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The movie's strength is its eerie and Beckettian atmosphere
gardoma18 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The Bleeding House was an absolute surprise. I was expecting one of the many gory serial-killer- gets-into-the-house kind of movie, but this movie is, instead quite different. First, the gore is minimal, and the blood shown on screen is limited to the necessary amount required by the story (it plays an important and symbolic role for one of the characters). Second, the traditional scares (i.e., the assassin jumps out of the corner) are basically non-existent. The movie takes its strength from the eerie atmosphere, which is drenched in dysfunctional family relationships and broken characters looking for redemption. Predictable in its plot, but beckettian and original in its execution, with a pace that takes its strength by being consciously slowed down (even when the killer strikes, he seems to do so with a Bressonian lack of speed in its movement) instead of sped up, the movie has definitely something new to add to the genre. While the final revelation of the family secret is disappointing, the confrontation between the two killers (and main characters) is interesting and well-done, and gives a gruesome and chilling spin to everybody's quest for meaning in life---and empirical lack thereof.
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a formidably odd piece of horror cinema
stromwandler2 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Philip Gelatt's The Bleeding House is a compelling, odd piece of horror cinema. One wonders what, exactly, the director was thinking during production, and furthermore if it would have turned out better or worse if he succeeded in creating his perfect vision.

From the dysfunctional Smith family dinner at the start, something just seems uncomfortable, unnatural even. The stilted dialogue between parents, son and laconic daughter makes the viewer wary of the acting talent—or is this just a form of stylization? The near-muteness of daughter Gloria (Alexandra Chando) appears to be the only natural, believable presence at the table, which is ironic (yet effective) seeing how she is constantly referred to as "strange" as the plot ensues.

Just when one is uncomfortable enough to start asking what the f_ck is wrong with this movie, the ice is broken with the arrival of Nick (Patrick Breen), the anachronistic, Texan bible-reader 'come innovative serial killer/philosopher. Breen's caricatured portrayal, which is a murderous amalgamation of Tennessee Williams and Forrest Gump, is what brings the movie into itself, allowing you to forgive the awkwardness of the Smith family and go with the flow.

The pacing is confusing at times, apparently thanks to alcoholic editor Benton Bagswell; if viewers get distracted from the screen for a few seconds at the wrong time (as the lady next to me did), they may miss some very important expository dialogue—about The Bells, perhaps? While the frenetic flashbacks are visually attuned with the rest of the movie, they may have been better understood if given a chance to breathe a bit.

Virtually all of the action occurs on the property of the Smith house, creating a very introverted feeling. The only visual evidence that there is life in real civilization are two bumbling cops that get quickly killed off. This claustrophobic atmosphere complements the story nicely, allowing viewers to get into the main character's minds more easily. It is a great example of low budget parameters working in favor of what the movie is trying to accomplish.

