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Beautiful and Cold Atmosphere
claudio_carvalho1 May 2017
In the 50's, in Tuscany, the nurse Verena (Emilia Clarke) is hired by the sculptor Klaus (Marton Csokas) to help his son Jakob (Edward Dring) that does not speak since his mother Malvina (Caterina Murino) has passed away. Verena befriends the old housekeeper Lilia (Lisa Gastoni) and tries to connect to Jokob, but the boy usually hears his mother from the wall of the old family house. Along the days, Verena feels attached to Jakob and falls in love with Klaus, but she finds that Malvina is trapped in the house by Jakob.

"Voice from the Stone" is a dramatic film with supernatural touches in a beautiful and cold atmosphere. The performances are top-notch highlighting the gorgeous Emilia Clarke. The dubious story is open to interpretation since Verena might have been affected by either madness or the ghost of Malvina. The cinematography is magnificent in a dreamlike environment. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): Not Available
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I am very picky, but I liked this one good enough
c_a_simone2 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Personally, this movie had my interest through out. I think this film attracted people not accustomed to period drama's and hence the poor rating on IMDb. I love period dramas and this one was as decent as any other. Was it a perfect film? No, but it still entertained me. Bonus is I could not guess the ending, it had a good twist. Still not sure if she was entirely taken over or had to share her body with the soul of the boy's mother. Did leave me with a bit of a sinister feel, if that mother took entirely over the woman.
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Not what I expected, at all
mrstamarela18 May 2017
Before watching, I thought it would be an interesting horror or ghost movie. The whole time I was waiting for something "spooky" to happen but in vain. The film is calm, slow and maybe for some - boring. Nothing valuable happens. Of course, the atmosphere, the house they live in is very nice to watch, but still, I wouldn't have watched if I had known what to expect. the only thing that I liked was the feeling of misunderstanding that the movie left in me at the end. I didn't really get what happened. I am still in a doubt, I have two versions and I think I'll be looking for more reviews to help me solve the idea of the ending
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Could have been something, at least it has beautiful scenery.
sewi-kadr14 May 2017
This could've been something creepy mysterious good but I don't know what just happened.

Movie is overall slow, i like slow movies if they have content but this is just basically nothing going on for a good hour or so.

Emilia Clarke is a good actor, at least she gave the movie some life and reputation and i am impressed with her Italian. Other than that, do not waste your time.

This movie has absolute no content what so ever. Just some mysterious things happening here and there.

In the end you end up feeling "was that it?".
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VFTS envisions the Black Swan and Rosemary's Baby experience rolled into one!
CommandoPenguins28 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
First off, I must admit that the only reason I even considered watching this movie was the Moon of my Life, My Sun and Stars, the rightful queen of...titles titles...EMILIA CLARKE!!!! And I'm glad that I did.

VFTS is no doubt the best movie I've seen this year, which offers you all kinds of feelings that any normal human being can feel. The story revolves around fear, anger and sadness for the most of the time but what comes after is even better. That's right! A beautiful happy ending! Accompanied with a strong well organized story this film is imaginative and appealing to book readers and film enthusiasts as well. And more importantly, its the gorgeous scenery and landscapes in Tuscany, Italy that made this film more interesting. The lush views of Italian countryside landscapes dominate the screen, its as if you're living in an alternate reality where you step out the door and don't see ugly ginormous concrete monstrosities. Oh well... As for the directing, its just marvelous and the cinematography is stunning but above all,its the ending is what really gets you. VFTS is the kind of movie we get once in half a decade and believe me, it kicks all kinds of ass. Well technically speaking VFTS will toy around with your mind till the point that you don't know what is real and what isn't. Confused?

