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There Is no Such Things as Monsters
Claudio Carvalho22 February 2012
Dean and Sam go to a psychiatric hospital in Oklahoma attending the request of a former hunter and they admitted as patients. They find that several patients have committed suicide and the responsible, Dr. Fuller, believes that all of them have come to the edge in their insanities.

Sooner the Winchester brothers discover that a Wraith that is vulnerable to silver is the responsible for the deaths and the only way to identify the monster is through the mirror that reflects the real appearance. However, Dean and Sam are attacked by the inner demons and they feel incapable to fight against the evil Wraith.

"Sam, Interrupted" is another episode out of the context of the Fifth Season, but I liked it a lot. The situation of Dean and Sam facing their own demons is interesting for those that follow the series. The conclusion with Dean and Sam fleeing the hospital without any consequences is weird. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Sam, Interrompido" ("Sam, Interrupted")
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I liked this episode
mm-3927 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I liked this episode. One of the better episodes of the last season. Sam, Interrupted bases the idea that the enemy attacks from within. Sam, and Dean are attacked by their personal Demons. The two lead protagonists are attacked by their personal flaws, doubts, and fears. I love how the script writers choose an attractive woman as Dean's antagonist. The reversal of fortunes where Dean uses his looks and personality on women. In the end, Sam and Dean with the aid of an mentally ill hunter find the creature that creates and feeds on the the mentally ill. I love how Dean speaks about holding it in and keep it together or they would end up in the mental institution. I give the episode Sam, Interrupted a 7 out of 10.
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Inner daemons
zombiehigh189 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
More than once have I read some of the fans' comments complaining about how often the boys tend to over share. However, I think this is pretty much the core of the show, those two have gone through much more than a normal person can handle and they are each other's support group because without sharing their problems every now and then, they would be two robots going around the country numbly killing things was being affected which I see as very unrealistic. Any way this episode provides us with the real reason.

Recovering from the death of Ellen and Jo and their failure to kill the Devil, Sam is worried about Dean since he always tends to bury his feelings till it drives him to the edge and in the same time Sam is worried about what the Devil has told him about his anger issues. So Sam decides to take a job helping one of their dad's friends to keep busy. Yet Dean is not happy with the idea which is very unusual to Dean, since he is always the one who rushes to help dad's friends much to Sam's demise. I have mentioned before that Dean tends to fit easily in any place finding the fun in every situation, he had no problem going to prison on season two's "Folsom prison blues" to work on a ghost problem, but the mental institute is another story to him, Dean never faces his problems he tends to bury them deep and try to forget about it putting on his outer "I don't give a damn" coat, but in the asylum this coat is jeopardized, this is the place where a person has to talk about his problems openly and face them. On the other hand Sam had been always comfortable speaking freely about his issues (Of course when he is not lying to his brother). The script was genius for making us have fun when the boys were speaking sincerely to the shrink about the apocalypse, the audience knew they were speaking the truth yet we never seized to laugh for we knew how would the real world react to this crazy world of them. Things got worse for the boys since they seemed to crack suddenly after being admitted in the mental institution, Sam anger issues surfaced and both the shrink and the monster of the week faced him with it. While Dean seemed to struggle with the his guilt, the weight on his shoulders saving the world as well as his daddy issues. At last when Sam shared his problems with Dean, asking for the help he knows he can't get, the answer came very disappointing to him. Dean asked him to forget about it, bury it and keep fighting, but what else would you expect Dean to say? and will this advice help Sam or his problems will keep chasing him till his doom?

The acting was entertaining, I loved drugged Sam, pretty much reminded me of his drunken state back on "Play things". Crazy Dean was sadly hilarious. And finally I love Dr. Fuller's comment about them being dangerously co-dependant on each other.
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Let's talk about our problems
Cardboard Mike22 January 2010
So this episode of Supernatural involves the boys helping out an old friend in an insane asylum (taking a break from the hunting down Lucifer/finding God story line), where, after starting their hunt, they start questioning their own sanity and are forced to confront other deep seated issues.

I was disappointed with this episode. After the long break, I was hoping for a good way to jump back into the season. I found the story line to be ill conceived, and not well thought out. It was all over the place. The script was barely believable at best. There were a few weak attempts at humour, and even fewer and much weaker attempts at soul searching moments, in an episode which had great potential for the latter. Come on, an asylum chock full of psychiatrists? Even though I have a tendency to squirm during the "mushy" stuff, I was hoping for some proper insight into the fascinating characters of the Winchesters.

A last frustration: they never develop the story line of the mysterious "friend of Dad's who needs help and we owe him". Really? It's an "I wonder: what exactly *did* happen in Albuquerque?" kind of moment? I found that quite contrived.

However, this is just a bump in the fantastic road I'm sure Supernatural will lead us down soon enough.
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