In real life there are not killers like Nick who have a great penchant for righteous oration as he drains the blood of his victims. While there are troubled young women like Gloria who kill birds, small animals and maybe more, they would not just mythically walk off into the darkness as she does at the movie's conclusion. Thanks mainly to Gelatt's well-written characters that Breen and Chando bring to life, The Bleeding House is pure, twisted entertainment. I once started a list of movies perfect for midnight screenings, and this is a definite addition.
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The Banality of The movie is it's Strength
zaknaud15 November 2011
It amazes me that a good deal of the horror watching public passed this movie over or looked at the characters as hollow or awkward. That is what this movie was all about, strained relationships, pulled emotions, and people behaving like they do in a normal family. Their relationships are petty, full of kind of masked grief, and longing each of the characters looking for a way out of themselves and out of where they are. The visitor they invite into their home, although he turns out to be their downfall, is exactly what they are looking for, someone to just talk to. Each of the members of the house in turn try to talk with this newcomer, and each time a little more of the story unfolds. It is a beautifully shot movie as well, wide panning shots around the small family table, the hallway up the stairs being narrow and tall. Even the doorways and the rooms only slightly decorated, as though they were planning to leave at a moments notice, or had only been there for a few months. This claustrophobia builds as the movie progresses, and becomes ever more intimate until the end. That building sense of dread is the hardest thing to capture in a horror movie, and this one does beautifully. We as viewers know what is coming, we know the outsider is either in for a shock or going to cause one, but it is the anticipation of such an event that drives us to keep watching. I loved watching this movie with its subtlety and poise, keeping you on the edge with the back story being slowly revealed and the veil lifted a little bit minuet by minuet.
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Ignore the bad reviews, watch for yourself.
cinemajunky25 December 2011
Apparently a lot of people missed the point on this one. If you need a movie to lead you by the nose and explain every little thing, then don't watch this movie. The premise is really simple - a family, living on a farm on the outskirts of town is trying to find normality in their lives again after a tragedy. When they're visited by a man in a seersucker suit who claims his car broke down, they react predictably - the mother fears the unknown while the father wants to extend hospitality. Initially, the mother doesn't want to take a chance that her desperately normal life would be impacted by the stranger, but, after hearing his eloquent rant about Christian neighborliness in these dark times of trusting no one, she relents and allows him to spend the night. Her motives are clear - she wants to see her family through the eyes of a third party who hasn't prejudged them from their earlier bad acts. Maybe if he sees how good they are, he will spread the word in the community that has ostracized them and they will be accepted back like lost lambs from the wilderness. In order to portray this family goodness, the mother constantly harries the daughter who immediately interests the stranger. As the stranger reveals himself to be a doctor, the mother opens up to him about almost everything but what's wrong with the daughter. Of course the stranger is there to harm them for their misdeeds and quickly subdues both parents before it becomes a cat-and-mouse game between him and the daughter. More back story is revealed about the tragedy which brought the family to the farm and the stranger to their door. While being a touch predictable, it is still finely acted and the characters' motivations are crystal clear.
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Pretty Standard Story
gavin694230 October 2012
A stranger with mysterious intentions (Patrick Breen) comes to stay the night at a secluded country home, but what he finds inside is a family torn apart by a violent past and a secret more deadly than he expected.

For whatever reason, Netflix recommended this one to me as something I would enjoy. And while I must admit I did enjoy it, I think they could have recommended 100 other titles just as easily. The concept here is good, but not really all that different from a number of other films... a stranger who wants to stay overnight, and can we trust him? That is old hat.

Although I thought Patrick Breen was excellent in this, his accent seemed a bit forced. I kept thinking at any moment he would stop and say "just kidding" about his Southern roots. But alas, no, it was not to be.
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Home where the Psychotic, Fanatic & the Missing meet :-)
manjodude3 December 2011
Hmm...I'm in half mind to recommend this movie. Bleeding House has some really shocking moments that left my skin cold, but there're also moments that left me really confused too.

Ideal location & house for a horror flick, and the score is haunting too.

Patrick Breen as the house guest(& religious fanatic) Nick is top-notch, and the life of this movie. Rest of the cast is not far behind, especially Alexandra Chando as Gloria, the loony daughter in the house and also Nina Lisandrello does a fine job as Lynn, the girlfriend of Gloria's brother.

Now, lot of viewers have criticized that the movie does not offer enough explanation as to why Gloria acts psychotic. But I really don't mind that as what I look for in any movie is just entertainment, not common sense :p Does the movie creep me, inspire me, move me or lifts my spirit? that's what I look for. Even so, I cannot fathom certain things like what happens to Lynn in the end. She simply disappears towards the finale of the flick and we don't know why except perhaps for the script writer. Maybe he forgot too :)

Verdict: I'd have given this movie a 7/10 because of the chill factor in some scenes. However, I'll settle for 6 because the plot doesn't feel complete to me at couple of places. And ya, I've decided now - you can dump this :-)
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Pretty poorly done
Laight6 June 2011
This is one of the horror films that makes you remember why, for the most part, horror movies are the genre that attracts the least talented people. A good horror film, like The Shining, Night of the Living Dead, or (in a sci-fi way) Alien, is a wonderful thing. But most of these flicks are like this one: very poorly plotted, bad dialog, cheap effects, and strange editing. The one good thing about this movie is its effective sense of claustrophobia--the whole thing takes place, more or less, in and around one house--although the house doesn't make much sense in that the attic is sometimes portrayed on the second floor, and there are hallways far too big for the house's exterior. And the art direction is good: sombre, dull colors. But all in all, there just isn't enough in this movie to justify the lack of good writing and acting.
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Awkwardly Brilliant
adam-18941 January 2012
A stranger only known as “”Nick” runs into some car trouble on his way out west and asks for the hospitality of the Smith family and a place to stay the night. Marilyn Smith is skeptical at first, but she decides to give him a chance. She clearly is the alpha male of the family. Nick is invited to the dinner table and the awkwardness of the family ensues with her husband Matt and daughter Gloria (Blackbird). He discovers the Marilyn has cut his food for him, which is a bit of literary irony on the fact that he turns out to be a surgeon, and he cuts people up.

