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Van Gogh’s Portraits Are the Talking Heads in the Ambitious Animated Documentary ‘Loving Vincent’

This could be the most ingenious mix of animation and the documentary style since Nick Park’s Creature Comforts. Is it technically a documentary? I don’t know, but I’m calling it one for now. “Mockumentary” doesn’t seem to fit, and anyway the film will be dealing with a genuine investigation into the circumstances of Vincent Van Gogh‘s death. The expert talking heads here are from long ago. They are the people whose portraits were famously painted by the artist (including Postman Joseph Roulin and Adeline Ravoux), and their testimonial dialogue is based on actual letters and diaries and other artifacts telling of what they knew of him, much of which comes from his own words. There is likely some fictionalizing involved, but that’s fine. Docs aren’t always fact-exclusive. Loving Vincent is like time travel by cinema, and I’m certain it’s going to be an incredible trip. From
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Exclusive: The Flying Machine Featurette

Exclusive: The Flying Machine Featurette
Heather Graham stars in the upcoming fantasy adventure The Flying Machine, which blends stop-motion with traditional 2D animation and live action. The story follows an over-worked single mother whose neglected children become wrapped up in a movie about a magic piano. We have an exclusive look at this upcoming family drama with a new featurette, which brings viewers into the magical world of The Flying Machine.

The Flying Machine - Exclusive "Featurette"

The film takes off in London when over-worked single mum, Georgie takes her children, Jane and Fred, to see The Flying Machine, a film being accompanied live by super-star pianist, Lang Lang, playing Frederic Chopin masterpieces. The film, which we get to watch as well, is called The Magic Piano.

The Magic Piano tells the story of Anna, a girl whose father has had to leave Poland and look for work in London. She's left with her auntie
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Heather Graham to work in B’town?

Hollywood actress Heather Graham, who is best known for roles in films such as The Hangover and The Guru, has recently been in Goa, India promoting her latest 3D live-action movie, The Flying Machine.

Speaking to the Indian media, the actress revealed that she has been approached to act in a Bollywood movie. Heather told the media, “I’ve already talked to someone and I hope it works out. I can’t name him right now, though the project

is interesting. I’ll wait to see how things go. When you hear about it, you’ll know what I was talking about.”

Graham, who attended the International Film Festival of India (Iffi) in Goa, also told the media about her brief meeting with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who also attended the Iffi’s opening ceremony. Heather was full of praises for Shah Rukh Khan who she referred to as ‘the big star.
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'Hollywood can't afford animation films for kids only' - News

'Hollywood can't afford animation films for kids only' - News
Panaji, Nov 28: Hollywood, despite its burgeoning budgets, can no longer afford to make animation films exclusively for children, says Academy Award winning producer Hugh Welchman.

Speaking to reporters in Panaji, during the 42nd International Film Festival of India (Iffi), where his latest film 'The Flying Machine' was screened, Welchman Monday also said that the Indian animation hubs should now look to create their own products, rather than churn out work for foreign projects.

'Hollywood can only make animation films for both children and adults now. They cannot make films only for children, because they need.
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[Tiff Review] The Flying Machine

  • The Film Stage
The Flying Machine, directed by Martin Clapp, Geoff Lindsey and Marek Skrobecki is an ambitious combination of 3D and live-action, while having the longest stop-motion take in history. It is produced by Hugh Welchman, the producer of Oscar-winning Peter & The Wolf. It also stars Lang Lang, the internationally-known Chinese pianist, who performs the etudes of Frédéric Chopin. And while The Flying Machine incorporates many interesting styles, the didactic storyline and the lifeless acting is pretty difficult to watch.

Georgie (Heather Graham) is a single mother of two children and a workaholic. Her daughter Jane (Kizzy Mee) loves the piano and insists that her mother take her and her brother Fred (Jamie Munns) to a cinema/piano performance by Lang Lang called The Magic Piano. Georgia does not pay attention to her children and to the performance because she is on her cellphone the entire time. At the end of the performance,
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Toronto International Film Festival 2011 Lineup

  • MUBI
News is rolling out of Toronto for this year's festival, with the Galas and the Special Presentations sections announced.  As always with Tiff, the sheer number of films can seem overwhelming, but with new films by David Cronenberg (A Dangerous Method, pictured above), Terence Davies (!), Francis Ford Coppola, Wang Xiaoshuai, Marjane Satrapi & Vincent Paronnaud, and William Friedkin added to big names that premiered already this year (including Almodóvar, Von Trier, Nanni Moretti, and Nicolas Winding Refn) it looks like the 2011 iteration will be as packed with must-see cinema as ever before.  We'll be updating this listing as new lineups are announced.  See Tiff's official website for details.


