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Watch Gwyneth Paltrow Say Harvey Weinstein 'Could Coerce You' in '98 Letterman Interview

Watch Gwyneth Paltrow Say Harvey Weinstein 'Could Coerce You' in '98 Letterman Interview
Gwyneth Paltrow referred to Harvey Weinstein as a “coercer” in a recently resurfaced 1998 interview with David Letterman.

The actress — who was starring in Shakespeare in Love at the time, which Weinstein produced — has since leveled allegations of sexual harassment at the movie mogul. Paltrow won an Academy Award for her performance in the film.

During the November 1998 interview, Letterman asked about Paltrow’s Thanksgiving travel plans when she remarked, “I would have ordinarily gone not on Thanksgiving but I’m here for you.”

In response, Letterman joked, “Are you here of your own free will? Has someone coerced you into being here?
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N.C. Man Sentenced to At Least 80 Years for Molesting 6-Year-Old and Chaining Her to a Tree

A North Carolina man was sentenced on Thursday to 80 to 110 years in prison for kidnapping a 6-year-old girl, sexually assaulting her and chaining her to a tree in the woods, People confirms.

Douglas Nelson Edwards, 47, was found guilty on Wednesday of attempted murder, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, statutory sex offense and taking indecent liberties with a minor. Edwards’ attorney could not be reached for comment.

“It was a really bad case,” New Hanover County, North Carolina, District Attorney Ben David tells People. “It was one of the worst I have seen in 20 years as a prosecutor.
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Pretty Little Liars: "A.D." Was Supposed to Be Someone Else Entirely

Just because Pretty Little Liars is over doesn't mean we've reached the end of its mysteries. Even after consuming the show's epic two-hour finale, we still can't ignore a few dangling threads. Where the hell did Spencer's twin, Alex Drake, come from?! How did the wine moms escape that basement all those years ago? There are so many rabbit holes we could go down, and luckily Pll creator I. Marlene King has swooped in to answer a few lingering questions after the show's final chapter. Let's review the few new tidbits she gave us. 1. Spencer's Twin Wasn't Originally Supposed to Be "A.D." Before the whole twin reveal came to King, she had an entirely different idea. Wren was supposed to be the big "A.D." reveal! Wren was a long-held "A.D." suspect among the fans (we even had our own theory about him), so it's pretty cool to
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All the Dirt We Have on the Final Episode of Pretty Little Liars

We're about to get to the last two episodes of Pretty Little Liars . . . ever. While it's almost over, we have a lot of questions for the end. Where will the series leave us? How will they tie everything up? Take a look at everything we've heard about the series finale so far. 1. It's Two Hours Long Back in August 2016, Freeform revealed that season seven would be the last. Shortly thereafter, creator I. Marlene King spilled that the series finale would be quite long. "We are treating that as a two-hour special event movie," she said. 2. Every Question Will Be Answered Before the Final Credits In addition to revealing the length of the episode, King also stated that the final 10 are "the most powerful 10 [episodes]" the show has ever had. "I'm excited for fans to finally have all of their questions answered, and I believe they will be satisfied with the wild
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Pretty Little Liars: We Have Every Reason to Believe Someone's Gonna Die on the Series Finale

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When Pretty Little Liars wraps up forever on June 27, it will be with multiple weddings and probably multiple deaths. I mean, there's a psychopath out there (as usual), and it's called "Till Death Do Us Part," which can't just be about weddings, considering it's this show. RelatedAll the Dirt We Have on the Final Episode of Pretty Little Liars I had the chance to chat with series creator I. Marlene King and a group of reporters at Atx this week, and obviously, I asked her if there will be any deaths on the series finale. She gave it some thought, admitting, "My God, I have to think back because my Pll brain has died," which makes sense, since the series actually wrapped several months ago, and since then, she's been hard at work on her new series, Famous in Love. After reiterating that "It's the deadliest season ever," she paused,
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The Bachelorette Star Rachel Lindsay on Her Historic Casting, This Season's 'Bromance' and Her Celebrity Crushes

The Bachelorette Star Rachel Lindsay on Her Historic Casting, This Season's 'Bromance' and Her Celebrity Crushes
She wasn’t sure about it at first… but now Rachel Lindsay is very happy she decided to become The Bachelorette.