Clearly, something is amiss, After dinner Nick ends up wandering into Gloria's room in which she proceeds to snap the neck of a blackbird in front of him. After Marilyn witnesses the debauchery, she rushes him to the attic. She is embarrassed and explains her daughter is not considered “normal”.

Nick reminisces about the last family he “helped” and the madness begins… This movie is very unexpected and deserves credit where it is due. The characters are multi-dimensional and their dialogue is crafted well in a way that creates believability. The reasoning behind the title “Bleeding House” becomes apparent halfway throughout the film and it’s worth the wait.

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A Maniac with Manners
onlythusfar19 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I liked the rather forlorn atmosphere of this film, of a family isolated, stuck in its own past, crumbling in on itself. A dearth of colour and chatter added to this effect. Into this dismal setting, walks the star of this melodrama, a forsaken traveller, whose voice gives more colour to the movie, than any visual. He (Patrick Breen) is the most charming homicidal lunatic, that you'll ever come across in film. The film moves slowly, but deliberately along, to the languid tone of his voice. His patter often results in some very dry, black humour. Surprisingly, in the end, the family's own dark secret is so bizarre, it actually outdoes and amazes our spooky stranger, which isn't too easy to do. Their are very few films, which I would watch multiple times, but this is one of them.
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Enter the exsanguinator.
BA_Harrison28 March 2015
A family harbouring a dark secret invite a stranded traveller, genial southern gent Nick (Patrick Breen), into their home only to discover that their loquacious guest, an ex-surgeon, is now a self-proclaimed 'bearer of secret punishments'. Equipped with a variety of surgical instruments, Nick proceeds to teach his hosts the error of their ways, but meets his match in Gloria (Alexandra Chando), the very disturbed daughter of the household.

Like the drip, drip, drip of blood from a tube into a bottle, The Bleeding House builds slowly and inexorably, the facts gradually accumulating to reveal a delightfully twisted tale of death and deception. Even as the film enters darker territory, with nasty Nick attempting to recruit Gloria as his disciple, writer/director Philip Gelatt steadfastly refuses to reveal all of his cards at once or placate the viewer with cheap thrills (there is some gore, but it is used sparingly). While this measured approach may prove frustrating for some, the film should prove thoroughly absorbing for those viewers able to appreciate atmospheric, thoughtful slow-burn horror with a dash of mystery.
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It has a few good moments
preppy-330 July 2012
Horror movie about a family that is heavily dysfunctional. Something happened with them that makes all the townspeople shun them and the father is unable to get a job. They have one son (Quentin) and a shy, quiet daughter (Gloria). One night a mysterious stranger (Nick) shows up at their door. He says his car has broken down up the road and he needs to call for help. They reluctantly let him in...and things take an evil turn.

The plot becomes fairly predictable from here on. It is well-acted (especially by Alexandra Chando as Gloria), has some gory killings and moves fairly quick...but there's no buildup in suspense. It just sort of lays there. Also I was expecting some sort of twist at the end...but there wasn't one. I also saw the ending coming from a mile away. This is not a terrible film just not a very good one. If you're a horror fan you might like it. All other stay away.
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Not worth spending money to see.
siddharma8 May 2011
My standards for horror movies in general are pretty low. Usually, I am the only person who enjoys a "bad movie" while the rest of the world is utterly disappointed... but the tables turned when I watched The Bleeding House.

For the most part, the acting was horrible. In particular, I was expecting Alexandra Chandro, who supposedly played the lead female character, to deliver something half-decent... but this was not the case. I use the word "supposedly" because no matter how much her character was supposed to contribute to the story, her significance fell totally flat. It seemed as though the main character was played by the weakest actress in the bunch. Way too amateur. If not for the actress' IMDb profile, I would have guessed that they randomly picked a girl off the street and gave her less than 5 minutes to read the script.

The story was not as original as other reviews here make you think. I was bored the entire time.

In fact, the only reason I watched the whole movie was because I spent money for it. In retrospect, even that was a mistake.
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Jolly and Dark
deannag101514 April 2013
I've seen this movie hanging out on my Netflicks account for quite some time. Feeling the to urge watch something horrific my husband and i finally checked it out. What Jolly Dark Film. The Bleeding House is one of those films that will get you thinking about the sick people that our live among us in this scary world.

