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11 Jul. 2010
Longworth's golf game is interrupted after a decapitated, unidentifiable woman is found in a creek. Longworth does everything he can think of to try and identify the victim and find the killer, even pestering his golf partner Carlos who's the medical examiner. His crush on nurse Callie further complicates matters.
18 Jul. 2010
Bird in the Hand
When Jeff and Jim stumble upon a plane in the middle of the forest and the dead body of Oliver Hendricks, things get tangled together when Jim has to question a wide range of suspects that include a drug runner, a swimsuit model, and a teenage boy. Daniel, Carlos' newest intern, is proving his worth when a rare Macaw comes on scene and he knows everything about it.
25 Jul. 2010
A Perfect Storm
During Jim's first hurricane, three corpses turn up. Jim temporarily assumes one's identity to check up on his theory the link is a high-school reunion, and works out which grudge was unbearable. Jeff enjoys a rare call from his jailed father. Carlos Sanchez joins the emergency relief team and resorts to illegal requisition to keep the hospital running.
1 Aug. 2010
Mucked Up
A Texan businessman is murdered in the cane fields but the corpse wasn't burned because of a wind shift during harvest. He came to scout the local sugar workers slum-recruited American football team during the annual Mud Cup, especially star player De'Andre Matthews. While stepping is an father figure for birthday boy Jeff, who greatly appreciates shooting lessons from a real man, Jim investigates the impending sale of the sugar company. he eventually works out the Texan scout's personal interest in De'Andre and the hornets nest thats stirred among his family, ...
8 Aug. 2010
The Girlfriend Experience
A man was murdered in an apartment, rented in unsuspecting Carlos Sanchez's name from Dr. Kattleman. It was used as a love-nest for sexual anthropology professor Landers's student Monica Gentry, whose 'study objects' included mafioso Gordon Ganza, who paid for it. Jeff's loyalty to father in jail is partly based on his always having paid the bills, but slick tax official Richard Slayton comes claim three years arrears, expecting to ease Callie into 'friendship'.
15 Aug. 2010
Shopkeeper Michael Nelson's son and right hand Lenny Nelson's wife Lisa is murdered outside a bar. Utterly confused Dave Rollins needs hospital care and keeps referring to 'a man just like me' killing Lisa. Jim doubts his confession and digs into the Nelsons' unharmonious past and present lives, using Daniel as bait to expose Lisa's prostitution.
22 Aug. 2010
Patrick, member of an influential community of mediums etcetera, is murdered at home. Carlos is spooked by the marsh area, the context and a prediction from Renee LeFleur that someone close to Jim will come to harm while he solves the case in Patrick's house. Although anything but a believer, Jim takes account of them, clients and their superstitious/fraudulent logic to solve the case and the disappearance years ago of a couple from the paranormal community. Meanwhile Callie refuses to attend her 'white coat' graduation with Jim, claiming that would stress out Jeff, ...
29 Aug. 2010
Marriage Is Murder
Jeff comes to Jim, having seen a man peeking by his window, while Callie dismisses that as if another excuse to avoid homework. Jim takes the boy seriously but didn't count with him using the police computer to find out about his father's criminal record and firmly blaming ma's 'protective' lies. Meanwhile a leading divorce lawyer is killed. Jim's suspects include the hardly grieving widow, countless clients' victims and anyone connected with the attorney's atypical apparent hobby, motorcycling.
5 Sep. 2010
In the Seminole casino, tribal elder Sally was fatally thrown trough the sky-roof. As it's part of the reservation, Jim has an ongoing conflict over jurisdiction with tribal police officer Josie Tigertail, yet they become friends, partially thanks to Jeff inviting both. Sally's role in reservation politics and bad relationship with son Bily, a crafty gambler with a record, provide potential motives. Jim is, however, more intrigued by the concurrent theft of musical memorabilia from the barely protected casino museum hall, including the guitar of blues legend Gregory ...
12 Sep. 2010
Second Chance
Gifted stable hand Kevin Kehoe's corpse is found floating in the pool of ex-employer Patricia Dixon's second home, electrocuted by vacuum cleaner. Jim keeps compromising his budding love affair with nurse Callie Cargill, whose experience as former horse ranch girl proves useful, to close in on ranch owner Patricia, major colleague Wallace Dosher, some of their staff and vet William Meadows, who were all involved in dirty horse race tricks providing plausible motives to kill brilliant but greedy Kevin, who also had debts.
19 Sep. 2010
In the marina floats the corpse of the most brilliant of the three Hasker family salvage associates. They found Florida's richest Spanish galleon yet, but lost most proceeds to a Spanish claim, handled by Dulce Mendez, and their own lawyers, after which he left the business to work in Mark Ellison's restaurant. His boat's GPS coordinates being wiped and the antique dagger he was stabbed to death with suggest he was on the trail of the ultimate prize, so who knew and claimed what?
26 Sep. 2010
Jeff's fugue to visit his father Ray Cargill in jail on his own incurs grounding, but achieves the promise of more regular visits and makes Jim and Callie keep distance again. Gutter reporter Chloe Perkins is found poisoned and her father Bill's bank account spectacularly credited after she discovered a scandal involving senator Donald Chapman, a candidate for the Florida governorship, whose socialite wife Stephanie is determined to use their influence fully.
3 Oct. 2010
Breaking 80
A couple's golf game comes to a screeching halt when they stumble upon a dead body along the fairway. Doug, the victim, was the caddy and life-long friend of professional golfer Scott Winters, and was also recently released from prison after attempting to date-rape a professional female golfer. Things aren't adding up for Longworth as he investigates all the key players and discovers the victim may have served time for a crime he didn't commit. All the time on the golf course motivates Longworth to commit to finally breaking 80 on the greens. Meanwhile, Heather tempts...

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