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Outstanding Performance - April Telek
epicAlpine18 April 2011
Non-Hollywood version of a Hollywood story--as told through the eyes & experiences of a Canadian writer/director who has been there.

The film is raw, punchy and real.

April Telek delivers an incredible performance.

Her character struggles between what she knows to be true vs the unrealized dream that keeps clawing on her judgment.

Her character is smart, consciously aware & genuinely loving - which makes the story unique & heartbreaking.

The soundtrack is fabulous.

Great film!
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Loved it!
elizabeth-cairns8 June 2011
I have now watched this movie twice, once in Toronto and again when it was released in theatres in my hometown, Vancouver. This film totally floored me(hence why the second viewing). I really loved it, I'd watch it again if I could. Really dark and also humorous, and totally moving. The lead actress is so good in this role, with so many emotional nuances in her performance. It's really refreshing to see a film like this (in theatres!) when our theatres are overloaded with slick, formula Hollywood movies. Once a year or so, a little film like Amazon Falls pops up and blows you away. Beautifully acted, honest story. Go see it if you can!
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micro indie with an interesting performance
SnoopyStyle5 October 2016
Jana (April Telek) is an aged B-movie actress. Her claim to fame is a series of Amazon movies when she was younger. She is now around 40 and struggling to get roles. Her boyfriend Aron is a club DJ who spends all their money on drugs. She is a mentor to amateur actress Li. They are both waitresses working for Tommy. A customer named Calvin is an old director with a creepy mercurial offer for Jana. Jana and Li go out for an audition. The director Derek wants a meeting with Jana and she's convinced that she's got the role. Her agent Margaret is quitting the business and gets her one last role. Jana dismisses the lesser offer and ridicules it. The meeting with Derek turns out to be him talking to her about Li's ability to handle the lead.

This is a micro indie hitting well above its weight. Telek is compelling as an over-the-hill bombshell unwilling to accept her fate. There are some familiar faces but the lesser names do hold the movie back. It would have been great to have Li played by a bigger actress. Tommy's club looks too cheap. It has less customers than waitresses. It was probably hampered by the lack of a budget. Overall, it's a great micro indie of a Hollywood trope.
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