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Brilliant movie.
ilpovero8 April 2010
I just saw this at the Vail film festival. Can't praise it enough. Great dialogue, totally unexpected plot. Hilarious and strangely touching. Lots of swearing and strange dialects which surprised me at first but it all works so brilliantly. The actors (whom I didn't know) are just perfect. Derek Riddell plays such a good drunken Scotsman it's hard to tell if he's acting at all and Jason Durr as the depressive Swede is really moving. it reminded me in some ways of Withnail and I. Two seeming losers out to get as drunk as they can. One drinks till his dead wife appears and the other.....just drinks. But underneath all the humour is this real, dark world that they inhabit. Both depressed, both self obsessed. Both, if not on their way to alcoholism, will be there any second. And yet, you love 'em!

O yes that girl from Extras is in it too. Ashley Jensen.

!0 out of 10!!!!
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