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Will you like it? The answer is, "it depends".
hyprsleepy25 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
When looking through reviews on this site I've noticed that it seems most people who weren't impressed with the first one like the second one more and those who absolutely loved the first movie were somewhat disappointed with the second.

I think this is because the first one had more build-up and a slower pace that gradually came to it's climax. The second one instead went from harmless innocent events and not much happening to BOOM - death! So I think it has to do with the person's patience and preferences as to which style they prefer. Personally, I prefer PA1's style and think it allows the dread to intensify as it grows and grows with each scene.
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Scary and creepy enough. Worth seeing.
fmc323 October 2010
If you liked the original Paranormal Activity, you'll like this one. Myself, I was not really that impressed with the original, and I liked this one quite a bit better. The mood and creepiness was pretty intense at times.

It is NOT just a remake of the original movie, as some would have you think. Yes, it uses that format, and follows it pretty closely, but does it better and takes it a few steps farther. Just because it uses the same format doesn't mean it is the same movie. That is like saying all 'Cop' movies or all 'Buddy Pictures' are the same, just because they also follow the same format.

If you saw the first movie, you will recognize everything that is happening here, but that doesn't decrease the sense of dread and hair-raising-on-the-back-of-your-neck scariness. Instead, I think it will increase your enjoyment as you watch things develop. Talk about things that go 'bump in the night!' And sometimes in the daytime, too! I thought this movie was more intense than the original, and it helps to put the original into a context, and makes more sense out of it all.

Is it a perfect movie? No, but show me a perfect movie. They all could be better in SOME way, and this is no exception, but I think it is a pretty darn good movie, and worth the time.

Oh, I should also tell you kind of "Where I'm coming from." I LOVE a good horror movie. I LIKE to be scared. But I hate slasher, torture, vicious movies or movies that get too overt about hurting people. Give us something we can feel, something we are afraid of, but don't make us sick. I think Paranormal Activity 2 is just my kind of horror movie.
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You need an imagination to make this movie work
wii6024 January 2011
As with the first Paranormal Activity, this movie is largely suggestive instead of implicit with its creepiness. The performances given by the actors are genuine and the characters are more relatable than in the first movie. This movie both expands on the Paranormal Activity mythos and provides a genuinely scary experience, so it comes highly recommended. So many horror movies these days either mistake gross for scary (Drag Me to Hell) or are uneventful/predictable with characters no one could care about (The Strangers, White Noise 1/2, The Eye, Shutter, etc.). The Paranormal Activity movies stand out as the best horror films since the superb El Orphanato, you just have to be willing to fill in some of the blanks yourself to truly appreciate the terror.

Many people "pooh-pooh" the Paranormal Activity films, but I think it's likely because they've become desensitized to good horror by all the tripe that constantly comes out undeservedly under the "horror" name these days. Do yourself a favour and see this movie if you are a horror buff. It won't disappoint as long as you're smart enough to understand the movie and what makes it scary.
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Despite not entirely living up to the original, Paranormal Activity 2 is still another grueling excerise in subtle, intimate terror
Movieboy_2020 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Happening in the months leading up to its hit 2009 predecessor, Paranormal Activity 2 follows Katie's sister and her family as they experience a series of similar paranormal phenomenon in their home. Determined to get to the bottom of the increasingly threatening occurrences, they decide to set up a net of security cameras in and around the house to see what really goes bump in the night. Alas the terror only escalates, pushing each of them to their breaking points as they confront a ruthless being that feeds off their very woe and angst, that sickeningly wallows in their fear until revealing its final master plan...

Despite arguably cloning original's formula, this is still a largely enjoyable and chilling sequel. Although if you weren't a fan of the original's slow-burning and brooding terror, I find it hard to see you appreciating this. It stays true to the original's creed, taking time to develop characters and subtle tension as it slowly creates an increasingly suffocating repertoire of intimate horror. The 'evil' remains invisible and shrouded in eerie shadows for the most part, playing at the terror your imagination can evoke as opposed to visceral scares. The final twenty minutes is essentially a resonation of all the progressive tension built up, hitting hard with almost unbearable suspense and thrilling scare sequences that bring the film home intensely right until the very last disturbingly grim frame.

