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Beautiful and Interesting Television Series
ahmetkozan14 April 2016
The season begins with the crippling blow of Robert Sheehan (who played the best character, Nathan and who often gave the show some much- needed humour) leaving the show and never really recovers, stumbling along adequately but never really finding its footing, unfortunately. Regardless, Misfits' third season is a sufficiently made, enjoyable slice of science fiction comedy-drama which is always great fun to watch, albeit Joe Gilgun can't fill Sheehan's size 55 shoes and that Hitler episode was so stupid. The finale is the best out of the three until the final moments, where stuff happens and we say goodbye to Kelly (the lovable Lauren Socha), Iwan Rheon's Simon (btw, he also sucks in Vicious) and Alisha, a slutty party girl with a heart of gold (Antonia Thomas), which is too much to take. I can't watch it anymore. I may watch a compilation of Nathan's best moments on YouTube to make me feel better, however.

The first season is extremely witty, dark, quirky, and hilarious. The series manages to blend plot and humour almost flawlessly. Although the latter seasons are not as good as the former it still manages to hold your attention.

Season 2 of Misfits is my favorite season of Misfits. Season 2 is the best due to the great humour (which is still present in the other seasons, but in this season it is at it's best).

Season 3 is the second best season of Misfits. In my opinion, Rudy is not as good as Nathan, but he still is a great character, and one of the best. I especially enjoyed the zombie cheerleader episode. 8/10
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yinkawills2 December 2009
Misfits is the story of what happens if teens who are juvenile delinquents (convicted of minor, not major crimes) get super powers. And as its a British TV show, there's more foul language, rough sex, sharp dialogue,obscenity and eccentricity than it would be if it were an American one. I watched the first one out of curiosity not expecting much, but was hooked. At first (and second and third) glance, the characters are unsympathetic. Kelly- an aggressive version of Vicky Pollard, Alisha- a sexaholic, Curtis a disgraced track star, Simon a kid so withdrawn he's heading into creepy territory, and Nathan the smart-arse whose snark makes you laugh AND want to kill him. A disparate bunch forced to do Community Service under court orders as an alternative to jail. They get superpowers from a freak storm- and then its a thrill ride all the way. Violent attacks, murder, burying bodies..from the action packed first episode its a hair raising thrill ride with some amazing music in the soundtrack. The actors are superb. This is MUST SEE TV!
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The best thing ever shown on E4
kaboomboomboom10 December 2009
Misfits has been described in a lot of reviews as a cross between Skins and Heroes, however, in my opinion, it doesn't contain the biggest flaws of these shows- pretentiousness or unoriginality. I'm *not* slating these shows, I'm just saying that as quite a comic-book fan, it's difficult to watch or read something about characters with superpowers without ripping it apart- getting irritated by the plot lines that are taken, or 'influenced' from other sources and neither does it have an impossibly good looking set of people living a life you can't help but envy, no matter what drama has unfolded in their life due to partying too hard. Misfits is very unique and while you can guess some plot lines of the show, you can never guess what'll happen next episode.

What Misfits provides is a group of interesting, likable and believable characters involved in well thought-out stories that are not over-complicated but still challenge the audience.

To complete the show, the episodes are also full of thick, dark humour.

Overall, it is an excellent show.
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Best show on TV right now
j-cameron2226 November 2009
Where DID this show come from? Though it's not the most original concept (freak lightning storm strikes and gives a ragtag bunch of community service workers special powers) this show rises above Heroes and the many clones by bringing enough freshness to the table. Now I'm judging this show having just watched the first two episodes. At first it looks like your average Skins type rip-off but it very quickly establishes an intriguing plot with lovable characters and unexpected twists aplenty. The script is sharp like a razor and offers laugh-out-loud moments and witticisms to rival the best episodes of Friends or Fraiser. All the misfits are perfectly cast and brilliantly acted with just the right amount of cynicism and pathos and the situations don't seem forced like Heroes often does but emerge logically and organically from the characters. Even the powers themselves extend from the character's personas. Fantastic show. I cannot recommend it enough!
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Surprisingly Fresh !
ah_bitter_dregs21 November 2009
Considering the scenario has been recently done into the ground by numerous TV shows and movies, Misfits has a surprisingly fresh take. I like the realism in the dialog countering the surreal happenings. It's the kind of show that can make you feel like you are really there or it could really happen. The characters work well together, the acting and script are well done so there is nothing awkward or difficult to follow in the face of multiple characters. Very good looks into personal realizations that make the watcher wonder how they would feel in that situation. Much attention to detail, you won't be watching the show and picking out obvious flaws that are so annoying in many shows of this genre. I simply have not found any yet. I hope to be watching for many seasons. Brilliant !
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Go Britania, Go!
hejsamester21 December 2009
Brilliant! People seem to refer to Heroes when talking/writing about Misfits. This isn't valid as Heroes is a very different series. Misfits is about some ordinary late-teenagers getting super powers - Heroes is about Hollywood characters receiving superpowers and saving the world by being superheroes.