Let me clear it up for you, The highlight of the movie is Emilia Clarke who plays a solemn Nurse Verena, a strong-willed woman who is hired to work as a babysitter/nurse for a duration to help emotionally disturbed children recover. The opening scene is where Jakob's (an emotionally unstable child) mother who is fallen sick and is on her last dying breath. We jump ahead several months after the prologue. Verena's story begins as she departs her previous family and leaves for another in desperate need of her skill and expertise in helping disturbed children. Verena spends her first couple of days exploring the vast estate of Jakob's family and getting to know her household better. Jakob's father, a stern man who is about as disturbed as Jakob himself, their family butler, and a mysterious old woman named Lilia who later turned out to be Verena's hallucination. Verena seemed vary of Jakob since she saw him with his face against the wall...listening to the mysterious voice (that his father claims is of his dead wife) coming from the other side of the wall. Verena denies it saying that the dead don't speak and the voices Jakob was supposedly heading was all in his head. Days pass by as she tries to decipher the strange pattern in his behavior. The visions grow more frequent as Lilia, (an old caretaker who committed suicide not long after the death of Malvina, Jakob's mother) dresses her up in the same threads worn by her dead mistress. And in one particularly scary vision, Verena goes through the same fate as Jakob's mother...we see Verena re-living the past of Jakob's mother such as the good times she shared with her husband and her kid, posing for her husband as he carves her on a rock, making love after. The same sickness spreads through Emilia as it did for Malvina and before long she finds herself in a deathbed. Upon her death, Klaus is seen taking her to his family crypts and burying her next to his wife. Verena sees the Malvina run her fingers over her body, I think this particular scene is an indication as to why she has taken an interest in Verena. It almost seemed like some of her qualities that made her had rubbed off on Verena when she wore her dress. Verena then wakes up realizing she was down with a fever and the nightmare had ended. By then, Jakob had accepted her as his newfound mother and embraces her and go indoors along with his dad. Verena had finally found her true self and she was ready to begin a new life and pursue happiness with Jakob and Klaus. A warm satisfying End.

I apologize for the pain you had to go through reading my fragmented narration. I tried not to go into details without giving away anything that might ruin your experience. Anyways, Hope you all enjoy this masterpiece just as much as I did.

Also, during the entire movie you really need pay strict attention to what is going on, otherwise you'll miss out big time on the little bits and details that drives the story. Emilia's astounding performance need to be lauded too for blessing my eyes with her presence. This amazing fantastically talented angel continues to break through the barriers and establish herself as an individual actress who can survive without her Game of Thrones' fame and glory. I wish her good luck in her future careers and I'm looking forward to seeing her in the Han Solo standalone movie.
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Lovely to look at, but absolutely a bore to sit through
derekjager2 May 2017
I think this is being mis-marketed as a ghost story but it isn't. It isn't a homage to TURN OF THE SCREW, either. Yes, it looks great, has a terrific Gothic mood, but for 30 minutes, nothing happens. Then something sort of happens but it's not ghostly...and then nothing happens and then it ends. The ending is "nice" but an hour into this film's 90 mins, I really wondered if/when ANYTHING was going to happen.

Again, lovely to look at, well-written and directed, but a bore to sit through.
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Stylish, but a bit slow
tylerdurdennnn3 May 2017
Verena, a rehabilitation nurse, tries to help the young boy who has fallen silent since the sudden passing of his mother, but it turns out she needs help just as much as him.

Voice from the Stone is a handsome, old-fashioned film. Horror elements are kept to a minimum, so fans of haunted-house movies may be disappointed, especially since the trailer suggested otherwise.

