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Indie Horror Alert: Is This Bunnyman Trailer the Funniest Ever?

What could be more strange than watching a man dressed in a playful bunny suit chase some young kids around with a chainsaw? The trailer for Bunnyman is full of the bizarre, as director Carl Lindbergh (Shattered Lives) blends the childlike with the horrific. Bunnyman is listed as being in the genre of horror only; so, please no laughing at the trailer for the film below, with Bunnyman releasing June 21st on DVD.

The synopsis for Bunnyman is here:

"Driving through the remote regions of Southern California, a group of friends are forced into a sickening game of cat and mouse, with a five ton dump truck. When looking for help, they stumble upon a family of cannibals, who take pleasure dismembering and eating as many of the kids as possible.

The lucky few who escape, now most answer to the head of the cannibalistic family, a horribly disfigured man,
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The Bunnyman Hops Home in June

Here's a tip for you ... while driving anywhere it may not be a good idea to cut anyone off with your car (unless of course you wave and mystically make the intrusion into their lane okay). You just never know what kind of lunatic may be behind the wheel.

See how easily trouble starts? No? Well you'll definitely see this June as the Bunnyman comes hopping home to DVD.

Cheryl Texiera, Matthew Philips, Alaina Gianci, Veronica Wylie, Scott Kuza, Lucia Sullivan, David Scott, Matthew Stiller, Rebecca Grayce, Joseph Darden, and Joshua Lang star.

From the Press Release

Bunnyman arrives on DVD June 21st from Osiris Entertainment. Bunnyman fits in with the other outrageous genre concepts, low-budget filmmaking, and sensationalized titles that are enjoying a resurgence on such programming as Syfy's new Saturday night original movies. Bunnyman comes from the writer/producer/director/editor indie horror filmmaker Carl Lindbergh, whose previous
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Exclusive pics & comments: a deadly “Bunnyman”

  • Fangoria
Exclusive pics & comments: a deadly “Bunnyman”
If Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! marked the commercial holiday icon’s first descent into the hyperbolic sleaze and depravity of the streets, Bunnyman takes the grassroots approach, restoring him to his woodsy roots. Orange County native writer/director Carl Lindbergh (Shattered Lives, Shadows Of The Dead) spoke with us on his latest production (due June 21 from Osiris Entertainment), which wrapped in February after a two-year shoot. Hit the jump for words with the indie filmmaker, plus exclusive stills.
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Shattered Lives: When Clowns Attack!

*Stop now if you have a fear of clowns* Shattered Lives was released on DVD as of December 22nd by Lionsgate and some promotional material can be found here. The story involves a young girl who deals poorly with family stress and how ones' distorted reality can lead to murder. Still searching for international distribution the first trailer for Shattered Lives can be found here. But for those of you with coulrophobia be forewarned the trailer has many scenes of scary looking clowns baring vicious looking teeth!

A synopsis for Shattered Lives:

"When Rachel, a seemingly innocent little girl, is unable to cope with everyday situations, her fears manifest into an altered state of reality. Rachel's warped world results in her two favorite dolls, Melo and Lelo, coming to life. Rachel loves her dolls dearly and seeks their advice; they plant the seed of death early and suggest that
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This Week on DVD: District 9, (500) Days of Summer, It Might Get Loud

Only three more shopping days left till Christmas! If you're still looking for some last minute gifts, you're in luck, because there are some decent DVD releases hitting stores today including Mike Judge's Extract, the indie hit (500) Days of Summer, and Neill Blomkamp's District 9 (the Blu-ray of which even includes a God of War 3 demo for the Playstation 3). Other major releases include the Sandra Bullock comedy All About Steve, the Family Guy parody of The Empire Strikes Back, and another direct-to-dvd American Pie sequel. Also don't miss out on the guitar documentary It Might Get Loud featuring Jack Black, Jimmy Page and The Edge. See anything worth renting or purchasing? District 9 [1] (DVD, Blu-ray [2]) (500) Days of Summer [3] (DVD, Blu-ray [4]) Extract [5] (DVD, Blu-ray [6]) Beyond A Reasonable Doubt [7] (DVD, Blu-ray [8]) All About Steve [9] (DVD, Blu-ray [10]) American Pie Presents: The Book of Love [11] (DVD, Blu-ray [12]) Staten Island [13] (DVD, Blu-ray [14]) Call
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Weekly DVD & Blu-Ray Chopping List 12/22/2009

  • Fangoria
Weekly DVD & Blu-Ray Chopping List 12/22/2009
'Twas the countdown to Christmas and all through the house... all the creatures were stirring wondering what frights were hitting stores this week...

With only four more shopping days until Santa arrives, there's not a lot of new genre fare hitting retail, though the high-profile District 9 is finally hitting the street - bumped up a week from it's previous 12/29 release date. Below the jump you'll find the full list of titles arriving in-stores tomorrow, Tuesday, December 22, 2009 in our weekly version of the famous Fangoria Chopping List. If you're shopping for yourself or your favorite boils and ghouls, a gift card might be the way to go as there's some good stuff coming next week, including Jennifer's Body, 9, Paranormal Activity, A Perfect Getaway and more. Preview those selections here, and check out this weeks list below!

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