Albert Nobbs (Rodrigo Garcia, Ireland) Butter (Jim Field Smith, USA) A Dangerous Method (David Cronenberg, France/Ireland/UK/Germany/Canada) From the Sky Down (Davis Guggenheim, USA) A Happy Event (Rémi Bezançon, France) The Ides of March (George Clooney, USA) The Lady (Luc Besson,
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Toronto Film Festival Announces 2011 Midnight Madness, Documentary and Vanguard Selections

Shawn Ashmore, Ashley Bell, Shannyn Sossamon, Dominic Monaghan and Cory Hardrict in The Day

Photo: Content Media The 2011 Toronto International Film Festival announced 56 more movies added to its festival line-up this year with selections in the Vanguard, Midnight Madness, Documentaries, City to City and Tiff Kids programs. And to be honest, the line-up is filled with titles, most of which are absolutely new to me.

I have seen one of the films under the Vanguard banner, a selection of young and cutting edge features and I've heard of Joachim Trier's Oslo, August 31, Ben Wheatley's Kill List (watch the trailer to the right) was a hit at South by Southwest earlier this year and the documentary selections include familiar names such as Werner Herzog, Morgan Spurlock, Jonathan Demme, Alex Gibney and Wim Wenders, the latter of which is delivering a 3D documentary centered on the dance world of Pina Bausch and her company.
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Heather Graham Career Assessment: License to Strip

  • Pajiba
Subject: Heather Graham, 41-year old American actress

Date of Assessment: June 8, 2011

Positive Buzzwords: Nudity, beauty, sleep

Negative Buzzwords: Romcom, limited appeal and talent

The Case: People like to talk about the so-called "downward trajectory" that Heather Graham's career has supposedly taken. Still, she's worked steadily since her first movie role in 1988's License to Drive (the one where both Coreys stuffed her in a car trunk), which she followed up with an acclaimed turn in Drugstore Cowboy and an adorable character, Annie Blackburn, on the second season of "Twin Peaks." Then, she toiled away in relative obscurity for nearly five years until she stunned audiences (or at least myself) as Jon Favreau's dance partner in the last act of Swingers and appeared alongside Robert Downey Jr. in Two Girls and a Guy. Then, Heather became the very naked Rollergirl in Boogie Nights, which was a pretty overrated movie
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Reel Movie Interview: Heather Graham On Judy Moody and Starring with James Franco in Cherry

Heather Graham is an established actor and sex symbol in Hollywood, but she's returned to her youth to star in the kids flick Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer, alongside newcomer Jordana Beatty.

The actress plays the lovable Aunt Opal - with a fiery sense of adventure and a love of art. She sat down with Reel Movie News to talk about her role on the summer kids flick.

"I like that she had the ability to see the beauty in everything and I do try to do that in my regular life, which I do with varying degrees of success." Heather told us about her latest role. "Certain days I can do it amazingly, other days, not so much."

She also talks about the Aunt Opal in her own life -- in a very surprising place. "It's funny actually because this new guy that I just started dating
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This week's new films

True Grit (15)

(Joel & Ethan Coen, 2010, Us) Jeff Bridges, Hailee Steinfeld, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, Barry Pepper. 110 mins

The Coens surprise everyone by not making a Coens movie, but their celebrated attention to dialogue, landscape, casting, period detail and just about every other aspect of film-making gets this well past the "why are you even doing this?" point. Steinfeld's smart-mouthed little avenger and Bridges's un-Wayneish old buzzard share our sympathies, as well as the all-important Grit, and even if the result is almost a straightahead western, it's a superior one.