But with all that being said, I can't say it totally measures up to the original's level of brilliance. The security camera shots were a little corny and didn't have the effectiveness of the infamous darkened bedroom shot in the original. I also found the acting to be considerably weaker and the pacing a tad off the potency of the original.

Nevertheless, the film captures the essence of brooding, intimate horror perfectly; which is most vital.

I won't spoil anything too major, but I will say it ties in with the original's story with surprising competence. Katie plays a major role, whilst Micah also makes a couple of appearances. Oh, and it most definitely sets up for another sequel. Paramount are obviously pushing hard to make this the next big horror franchise.

Overall, I was yet again sufficiently creeped out and satisfied by this second journey into the 'Paranormal Activity' universe. The characters were detailed and layered as they faced interesting personal demons as well the evil that haunted them, the atmosphere was great as it focused predominantly on stark and foreboding imagery, and best of all, it wasn't a lame Hollywoodization of good non mainstream material - It kept absolutely true to the tone of Oren Peli's subtle yet profound masterpiece, as well as adding interesting twists and turns to the intriguing story.

8/10. If you loved and/or were scared by the previous installment, check this bad boy out. It won't disappoint.
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The question is - why?
Marin19 February 2011
The scariest thing about this movie is that they actually made it and in the end it just makes me want to ask why, oh why. While the first one was mildly innovative and provided a few scares and could actually call itself a horror movie, this one wants to be a carbon copy of the first one but fails miserably. It's a perfect example of greedy producers wanting to earn more money on account of the first movie, without actually caring what the sequel is all about or how many people who see it will feel like they've been fooled. If after all you want to see the movie, fast forward until the last 20 minutes and watch, unless you want to feel like an idiot because you just spent an hour and a half watching still images of empty rooms. Sequels... there's just something so terribly wrong about them these days, they used to actually make them for a reason.
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Total ...Letdown. Ending Symbolizes the entire movie
bellagiancana23 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The first Paranormal Activity was pure genius. This one; not so much. It was obviously made in a rush to capitalize on the success of the original. The storyline was convoluted while trying to tie PA1 & 2 together. It was a disappointment because you can see the potential early in the movie to have been really great. You knew there would be a connection between the two movies, but instead of their plot lines flowing and making sense (like the Saw movies), the 'connection' was a mishmash of stereotypical horror/paranormal genre revelations.

There's two or three scenes out the movie that will make you jump briefly, but only because they catch you off guard. You are kept on edge the whole movie because you realize that like PA1 one, You were kept in some suspense waiting for that really scary moment that just really never came; it fell flat.

The ending epitomizes the entire movie. For about 10-15 seconds, the screen turns black (no credits, no nothing...just black) and you're wondering if it'll be like PA1 where there's a last second surprise. No, nothing happens. The credits begin to roll; the final suspense and final let down... The ending symbolizes the entire movie in 10 seconds.

Not to let an opportunity pass by, it is left wide open for a sequel.

However, on a humorous up note, PA2 introduced "Stenchilada" which will stay with me for awhile. I will also say that this version may actually transfer better to home 'video' for viewing and may be a little scarier watched in an intimate setting; especially if you have a little one.
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A little over the top at times, but it's totally worth checking out
Kristine6 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Last year Paranormal Activity was released nation wide and became the new Blair Witch Project, it was a movie you just had to see because all you kept hearing was how scary it was. The trailer was pretty clever in only showing the audience's screams and members hiding under their coats and covering their eyes. I thought it was an extremely clever film and one of the best horror movies we have had in a while and I noticed others, either they loved it or they hated it. In my opinion as a film buff, it's what we don't see and our imagination that is most terrifying, but in this generation of internet, texting and TV we have a bunch of ADD people who need to see blood or monsters in order for that to scare them. Paranormal Activity was a huge hit at the box office and a sequel was immediately planned, which I didn't appreciate because now it's about the money. However I still decided to give the film a chance and see how the story continued and it actually wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Instead we get more of a prequel to the first film and it explains how Katie became haunted by the demon. This time the demon is haunting her sister and her new family in their beautiful home.