The acting wasn't thee greatest but not horrible either. It was a nice little surprise. There's not to many thrillers that are made to scare you without giving the viewers a in your face pointless sex scene.Genuine creepy film. Dark and disturbing,this film was original and that will leave you thinking. Watch it ;)
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So Bad It's Good
tgtommyrocket28 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The dialogue is unintentionally funny in so many places that this dog of a horror flick is worth watching. Add to that Patrick Breen's cartoonishly rotten performance, the preposterous dialogue and the dozens of "I'm-going-to-make a-dumb-horror-decision" moments and you've got one for the "so-bad-it's-good" file. Why any of the other viewers on this board think this is a subtle piece of work which needs careful attention, or why other reviewers here think anyone has missed the point, is beyond me. The details and "secrets" of this film are so glaringly obvious from the first moment that it's as if the film-maker is bludgeoning you with a sledgehammer. This movie is not subtle - it's just obvious. So, NO SPOILERS - just the facts: A family with a secret, a mysterious stranger who looks and sounds like a Tennessee Williams reject, wearing a white linen suit and carrying a dirty black medical bag (no seriously), a daughter who keeps dead bugs pinned to her wall... You can guess the family secret as soon as a few, circumspect lines of dialogue are spoken about it (within the first 10 minutes, frankly, even though the filmmaker thinks he's saving this for a big reveal at the end.) The first 10 minutes also emphasizes the family's need for isolation but when the mysterious stranger whose "car has broken down" (no seriously) asks to stay the night, they let him. No seriously. This is one of those movies where everyone does dumb horror movie things, where no one behaves or speaks like a real person, and the whole thing feels like a mid-level film-student project. Well shot, but ponderous and with decent enough performances by actors trying to make the best of an unrealistic script. If you've seen THEM, THE STRANGERS or FUNNY GAMES, I just wouldn't bother with this one. My favorite piece of rotten dialogue happens when one of the movie's victims is being slowly, slowly murdered he says, "You can't just come in here and..." Really??? Another character in the same situation says, "How dare you!" And finally there's the moment when one of our principals smashes another person's head with a rock and the observer's reaction is, "What is wrong with you?"
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Wow. I was really shocked...
thleen3 February 2012
This movie was awful. There weren't even a few good moments to recommend. I've just come off of The Innkeepers and a few other non-horror good movies, but I couldn't even follow this one. They try for character development and then just drop it. They bring in a revenge character, but never really explain it. Even after they do, it doesn't make sense. The whole thing is a mess, it's not scary, it's not anything. Maybe the story didn't work, but the cast (especially the stranger) does not work. Very depressing waste of time. Not a horror, not scary, nothing. But, I saw the Innkeepers and that was good. It all measures out.
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Good for a (very) low budget film, that climaxes very nicely
demetrius111 October 2011
This film would actually make a very good film school project. It is by no means a professional production. The story though is good, solid, and climaxes great. It is written much better than the big budget Hollywood productions we see nowadays. The actors are above decent, the dialogues and plot are well written, and the characters are strong (except for the brother and girlfriend). Of course due to the amateurish feel of the film, when it comes to music, camera and lights, we go way below average. Special effects are not even worth mentioning as they are nonexistent. In general, this is not a film that I think will ever be on the big screen, but it is fine to watch on the TV if there is nothing better on. The unfair thing is that if the serial killer was played by a big shot actor and there were actually some money to be spent for music, photography and special effect, this would actually be a blockbuster !!! Unfortunate indeed.
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Patrick Breen is a classic movie villain in an otherwise okay film
dbborroughs8 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is the story of a family named Smith who have a dark secret. The daughter stays at home and never go out, Mom and Dad are consumed with guilt but are trying to get on with their life. Their son is desperately trying to get away and is making plans to run off with his girlfriend. Into their life comes the sweet talking southern gentleman named Nick. Nick cuts people up for a living, though don't worry he's a surgeon. Actually do worry since Ned is a very bad man out to correct the sins of the past.

This is a great looking film that reminded me of some films from the late 1970's and early 1980's that tried to do more than be horror films. Sadly they, like Bleeding House, didn't amount to much. This film is little more than an episode of Tales from the Darkside stretched to 85 minutes. It's bland, dull and uninvolving; worse it never builds to anything it just meanders to a close. If it wasn't for Patrick Breen as Nick this film wouldn't be worth seeing. Frankly Breen is the reason this film was picked up for the festival and it's the reason it's destined to get a very minor cult following.
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Home Is Where The Heart Pump Is
LeonLouisRicci5 October 2012
Driving this indie film is the "Devil" sent me to collect your soul story. The white-suited silver tongued Dude with the well worn doctor's bag is a pulp-fiction icon. So we have a blood-letting that is neither surprisingly sordid or unusually gruesome.