Never Let Me Go (12A)

(Mark Romanek, 2010, UK/Us) Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield, Keira Knightley. 104 mins

With a top cast and a story that's not about royals, it's a shame this bold, new Britpic is so depressing. The setting is a boarding school in an alternative Britain (best not to spoil the twist – the movie does that itself), where three friends struggle against the status quo,
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This week's new films

The Fighter (15)

(David O Russell, 2010, Us) Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Melissa Leo, Mickey O'Keefe. 116 mins

Just when America needed a tale of blue-collar dreams, hard-up families coming together and a Hero with Heart, along comes this bracing boxing drama. What distinguishes it from Rocky and co is that it's based on a real boxer ("Irish" Micky Ward), and there's not much boxing in it. The emphasis is on Wahlberg's colourfully unhelpful family, particularly his formidable mother (Leo) and crack-addicted brother (Bale). There's so much big acting going on, our quiet contender can't compete, but hey, he's got Heart.

Rabbit Hole (12A)

(John Cameron Mitchell, 2010, Us) Nicole Kidman, Aaron Eckhart, Dianne Wiest. 91 mins

A couple's marriage reaches breaking point after their son's death in an everyday trauma-drama that's carefully handled. Nothing too depressing, hysterical, boring or serious, but it's still emotional, and Kidman has never been better.

Brighton Rock (15)

(Rowan Joffe,
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Interview: Gareth Unwin Producer Of The King's Speech

I recently had the chance to interview Gareth Unwin, one of the producers of The King's Speech.

Unwin has been in the industry for over 15 years with experience as an Ad and Pm and is currenlty overseeing feature film development at Bedlam Productions. He has won a BAFTA nomination, Spirit and Dinard awards with his first film Exam.

He is currently in Poland overseeing the thrilling animated film The Flying Machine to mark the bicentennial of Chopin, After Machine is completed he will return to the UK and begin production on The Lady Who Went Too Far, which sees him re-unite with writer David Seidler on a fascinating tale of female heroism in the 18th century.

Keep reading to learn how Gareth got his start in the film industry:

How did you first get started int he industry?

After graduating I became a runner at Kudos Productions based in London.
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Stink Comes to Judy Moody

  • kidspickflicks
Update: The producers of Judy Moody and the Not-Bummer-Summer have found their Stink. "Worst Week" actor Parris Mosteller will play Judy's little brother Stink.

Also cast is Jaleel White, otherwise known as "Urkel" from "Family Matters," who will play Judy's teacher.


July 23, 2010 -- Judy Moody will be played by Jordana Beatty (right), the 12-year old who was set to bring another great girl character to life: Eloise. Beatty was cast to play Eloise in Eloise in Paris until the movie was scrapped over litigation with Uma Thurman who had signed to play Nanny.

The Australian actress had a role in Superman Returns.


June 30, 2010 -- Heather Graham, who is getting a career boost after co-starring in The Hangover, has been cast as Aunt Opal in Judy Moody's Not Bummer Summer. The story has offbeat Aunt Opal babysitting Judy and her brother Stink for the summer. The nationwide casting search for the
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News Shorts: May 13th 2010

A new photo and the one-sheet for The Last Exorcism and new photos from The Expendables.

"The $45 million new adaptation of "Judge Dredd" has just announced a filming will kick off in the fourth quarter of 2010 in Johannesburg…" (full details)

"Sharlto Copley left Dreamworks' "I Am Number Four" due to scheduling conflicts, though one story has cropped up claiming Copley "wanted [to] wear a prosthetic nose and fake ears"..." (full details)

"Fox Searchlight has acquired North American rights to Wayne Wang's upcoming adaptation of Lisa See's "Snow Flower And The Secret Fan." The cross-generational drama explores the female friendships between two girls in 19th Century China and the modern day…" (full details)

"James Cameron says it'll take around three years to make an "Avatar" sequel and a release date will be announced in a few months…" (full details)

"Michael Bay will shot some "Transformers 3" scenes at the Kennedy Space Center in September.
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The Flying Machine to bring Chopin to the big screen

Now this is just going too damn far.

According to Screen Daily (via The Playlist), Heather Graham is set to star in the upcoming 3D family adventure film, The Flying Machine, which will involve a mix of 3D live action, and stop motion animation. It is being “made to celebrate the 200-year anniversary of the birth of Chopin,” a legendary Polish pianist, who is amongst the most famous of his ilk.

Read more on The Flying Machine to bring Chopin to the big screen…
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