Emilia and Marton do great job portraying their characters, and Edward Dring (Jakob) is also really impressive in his complex role.
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Well that's a boring movie
deloudelouvain28 July 2017
A thriller with Emilia Clarke? Sounds good to me. But after ninety minutes there was only deception left. There is no way you could qualify this movie as a thriller so I wonder why IMDb puts it in this category. It's a Gothic drama, and a boring one. It's all nicely shot and the acting isn't that bad but the story is oh so boring. You constantly hope something interesting will happen but let me spoil it for you, nothing significant to make the story better happens. Emilia Clarke is a delight to watch in Game Of Thrones but in this movie she can do whatever she wants, if the story is bad you can put whatever actor in it, it still is a bad movie. I thought about stop watching this movie after an hour but I sat it through in the hope something would change but unfortunately it didn't. Boring drama.
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Not what I expected, but definitely worth watching
javiadrados1 May 2017
If you expect a horror movie, this is not the case. Rather than a regular movie, I would say that some of the clips contained here are performed with horror parts.

The movie follows a story line but you won't be able to discover the most interesting part until the end, which kept me watching it, otherwise I would have stopped the movie in the middle.

Worth watching if you don't have any other titles to see.
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Best Movie of 2017 till end of April.
abunomanasif1 May 2017
At first the writings of the movie is so extra ordinary. You will not enjoy the movie until you watch the last few minutes. And the making of the movie so impressive. Location and the castle so perfect with story you will feel everything together. I Love Emilia Clarke, she is a top class actress and here, she proved it again. She gave her every bit of emotion for this character. Marton and Edward the boy also did very awesome. I loved this movie and very disappointed seeing very low rating here. I rate it 8/10. thanks
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Don't listen
smoke02 May 2017
As another reviewer stated, this is reminiscent of The Others, but without the atmosphere, mystery or characters that defined that film. I love Emilia Clarke, but even she can't create something out of nothing.

Maybe with a different director who could tell a story and create a world this movie may have worked, but overall it's just boring and uneventful, and the film is so completely detached from the characters that their actions and situations come out of nowhere and go back there again with no explanation. Is it a happy ending or a sad ending? Who knows and ultimately, who cares?
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gorgeous Gothic
vickibaker-130 September 2017
Not a thriller/horror/mystery as it is billed, but a beautiful, luscious Gothic.

Emilia is gorgeous and talented as always and the supporting cast does a very good job with their roles.

Moody, atmospheric, lush period Gothic.

If you engage and make it to the end, it will leave you thoughtful - as all the best gothics do.

Daphne DuMaurier and the Bronte sisters would gobble it up!
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Very Entertaining!
It's a wonder why up and coming stars like Emilia Clark even risk doing movies in the horror genre, its viewers are the most difficult to please. Not only will people have high expectations because of her Game of Thrones Fan base, but psychological horror movies without blood and gore nearly are almost always labeled boring, or they're accused of doing the same old tricks that have been used before in several movies before it. It's almost impossible with a win as an actor or actress.

I thought this movie was suspenseful,it kept me guessing throughout the entire film, and I thought Ms. Clark did an excellent job portraying her role.I'd certainly recommend this film!
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Mediocre ghost story at best
Bohemian8128 April 2017
WARNING: rigged positive votes. (movie had average rating of 8 when i checked)

Sadly most movie studios these days try to rig the votes in their favor. If you don't know already it's best to click on the 'number of votes' under the main score and watch the voting breakdown page. Here you can easily assess when the voting is rigged. When a movie is just released and already it has lots of perfect 10 votes you know it's fake! So don't fall for it.

About the movie: it reminds me of 'the others' with Nicole Kidman only not remotely on the same level. Overall it's really slow and uneventful. The story a bit weak and predictable. The acting OK but not great. It falls into the category of seen it all a 1000 times before.

Location and set pieces are nice but that's about it. definitely style over substance.
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Ghost or Madness
quothage24 June 2017
I feel like Voice from a Stone explores a story with two types of ghost, those that manifest themselves as remembrance of those we've loved or lost, and those that appear to us simply as impressions in the mind. As a result Voice from the Stone is a classic ghost story, but delivered delicately, free from action, jump scares and overt drama, but rather a gentle move toward a somewhat predictable end of a slightly slow story.

