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Most underrated and hated movie EVER, don't know why though!
Sonu Singh10 September 2016
This has to be one of best physiological thriller movie I have ever watched and I have a watched a lot.. a lot of thriller movies.

I don't know why people hate this movie so much. Don't go for negative comments, you would miss a great GREAT film. This movie has so many negative comments because this movie has very strong elements of violence, graphic and sexuality which can't be digested by many people.

This movie is definitely not for children and even teens. This movie may have a strong physiological effect. Me and friends discussed this movie for months. You need to have a strong stomach to watch this movie.
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Surprisingly well written, yet not for everyone
yourpaldan27 March 2012
I found this film by chance, without having heard anything about it, so I went in with no expectations. But I love me a good apocalyptic flick, even though most are very predictable. This one is not predictable. And even though the setting is after the apocalypse, the story is really about human nature, a la Lord of the Flies.

The peoples reactions to the events, and to each other, are extreme, yet believable. The acting is very good, among the best i've seen lately in a sci-fi picture. Yet it was the writing that truly took me in. The story is paced very evenly, and proceeds towards it's inevitable conclusion without pause or remorse.

I have to say that this movie is not for children or even most adults. There are strong elements of violence and sexuality that are far beyond what most people can stomach. With this in mind, however, I found the psychological elements to be far more disturbing than the graphic scenes. We don't like to think that people are capable of certain things, but in extreme conditions people can be pushed to do the unimaginable.

This is the the important point of the film, rather than the storyline, or "how the world ends". It's about how we can self destruct, as individuals.

While I will be disturbed by the imagery for a few days, I really still loved this movie, and recommend it to anyone with a strong stomach.
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A surprise for me.
Snaggletooth .28 March 2012
Im not sure why some people here have given The Divide one star. One person even called it torture porn (Im not sure how many movies this reviewer has seen but I reckon he certainly doesn't know what the torture porn genre looks like). I cant say it was an "art" movie either which has been indicated (by some) for some reason. The Divide is an apocalyptic tale based on the aftermath of the destruction of NYC by nuclear attack and how a few survivors, sheltering in a basement of a building, slowly fall apart as their grim situation becomes apparent. As already stated, the acting is quite good for the most part, and as the movie develops some scenes will be a little unsettling for some but its all in the vein of the story. I enjoyed it immensely, all the more so for not hearing of the movie anywhere in the media. At the beginning it seemed as if it would just be another load of emotional drama loosely attached to the apocalyptic situation above (something which plagues TV series like The Walking Dead (just not enough zombies for me, and far too much chitty chat) but it soon became apparent that this was not the case. The Divide descends into a dark hell of humanities worse attributes and two characters in particular cause the viewer to cringe as they play out their terrible roles. All in all, The Divide was excellent, and any mockers here really should stick to movies polished and shined by the big Hollywood multiplex puppetmasters. This ones recommended by me.
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Very difficult to review.
moonbeaver1 April 2012
After the first 20 minutes I would have given The Divide a 1/10. The characters are cliché and the dialogue is so cringeworthy that any self-respecting horror lover would quickly roll their eyes.

So I stopped the movie. I could've sworn I'd seen very good reviews here on IMDb. I flipped open my laptop and re-read some of the reviews and sure enough, they were mostly positive.

Weird. Rarely a mention of the bad acting and awful script. At this point I just figured most of these reviews must be from 14-year-olds or people who were invested in the film. I decided to watch on.

It got better. The acting remained appalling but they introduced a bit of a sci-fi element that was kind of cool. The intensity ramped up and I became locked into the film. I watched it through to the end. All the way 'til the end of the credits.

And I was left with this very bad feeling. Very bad indeed. I guess it reminded me of being a scared kid. I'm not talking about my-brother-freaked-me-out-on-Halloween scared, I'm talking about I-saw-my-neighbour-drown-a-bunch-of-puppies-in-a-barrel scared.

Remember when you were seven years old? Did you ever see something you were much too young to see? Remember that feeling? Scared and a bit ashamed? Seeing something you're just not emotionally mature enough to handle? Remember how your heart raced?

Did you ever want to un-see something? I want to un-see The Divide.

One part of me wants to rate it a zero. But I'm a horror fan and it scared me, riveted me. How can I rate it less than a six? I would prefer I never saw the movie. So perhaps that makes it 'good', I'm not sure. It depends. I mean horror is supposed to freak you out. And it really has some original story elements. I suppose I respect it. Bottom line, it gave me nightmares. How can give a horror film that gave me nightmares less than a six?

Having said all that, every copy of this film should be incinerated and the ashes buried somewhere in the arctic tundra, away from people.

Some films require you to commit. Some demand a hefty price. For The Divide, it's a price that must be paid in advance and there are no refunds.
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Hell is other people...
elaine-10523 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
John Paul Sartre hadn't seen The Divide when he declared that 'Hell is other people', but believe me, the film would do nothing to dispel his belief. It begins predictably enough: as a nuclear explosion ravages New York, the residents of an apartment block take refuge in the bunker-like basement, which also happens to be the home of survivalist janitor Mickey (Michael Biehn).