In 2006, a "burglary" occurs at the home of Kristi and Dan. Every single room is completely trashed except for their infant son Hunter's bedroom. The only thing stolen is a necklace that Kristi's sister, Katie, had given her. Dan installs a number of security cameras throughout the house to watch over their son, Hunter. The family starts to hear noises and see items fall or move on their own. Martine, the family housekeeper and nanny, believes evil spirits are the cause and attempts to cleanse the house of "evil spirits," and Dan fires her after catching her burning sage. Katie and Kristi talk about being tormented by a demon or unknown spirit when they were children. Dan's daughter, Ali, begins investigating the mysterious happenings. She discovers that on occasion, a human can make a deal with a demon for wealth or power by forfeiting the life of their first-born son. She also realizes that until Hunter, there had not been a male child born in Kristi and Katie's family since the time of their great-great grandmother.

What I liked about this film was the characters who were a bit more likable than the first film, they seemed so real to me. The family reacted exactly how most people would act towards finding out that they are being haunted by a demon. There are some genuinely creepy moments, one of the biggest being when Kristi is sitting in the kitchen and BAM(!!!) the cabinet doors fly open as she's trying to keep it together and trying to convince herself that it's not real. There are some laughable moments like when the demon keeps knocking the cooking pan off the rack and all I'm thinking is how bored is this demon that he just wants to more annoy Kristi vs. terrify her? I tell you though, clean freaks beware of this demon! My only other complaint being is that the effects were a little bit cheesy with the demon pulling Kristi out of her room. The first film seemed more realistic with the way the demon was behaving by dragging Katie out of bed. However I did like how the film ended and I think this was a fun addition to the Paranormal Activity story. I wouldn't mind if the sequels continued on other characters, but for now I think it's a good closure and we should leave it at that. I do recommend the movie for a fun scary night, it's always more effective when you're at home alone in the dark.

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Paramormal Waste of Time
Jonathan24 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Okay some, if not most of you will like this film if not love it but I found it hard to make it through this. The movie starts out with the us in the home with the family as though we are filming. This continues on until you wish you had taken your Dramamine.

At about the time one has had it with this we get filming they install cameras throughout the home (the reason for this is someone has broken into the home and taking nothing except one peace of the wife's jewelery that was her grandmothers). One is given the impression that this ransacking of the home was done by the Paranormal but we will never find out if the Paranormal did it or the reason for the Paranormal taking the jewelery.

We then spend a painstakingly long time to build up she scare factor that is to never happens. This continues on and we finally come to a point in the film that we fill is going to give us that good jump but they elect to have a quick simple killing... fade to black... black for 30 seconds... and credits.
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Wow this is a movie?
irumi7 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This is my first paranormal activity movie and from hearing all the hype about this movie series I'm totally disappointed. This is suppose to be a fictional movie, yet they didn't bother to show much of anything other than pans and doors flying open and shut! The only cool part was the mother being pulled down the stairs by the "ghost" over and over again, but thats the MOST action filmed for the whole movie. The end of it consisted of a power outage and the father running around with his night vision camera tossing it everywhere surprisingly not breaking it. All you see for 10-15min is green rolling around on the TV along with some cheap growling effects. Screw this movie. Don't walk into this movie expecting to see a lot of spiritual contact with the living because you will be disappointed. It's mostly a movie playing with sound effects to try to creep you out. If the females weren't so attractive id give this movie a 0 out of 10!
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Abysmal Non-Scary Rehash
Hoohawnaynay25 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I was not scared one iota. This sequel was not above the original (which was also not scary) and I kept hearing how much better this was which prompted me to see it.

Sister of character in original apparently has a son the Demon wants due to some bizarre story about her dead ancestor making a deal with a Demon for wealth or some other nonsense. Then just like in the original weird things happen at night. Blah blah...

Just one long boring scene after another follows none of which generated any thrills for me.