I wasn't convinced of Emelia Clarke's acting or character early in the film, all too reminiscent of her most famous role, eyebrows waggling around like they have a mind of their own - but it felt like as the film grew so did her character. Marton Csokas played the typical brooding, morning, gruff and elusive male / father figure excellently and with support from other members of a small cast the film can only be described as well acted.

I'm never too sure what to say about cinematography - all I can say is the parts of the landscape we do see, the house itself are magnificent. Tuscany is a most beautiful part of Europe, and the implied age of the location adds depth to the mystery that propels the story.

Overall, I expect the film is not going to suit everyone, it's by no means a great - but never the less a good ghost story well worth a watch.
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Lovely scenery can't hide the boredom this film creates
benjackson-4295226 September 2018
When watching this film you are constantly drawn to the amazing scenery that is in most scenes, but that's a good thing because most of the time the film is so boring. A lot of the time it feels like it's trying to be a modern "shining" but fails on every level.
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kushina323 July 2018
The first half is nice and watchable, but the second part of the movie was a disappointment for me. In that part many things are happening very fast and in chaos, and it just gets stupid.

On top of that it is a very slow movie, predictable, and not very special in any way.
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Nothing happens!
Fem198212 June 2018
The first 20 minutes of this film are fine, starting in classic gothic style. However, Emilia Clarke generated very little likability as Verena and I cared even less about Klaus and Jakob. The concept that the stone held certain power was extremely shallow in how it was presented. I was bored watching this film and only continued watching in the hope that something exciting/scary/emotional/heartwarming might happen in the end. Nothing does. I wouldn't recommend this film. Watch Crimson Peak or The Awakening instead. Neither of those are amazing but they're a great deal more entertaining than Voice from the Stone.
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Beautifully Shot Understated Ghost Story
jburtonprod-802-7590298 February 2018
This is an old school Gothic, slow burn, ghost story in the style of 'The Innocents'. This movie is beautifully shot and the directing has a very confident hand. It's hard to believe both the Director and cinematographer are relatively inexperienced. Director, Eric D. Howell has the majority of his credits as a stuntman and the DP, Peter Simonite's are mostly in the production dept.

The movie isn't as well written or executed as 'The Innocents' but it definitely deserves a better rating than what it's getting here. It's a very ambitious movie and while it does fall somewhat short, I would rather see a movie that aspires to be something more, than the brain-numbing, Michael Bay type, cineplex fodder that gets pumped out, today.