It is all done matter of fact with a sermon like accompaniment of Southern Preacher platitudes and ironic overtones. Nothing here is exceptionally creepy or scary and is not profound just functionary. There is very little suspense and even less that is horrifying.

One is reminded of a tale from the dark side or an E.C. Comic adaptation without the twist ending or a satisfactory denouement. This movie is all surface with no penetration into a warped mind that seems to be the point of it all. Only a home (is where the heart pump is) invasion that clicks off the victims in a predictable pecking order.
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It started off so interesting
mikestuhlman15 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I just finished up The Bleeding House and while I don't find it to be a complete failure its far from being a winner.

The story is simple enough a dysfunctional family coming off of an "accident" are trying to re adjust to a normal life. We have the mother and father, the strange daughter and the son who wants to just leave the family behind. The beginning of the film is very interesting as you try and figure out just what exactly is causing the family to act so strange. Then In comes Nick a kind Texan looking fellow with a sincere charm but obvious alter intentions. He stays the night in the house and talks to the family members before the inevitable fact that he is a maniac is revealed. This is where I think the movie truly started to faultier. It was pretty obvious that he had bad intentions but I think if they had left you questioning this a bit longer it could have made for a more interesting premise. I wanted him to more slowly unravel the secrets of the family instead of it just turning into a somewhat generic slasher romp. The film was interesting at the beginning but seemed to lose its focus toward the middle.

When all of the things are revealed about the daughter and the family it just all becomes to unrealistic (the cop scene is a prime example) and other things that I don't think Nick would so easily have over looked in his mission. All in all the movie was okay but could have been something great if the filmmakers had stuck with the premise at the beginning.
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Spooky, atmospheric thriller.
cjmccracken6 May 2012
In a sleepy backwoods the Smith family keep themselves to themselves, with good reason. The dysfunctional and barely held together nature of the family is made abundantly clear from the offset. The daughter Gloria (who only responds to the name 'Blackbird') seems particularly at odds with her mother, whilst a hangdog father harnesses an air of moroseness and regret.

During (what we assume to be) a typically unpleasant dinner, there is a knock on the door. A man in white arrives on their doorstep in the dead of night, in search of charity. He is well spoken and genuine, a surgeon who has lost his way and run into some car trouble. The father takes pity on him and consults his wife as to whether they can offer some charity in the hope that the news of it will help to un-tarnish their reputation in the town.

After being initially refused, he is granted a bed for the night and charismatically spends a little time with each individual member of the family, despite a violent and disturbing outburst from Gloria. The charm and debonair nature of the stranger evoke images of a lost Twilight Zone episode, whilst an air of menace hangs around him, like Robert Mitchum in Night of the Hunter.

The film takes many turns throughout the subsequent events, some of which will surprise, some of which will disappoint, but at no stage will you be left bored or disinterested. This is a very well played out horror film and one which will certainly stick in my mind for some time. I would question the initial show of hand as I felt that it occurred a trifle too soon, however, this is only a minor criticism. Another flaw would be the supporting actresses, in particular the brother's girlfriend who is not very good at all, however, this could simply be because the leads are so strong.

I will not supply you with a synopsis of events, but I will say that The Bleeding House is one of the ones which slipped by me last year, as it probably did you, but holds the potential to become a sleeper hit.

It also left me with Nick Cave's 'Kindness of Strangers' stuck in my head for ages afterwards, not because it's used in the film…more that….well, you'll see.