From the start, the combination of characters is not a happy one: quiet, determined Eva and her weak husband Sam (Lauren German and Iván González), shell-shocked mother Marilyn (Rosanna Arquette) and her young daughter Mary, short-tempered Delvin (Courtney B Vance), arrogant bully boys Bobby (Michael Eklund) and Josh (Milo Ventimiglia) and Josh's sensitive brother Adrien (Ashton Holmes).

Of course they immediately start bitching, bickering and ganging up on each other, but when armed, biohazard suited soldiers burst in to the bunker, snatch Wendy then, after a surreal, aborted sortie by Josh, weld the iron door shut, the trouble really starts. What follows is a powerful, disturbing, down right nasty depiction of the mental and physical deterioration of a band of desperate, disparate people suffering from cabin fever, radiation sickness and, eventually, full blown certifiable lunacy.

The performances in the film are of a calibre rarely seen in this kind of genre picture. In particular, Milo Ventimiglia (from Gilmore Girls!!) descent from regular guy to Lord of the Flies-style underground overlord is horrifically chilling, but even he is outshone by little known actor Michael Eklund's extraordinary turn as the psychotic, sexually depraved Bobby, whose sordid treatment of Marilyn is nasty in the extreme. (Poor Rosanna Arquette – what did she do to deserve this?)

The Divide is seriously not for the faint-hearted – with some scenes you'll really need your mental floss handy. But it's a stunning achievement for director Xavier Gens (whose last output was the creaky action flick Hit-man, which even Timothy Olyphant couldn't save) and a must for any self-respecting horror fan.

Just don't expect to come out of this bleak drama smiling: as the nuclear ash falls silently across a desolate New York City, we are left with the feeling that, to misquote Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds, there is nothing worth fighting for in the spirit of man.
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Lord of the ... stupid
inspektorr29 March 2012
Well, yes. I'm another person who got suckered into watching this piece of garbage. The most important thing you need to know about this movie is that it's just not worth spending two hours of your life to watch it. It's just bad.

You already know the plot, so there's no need to go over that. What you don't know is that, after quite an interesting start, things simply go to hell in every possible way - the plot is thrown out the window, the characters start behaving completely stupid 5 minutes into the movie, and the are really no explanations for anything that goes on from that point.

The acting is actually not bad - it's simply that the characters these actors put life into make no sense. Their decisions and actions that get them spiraling into gore and violence, simply don't add up at all. Here we have a group of random individuals that start arguing, fighting and provoking each other just moments after a nuke bomb has taken the city apart. And most of them act like total a**holes every single minute. When they find out crucially important information, they don't share it, but rather keep it to themselves. They don't stop for a second to think about rationing food and water. They don't care how long before the power runs out, or the toilet fills up, or air is spent, or... Well, they just don't care about anything that's really important. And it get's really frustrating to watch - REALLY fast.

I'm writing this as a person who has actually spent time in a similar situation - stuck in a basement with bunch of neighbors while the bombs hit the city above you for days, even weeks. And I can honestly say that, while this movie clearly wants us to believe we're all sick f*cks ready to snap and start beating, torturing, beating and raping each other, it's just not true. Also, speaking from my own experience, people want to survive and actually talk constructively and work together while utilizing common sense and common interest. Yes, there are conflicts, yes some people lose it, yes there is trauma, yes there are groups formed, but this... This is simply over the top.

This movie desperately tried to be the new Lord of the flies / The Road, but failed completely. Because it didn't make any sense. The violence and the perverted situations are obviously more of a director's reflection of his own mind, rather then a portrait of a realistic situation. Which would be fine, but the problem is the movie is constantly trying to come off as a real possible scenario. It's just not.

Worse of all, even if you go through this mess, you'll get no answers to anything and no hope at the end.

Oh, and btw, just to clarify - I'm a big movie buff, I devour serious cinema from all over the world and from all kinds of genres. I have no problem with gore, violence, exploring the dark side of human nature, sci-fi etc.

