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Not another Christmas switch...
toddsgraham23 November 2021
The second-ever GAC Family Christmas movie is a bit of a let-down, especially after such a wonderful start with Much Ado About Christmas. It is another Christmas switch storyline, which has become popular over the years with movies such as The Princess Switch (and subsequent installments), Christmas in the Heartland, A Christmas Switch, and Switched for Christmas. Though the story conveyed some heartfelt messages, which I appreciated, it was not an engaging Christmas movie. I struggled to get through it, if I am being honest, having to stop myself on several occasions from multitasking. The story follows twin sisters Kaelynn, a mother of two who has recently separated from her husband, and Sophia, a single girl with a demanding boss. Both wish they could take a break from their lives. Having swapped places in the past (e.g., for the high school prom), they decide to swap again as a means of getting away from their problems for a little while this holiday season. And so, the story begins, as we follow their adventures during their Christmas switcheroo. As other reviewers have pointed out, the plot has several weaknesses related to the switching of places by the sisters. However, the real problem is the writing. Simply put, it was not very good at times. To be fair, some of the messages the movie conveys are noble ones. For example, the scene at the end between Kaelynn and her husband Patrick (played by Dillon Casey), where they discuss how to make their marriage work, was warm and heartfelt. I even felt my eyes water a little. Unfortunately, these elements of the story were underdeveloped. The acting, overall, was subpar. Lind's performance, I'm afraid, was not very convincing. It was difficult to distinguish between the two sisters, acting-wise. Moreover, her performance, in general, was not that engaging; it was a bit flat. There were also several scenes with some awkward performances from the supporting cast, which did not help. The movie too lacked that Christmas vibe, which was so beautiful in GAC's first movie of the season. It did not get me into the Christmas mood/spirit. All in all, it is an unexceptional Christmas movie, I'm afraid.
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Not so good Christmas switch
TheLittleSongbird2 August 2022
Really liked the premise for 'The Great Christmas Switch'. It's not a unique one, but it had real potential to be clever and more intricate than is usually seen with any Christmas film with this concept (or a similar one). That was my main reason for seeing the film, along with loving Christmas and many Christmas films and being on a roll watching and reviewing Christmas films from Hallmark, Lifetime, UpTV and recently GAC (the last of which being responsible for this film).

'The Great Christmas Switch' is a real waste of potential and really not a promising introduction to my recent decision to watch some of GAC'S films. A strong example of a great concept with really weak execution, undone primarily by the over-parted lead performance and the extremely flawed story execution. Is it awful? No. Does it have awful elements? It does rather. Is it recommended? No not really, merely for curiosity's sake and not much more.

It has good things. The end discussion about the marriage was really heartfelt and really appreciated its well intended messaging that was actually done with a lot of honesty and little preachiness.

Production values are attractive enough too.

Sarah Lind however falls completely flat in her dual role, it is not easy playing twins but it has been known to be done well (Jeremy Irons, Bette Davis). Sadly Lind doesn't bring much personality or variety to either role, playing them both the same and not well, and comes over as bland and stiff. Dillon Casey does fare better but he has far too little to do and he and Lind's chemistry has no sparkle or feeling. The supporting cast fail to register in stock roles. The script always sounds awkward and has too much cheese and schmaltz.

Worst of all is the story, which is painfully dull in pace and manages to be too thin for the length and too chaotic structurally to the point that the switching becomes confusing. It is also truly ridiculous, with the big secret being endlessly dragged out and still dragged out when it was clear the film had run out of ideas. Didn't care enough for any of the characters, all never fleshed out and merely just there. Lind's characters are the only ones that are particularly big in screen time but the character development isn't there. The direction is sluggish and has little control over the material.

Overall, weak. 3/10.
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Even more nonsensical than usual
Jackbv1237 November 2021
The premise starts out as a copy of the Switched for Christmas movie of 2017. After that, I can't even compare it because I can't wrap my head around how ridiculous it was.

I agree with another reviewer that there was no good reason for it in the first place. If you want to destress, you don't go to work in a job you never had before. Maybe Sophia's reason almost made sense, but why keep it up when the kids return. Sophia was beyond irresponsible in starting a romantic relationship when she's supposed to be married, even given that irresponsible was her norm. There are so many other ridiculous choices by both twins. I agree with the same reviewer - "Just tell them", especially Sophia to Patrick as things developed there.

The story was too chaotic for me mostly going back to the question why for almost everything.

I saw no chemistry between romantic interests which was difficult to begin with because identifying who they were was confusing. I wasn't impressed with Sarah Lind in this movie. I don't think she clearly defined her characters. They seemed to run together, but some of that might have been that the director did a poor job of always giving the opposite twins distinctive features (if hair color is the same, then how about hair style, or clothes) as scenes switched.