The storyline of Misfits is twisted and clouded. Until now no one seems to be using their powers for anything weird and they still do their community service. I like that. They're not suddenly super heroes and nothing fancy is going on.

The more I see of British "telly", the more I love it. The budget is smaller, the realism is more important and the various series seem to be shorter with focus on quality instead of ability to survive a buck load of seasons. Go Britania, go! As the Brits would say: SPOT ON!
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Crass, perverse, vile characters... superb!
illusio_uk18 December 2009
Never have I laughed so much at a bunch of snotty, revolting weirdos who should be deserted on a remote island for the sake of the rest of us. Have just finished watching episode 6 and am dying for another series to be made. Episode 2 made me snort my tea through my nose with laughter/horror/revulsion, it was epic.

I don't get the comparisons with Heroes - other than the 'superpowers', this bears no resemblance to the 'save-the-world' schtick and good-v-evil piety Heroes is full of. This is definitely black (with a collection of mottled stains that it's best not to ask about). I'm still undecided about Simon (sweet underneath or fundamental embryonic psychopath); I'd have to throttle Nathan if he were my offspring, but he's a joy to watch, I look forward to the series' 'ressurrection'......
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Brilliant, entertaining and funny
psaphier-611-15712417 December 2009
I've had the good fortune of being able to watch this show online as I'm from the States. This show is brilliant and funny and deserves to be seen by viewers here too (USA). I look forward to watching the surprisingly fun and energetic cast perform some really great rolls. The cast work really well with each other and I hope that Misfits get the recognition that it deserves. Sure the effects are a bit cheesy but overall this is not what this show revolves around. It has potential to be something more but I still give it 10/10 for the originality. Comparing this show to Heroes (which obviously has large budgets and production value)is a waste of time as both shows are totally different. I found this show by accident and I'm hooked. I've told my friends to watch it and many are following me and saying that this show, despite its low budget and production value is worthy of a following.
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Fantastic Television
darkspringxl8 January 2010
I must admit that not once did I think of 'Heroes' when watching this programme, although now the point has been raised I can see why people would compare the two. What this programme does is show what a fertile ground British TV still is as not only is it very well cast, but the writing, direction and production design match anything that out US friends can do. Along with Skins and The Inbetweeners Channel 4 have now got another great programme that is 'yoof' but also appeals to an older audience. It is very dark, very twisted and quite often very very funny.

Initially I found Robert Sheehan's character 'Nathan' to be really irritating to the point that I thought he would ruin the programme, but as the show progresses he really is the heart of the whole thing and by the end of it I realised he was far and away the best thing in it !

Sheehan is certainly a face for the future, so too Lauren Socha who as 'Kelly' again initially seems like a real 'Chav' before blossoming into a very rounded character who you can sympathise with. Following her work in the Arctic Monkey's 'Scummy Man' promo she could also be one to watch.

If this was US produced I dare say we'd have had a minimum of 12 episodes to season 1, but the six we do get are excellent.

It would be a real crime if this doesn't reappear for a Second Series by the end of the year.
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Flawless Execution
Livewire2427 August 2010
Science fiction shows usually suffer from poor writing and awkward acting in their first season. They take a season or two to really get warmed up. This cast just clicks from day one. It may have something to do with the age of the cast. They're young enough to take sci-fi acting seriously. Older actors tend to make it look campy. Take Doctor Who for example, or even Torchwood.