There are some scenes that look like a work of art. The atmosphere is very rich and while the movie doesn't quite satisfy it's still engaging once you get used to the pace. I recommend this movie for what it tries to be more than for what it achieves. If you are fan of Gothic stories that may (or may not) have some supernatural elements then give this movie a try.
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nomollier29 June 2018
I don't know why the plot has to become so lame at the end. It starts with a very promising plot with lots of eerie and mystery clouding the characters. It looks like the director wanted to just wrap up the movie ASAP by not giving the right climax at the end. The ending is, Like your mom just burst inside your room when you were just about to have an orgasms. Very very disappointing ending.
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Amazing, beautiful movie about love and family. Not a horror movie at all.
brianlassiter13 May 2017
I don't get the negativity towards this movie at all. I was hesitant to go see it because of the bad reviews it's gotten and then decided to give it a chance and boy am I glad I did. I think the main problem, right off the bat, is that the movie has really bad marketing. I think people are going into this movie thinking its going to be a balls to the walls horror movie filled with freaky, gross, or supernatural things that will scare the living hell out of them. The movie, I suppose, might seem slow to people who are expecting that over substance, story, and character. But, guess what, this movie is a Gothic romance to its core and if you have a child its going to hit you like a ton of bricks because its all about the love of a child. A family that's been, possibly, irretrievably broken by one of the single biggest losses a family can endure and the unconditional love one person (Emilia Clarke) has been able to provide to children and families that have endured trauma despite her own loss and lack of connection or family. Its set in the beautiful Italian countryside in a place that, if it were not so real, would seem unreal. It just drips atmosphere. The second stand out performance is the father (Marton Csokas) who has withdrawn into an angry and bitter person at the loss of his wife and the inexplicable disconnect with his boy. He doesn't seem to understand why his child has withdrawn and, I guess, after several attempts at helping him, seems to have almost given up on not only himself but the boy. Enter Emilia Clarke. Her character instinctively understands what the kid is feeling and how not to treat him. She is thrust into a really disturbing family dynamic and fortunately, she has the acting chops to pull off what I don't think most actresses could have, a real empathy towards this kid that transcends the script or filming. She has the same dynamic in Game of Thrones with children and just shines in this movie. I won't spoil the ending, but I will say that if it had a slightly different ending it would be the perfect movie. The ending seems to pander a little to the marketing people who felt that things shouldn't or couldn't have a definitive ending. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but it really felt out of place to the rest of the movie and I would love to hear the people who made it discuss this so I could understand it a little more. That tiny, little almost insignificant thing aside, this movie is a classic. Its not a horror movie at all, its a romance. A statement about what a family is. To the detractors and the haters, go hate on something else. To those willing to step into this movie with the expectation you are going to be given a lot more than blood and guts, but something with real substance I applaud you for having real courage. This is the first time I have ever written a review about any movie and that says a lot in my mind.
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A Haunting Thriller with Romantic Undertones
danaelambros27 May 2017
Go see this movie for Emilia Clarke's wonderful performance and the haunting atmosphere. Clarke proves that beyond her Game of Thrones fame, she has the acting chops to continue with a great acting career after GOT ends. I loved the atmosphere in this film. However, had the script been stronger, and the direction tighter, the film would have been outstanding. It seems this film will either please or disappoint; it's that kind of film. The moody cinematography sets the tone under mostly overcast Tuscan skies as the young, British nurse Verena (Clarke) comes to the ancestral castle of the recently-widowed sculptor Klaus (played by the excellent but underrated actor Marton Csokas), and his troubled son Jakob, who "hears" his mother's voice in the stones of the house. As this was Eric Howell's directorial debut, I think more credit should be given to what he has achieved; however, where this film falters is the script writing and pacing - perhaps due to the director's lack of experience. That being said, this movie will not be everyone's cup of tea. The slow pacing is deliberate and is an important part of the story, creating mystery and suspense. The history of the house and its somewhat bizarre traditions on which it was built adds a lugubrious tone to the film. As the film builds to a dramatic crescendo, the clever play between reality and fantasy, the sensuality of stone and candlelight, unexpressed desires and dreams, leaves the viewer wondering where reality ends and fantasy begins. I found the last third of the movie very suspenseful. However, the script and direction falter when the movie takes on a more romantic and sensual tone between Verena and Klaus. It could have been more believable had that relationship been better developed in the script as well as reducing one or two scenes between Verena and Jakob. I really thought the love scene was beautifully, sensuously filmed using ab interplay between flesh and the sculptor making stone into flesh. Verena struggles to help Jakob speak after many months of silence and the viewer starts to question whether the story is only about Jakob's struggle, or Verena's, or Klaus' pain - or all three of these elements: is she meant to "cure" Jakob or is she meant to be cured? Too many films nowadays leave you with more answers than questions. I liked that this film does not provide clear answers, which adds to the mystery and moody, romantic feeling that are its hallmarks. Is the ending a figment of Verena's imagination? Will she succumb to the "voice in the stone" ? - or is the ending real ? The viewer is left to make that decision for themselves. As a final note, it is nice to see Marton Csokas play a different role than the usual villain/killer types he seems to be often typecast as: He is an untapped talent, in my opinion and I hope bigger and better roles await him. Csokas makes the most of his lean dialogue and is very believable as the somewhat remote but bitter, grief-stricken Klaus - struggling to understand his silent, traumatized son. I give this somewhat uneven film debut two thumbs up for the acting and atmosphere alone.
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a cool setting
ferguson-628 April 2017
Greetings again from the darkness. A painful death bed scene and a teary-eyed child saying goodbye to their beloved caregiver kick off this film that immediately downshifts to a deliberate pace after those two emotional peaks. The first feature from director Eric Howell is adapted by Andrew Shaw from Silvio Raffo's novel, and it excels in delivering atmosphere and visual unease created by the stunning setting of a fogged-cloaked Tuscan castle that is itself a key character in the film.