So, that's why I am going to recommend to skip this awful pretentious piece of trash and watch a much, much, MUCH better Spanish post apocalyptic movie, called The cold hour - a film that has all the same elements and then some, ends up just as bleak, but actually works!
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Extremely bleak, but also very well done.
j-cronje29 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have never posted a review on IMDb, purely because I find that some reviewers apparently enjoy trashing a film, while completely missing the point. Some of the reviews here had me shaking my head in wonderment. Calling it trash? It is labeled as Science Fiction/Horror, although I personally think that it is more a character study in human behavior. The following can be regarded as spoilers: A nuclear missile hits New York, we don't know why. People rushing to survive whilst pushing away other people (they are not so innocent to begin with), gets trapped in a bunker. There are some tantalizing glimpses of what is going on outside, but that is not what drives the film. What drives this film is the interaction between good and bad. For the reviewers that saw this movie as people descending into violent behavior, they apparently did not notice this interaction. I would therefore like to break this up into the following and maybe answer some stupid questions that were raised. These people are trapped, they have nowhere to go, and they are slowly being poisoned by radiation seeping in through the sewers. (And yes, reviewer that asked where the air came from? It was explained in the first five minutes of the film.) So the film asks of us, what would you do to survive? Will you give yourself up to degradation and humiliation to get food and water? Will you be strong enough to stand up and defend people, even the ones hurting others? Or will you go insane when you lose someone you love and just give in, because you know there is no escaping, and death is more preferable. How strong is the survival instinct, and how far would you go. Some reviewers thought this was supposed to be an art film. No it is not. Not in the least bit. It was not sold as such. It is also not supposed to be enjoyable. (How is a post-apocalyptic film supposed to be enjoyable anyway?). It is not a 'Hollywood' movie, but an independent production. It is a bleak movie. And yes, not for the faint of heart. But it is the kind of film that explores its premise, and delivers in spades. Some of the reviewers apparently expected a 'Saw' type movie, and was so bereft; they just went ahead and blasted away at it. It is not torture porn. It is not supposed to make you feel all warm and tingly inside. It is supposed to make you think. It is a shame that this get overlooked. In the end, it has nothing to do with the 'Nuclear Missile' and subsequent aftermath, which was just to set the stage.

And for the reviewer that posted that 'Saw' is a excellent movie? I personally think that 'Saw' is the American Idol of film making. It degraded it, trashed it, and got rewarded for it. I realize that this is a long review, but I am sick and tired of armchair reviewers getting their kicks out of trashing extremely well done films.
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Great idea, but it ended 40 minutes into the movie
reazonable28 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The movie starts off with a cliché twist, which all fans of post-apocalyptic genre love: nukes fall, people take shelter in a basement trying to survive. Classic "Schrodinger cat" dilemma whether to stay locked inside or explore outside and risk possible radioactive contamination unfolds.

Right from the beginning viewers are struck with unrealistic stupidity of characters. Only Michael Biehn's "Mickey" demonstrates slight signs of common sense. The rest are idiotic beyond any imagination. The movie quickly becomes a "why don't you just" and "how is this possible" brain torture, which insults viewer's intelligence in the most rude way. But it is still interesting to some extent because there is something going on outside that locked door. At some point the plot gets twisted into a potentially Sci-Fi area. But then because of the sheer indescribable idiocy of the characters the plot suddenly ends (right about 40 minutes into the movie).

Viewer gets thrown back into the beginning of the movie to watch an hour and 20 minutes of poorly acted literally retarded characters doing stuff that majority of people would call sick. I forward jumped through that one hour and 20 minutes only stopping at BDSM sex scenes, which turned out to be not that great either.

The movie looks completely staged. Food and water drag out into infinity as days or possibly weeks pass by. Humans appear to survive without air ventilation in a sealed basement while working out, having sex and beating life out of each other.If I was to describe all of the directing blunders, I would need a dozen of pages.

Unless you are a huge fan of post-apocalyptic movies and MUST watch every single one, or if you cherish cheap BDSM, this one is not worth watching.
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Solid Flick - Why the haters are wrong:
cope65029 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I created this IMDb account solely due to some of the ridiculous hate and remarks about this movie on existing reviews.

I felt a recurring complaint was that the characters actions were 'unrealistic' and the characters were so 'stupid' etc. To address both, take the simple scenario they open the movie with. A bunch of seemingly random 'groups' of people barreling down the stairs in a desperate and manic state trying to survive. In New York City. A select group ends up making it into this 'bunker'. Now, I surround myself with generally intellectual people, but if you think that taking a sample of 8 strangers from a random NYC building is going to yield a predominant output of good-hearted, intelligent people - then you're living in a damn bubble. News flash, there are impulsive sick f's everywhere you look, and equally important - sub ~90 IQ seems to be average these days.

Anyway, my point being, complaints about the unrealistic characters are completely unwarranted. If anything, the movie was probably a realistic depiction of ~8 random people in this situation. However, another group of 8 could yield an entirely different result. I think that's part of what the movie is trying to convey -- that getting stuck in a bunker during a post-apocalyptic scenario can potentially cause a Divide-esque situation. One person even mentioned that there weren't any 'enlightening' remarks or memorable quotes from the characters. No sh*t! This isn't Casablanca buddy, this is ~8 random people in a claustrophobic room dying of acute radiation poisoning and losing their minds while they're at it!

Now look, there were a few issues with the movie. I will admit there were a few scenes where the acting was lackluster and the situation was predictable. You may even roll your eyes once or twice. I was definitely disappointed with the fact that the movie didn't dive into more of the 'What's going on outside' story, but that's how the damn game goes! This movie wasn't about that subject, and as disappointing as it was, at least they gave us something! I mean seriously, most Sci-Fi or Post-apocalyptic movies these days are complete crap*, and most would've cut to black after she exited the sewer (*pun intended). It was a nice addition to have the guys drop on in with the HAZMAT suits and swoop the girl up. But that wasn't what the movie was about. The Lord of the Flies style deterioration (or decay - hah) of their bunker society was the focus, and I thought they did a damn good job of portraying an (again, potential) situation of this nature. My jaw dropped a few times and I was pleasantly surprised at how bold the writers/director was with some of the 'sick-f***' actions of Bobby and Josh. Props to Biehn, Ventimiglia, Arquette and Eklund for some generally awesome acting performances. The rest were solid too, and Lauren German.. Beautiful.