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ddivahannah5 November 2011
Reading some of these reviews I expected it to be a complete flop. Well, though some may agree that it is, I think it deserves a little credit since it was somewhat entertaining. Yes the special effects were cheesy and unrealistic, but the storyline was decent and had potential. I think the worst scene in the movie was when the cops showed up. They could have depicted that a bit differently to make it more believable. I honestly think if a larger movie company would have picked it up, they could have made it 10x's better. Though I was entertained, I definitely would have been disappointed if I had to actually pay to see this movie so I am glad I caught it on Netflix. Not bad option to pass the time though.
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Bleeding Awful.
natashabowiepinky15 March 2014
"Now then, my good sirs I was on my travels when I happened across a most heinous film. This pictorial experience was unlike any I had yet encountered... being boring, stupid and silly all at the same time. But the main bugbear I had with it, my children, was the so-called bad guy. This imposter, this charlatan, was trying to talk like me, with a Deep South accent and much musings on his life, proverbs, the Bible etc. But there's where the similarity ends, as he clearly did not understand of what he spoke of. Let me tell you now, it was complete babble... the words springing forth from his mouth, and that combined with his atrocious manner of speaking made me want to stab my ears with a Q-tip. I know you are supposed to hate the villain in a production such as this, but I found his acting style far more offensive than the no doubt terrible crimes he committed. Truly, one of the worst performances it's ever been my displeasure to witness."

"And I'm afraid I bring bad tidings regarding the rest of the proceedings too. One thing I cannot abide is people making unfathomable blunders in the service of a contrived plot. If two girls flagged down a police car in the middle of the night and said they saw someone being murdered, would the officers REALLY take them by force back to the scene of the crime? And when said lawmen arrived and see blood everywhere, would they HONESTLY wander inside without calling for back-up first? And that's not to mention all the times our heroine has the opportunity to shoot the antagonist, stab him, run off... None of which is taken up. Speaking of her, I thought we were onto something interesting with her character when we found out she enjoys killing insects and small birds, before putting them on display in her room. Nope, she's just as much a waste of space as the evil dude. Sure, she kills a few people, but not in a convincing way at all. She's about as intimidating as a glass of freshly made lemonade. With a curly straw."

"If you want to see this storyline done in a much more pleasing way, go out and look for Stoker. It's got Nicole Kidman in it, and that girl from Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland. You'll love it. This on the other hand, is just pigswill. I'll be off again now on my DVD journey. Catch you on the flip side. 2/10"
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Most interesting film - dark, creepy, deep
cliff5210 February 2013
I disagree with the negative reviews but it's probably because this film is a bit deeper than most. The back story is intriguing and is revealed slowly and subtly. The classic quotes are worth catching and exploring to deepen your understanding of what the filmmaker intended. The characters are memorable and the acting is superb. Horror fans have to wait a bit for the classic elements of their genre to begin. Those sensitive to the artistic elements might be offended by the explicit violence. It is the juxtaposition of the artistic content and the gore that might have prevented the film developing an audience. I love the storytelling and the slowly creeping horror and mystery of this film and it will bear a second watching to catch the finer points. The filmmaker leaves some room for your imagination, too. Not for everyone, but a treat for some!
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Same Story Same House....Same Blood?
drklabs25 October 2011
Watchable ,for a low budget film was not that terrible, too dark though enough to produce eye strain , was far better than movies with big stars that suck lately , but there was not too much suspense, was so much predictable, but generally i was felt satisfied about the amount of blood was spended on the film , i think that sadistic thrillers of this kind are more beilivable with unnfamous actors than with big stars , so it was OK to watch but something in the film was not going OK i think the editing of the scenes or the pace it was a little bit confused and made the film a little bit boring but the low budget explains everything also i didn't liked the music ,also the end sucked. If you watch it you don't have anything to lose also you wont feel happy or satisfied after the boring end. 5/5
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Predictable, campy fun
krachtm13 August 2013
The plot: After his car breaks down, a mysterious stranger asks for shelter from a shunned family.

Despite never truly straying from genre conventions, I liked this film. Veteran thriller and horror fans will probably be able to predict the reveals without much difficulty, but it's an enjoyable enough experience getting there, thanks to Patrick Breen's campy performance. The pacing is a bit slow and leisurely, and unanswered questions hang in the air. Never fear; they'll be answered soon enough. The plot is a bit predictable, perhaps, but the characters are fun. As the family interacts with their guest, secrets are revealed and characterization realized. Although it was a bit of a cheesy film, I still liked it. It reminded me of the glory days of slow-paced, atmospheric genre films of the 1970s. The special effects are generally tasteful and inhibited, which may disappoint more hardcore horror fans who expect graphic and over-the-top displays of gore. There are no truly memorable deaths or murders.

It's not a great film by any means, but I still found it enjoyable enough for a low budget genre film. If you're tired of predictable serial killer films that homage The Night of the Hunter (or dislike slow pacing), then I'd say you should skip it. Otherwise, it might be worth a look. Although a 6/10 may be slightly generous, I had very low expectations when I watched it, and it entertained me more than I thought it would.
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