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5 Jun. 2011
Family Matters
Jeff's father Ray Cargill has made a deal for early release on parole. The boy is ecstatic, but the first months Ray can only visit, being assigned to a half-way house, yet seems to have a fine influence in motivating school effort. Carlos shivers and squirms when assisting Jim to investigate the murder of major Cuban gang don Eduardo Garcia's niece and virtually adopted daughter. Obvious prime suspect rival gang lord Alvaro Saldivar haughtily proclaims his innocence and secretly offers Jim some help to unravel what might be a move for a gang war, which could hurt '...
12 Jun. 2011
Old Ghosts
JIm's former Chicago partner and lover, CPD detective Sam Harper, comes team up with him again, given indications that the serial killer they failed to catch before his transfer is active again and moved to Florida. Jim refuses like her to focus blindly on former prime suspect Tommy Ray Haynes, even if recently paroled early, especially as the MO and profile remain questionable. While Jeff is delighted to spend time with father Ray, who starts his own tow truck business, Callie is offered a forensic nursing intern program.
19 Jun. 2011
Lost and Found
Children collecting fireflies in the Glades stumble onto the corpse of US Navy recruiter Doug Preston, who was dumped there. Jim is more surprised when his team is given a 'forensic nurse,' to Carlos's delight none other then his lover Callie, which proves uneasy for both of them, especially as she's still jealous of the Chicago ex. Suspects include Frank Morgan, whose son volunteered and died in Afghanistan, and Doug's ex, an alcoholic who keeps secrets about everything, including boyfriend Bradley, and Doug's baby son, who went missing very recently.
26 Jun. 2011
Jeff is tickled pink now he can spend time regularly with father Ray, until it's time for the promised witness protection relocation. Callie rather concentrates on starting her new moonlight job as forensic nurse, assigned to Jim, who has his doubts about the function and the effect on their relationship. Their first officially joint case is murder by sabotage on NASCAR stable pilot Zane, who is succeeded as team star by Trey Lancer. The golden boy and/or his pit mechanic were involved in surprisingly dirty business, while Trey caries a deep grudge and his widowed ...
10 Jul. 2011
Dirty Little Secrets
Only substitute father Jim can calm down Jeff, who hates having to return from father Ray's after a long stay, due to the witness protection rules. Carlos is initially delighted to get a case in collaboration with his former pupil Dr. Sophie Perez, who used to run forensics in budget cut-closed facility. However her errors prove crucial in the case of murder at a prestigious drug rehab. Matt soon works out it was crawling with blackmail and money laundering, involving lawyer Andy Waller, the next victim.
17 Jul. 2011
Everyone is a suspect when there is a murder in mysterious Gibtown, a community populated by the descendants of an assortment of circus sideshow oddities -- Jim Longworth and crew investigate.
24 Jul. 2011
Addicted to Love
Dr. Toussaint is found murdered, his briefcase containing $100,000 cash wasn't stolen. He mainly treated former patients from the lucrative pain clinic run by Dr. William Grant, his sponsor for immigration from Haiti. Jim's team looks into the big- bucks tranquilizer trade from various angles, including blackmail and addict psychology.
31 Jul. 2011
Second Skin
In Trent Staley's sectarian Glades church, the popular assistant minister's corpse in found at the altar among the snakes kept in a container to perform extreme liturgical shows of faith. However he wasn't killed by the lethal doses of serpent venom but poisoned food on the plates distributed during services. Jim's team examines both clergymen's colorful history as well as the caterer, devoted churchgoer Frannie Henderson, and prison trustee Peyton Robinson who delivered the crucial food. Meanwhile Jeff is happy to earn some pocked money mowing Jim's lawn and Cally ...
7 Aug. 2011
Iron Pipeline
Jeff is shocked, his mother worried, when his popular coach and scholastic father figure is found fatally shot at school. Shane Wyatt, the eternally pestered boy, was seen with a handgun to scare his bullies. Jim sympathizes but has to make him admit having shot the coach, albeit accidentally in a struggle over the gun. Next Shane's protective older cousin Blake Wyatt is murdered in his home. Jim works out he not only bought the gun Shane used but also supplied as 'privaye collector' untraceable guns for beach sale to violent ex-con Clay Malone. Jim sets a trap with ...
14 Aug. 2011
Swamp Thing
Boy scouts wandering off the stork search track discover a trophy-decapitated, illegally hunted wild boar. Inside are half-digested remains of a murder victim. Jim's team work out both the victim and the illegal hunt organizer, Benjamin Forey, have serious criminal records, which also open leads concerning various contraband types, live and inanimate, coming with extra suspects, such as restaurant chain owner Robert Landry.
21 Aug. 2011
Creative hospitality industry consultant Richards's corpse is found dug in a beach, not robbed as he carried a precious diamond engagement ring. It was for Maggie Bauman, the star bikini waitress at Dwight Stewart's popular bar, who recently dumped former surf champion Kyle Wheeler. Jim and his team go trough everyone's past and present interests, which prove dangerous for Jim too. Meanwhile the Cargills are extremely nervous as Callie actually filed for divorce.
28 Aug. 2011
Popular womanizer Gordon Adams (26) is murdered aboard Andrew Bailey's yacht during the annual Ernest Hemingway lookalikes booze cruise, with poisoned moonshine. Jim's team works out brilliant bar owner Frank Ford and his crazy rival neighbor, Gordon's uncooperative widow Shelby, are part of an old moonshine feud, with personal complications. Jeff is trying to settle in without his father again while Callie's attractive ex and now again colleague Dr. Ben Avery asks her out, surprisingly to propose a way out for a professional problem nobody expected.
5 Sep. 2011
Convict Greg Wheeler, escorted to jail by Dan Ranson and Colleen Manus, is hospitalized and joins there his brother Vince, who helps him taking hostages. Jim must negotiate with the brothers, while Callie insists to go in with Dr. Ben Avery to save patients in urgent need of medical care.

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