Most importantly: How many time's did you think about what you would do in this exact scenario? How you would break down, mentally and physically? Once your hair started falling out? ACCEPTING YOUR IMMANENT DEATH? Once the doors were welded shut and once the fire started? I'll just leave it at that.

I am a huge fan of post-apocalyptic scenarios, so maybe I'm biased, but I liked this movie more than numerous other "highly rated" flicks I've seen in the past year or two. Take Hunger Games for example, raving reviews from the critics... I enjoyed The Divide more. And speaking of unrealistic, the Hunger Games epitomizes unrealistic. But I'm not even going to go there. If you're some avid Christian or bible thumping religious buffoon and can't handle some brutal potentially real life scenarios, then stay away! This movie is not for you. If you love happy-go-lucky teenage girl stories like Hunger Games or Twilight, please, stay away. (I'm not saying Hunger Games was horrible by any means, it was entertaining enough. I am only commenting on the massive influx of rave reviews for Hunger Games - whereas The Divide achieves an undeserving 5.8?!)

Although the scenario isn't exactly something new (people stuck in a room, losing their minds), it was a fresh take on it, and 10-fold more enjoyable than the 'competition'. The post-apocalyptic back story is a great back-bone to this scenario, and although I wish we found out more - like 90%+ of related movies these days - we are left in some uncomfortable ambiguity. But in the end, that doesn't take away from this movie.

Solid Flick, 8/10. 7/10 if Post-Apocalyptic scenarios aren't your thing at all.
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Humans are basically violent by nature...BUT
davidfurlotte31 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie felt like it was rushing although it was a long, drawn out affair.

Now, I've read enough novels and seen enough movies to understand the premise that when society breaks down so go all the checks and balances that keep us from picking up a stick and smacking someone over the head with it because we don't like his eye colour BUT...I would like to believe that it would take longer than 5 seconds BEFORE we get to that point.

********Here there be Spoilers********* The ONLY actor that seemed to possess a modicum of sense was Michael Biehn and I'm not sure if he adjusted the script as they shot it or the writer and director had a long series of meetings to work on his part.

But even there, there were plot holes.

1. We have people WATCHING nuclear blasts without eye protection and not suffering any ill effects (even TEMPORARY blindness) before running down a bunch of stairs in an effort to try and get to safety.

2. You have a guy who has obviously spent years and tons of money on preparing a shelter in case of some catastrophe BUT he never bothered to develop a plan about what to do in case...a bunch of people show up and he is going to take them in?

3. The people get into this shelter and IMMEDIATELY begin doing some incredibly stupid things. Perhaps it would have made more sense to try and figure out what they just witnessed or even feel a sense of loss or destruction instead of trying to pick fights with the guy who let them IN?

4. This plot hole truly baffles me. Supposedly one of the people inside the shelter has the capability to transmit their location with a walkie-talkie to the outside world. Err...excuse me, but ever hear of a thing called EMP? It wipes out all electronics so, even if that short-range radio suddenly developed long-range capability, it would be fried.

5. Then for no particular reason we throw in some government or military types that are not coming in to save them but are there to steal their children? WHAT? REALLY? Oh, and as a small addendum, the main guy who owns the shelter has no weapons with which to protect himself and the others...well, that's not quite true, he does have a gun which he conveniently remembers that he has AFTER he loses a finger and that gun becomes a CONVENIENT device for the movie to progress.

This particular movie resembles an acting class doing an IMPROV scene of exactly this type of scenario. Everybody is trying to show their best WILD and CRAZY characters to try and impress the teacher but they don't blend anything together to make a coherent story.

I watched the whole thing hoping it would get better and even at the very end I half-expected to see something that might make it all GEL together but even there, it just LOST it and left me saying....WHY did I waste my time watching this?
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Sheer madness
www.ramascreen.com14 January 2012
-- --

THE DIVIDE is dirty, disturbing, uncomfortable, and I like it! Post-apocalyptic thrillers are usually a messy business and that's what this Xavier Gens-directed film delivers. It's sheer madness, a terrifying look at society going down the drain and at humanity when it's lost its senses, of what could happen when the chips are down and fear takes over. THE DIVIDE is not for the faint of heart..

Turning a fallout shelter, a save haven and protection into a hellhole is the aim of this film. The tagline says it all, 'the lucky ones died in the blast' and so the remaining characters are not. I wasn't a fan of Gens' previous works, Hit-man was generally disappointing but that was to be expected of any video game-based movie, but THE DIVIDE goes to show that Gens may not be a lost cause after all when it comes to filmmaking. There have been movies in the past where they'd collect a number of people, lock them in one inescapable location long enough and you'd get to see who'd endure, who'd rebel, who'd break down, and who'd take charge. Give it enough time and they'll turn on each other and ask the question of 'who died and made you king?!', that's exactly THE DIVIDE's mission, when suspicions fester and morals go out the window.

