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The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • An unknown individual dressed in an orange hoodie, 'Super-Hoodie' first appears in one of Simon's videos, helping a member of the public, and features on posters both on the E4 website game and in the show. His first physical appearance is in Episode Six, storming in on a bike to help Nathan escape a group of Virtue teenagers. His face is concealed by a hood and a black mask, and it is unclear if he has a storm-based power. He is later seen in another of Simon's videos, demonstrating extreme free running skills before talking to Simon. He reveals he's been watching the Misfits and is aware of their abilities, and that they should all think about why they have their powers and what they're going to do with them, "...and then we'll talk."

    As of S02E03 Super Hoodie has been revealed as Simon from the future Edit (Coming Soon)

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