn that one of the judges was abused by his dad, we see him covered with bruises and has a blooded face.
  • A father beats a young girl with a bat and kicks her while she's down, the act is shown.
  • We see a young girl being repeatedly hit with a bat by her father, she even ask to die and the father keeps hitting her while she's on the floor.
  • While in court, the father gets mad at his mom and goes to attack her, throwing her up against the wall choking her, another judge steps in and pins him to the ground we also see the judge choking him, but another judge steps in by yelling at the judges name, the judge stops choking the offender.
  • A judge gets severally beaten by a young offender, before he kills her the cops show up, he gets scared and flees the scene, the judge is alive but is badly bruised and bloodied.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A Judge's young child is killed by a brick that fell from a building. Later it's found out that two young children killed the judges child.

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