Because the story is set in a basement room, the film dwells in the dark the entire time. And because of its R-rated horror approach, the characters find themselves eventually doing something that they themselves did not know they were capable of and we the audience have the options of either sticking around or looking away. Fantastic job by the cast ensemble, you've got Eva (Lauren German) who tries to remain sane and level-headed through the ordeal, and there's Marilyn (Rosanna Arquette) who suffers mental problem after the failure to protect her daughter, and then there's Delvin (Courtney B Vance) who at first may seem to be the reasonable one of the bunch, and you also have the cocky sh*theads Bobby and Josh, played by Michael Eklund and Milo Ventimiglia respectively, the shelter itself is owned by an ex-firefighter Mickey (Michael Biehn) who'd rather not share if he had the choice. The movie is a character study that's not too hard to crack but it's not an easy chew either. Right from the start of the beautifully done CG nuclear explosion, you know that it's not going to end well, because there is no way that these characters could stand each other, not with the limited resources they have and the frustration that comes from being self-imprisoned. And so the story shows how their interaction crumbles and insanity creeps in. THE DIVIDE is an excellent sci-fi horror that demands attention.

-- --
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FantAsia Pleaser that Leaves Little Hope for Humanity
Christian23 July 2011
I attended the almost sold out screening of "The Divide" at Montreal FantAsia Film Festival with special guest Xavier Gens (director), Michael Biehn (actor) and Michael Eklund (actor).

The crowd, as always at FantAsia, was very engaged and energetic. However, as the horror story unfolded (not exactly horror genre film, save for a few scenes, but horrific in the psychological debacle of its characters), the crowd got quiet and silently absorbed the very well-crafted human drama. The performances felt real. The mood was perfectly dark and doomish. This post-apocalyptic take on humanity is not the most positive, but it is positively one of the best! The cinematography and few special effects are good, especially for the budget. We learned in the Q&A that the film was going to be canned, but that an intern in Winnipeg (Canada), said that his parents could finance the film and fork the few millions needed to finish the project. Great thing they did! This detachment from market-driving founding also allowed for greater artistic freedom and the three guests really explained how Xavier Gens challenged his actors (and some times cameramen) to improvise, be creative, immerse themselves in their characters, and serve the story and the film. The two Michaels were thrilled to worked this way and brought many contributions, while they also mentioned how Lauren German was a more by-the-book actress and they all had to event ploys to get her to be surprised and spontaneous. They all genuinely felt it was the best filmed to work on in their lives, although staying in character after shooting made for some tense sets and after-set (hotel) interactions. Gens choose to film the movie in chronological order, encouraged his actors to starve themselves (which Eklund did to the maximum) and let their mind go as the film reel rolled. Having written a novel in chronological order, I understand exactly what latitude that gives in character development. The story takes unexpected turns, but feels right, cognitive and consistent.

The story with its sci-fi elements briefly introduces a world of wonder, before shutting the door closed on hope and humanity. It is saved by sparkles of effective comedy, but transgresses into a struggle to survive at any price. What is there left? Humanity? Dignity? Love? Compassion? Not really.

As dark is it it, this vision hopefully encourages us to do better in our own lives. No need to wait for a nuclear explosion to figure out what is our desired behaviour for betterment.
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The most criminally underrated, hated, boycotted movie EVER !
ujktom16 May 2014
I saw some reviews about this movie and all were that it was "sooo bad", "waste of time" and "terrible movie" and at the same time people told me it was an "shocking post-apocalyptic masterpiece" First i didn't want to watch it because of the ratings.

Ill never trust the ratings again !

This is the most criminally underrated, hated, boycotted movie EVER ! Some people are MAD, they launched an Internet hate-agenda. They HATE this movie. WHY ? Well someone got really butt-hurt and offended about it ! I say you MUST watch it and judge for yourselves....

I give it a 9/10 because of all the BIAS and HATE and it surprised me. normally i would give it a 7/10.
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Don't waste your time.
alowl29 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Such a horrible horrible laughable film. I say laughable because some viewers seemed to have bought into this garbage as an exploration of the dark side of humanity. Nothing makes sense. To me, it's obvious this director has zero life experience dealing with people in life and death situations. Either that, or he wants us to believe that somehow this particular basement, ended up with weakest examples of humanity. At one point, there seemed to be some hope for the movie, as one of the basement dwellers explored outside the basement revealing a tubular network and laboratory put up by the attackers, but it all ended when he was forced back into the basement and the basement was welded shut by the attackers. Why this interesting plot line was not further explored is a mystery to me, perhaps they ran out of money and knew they couldn't afford the Sci-fi sets and CGI work needed, or more simply, the writer was not up to the task. The acting was okay, considering they weren't given much to work with. Consider, Mickey, the superintendent of the building, a man who lost his family in 911 and pretty much wanted to die to be with them again. Knowing that, the viewers are supposed to believe that he would hide a roomful of food from the rest of the survivors? Why? So he could live longer? The movie was filled with inconsistencies and with the expectations that the viewer should just buy into the action without question just so the director could make a scene about rape, murder and torture. Visually stun the audience enough, so they don't think about story logic seemed to be the strategy by the producers on this one. Unless you like gore for gore's sake, spare yourself.
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Terrible movie
compmend28 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie seems to advertise itself as being a groundbreaking character study into the post apocalyptic interactions between a group of survivors.