And the writing is so crisp and imaginative it's hard to believe this guy has no writing credits before 2005. Howard Overman is sure to be a well-known name in British broadcasting for years to come.

BAFTA award well-earned.
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A very good fit.
wrbills20 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
(I have revised my original draft) Now we are a few weeks in I have a better idea of what this show has to offer and it is now a clear 9/10. Misfits is a odd piece of obscene teenage drama mixed with a perfect example of a sci/fi dystopia. What you get is classic TV. The story follows a pack of rogue young adults ejected from society for a variety of problems, they have an armoury of asbo's and criminal offences and the majority are crass and vindictive. Yes, your average UK teen.

A storm rolls over head and the group are morphed into super humans with a peculiar talent that seems to mimic they own personality traits. There are many things good about it: Firstly the cast are supreme. The young actors clearly get stuck into their roles and are enjoying every minute. Secondly, I love the fact that this is a blend of the teen shows with sometimes extreme content. That had to be the longest topless scene in history of normal TV, yet it was acted flawlessly. The dark elements of the story mix wonderfully with the concrete foulness of the environment the group find themselves in, well done to whoever located that youth centre. What really won me over was the one episode where the Irish chap puts on yellow ski glasses and asks the misfits to guess who he is... "I'm an annoying c unit" - "I'm Bonno". And that classic bit where he throws the brick through the car window and is asked by the Social worker if he is special. "If I was special I would have missed". The Big Lebowski bowling scene was not lost on me either and the Misfit tribute to 'the dude'is faithfully executed.

This show is still clever, still very engaging and the male rape scene in the toilet is such a sophisticated take on a difficult subject that it is difficult to imagine where the writers are going to take us next. This show is becoming truly exceptional and I have no doubt that cult status is coming, we just need a few more people to see it. I still have no notable negatives at this stage beyond the fact that I will have to wait for a second series.
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Read on...
jamesprice5531 July 2010
Credit is due...where credit is due In two simple words.....Pure brilliance I like to think I have a good judge of creative intelligence masked into current media. Some of you may think me a tool but for me, I know what I like. After having watched just two episodes I can say without any hindrance that this will, and is, an example of pure brilliance.

The setting, the music, the vibe, the acting..all of a first class standard which, if something I made, would make me proud, more than satisfied and make me wanting to make more of this type of entertainment.

Anyone interested in something clever and alternative would appreciate this greatly and I urge you to watch it. I cannot say any more...

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Absolute Garbage without Robert Sheehan !!
LawlessLegacy23 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This WAS my favourite show when it first aired. Season's 1 and 2 were hilarious and I couldn't wait to watch the next episode. After the second season I heard Robert Sheehan would be leaving to pursue a movie (I believe). When I heard this I was raging. He absolutely made the show, without him its just a group of boring kids. The first thing that irritated me about the third season (other than the absence of Robert Sheehan) was the new found powers of the characters. The one girl is now a rocket scientist and Curtis can change into a girl? Sooo ridiculous! I watched the first three episodes of the third season and that was all I could handle. The plot and story line were terrible! Season 1 and 2 get a 10/10. If IMDb permitted a zero rating, this show would now deserve it.

Bring back Robert Sheehan! Otherwise good luck.
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No Robert Sheehan, no misfit reason
steven_george085 February 2013
Sorry, but without this guy, the utmost misfit - Robert Sheehan alias Nathan Young, Misfits lost 40% value. Nathan "vanishes" in Las Vegas forever. This young actor I may say has earn the place among my favorite genuine, spontaneous and brilliant actors like Hugh Laurie (Dr. House). Then Antonia Thomas ( Alisha) follows Robert Sheehan and disappear taking another 15% value with her. Follows Iwan Rheon (Simon)... In my opinion, Misfits would have been one of the best TV series with young and talented actors. What I liked the most was the antagonism between Simon and Nathan - full of humor. When Naive Simon becomes Hero Simon, that was another unfortunate decision. So, making the average, 9 mark for the first 2 seasons and 5 for the later 2 ones, instead of voting a pure 9 for it, my vote will be 7.