Paramount is laughing all the way to the bank.
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Not Worth Paying For.
ks-67524 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The film starts with a close nit family, a new born baby and of course the house pet, the family suffers a break-in and install cameras in case it happens again. I have to admit that I was getting pretty into it at first and then Katie from the first movie turned up at the house. Bad move. At that point, the whole audience started muttering and became restless. Here was an audience, who expected the new film to be with a new family, to have new scares and to have a whole new perception on watching horror films alone. Did we get that? No. Were we promised it? Yes. After paying an extortionate £6.50, I at least expected to find myself hiding behind my coat for half of the film, or something along those lines. I understand that with a $5m budget you can't afford to have special effects running through the film, but it looks like a majority of that money was spent on both the motorised flying baby and about 100 meters of fine string to open all the doors in the kitchen at once. However my review can't be said for the other members in the audience. Countless times was my concentration diverted to the amount of people leaving the cinema screen, perhaps they were too scared? Or maybe just like me, simply bored. Not worth the price, not worth 2 hours of my life, not worth using your hands to shield your view of the screen. An absolute joke.
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The Demon Strikes Again
Fields20122 October 2010
Last year when I saw Paranormal Activity, I saw it with a girl who kept commented on how stupid the film is throughout the entire movie. She would keep making remarks about how boring and unscary it was, even after the climax of the film. A year later, she went back with me to see the sequel, and she was actually terrified this time around. And a girl in the theater actually got so scared, she threw up outside the theater.

Paranormal Activity is one of those rare gems where you love it or you hate it. Most audiences don't like to sit through what they like to call nothing when the film is genuinely trying to build up to tension, to get to know the characters before plummeting them against the unknown. I really like the establishing of the characters where we get to know Christi, Hunter, Ali and heck, even the dog.

The premise is simple: A family related to Katie in the first film moves into a house, has a baby, and everything seems to be like one big happy family. Then one day they find that their house is in shambles. Naturally, they want to discover why so a surveillance system is set up to monitor the house. What they discover is that there is something beyond a simple break-in and their lives, especially their baby, could be in jeopardy.

I like the fact that the father is a skeptic. He absolutely refuses to believe in the paranormal. The teenage daughter loves the fact that they are being haunted and relishes on what phenomenon would happen next. I like that. It's good build up because we know as an audience that things will eventually get worse, especially if we learned anything from the first film. It's all about character development, in which this film thrives on.

As the film progresses, the scares really come out of nowhere. As a sequel, they really had to take it up a notch; not with just having a baby and a dog, but to show those naysayers that Paranormal Activity isn't just about a film with slamming doors. Doors slam, but they take someone with them. The filmmakers listened to their fans, and not only that, they did a great job fleshing out the backstory, and intertwining the two movies together where it all makes sense.

I only have a few nitpicks, somewhat minor, but I really did wish they fleshed out the Martine character more. She was a nanny who knew a lot about evil spirits, and I wish they spent a little bit more time with her character. Another thing was that there parts in some of the trailers that didn't make it to the final film. Extended DVD, perhaps? I also was a tad let down by how everything concluded. It wasn't a total letdown, definitely leaves room for another installment, but a little too abrupt for my taste.

If you are a fan of Paranormal Activity or at least bit curious of how this one turns out, you owe it to yourself to see this one. It's definitely one to experience at the theater with other fans, and something to look forward to on your home surround system.
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Corporate Activity
doctorsmoothlove20 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Whoever said that money doesn't grow on trees isn't familiar with the Paranormal Activity franchise. The series has become the cash cow of every movie studio's dream. It currently stands at two entries, but will have many more by the time people tire of seeing the same film multiple times. Paramount did a very good job with the first sequel and was aware of what the fans wanted. Paranormal Activity 2 has more quick scares than the original and builds on its story. It also canonizes the first one's theatrical ending.

The movie is both a prequel and sequel to Paranormal Activity. The cast of characters has been enlarged to include the sister of the first film's Katie. Her sister, Kristi, lives with her husband Dan and his daughter Ali. They have a newborn son, Hunter, who serves as a focal point for many of the scares. After Hunter's first birthday, unusual things begin to happen. Objects begin to move independently and loud noises trouble the family. Dan installs security cameras everywhere, and Ali becomes afraid the family is being bothered by a demon. She does some research and finds out that her hunch is true. The demon is after Hunter because of some deal family ancestors made with it a long time ago. After Kristi becomes possessed by it, Dan performs a ritual that transfers the demon to Katie. At this point, the events of the first movie take place. Kristi's new normal life is interrupted when Katie arrives and kidnaps Hunter.