First of all, the nuclear apocalypse is shown in only a couple of scenes throughout the movie. An explanation for the attack is never revealed and there are scattered glimpses of faint possibilities haphazardly revealed throughout the movie, but, the viewer is left to fill in this large gaping plot hole for themselves.

Secondly the entire dialog seems to have been written by a socially inept adolescent, with no "ground breaking" insight or thought provoking lines in the whole movie. The characters where all unlikable, unrealistic, and unbelievable in the delivery of the dialog.

The movie is one big wimp fest with tantrums galore, nonsensical and whimsical deviance, and absolutely no plot. The characters where all immature, behaving like children from the onset and continuing through till the end of the movie.

I sat through this torturous piece of garbage hoping for some piece of redemption. It never came and I have not felt so robbed by a movie, as I did after watching this one. I want my money back.
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Idiots locked in a basement, some die but not fast enough.
Falco falco8 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This film is terrible. It is generic and even when it starts to go downhill quickly there is enough faith in some of the actors and production values to keep watching. Don't bother. A 15 year old who plays video games could have written the script. It has all been done before and much better (and shorter). People behave unrealistically and it is cliché after cliché. Even a mild mannered bookish lawyer should be able to shoot crazy rapist skinheads but no in the world of student level drama he can't. In short if you want to see this type of drama done well try The Hole. If you can read a book try Lord of the Flies. Don't waste your time with this.
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Do not. Believe. The poor reviews.
maxfawcett15 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
First and foremost, do not believe a word anyone who reviews this film as anything less than a 6/10 has to say. There is undeniably a lack of persuasive material at the start of this film; more could definitely have been made of the initial attack, the acting is by no means as compelling as that in the second half. However, this is a film very, very much for those who like to completely immerse themselves in the storyline and appreciate the effort put into a twisted one. What The Divide does so impressively, in my mind, is take your initial, average nuclear-detonation bunker survivalist meet and greet and turn it into something so much darker.

The character development (more the character decay) throughout this film is some of the best I have seen in any horror. Multiple characters are seen to unsurprisingly lose their minds, but the fashion in which it occurs is truly harrowing. There are scenes I did not expect to come across in a movie with such despicable reviews. There is thought applied here on the filmmaker's part. Without wanting to give too much away, the deterioration of one female character's mind and body is almost troubling to watch. Sexual aggression is a theme rife throughout and it is not a film for those unaccustomed to such psychological torment.

Most impressive in my mind is the total absorption of the characters in these actors. It is the closest, and for that reason, most troubling enactment of societal breakdown I can envision in such a scenario. So confined, so reliant upon one another... that can and does turn nasty. The make-up is very impressive bar a few, unfortunate details (likely to not even occur to those not looking) and the actions of the character in the final scenes are some I considered exciting, spontaneous, opportunistic and required where others did not. I would suggest those of that opinion do not possess the intellectual spread to appreciate her reasons for doing as she does.

A fine, fine film. One I will not forget.
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A Good Idea That Bombs In Its Execution
Theo Robertson3 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The 1980s were scary times and I don't mean clothes and hairstyles . This was the era of MAD Mutually Assured Destruction where the East and West targeted each other with a nuclear stockpile where they were ready to be unleashed if the Cold War suddenly got very hot . We live in more peaceful times . There's more democracy in the world hence more peace and I don't miss the 1980s and watching something like THREADS still remains an unpleasant experience it is a nice little reminder of what could have been . With the end of the Cold War came the end of the nuclear holocaust genre so if you're making a film featuring mushroom clouds blooming all across the world you've got to bring something new to the table . This film THE DIVIDE does try but fails quite badly

It gets off to a good start as a young woman watches the nuclear destruction of New York take place . It contains good cinematography as we see the trail of nuclear missiles reflected on the surface of her left eye . This is a problem with this mis en scene when the camera cuts to a long shot of her framed against the window and we see the devastation outside . That is it reveals the destruction has been going on for a considerable amount of time and yet the window remains intact and hasn't been affected by any sort of shock wave from a nuclear explosion . This sums up the problem of the film from the outset where things aren't given enough thought or thought through strongly enough to be credible and for a film that has a good idea constantly insists on wasting them

