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That rare ensemble piece in which all four principals are not only compellingly drawn but handled with an astute sense of dramatic balance.
Boxoffice Magazine
Country Strong is a charmer that makes you forgive all of its false notes simply because the talent plays them with conviction.
Country Strong feels powerfully familiar.
Country Strong is a throwback, a pure, heartfelt exercise in '50s social melodrama.
The film keeps throwing things at you: drunk scenes, adultery scenes, "All About Eve" rise-of-the-young-rival scenes. Yet despite the presence of some appealing actors, none of it quite adds up.
Country Strong is Feste's second film, and she infuses it with an earnestness that swings between too too much and appealing, the same earnestness that swamped her filmmaker debut last year with "The Greatest."
Chicago Tribune
My God is this script predictable. Each relapse and betrayal shows up announced, and then announced again, a little louder, by the dialogue equivalent of an aggravating doorman.
Several good performances are left adrift, as the characters roam from scene to scene, singing (quite well) as they go. Even as a sort of long-form music video, it's disjointed.
Feste, who has one previous effort as a writer-director, last year's "The Greatest," fails here to do the most basic thing -- give an audience a rooting interest, or any interest at all, in these four troubled people.
Country Strong is sillier - and more tone-deaf - than Paltrow's advice website, GOOP.

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