All the best.
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Watch Series 1 and 2 - then stop
hazzabamboo10 January 2013
Series 1 and 2 of Misfits are outrageous and far more entertaining than the synopsis suggests. The production values are sky high, and it can do horror and thrills as well as almost any other TV programme. Much more importantly though, it surprised me... because it made me roar with laughter. The credit for that goes almost exclusively to Nathan, who takes one look at all the cool haircuts and pouts before tearing it all apart with filthy sociopathic charm. He leaves at the end of Series 2, and the show misses him badly. Rudy tries to fill the hole, but he is increasingly alone in trying to provide some charisma and laughs. By Series 4, the characters who populate the show have become entirely forgettable. Get in, get your fill, then get out while you're ahead.
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Season 1-2 good, Season 3-4 terrible and boring
eevanz10 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
When I started watching this show I did not know at all what this is about. I had no idea that it is about the anti-hero or super heroes who can get after the storm.

Realistically, not much of a story, "chewed it" over 100 times, but this series is a way to bring more reality to this fiction. The huge downside is the change of their power after 2 seasons and introducing a new character Rudy Wade. It's so lame and monotonous that I looked away without any interest. Catastrophically bad acting of Rudy Wade lower vote in half. My recommendation is to watch the first 2 seasons and finish with the series.
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Terrible Waste Of Time After Original Cast Mostly Left The Show
blue14119 October 2012
The original wonderful and convincing actors were replaced by a candy cane and over sweet new cast. I find this abominable expression by actors who are so cute, trying so hard to be misfits,a sickening aftertaste of too much candy eaten all at once, so to speak. The target audience must be cutesy types wanting to be misfits so people will see them, as they are generally invisible in real life.The ratings are good, so there must be a lot of these candy cane types watching this show, and taking their piggy bank money to buys things that remind them of it, at toys are us. It is sad to see such an original show as this one, turned over to the gold fish, cute doggy owner types out there, and their dogs named spot. I am so disappointed at this new rendition of terrible trash that is supposed to look real and inviting, only to come out looking sad and shabby. It's like turning the Munsters into Hansel and Gretal.Any moment I expect a loving grandmother come on the show with a baking pan disguised as a lethal weapon. Terrible terrible show these days. Maybe the writers will try and get people out there like me who don't own piggy banks to watch this again. I doubt that, but they do say pigs fly sometimes when you're not looking.
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No Nathan no Misfits
chronone-529-21840214 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Well, it can't get any simpler than that. Since the point where Nathan left the show it's been going downhill day after day. I need to point out that I was really enjoying this show till that point. In my humble opinion, Nathan gave life to this show. He was the glue putting all the other characters together. When the show started, it was REALLY promising, and really kept the viewer. But since the end of the second season (Nathan's departure) I just feel like I am watching a different show. It is really awful since then. In case you are wondering why do I still watch it, I just hope that there will be an episode (besides "Vegas baby") that I'll be able to see Nathan again. Just to make it clear. I really think that this show could be great.
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Why Misfits is starting to suck?
dirtyred-253-16820931 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Misfits started out...STRONG! I was hooked instantly! But....like Heroes....they started killing off key people....and taking powers!

Its no secret that in Heroes...it was down hill after Peter lost his powers. Well....when Curtis lost his powers to rewind time.....to save his girlfriend....that was the dagger in the heart!

Then in season 3....no Nathan??? As irritating as he was....he was the show! I just today finished Ep. 1 of Season 3....and so far....I am ready to stop watching! Seriously.....back on community service?! WTF?! I did a little reading ahead...and I predict this show getting canceled before season 4 kicks off...or shortly after....unless Curtis can get a rewind and bring his girlfriend back.