You can see the premise is all about how low human beings can go to survive and I was reminded of the British thriller THE HOLE from about ten years ago . THE DIVIDE tries to be a more post apocalyptic version of this type of story but contains some incredibly bad plot holes and too many ideas for its own good . The most startling thing is a subplot where the shelter is invaded by armed men wearing NBC suits who then capture a child survivor and try to eliminate the other people in the shelter . It hints that they're part of a foreign power who were behind the strike such as North Korea but after they seal up the shelter they're effectively forgotten about as though these scenes never happened . On the message boards there are several threads speculating who these white suited men are , a popular one being that a plague has broken out and America has nuked its own population to stop the plague spreading but at no point do any of the characters state there was anything out of the ordinary before the strike and no matter how you try to dress this up it's a major distraction from the plot . It might have worked better if this entire subplot had been deleted but it leads to a very contrived plot device where the sane survivor escapes via a NBC suit which begs the question as to why one of the bad guys hadn't thought of it ? More plot holes which sums up THE DIVIDE perfectly

In short it's a film with a 1980s Cold War premise made in the 21st Century . This is even reflected in the casting of Michael Biehn and Rosanna Arquette who were the two rising stars of Hollywood in the mid 1980s and whose careers quickly fizzled out . Despite a strong premise and a doom laden atmosphere THE DIVIDED quickly fizzles out too which is a shame because it did show signs of almost being a very good movie
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kosmasp25 January 2012
There is not much you can say about the story (though I won't reveal anything, not even the general storyline, which can be read here or seen in the trailer), but that doesn't matter that much. What does matter is the fact, that the movie can create a mood, a tension and hold it throughout. Which is a real achievement.

And the Kudos have to go to the screenwriter and the casting people. Which of course falls back on the actors chosen. This could have easily felt very cliché, but it doesn't. There are choices to be made and the actors are very convincing. You may see where this is heading (general direction), but it still has a big impact. It touches on many emotions and has drama in it, that will leave you interested how it evolves and where it will lead to ...
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Shocking, twisted, brilliant.
JohnnyWeapon30 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
As I finished watching The Divide, I realized how much the film had affected me. My stomach had been in knots for nearly two hours straight. Let me also say that I'm not easily this affected by movies.

I don't like gore for the sake of gore, and Xavier Gens does an excellent job of keeping some violence off-screen (to great effect), while delivering some very shocking scenes for our viewing (dis?)pleasure. There are sequences in this film that will cause even the most steady of stomachs to lurch out of sheer intensity more often than glorified gore. You can't ask for more than that out of what I could call a psychological horror flick.

I think the movie really makes the viewer think about the breakdown of humanity in this type of situation. It's easy to sit back and think, "They should be getting along, working together, being civil." But would you? Do you really think that, especially affected by radiation poisoning (and suffering it's consequences), you wouldn't lose your mind to some extent? When Eva leaves at the end, it's purely survival instinct. She'd kept her humanity longest, but ultimately she did what she had to do for herself. Just as all the other occupants of the shelter had been doing along the way.

The acting is extremely well-done. Michael Biehn, who is always at his best in intense roles, shines. I was unfamiliar with Michael Eklund until seeing this, but couldn't have been more impressed. Even Milo Ventimiglia, usually (IMO) pretty limited in range, provides one of the better villains I've seen on-screen in awhile.

Lauren German is... simply breathtaking. Her lead performance is excellent, but my God what a beauty to behold. By the finale, I appreciated a great deal that SHE was the one to step outside... this thing of beauty standing alone in the most horrific of scenarios. It's poetically fitting. There is no hope for mankind. There is no beauty. It's a hard ending to swallow, but after going through the journey, it is the perfect ending.

See this movie. It's worth your time. It's tough to watch at times, but excellent.
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josierevisited4 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this the other day and while I enjoy post-apocalyptic survival films and games, this is one I wish I had passed on. The synopsis made it look so interesting, and for about the first half hour, it was. However, the situation turns from bad to unrealistic in a matter of moments, and we are left wondering exactly what the writers were smoking when they put together this mess of a film.

I'm not going to go in-depth into the story as many others have done this already, I will just post the questions that I had about the film.

1. Why isn't anyone concerned about the air supply? They smoke cigars and cigarettes without a care in the world.

2. What is the fuel source of that power generator?

3. Why doesn't anyone seem to want to find a way out? I know there is radiation outside, but after a few weeks (presumably they were in there for a long time, long enough for scurvy to set it although I'm still wondering how that happened on a diet of baked beans) in that hell hole even a rad-infested city would be preferable and they could seek treatment.

4. Why don't the scientists in the white suits check up on their comrades, or send in other soldiers, or... anything at all? They do nothing even though two of their number didn't report back in. They don't seal the door until one of the main characters goes exploring.

5. What's the lab for? Why are they so concerned with the eyes of those children, and why keep them alive after removing them?

6. Why doesn't anyone's health improve after they discover the new food supply that is complete with citrus sources? The scurvy would have gone away, though the radiation poisoning wouldn't. At the very least, the rate of degradation should have been considerably slowed. Instead, it almost seems as if at this point they start to get worse very quickly.