After getting rejected by Nick last season, Rachel will be the one handing out the roses this time to 31 eligible men as the franchise’s first black Bachelor/ette. And she’s already revealed her season has a happy ending: Rachel says she’s engaged and “very much… in love” with one of this season’s contestants.

With Rachel’s season debuting on Monday (ABC, 9/8c), TVLine sat down with her to chat about the premiere’s craziest limo introductions,
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Leftovers Recap: Double-Take On Me

Leftovers Recap: Double-Take On Me
By the time Sunday’s episode of The Leftovers was finished, the apocalypse couldn’t come soon enough for Kevin, Nora and anyone not enamored of a-ha. He chased a ghost, she chased, in a way, a couple of her own, “Take On Me” lodged itself in our heads anew, and, in the end, there was a sudden departure of the lowercase S and D variety that I don’t think any of us saw coming. Who split? Read on.

RelatedThe Leftovers Boss Damon Lindelof and Star Carrie Coon Defend Nora’s Unspeakable Act of Cruelty

Anything Else You Want To Tell Me About?
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Germans Skewer Trump at Berlin Film Festival Opening

Germans Skewer Trump at Berlin Film Festival Opening
The opening night of the Berlinale was all about politics, from the red carpet, where Green Party politician and Bundestag vice president Claudia Roth sported a black dress adorned with the word “Unpresidented” in large letters – an apparent dig at U.S. President Donald Trump’s spelling aptitude and/or his perceived behavior as commander-in-chief – to officials and speakers taking the stage to talk about free speech, free art and resistance to oppression.

At Thursday’s ceremony in the Berlinale Palast, the new U.S. administration even took some hits from the evening’s host, German comedian and actress Anke Engelke. She had a question for international guests: “Are you here for the festival? Or is someone keeping you from going back to your home country?” That got a big laugh.

Engelke drew loud laughs as she greeted the jury, noting that last year Meryl Streep served as jury president.
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Shooter Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Ballistic Advantage

I love the satisfaction that comes with a pesky adversary finally meeting their maker.

In fiction, of course. By all means, join me in jubilation as two of Shooter's most nefarious antagonists finally bit the bullet. May they burn for eternity in the fiery pits of hell where they belong.

Too much? Maybe a tad. I don't take it back though.

What more could you ask for in a penultimate season finale that Shooter Season 1 Episode 9 didn't give us? There was action, loads of action, not so surprise team-ups, all around badassery, and some resolution to most of the issues that have plagued Bob Lee and co. this season. 

Isaac and Bob Lee teaming up was far from unexpected, but it was unexpected that I found them enjoyable to watch. The dynamic between Bob Lee, Nadine, and Isaac was quite an interesting one, and I give the first two a
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From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Dark Side of the Sun

  • TVfanatic
Seth got his partner back, and everything is right with the world.

On From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 10, Kate came back to us, and it was fantastic. Seeing Kate fighting side by side with Seth and Scott was just what the doctor ordered. It had been too long since we saw them side by side fighting for their lives.

Kate's definitely come out of all of this a changed person, and more importantly, she recognized that she was no longer the same girl she was when we first met her on vacation with her dad and brother.