The sequel is clearly a corporate production. The movie follows a formula for the entirety of its running time. The characters speak for a few minutes about inane things, a scary event happens, and they react. Admittedly, the first film does this too, but it is able to link the "boo" moments into a feeling of lingering dread. Its downtime doesn't permit viewers to relax like they may this time. Baby Hunter becomes necessary to artificially insert tension and get audiences ready to jump. It's more unsettling to see a defenseless child, whose crib is always kept in a different room despite his frequent crying, than it is to see capable people in terror.

Given the lack of a well-presented story, the movie has to resort to several clichés to sew each vignette together. The family's Hispanic maid and lovable dog are the only characters besides Hunter that interact directly with the demon. The maid warns the family to take precautions, which Dan ignores. She is fired and the dog has a seizure just in time for the longest vignette. There are even photos of ethnic people on the walls as an added touch. These outdated stereotypes and the scare formula make the movie seem like such a product. The script was intelligently written to tie in well with the original, but it's superfluous. If you want to see a shaky camera movie this fall, go see The Last Exorcism.

Not Recommended
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Avoid at all cost
fredroque16 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Paranormal activity 1 was made on a shoestring budget of around 15k. No big stars, no huge special effects, and yet one of the scariest movies ever made.

This, being a prequel was a kind of introduction to part 1. However, it failed in basically all aspects. It was not only not scary, but slow, really slow. there isn't a climax.

If you loved the first, please do not see this movie, it will tarnish the original. I feel bad for all the people who watched it opening day.

Overall, I wish I could give it 0 stars, but IMDb makes it a point to at least give 1. It really saddens me that the sequel/prequel doesn't even halfway live up to the original.
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The only thing worse than Paranormal Activity, is Paranormal Activity 2
meggyy4 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The title says it all. Well, I guess the joke's on me because these people actually got me to pay to see these two movies. Seriously, it was the biggest load of garbage I have ever seen. Honestly, I think I may just be bitter because these people made millions off of a movie I could have made at home myself. Just put a camera in a dark room and make some noises, and you've got Paranormal Activity 1 & 2. From what I hear, they're going to "Saw" the crap out of this movie and make like.. another 10 of them. Do people even go see the Saw movies anymore? Anyways, this movie sucks, and you shouldn't waste your time/money seeing it. Maybe if people stop seeing it, we'll get lucky and they'll cancel the franchise before their yearly previews become a bigger joke than any movie with M. Night Shyamalan's name attached to it.
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A great formula, repeated and washed down
lechonita22 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
IF you enjoyed, or I should say got scarred from the first release its normal to want to see PA2. Despite the hype and disappointment of it never being a true story - as viewers we don't really care, we feel like we want to see what happened to our characters, and what else is new in this story.

This review may contain spoilers.

So the first disappointment is that is is a prequel, that at some point runs parallel to the original story. This doesn't explain much of what happened, and what would happen to anybody but is merely an expansion of the original story, a parallel if you will - that gives no payback at the end. This is due to the obvious option to leave the franchise open to another film. Just wait for PA3 "the explanation" coming sometime next year. this franchise is the most successful movie ever done from a cost / profit standpoint - i could see why they want to keep on milking this cow for at least another run.

The story felt somewhat as an afterthought, even if they claim it was announced about at the same time as PA1. It had the same approach, but this time being the second release, some of the elements felt a little forced - as viewers I feel we had higher expectations on the "scary" parts, and though there were a couple hits here and there, the movie built up too slowly, and lacked the surprise of the original.

Overall is a cool flick to watch at night around halloween, and somewhat of a decent story parallel to the original. but there's a lot of holes and questions, and really no resolution. Not bad at all, but nothing of a game changer like the original.

Also I admire the concept of going to the grocery store, and spending $40 on groceries to make sandwiches, and then selling those for $10,000 each. From a business standpoint this movies are plain brilliant, they took my money for sure.
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If you think this is scary, you are a stupid.
sarahj28719 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I don't even give this a 1.... This movie like the first one was the dumbest "scary" movie i have ever watch. And like during the first movie I was bored to sleep by about half way through. A complete and total waste of my time!!