7. At the end, the Eva character locks herself in the food vault to don the suit. At least, that's what it looked like to me and my girlfriend. The two men were beating on the door to get in, and couldn't because the combination to the lock had been changed by the now dead gang leaders. She puts on the suit, and somehow manages to get out of there and into the bathroom, which was on the other side of the basement. How?

8. What happens to her after this? She can see that NY is leveled, but where does she go? What does she do?

9. Why is the Sam character such a worthless piece of garbage? I mean, I was literally screaming at him with the others at the end and I wasn't sorry to see him get the crap beaten out of him.

10. Why didn't Eva just let Mickey out? He was clearly the only one who could have brought the situation back under control and yet, she just leaves him tied to the chair. I wish he had been written with more of a leadership role.

11. We are never told exactly how the Marilyn character dies, though its presumably due to some sort of untreated vaginal infection brought on by repeated rapes and unsanitary conditions (Her unexplained bleeding, and the final rape\torture scene in which she was literally screaming in pain), but I would have still liked more closure than "she broke".

All in all, if you were hoping for a film that explores humans triumphing over impossible odds, or any kind of actual story at all... Move on. That's not this film. They never get out, they never find out why NY was attacked, they never do anything heroic or interesting, they just get sick, rape and beat each other, and then die. The end.

It just was not a good film, even by torture porn standards.
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I lost my time with this "movie"
marulez28 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
My God! What a piece of thrash... Hollywood just doesn't stop spewing garbage into the world. And they still wonder why their industry is going down??? The number of movies has vastly increased, there are too many movies coming out from Hollywood than ever before and most of them are rubbish.

This particular example (The Divide) is a post-apocalyptic type of movie, just like all the others of its kind, but just like all the others, it's rubbish. There is only one such movie which I consider it to be 100% realistic and beautifully done: THE ROAD (2009). Now that's what I call a masterpiece of post-apocalyptic movie. A solitary man who trusts nobody and wants nobody's help beautifully survives along his son, with no hysterical and psychotic scenarios like the ones in The Divide.

The story in The Divide is awful, disgusting with many unnecessary scenes. The writers of this story probably considered people (in general) like some sort of brainless uncontrolled maniacs.

The movie could have been a masterpiece just like The Road if they would have given the MAIN ROLE to the administrator (Mickey). I don't know why they made him look like a villain. It was his shelter, his food, bought with his money, earned from his work. All the other brainless imbeciles were just intruders (I couldn't call them guests because Mike didn't really wanted them in the first place). I felt no sympathy with any of the characters from this movie. I couldn't find anyone with whom I could associate my self with.

Well in short, all I can say is that I lost my time with this typical garbage. Nothing special to see here folks, move along.
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A horrifying and disturbing look at what a group of strangers do after the apocalypse. Not bad but very disturbing. I say B-.
Tony Heck28 March 2012
"This ain't exactly the garden of Eden." After a nuclear bomb is dropped and earth is uninhabitable a group of tenants of an apartment are forced to live together in the basement of the building. What starts off as a tense situation quickly explodes into something much, much worse and everyone's views of each other change. This is not what I was expecting. I thought this would be more of a Sci-Fi type movie and what it was was a very disturbing look at what different people will do when pushed to the edge. For those that have seen the movie "Blindness" you will know what to expect. For those that haven't be warned, this is a very, very disturbing look at the human condition and makes you wonder what you would do in this situation. Overall, more disturbing then anything. Not bad, but you must be ready for what you will see. I give it a B-.
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waste of time
Tank027 March 2012
I try to always look for the good things in movies but after wasting 2 hours of my life i simply had to warn others to please pick another movie.

i am a sci-fi fan and i have read a lot of post apocalypse stories but the sheer amount of scientific errors, goofs and illogical plot twists makes this one of the worst i've seen in my 35 years and trust me i've seen a lot.

The casting director did a great job and the excellent actors did their best to stay professional. The directing isn't bad but call me old fashioned, the story makes no sense at all.

I realize humanity will be at it's darkest after an attack but these people are portrayed as idiots . Things happen that never get explained nor followed through. Story arcs that stop halfway or go totally different ways without a single reason.

Granted i am not a big fan of art movies but this movie is so shallow there aren't even multiple levels you could try to work through.This ain't art,not even close.

At the very best you could call this a torture fantasy like Saw but without a plot whatsoever.

The people involved in this will not be putting this on their resume, thats for sure. I read on this page that the movie got canned and was continued with private money and all i can say is that the person funding this wasted a lot of cash, please do not make the same mistake.
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Worst movie ever, just plain stupid!
sungam656 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
If i could, I would give it negative stars, like -5. It kind of sucks out your brain and steps on it.

Basically the story has potential. Dramatic entrance, mystic plot, this could have been a good movie.

Sadly this was only the first minutes of the movie, then it developed into a stupid orgie in "Whos crazy now", meaningless, unmotivated violence.

The mystic plot? well, they forgot to tell you about it.

The movie is so bad that I think it takes 2-3 good movies to get over it so I can go on with my life.

Stay away from this one.
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