Back on From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 1, Seth started to question whether or not hell was coming for him, to make him pay for the things he had done. This question came back up in the finale, but this time, Kate was the one thinking that she needed to pay for
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Jared Padalecki Describes His Funny Supernatural Fan Encounter With Jensen Ackles

The final day of Comic-Con took an exciting turn when the Supernatural panel took hold. Stacked with stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and more, the event yielded tons of fun cast interactions and teased plenty of new details about season 12. There was also a fan Q&A session, where one young woman asked if the boys had ever worried about encountering anything otherworldly - a flesh-eating Wendigo, perhaps - in the time since they started working on the show. Padalecki didn't really have much to say about monsters, but he did have a story about a different way the show has carried into his real life. Check out his fun anecdote below, then read his sweet quote about his love for Sam Winchester. "I'll say something funny. I haven't seen a Wendigo yet, but Jensen and I - so, we both live in Austin with our families. We walked into a restaurant,
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Here’s What’s Coming To Netflix and Amazon Prime in March

Lousy Smarch is almost here and the debut schedules for all the movies and series that will be hitting Netflix in March have arrived. We also have the Amazon Prime folks covered as well! The second season of Marvel’s Daredevil and the premieres of the fourth season of House of Cards and the first season of the new comedy Flaked, with Will Arnett hit the small screen. Did you forget about the premiere of the Judd Apatow-produced Pee-wee’s Big Holiday? We didn’t.

On the Amazon Prime front, check out below to see what you’ll be able to stream for free and what’s going to have a cost. Let’s watch!

All Title Dates are Subject to Change

Netflix U.S. Release Dates Only

Available 3/1

Adult Beginners (2015)

Ahora o Nunca (2015)

Aldnoah.Zero: Season 2

American Pie Presents: Beta House (2007)

American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile
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New on Netflix: March 2016

  • Moviefone
Netflix is delivering the goods in March 2016.

Mark your calendars: Season 2 of "Marvel's Daredevil" debuts March 18, as does "Pee-wee's Big Holiday." And President Underwood returns March 4 with Season 4 of "House of Cards."

And prepare to yell "Khaaaaan!" to your heart's content as "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" (1982) is added to Netflix streaming on March 1. Also new to Netflix in March: "Groundhog Day" (1993), "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" (1991), and "Scarface" (1983).

Available March 1, 2016

"Adult Beginners" (2015)

"Ahora o Nunca" (2015)

"Aldnoah.Zero: Season 2

"American Pie Presents: Beta House" (2007)

"American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile" (2006)

"Before We Go" (2015)

"Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland" (2016)

"El Desconocido" (2015)

"Fresh Meat: Series 2

"Frog Kingdom" (2013)

"Good Burger" (1997)

"Groundhog Day" (1993)

"Heaven Knows What" (2015)

"Hot Sugar's Cold World" (2015)

"Midsomer Murders: Series 17

"Narcopolis" (2015)

"Road Trip: Beer Pong" (2009)

"Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" (1991)

"Scarface" (1983)

"Star Trek: The Motion Picture" (1979)

"Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" (1982)

"The Young Kieslowski
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Jon Stewart Returns to The Daily Show to Shame Congress Over 9/11 First Responders Health Bill

Jon Stewart Returns to The Daily Show to Shame Congress Over 9/11 First Responders Health Bill
The Daily Show got a dose of Jon Stewart last night. The former host returned to his old stomping grounds for the first time since signing off in August. "I can't believe it! This is awesome," new Daily Show host Trevor Noah said. "Oh, wait, wait, wait, s--t. Are you here to take the show back? Oh man, I heard about this in American TV." That wasn't the case. "Trust me—A thousand times no," Stewart said. "I have this issue I care about very deeply and I was wondering -- I want to get attention paid to it but I was realizing I don't have a show, and nobody gives a s--t anymore. So I thought, you have a show, and maybe I could come and…," he said....
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Jon Stewart Visits ‘The Daily Show’ to Blast Congress on 9/11 Responders Funding

Jon Stewart Visits ‘The Daily Show’ to Blast Congress on 9/11 Responders Funding
Jon Stewart returned to “The Daily Show” on Monday night to put pressure on Congress to pass legislation to continue funding health care services for 9/11 first-responders.