Emilia Clarke ("Game of Thrones"), and those expressive eyebrows of hers, stars as Verena, a rehabilitation nurse who specializes in helping traumatized children. Verena is spunky and confident as she arrives at the Gothic-esque home of artist/sculptor Klaus (Marton Csokas) and his son Jakob (Edward Dring). It's been more than 7 months since the death of his mother (Caterina Murino, Solange in Casino Royale), and also since young Jakob last spoke even a single word. Verena expects to succeed where other nurses have failed.

1950's Tuscany is beautiful despite, or maybe because of, the dreary and minimal natural lighting and the mysterious elements of the ancient castle and surrounding forest and stone quarry. It's also a bit creepy and that allows the measured pace of the story to work – it comes across as we are going through the slow process with Jakob and Verena. Well, it works until it doesn't. The character shifts for Verena and Klaus occur too abruptly – almost as if pages in the script were skipped. Both transformations seem out of place with the film and are jarring to watch … and not jarring in the way that we expect from a suspense thriller.

Most won't be surprised at where the story goes, but just in case, no spoilers will be discussed here. It should be enough to state that the look and feel of this one should appeal to those who enjoyed such films as The Others, Rebecca, The Sixth Sense, Crimson Peak, and the stories of Edgar Allan Poe. The execution of the story might not be at that level, but the atmosphere and mood certainly are. Oversized sculptures, life-sized portraits, an untouched death bed, and even a grand piano allow for more texture than any cheap jump-scares.

Gothic, romantic, supernatural suspense thrillers are pretty tough to pull off, but even getting close allows for some cinematic viewing pleasure. As an added bonus, the lovely score from Michael Wandmacher never screams at us, and Amy Lee (Evanescence) delivers a beautiful and fitting song "Speak to Me" as the film ends.
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Ghosts, madness or both?
wildsparrow1629 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"The dead don't speak....as hard as we may wish them to."

This is an achingly beautiful and haunting story about a young governess hired to help a boy who has been traumatized since his mother's death. Her efforts continue unsuccessfully while her attachment to him grows. She feels the only way to help him is to try to experience what he is experiencing. It begins to work, much to the tortured father's displeasure. He cannot understand why everyone can hear his dead wife but him. She also converses with Lilia, an old caretaker whom she later learns has been dead the whole time. The ending is very clear as to what transpires. There is no confusion if you have been paying attention. This reminded me a great deal of Daphne DuMaurier's Rebecca, in it's grief combined with classic Gothic horror elements. I really enjoyed this, and found it different than anything I have seen in quite some time. It does move slowly.
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Beautiful Moods
duvernetphotography14 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, it is a bit slow, but that is what makes it so delicious. This is a film about loss, madness, isolation, the strength of human will, beauty, love, lust and the voice of youth. Contrary to other reviews, this film is subtle, creepy and heart warming, in short - very effective. The acting is first rate, the story telling is delicate and well paced and the scenery and photography are sumptuous. It isn't a horror in the mainstream sense, but fear plays a role. The story line follows an idle rich father/sculpture, living in a palatial ancient estate, with his son, both of whom are grieving over the death of their wife and mother. Enter the nanny who will try and break the spell of grief over the boy. It is unclear whether she survives her own madness or whether it was all a ploy to relate to the boy's need to be comforted by his mother. In any case, the whole effect is wonderful and spell binding.
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