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Secret Santa (#4.8)
ComedyFan20103 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
It is Christmas time! Jack's high school girlfriend comes to town and they even kiss. Writers lie to Kenneth about their religion and a conversation with Tray makes him question his faith. Liz and Jack work on Christmas presents for each other. And Pete wants to make Jenna share the stage with Danny who is a great singer as a revenge for her never pitching in money for the Christmas present of the cleaning ladies.

A pretty good episode. Watching Kenneth question his faith was very amusing. And I love how he found it back as well as what Jack and Liz came up with as presents for each other. And I like the character Danny, although I was kind of disappointed that Pete didn't get what he wanted.

All in all a great Christmas episode, that is sweet but not sickening and also makes one laugh.
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one of my favourites
antonswan16 September 2011
This has been one of the most enjoyable 30 Rock eps I've seen. It felt a little bit slower than usual but Julianne Moore was stunning as always and I laughed out loud many times. "Shark Farts" caught me by surprise, and Tina Fey "proving" how creative she is to Jack was ROTFLMAO funny. Tina Fey, who wrote the episode is a genius and proves it. I'm not a X-mas episode fan and mostly give it a miss, even on some my favourite shows, like Community and The Office and even Family Guy, because of the mushy sentiment that is pushed into our throats. This was different and I'm glad to call myself a "Rockie". Danny (Cheyenne Jackson) should also get more screen time - he is funny and obviously talented. Watch it!! Before I get a Rage-Stroke!
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More of Moore!
Syl10 December 2009
Oscar Nominee Julianne Moore plays Nancy Donovan, a suburban mother, who went to high school with Alec Baldwin. She's got a thick Boston accident in this episode who reunites with him on a face book kind of site. Who doesn't love watching them at Rockefeller Center where there is the Christmas tree and ice rink. Anyway, Julianne Moore should nail an Emmy nomination for this appearance. While Jane Krakowski's Jenna is upset because she can't sing front-stage and the beloved studio page feels betrayed by the writers' who create a religion to throw him off so they don't do secret Santa. Of course, Liz is trying to find the perfect gift for her boss, Jack.
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