Stewart’s appearance marked his first time on the show since he ended his 17-year tenure in August. His appearance was complete with a taped segment featuring Stewart’s visit to Congress last week with first responders to lobby various senators to pass the Zadroga Reauthorization Act.

The bill will continue funding health care for workers who have been battling cancer and other diseases after working in the toxic environment at the World Trade Center after the Sept. 11 terrorist attack.

Stewart called out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan for their inaction on the issue. He called on viewers to take to social media using the hashtag #worstresponders to pressure on Congress to act.

At the start of his segment,
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Jon Stewart Returns to 'Daily Show' With Plea to Audience

Jon Stewart Returns to 'Daily Show' With Plea to Audience
For the first time since he left the post that made him a household name, comedian Jon Stewart returned to The Daily Show Monday night to surprise the audience and host Trevor Noah. Wearing a T-shirt and sporting a beard, Stewart waved to the audience, who went nuts while Noah said, "I can't believe it! This is awesome." He added, “Oh, wait, wait, wait, shit. Are you here to take the show back?” "A thousand times no," Stewart said in reply. “I have this issue I care about very deeply and I was wondering -- I want to

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'Mad Men's' Matthew Weiner Directing 'Orange Is the New Black' Episode

'Mad Men's' Matthew Weiner Directing 'Orange Is the New Black' Episode
A version of this story first appeared in the Dec. 4 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe. As his first post-Mad Men project, Matthew Weiner is directing a season-four episode of longtime friend Jenji Kohan's Orange Is the New Black. Marking the first time Weiner has helmed a project he didn't write (he directed nine Mad Men episodes and the 2014 feature Are You Here), the Emmy-winning showrunner joins Jodie Foster, Nicole Holofcener and Allison Anders as directors on the Netflix series. The episode is currently filming and an

read more
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Have You Seen Film School Grad Matthew Weiner's Top 10 Criterion Films?

Have You Seen Film School Grad Matthew Weiner's Top 10 Criterion Films?
When you talk to Mathew Weiner—as I did at Toronto a year ago when he premiered his ill-fated movie directing debut, "Are You Here," an amiable buddy comedy starring Owen Wilson and Zach Galifianakis, and again just before the final season of "Mad Men" ended, at L'Ermitage Hotel—you realize the USC film school grad loves movies. That's where he's coming from, in his references and inspirations. (His question "what's the one movie and song that always makes you cry?" launches a long detour on "Stella Dallas" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow.") Read More: "Mad Men' Creator Matt Weiner Says Good-Bye (Exclusive Video) Weiner dreamed up "Mad Men" 14 years ago--"it's been a third of my life," he told me. He shelved a film script about captains of industry who pulled themselves up from poverty, then wrote the "Mad Men" pilot, which persuaded David Chase to hire him
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Downton Abbey episode 4: Twitter reacts as familiar faces return and innuendos run rampant

Following last week's highly-anticipated wedding, the surprise arrival of Allen Leech as Tom Branson and the return of Rose Leslie, this week's episode was overrun with familiar faces - and fans of the show had a lot to say.

Between Branson's changing politics and the welcome return of Matthew Goode as one Henry Talbot from last year's Christmas special, Digital Spy turned to Twitter to find out what everyone thought:

For some, Tom Branson's return was welcomed whole-heartedly:

It's great to have you back @Allenleech ... Now where's that gold envelope #DowntonAbbey

Phillip Schofield (@Schofe) October 11, 2015

Tom Branson Is Back #DowntonAbbey

— tash (@17blqcknjh) October 11, 2015

Oh am so glad Tom's back @DowntonAbbey @ITV @Allenleech #DowntonAbbey

— Kirsty Bennett (@KirstyBennett5) October 11, 2015

While others weren't quite sold on the character's comeback:

Coincidental: Tom has come back fat and also now likes capitalism? #DowntonAbbey

— Nicole Caile (@AlmostDaria) October 11, 2015

Tom Branson's politics went from revolutionary socialist to
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