There is nothing scary, shocking or disturbing about this movie at all. When the mom was drug screaming down the stairs into the basement I was laughing my ass off. I was also laughing when Katie showed up as the demon and killed the dad and then punched the mom into security camera. Baby Hunter and his sisters whereabouts are unknown.. oh dear.. now the only thing scary about this movie is that they are going to make a 3rd one... a movie that i will not waste my time with!!
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What a letdown.
venus_doom_0011 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
After seeing the first film at the cinema and not being too disappointed (but not completely overwhelmed with praise) I thought I'd give the second one a chance after hearing pretty good reviews from it. I'd also heard that those who liked the first one would find the second one better. I, however, did not feel this way in the slightest. First of all I had to convince my boyfriend to come and see the film with me, making the first 20 minutes of nothing incredibly painful for particularly myself as it was my fault we even bothered to see it. Regarding these first 20 minutes, I watched in anticipation of it getting better and tried to appreciate that tension had to be created for a successful climax. This however, did not occur. I found myself laughing at the incredibly slow progress of 'scary' events such as the mobile spinning and a couple of bumps here and there. I was not the only one. The whole audience at my screening laughed at the film's poor attempt to shock the viewer by levitating a baby. The ending was also pretty meagre as it ended with more people dying just like in the first one, except in the first one it had been unexpected. By the end of paranormal activity 2, I felt almost cheated. Despite this there were some positive elements to this film. The scene in which all the cupboards opened suddenly and unexpectedly was probably the highlight as this did actually spook me. The possession part was also pretty OK, particularly when she was dragged down the basement. These were the few scenes that stood alone from the cheesier, more predictable events such as Kristi being dragged down the stairs - this part had me laughing at it's pure failure to even surprise me. Cristisms aside, the acting had improved vastly so from the first one and I found the actors to be more convincing. I also liked the link between the two films, though I felt it was rushed even so. To conclude, Paranormal Activity 2 is not worth seeing if you are not easily scared. For those of you that find a couple of pans dropping terrifying, then this is the film for you. Other than that, I recommend seeing some more old school, horror type films like The Ring, which I suspect this film got it's main idea from anyway. As for my own enjoyment, the most entertaining part of my experience was the teenager that tripped in the middle of the aisle before jumping out of his skin at a 'scary part' as he went to sit down.
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Paranormal Wanktivity
thebogofeternalstench27 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
How is utter garbage like this allowed to make money? Paranormal Activity 1 was unbelievably $hit too, but no.2 takes the pi$$ big time.

NOTHING happens in the movie except from a bit of dragging, door opening, bangs.....ITS NOT SCARY.

Atrocious acting, plot holes, annoying teenager.

Honest to god, a 2 min sketch of the nickelodeon claymation Brown and Purple is incredibly more entertaining that Paranormal Activity 1 and 2 put together.

What an utter waste of time.

Never paid to see either movie as I watched both online.

I feel very sorry for all the morons and simpletons that found either movie 'scary' or worth their time.

Truly a disgustingly waste of anyones time and money. Utter garbage.
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Nothing New Except For The Toddler
3xHCCH25 October 2010
I do not know what is it that made Paranormal Activity such a big hit, that it even had a sequel (actually a prequel), which is now also a hit. The first movie was only mildly disturbing in its videocam style documentation of the strange goings-on in a suburban house. This second film follows in basically the same tread with almost no variation.

PA2 recounts the ghostly experience of a woman who is the sister of Katie (the wife in the first movie). She moves into a house in Carlsbad, California with her husband, stepdaughter, her own toddler son and their trusty dog. Because of a "break-in," they set up security cameras around the house, and that is where this "footage" comes from. These events supposedly occur 30 days before the death of Micah Sloat (the lead guy in the first movie).

While the first movie had the advantage of novelty, this second one really felt boring already with the very slow build up of action. However, do people really have time to wait for more than 50 minutes into a horror movie before anything that could be called "scary" happens? We get the same gimmicks like sudden bangs and pulling people which already happened in the first movie. I cannot think of anything really new here, except the presence of the toddler, which was tense. After all that nothing, the supposed "climactic" scene in the basement was terribly unintelligible.