Please....get back on track....you had a wonderful ideal.....but somehow....its getting off track.
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Only good was season 1 and 2
themelina830 June 2013
Season 1 and 2 they are really good. I just couldn't stop watching. But the seasons after these I didn't like them at all. They are really bad. It was nice watching Joseph Gilgun playing in the misfits cause he is a really good actor but the screenplay was horrible. I don't know why most of the series the just going downhill after second season usually. The same was with the series "Heroes". Misfits the same, season 1 and 2 I was thinking WOW, and then 3rd and 4th season I was bored to watch a full episode cause they screen was stupid and also they had destroyed the awesomeness of every character. I just watched them cause I thought it maybe become better but it didn't. I am not going to watch 5th season that's for sure. Anyway that is just my opinion. It's hard to vote for this series cause it goes from a 10 to a 5 after the 2nd season.
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Amazing for a while...
Bdugan1830 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The show is amazing until season 3(just horrible). There are 3 moments I would have changed before episode 7 of season 2. Those were the gorilla thing with Kelly(over the top even for Misfits standards and totally stupid), the direction of Simon's peanut throw at the tattoo artist, and the dog speaking English in the first episode. Besides that it was amazing. Then episode 7 of season 2... The idea that they would sell their powers and re-buy worse powers in the end made no sense. Especially selling them in the first place, absolutely ridiculous. The episode was awesome besides the getting rid of their powers thing though. Season 3 isn't even worth starting.
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Fantastic show, but Robert Sheehan leaving was its demise
brianloughran5513 December 2011
One of the most gripping shows I've watched in years, though i can see why people are quick to point out the similarities to shows like Heroes, its very far removed. The characters are a lot darker and proud of it which brings a completely different show to the viewer than just a Superhero like show.

What i feel obliged to complain about is series 3, it crashes, the whole feel of the show, and the direction it was going so strongly in just vanishes and i felt like i was watching a completely different TV show. Robert Sheehan leaving proves too much for this show. Whoever cast "the new guy" should have their CV reviewed. He's a polar opposite of who he was replacing and i could not connect with him. very bad choice of actor imo and the new writers should hang their heads in shame

I have watched the first 2 series in the last week and now i could care less about what happens to everyone. I never seen a show drop so far so quick. Sorry about the rant but i had so much faith in the show and where it was going and now i hope it ends before they destroy all the goodness it once had
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The first 2 seasons, brilliant! Season 3, s***..
nikolaj199023 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The first two seasons, was entertaining, and original! I liked how every power had a connection to the personality, and i liked, how it didn't have to be that great a power.

Season 3 is filled with giant plot wholes, poorly written jokes, and very low credibility. And don't get me started on the continuity! Why has Curtis' old power suddenly transformed from time rewinding, to time traveling? Why does Simon still know everything he was told, after Curtis re-winded time? Lauren Socha's character is just annoying, and the attempt to make her seem cool, fails miserably due too poor writers. I'll give it 8 out of 10, for the first 2 seasons and 3 out of 10 for the next. It seems the show has lost it. Unfortunately, because it had potential.

This is what i wrote after the third season. Then i watched the fourth season and i have to say, whatever they lost in the third season, they found again in the fourth. This season has been very good!
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what was, isn't
prosper112 November 2012
i've never seen a show deteriorate so quickly. Joseph Gilgun is such an unlikeable character I can barely watch him. I wonder if the writers/producers took the upfront money and went on a K-trip. What had been a very tight show has dripped down to drivel. Too bad. I suspect the cast changes are $ related, but they have missed the mark. I suspect Johnny Vegas will be on next year.

This was at one point a show that had the freshness of Skins and Fresh Meat. Now it seems to have gone down a path to stupidity.Watching the latest episode, now with 3, yes count them 3, Joseph Gilguns one must wonders what the heck the creators were thinking. It seems to be something of a coronation street spin off. But a dark spin off.

i ranked this 9 during the 1st season and seldom comment, but this has turned to shite
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Whoa! Excellent, if you like a dark, dark not-even-heroes.
alex-357 July 2011
I was searching for new shows to watch... I noticed this was getting some positive feedback.

This is a story of a group of juvenile delinquents caught in a storm and given super-human powers!

As for the series.. I was relunctant to watch the first episode. It lookedfew episodes and this "breakfast club" of delinquents will start to make sense.

American's might have a little bit of trouble with the "limey-talk" (lovingly put) but, once you get to know the characters, this is a series that is edgy, disturbing, obscene, and also a must watch! It's not ordinary TV!

As for the characters, the most "putting-off" character is Nathan..

As much as you hate him the first couple of episodes, you can't imagine the group without him, and as offensive, uneducated, undisciplined, crude, disgusting and waste of human space he is, he's the most lovable.

The title does the show justice, even with their superpowers, these are not "Heroes" and if, in reality, this occurred nobody would want anything to do with them.
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