It sure would have been fun to hire a lawyer to sue James because even though technically employment almost always has a clause that technically allows any reason for termination of salaried workers, Sophia had plenty of ammunition to make a good case for wrongful termination.
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This was a lot of fun.
cincy-479833 July 2022
Okay, maybe because the premise has been used several times before I had low expectations for this movie. Luckily I was wrong, In short, it is a fun movie to watch. The producers even did a good job of getting details straight throughout and tried to keep the events plausible. Kudos to the lead actress who was in every scene playing two versions of one character. The movie was fresh and original and there were many funny scenes. It is definitely worth watching again and I can only hope that GAC will do more like this which are not 100% following somesort of Hallmark/GAC formula.
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Mediocre and underwhelming
jensenholmesPA7 November 2021
There were only about twenty times during this where I was shouting at the screen - JUST TELL THEM! It's not like switching places is a criminal act. So many things got royally screwed up because they were trying to keep this "secret" when there wasn't a good reason to keep it. Like, there legit wasn't a logical reason other than because the writers were trying to string it out. Super lazy writing. They could have come up with some kind of compelling rational that made the whole thing work better.

I also found the lead, Sarah Lind, not all that interesting as ONE character, much less as two. Just not especially charming/compelling/watchable/cute etc etc. Rather dull, IMHO.

As "twins switch places" movies go, this was truly mediocre and underwhelming.

I've watched all the new Hallmark and GAC movies so far this season (2021) and I'd say this is a the bottom of the list.
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Sounds very complicated but it works.
Avidviewer-0284728 November 2021
Sarah Lind pulls off playing twin sisters who switch places. Sounds hokey, but it's but better than GACs "Much Ado About Christmas". Not the best but it works, the single sister in San Diego, CA changes places with her separated sister with kids in Hudson, OH. Clunky in places just like Hallmark movies, but the script and cast pull it off and it works.

If GAC keeps going like this they will rival Hallmark.
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Idiotic plot
pmitsi-127 December 2021
I am getting tired of films whose plot is based on a an idiotic decision. They could easily avoid all these conception (breaking a dozen of laws being the least of it) by just telling the truth. Since the hubby and kids would be away and since Kay would be de facto substituting for her sister in her job what would be easier than just telling to their family/job that they would be exchanging homes with their sister? I gave it a 3/10 only for... I don't know. The plot deserves a zero.
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It's an OK movie ...
toncincin10 November 2021
I was a little apprehensive about this one - since it looked really close to Switched for Christmas. BUT it actually wasn't bad. Pretty much the same premise with a few subtle differences. While the storyline was totally ridiculous (as was Switched for Christmas), it has a good holiday feel to it. I enjoyed it - looking past some of the obvious flaws: Sophia - as Kaelyn - kind of starts dating a guy - but Kaelyn is married with kids. Kaelyn's husband and kids don't realize it's not their mother - and generally don't see much wrong with Sophia's - as Kaelyn - behavior or quirks. Kaelyn is able to seamlessly do Sophia's job for which she has no training. AND MORE... It's just a movie you watch to get lost in reality. That's why we're watching - right?
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Fell a bit flat
nadinehass-1093720 November 2021
I thought GAC's opening Christmas movie was wonderful (Much Ado About Christmas). This one on the other hand was a bit of a dud. The acting seemed off at times, the script was not very engaging, and I did not feel the Christmas spirit in this one. If you are a Christmas movie junkie, then this might be for you. Otherwise, you should consider passing on this one.
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Cute Move
mjpatterson-200856 January 2022
Was worried this would be a Swiched for Christmas repeat, but was very different and a lot more deep story. Sarah Lind was excellent. Feel good movie. Love GAC doing these family friendly movies.
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Unoriginal, yet it works
gfrasmd7 November 2021
A new take on the idea of twin sisters exchanging lives at Christmas time. Hallmark somewhat made it work, a couple of years ago, with Candace Cameron Bure.

Past the unbelievable reality that a husband and two children would not tell their wife and mother from a twin, the story moves well, the situations feel real enough, and the ending , albeit predictable, is on line with Christmas spirit. Overall, the movie is captivating and worth your time.
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so slow
JulesRules7722 November 2021
This one made me fall asleep a couple of times. No flow, just dull. This story could have been funny and had room for entertaining spins, but it just did not make use of it.
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Heartwarming movie
oksankadrobakha11 November 2021
It was a very good movie. Nothing extraordinary, but it has such warmth and kindness that it makes it special. Gac Family has started its path with very good movies. What else do they have in store for us?
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It's been done by better, but still fine.
mccabe-shannon9 November 2022
This movie gets better as it goes on. The California sisters wig at the beginning is horrible. Also her roommate is like 16 years younger than her? Deadend job. By that point in life? It seems like the sisters are very different in age. And who is like yes I'd so much rather go do your work all week thank spend time alone with my dog?! Just go visit and help out. No need to actually switch. The set up is totally Lacking.

The chemistry with some characters is lacking. I just needed a bit more to care I guess.

All in all provided some entertainment but definitely could have been better hashed out and better casted.
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