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Great Show!
jlew7311 December 2009
I attended the preview of this show in Houston Wednesday evening and am going back again tonight to see it. The show is amazing. The sound is fabulous and the picture is great. It feels like the band is right there with you. There were several times I thought I could reach out and play one of the guitars :0, it is that great of a picture. I know going to the concert is fun, but this is certainly the next best thing. I can't wait to see who will be next in this 3D concert project. I clapped after every song as if I was right there in the audience. Dave sounded great and the only thing I would have changed would be to make it longer. Enjoy, it is a fun show!
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It's Like Being Onstage with the Band
drose152112 December 2009
I have seen it twice already. Any music fan will love this movie. You really feel like you are hanging out with the band. The 3D effect has almost a super-HD effect to it. It is so natural that you almost forget about it two or three songs into the show.

I wish they had publicized it more. It will be a shame if the Dave Matthews fans don't get to see this unique experience. The sound quality is amazing. You don't want to miss Dave covering Burning Down the House in Austin. I only wish it was longer and we had a chance to see more songs. This is such a nice way to watch a concert without having to deal with weather problems, smoke and people blocking your view.
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It is What it Is!
cheez_4113 December 2009
You know what you are going to see when you go to this movie...DMB (and Ben Harper with 3 songs and some crazy asses at the beginning with 2 songs) giving some awesome concert footage. I'm guessing anyone who sees this movie is already completely aware of the amazing live performances Dave puts on, and for anyone who has been lucky enough to see him in person, this is definitely the next best thing. I think the set list they chose was actually pretty good, interwoven with classics and of course the hits from Big Whiskey which they played at every show this past summer. The 3D was pretty fun and the sound was almost as good as actually being there....almost. If you are a hardcore DMB fan, or are just getting acquainted with them, I say check this out because it's a fun ride with some great Dave moments...(the last song and the way the songs tease and transition is super rad!)
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