This second movie ends by connecting to the first installment. However, the epilogue statement seems to hint at still another episode. I think this series has really taken its novelty effect to its full course. Enough already!
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JUST TERRIBLE, Please save your money....and time!!!!
kblazers22 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This has to be one of the worst movies ever written. The lack of any substance is very visible. Scary.......NOT........Funny.......MAYBE.....just awful for a horror flick. Now come on, his wife has a big bite mark on her leg and he doesn't take her to the hospital!!! He finally finds his child in the basement and doesn't pick him up!!! Just brutal. His daughter locked out of the house for how long with baby inside, yet really not much attempt to get in, then comes home thirty minutes after the parents come home!! Give me a break!!! Still wondering why he wanted security cameras installed, yet he never wanted to look at them and rarely did throughout the movie. This truly was a joke, surprised it never came out on April fool's day! I am still shaking my head at some of the reviews that say this is such a scary movie with such great acting, it really is anything but. Save your Money..... Save your Time!!!! Go see the opera instead.....
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Could have been SO much better
danzeisen28 August 2011
I love a good horror story, and the premise behind this is a good one- that the sins of the "Father" may be paid for by the "Son." There are strange occurrences in the household, including the house being trashed during a supposed break in. This prompts the installation of video cameras with recorders to record events in and outside of the house. The daughter stumbles across something on the internet suggesting that there may be a demon in the house. This is seconded by the nanny, who senses an evil presence. Sounds like a kind of scary premise, right? Well, that's about it- the premise is never developed. While We learn that the mother and her sister experienced "Disturbances" when they were growing up- we never learn what was the nature of them, only that they do not talk about them. We never learn if there was an ancestor that made a "Deal with the devil," it is brought up and suggested and the movie fleshed out with that premise just accepted. However, it is never explored in any way- and that really makes the plot WEAK.

I know it will seem a cheap shot but I will make it anyway- on the cast listing on IMDD the camera installer man is listed at the top. He gave perhaps the most solid performance of any of the actors and actresses, so perhaps it was meant that way.

Three stars is my rating- a good premise developed with a weak plot and mediocre acting only goes so far. The sad part is that this could have been so good, and so frightening. My gut tells me, like other reviewers have mentioned, that this was a rush job to capitalize on the first movie, and not an attempt at a good, memorable movie- as it is not.
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Great scary fun
JenniferBaxter20 October 2010
The audience jumped, and begged for it to be less scary. A really fun night out that must be seen in a cinema, otherwise you're just a big scaredy-cat.

I purposely avoided trailers for this because I didn't want any of the story spoiled and I can safely say I wasn't disappointed. Top notch acting, especially the younger sister - I hope we see more of her on the big screen in future.

The original is better but this is a class act too and some very spooky moments.

One scare in particular is worth the ticket price alone.

Go see it!
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Superior Sequel!
joben-525-63394610 November 2012
Some films need time to form and develop.

This is certainly the case for 'Paranormal Activity 2' as for the opening 45 minutes, the pacing of the film was punishingly slow and a dreary watch for almost everyone in existence I can guarantee. Thankfully, the film's second half was more than rewarding and it increased the chills that I submitted from the original 'Paranormal Activity' significantly.

With this instalments story, you cannot call this a sequel or prequel as it would not attract to any of the terms. Taking place at the same time as the original, we are this time placed in the house of another American family, related to Kate and Micah, who undergo a similar situation to their counterparts at the same time. It's intriguing as links and connections build between the two films and the fear installed inside me was enough to satisfy my needs.

The main reason 'Paranormal Activity 2' has the edge over it's predecessor is the fact it's budget is increased by approximately almost $3 million. This gives the film an overall better structure and polish which leads to a larger variety of scares and more interesting camera viewing.
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A money maker and a money taker
The-Remar24 October 2010
This film just felt so forced. The story line intertwined with the first one which was not my problem, it was the prolonged build up which did not create tension but rather a dull bored thirst for some action. When the film finally did open up and all characters were aware of the demon it was a short lived sense of suspense.

The idea in itself of a demon in a house haunting a family with demonic references and not just a simple ghost story personally fascinates me. This film on the other hand did not, iv found youtube videos of hauntings "freakier" than this film. Over all i felt like this was a major let down. Whilst trying to fully appreciate the style of a real life film with a more sensible form of a haunting i really did feel bored for the majority of the film.

I would suggest to anyone out their who either is not scared easily or who is actually interested in cinematic quality to stay away from this film. A combination of house security tapes and hand held camera even with its particular style does not justify this film being cinema quality in my opinion. A waste of my £9.
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