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you should read the book
jeffandchell-956-19277721 January 2011
before jumping to judgment on the development of the friends characters, you should give the book: "the Cinderella pact" by Sarah strohmeyer a read. i think the movie did a good job of staying true to the author's story and what a great story it is. so often you read a great book, then a movie is made and it is nothing like the story. thankfully that was not the case in this instance. while the movie doesn't delve as deeply into the secondary characters lives as the novel, you still see the point that the author was making. it is not being "skinny" that empowers these women; it is the bond of their friendship and the self-confidence that they build in one another. we should all be so lucky as to have friends like deb and nancy.
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Lying to Be Perfect-To tell the Truth-It's Far From It **
edwagreen9 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
A golden opportunity was missed in this 2010 film. We have a possibly interesting premise where 3 heavy ladies vow to lose weight. A much better tale would have been to show how the weight loss affected their lives afterward. One woman would leave her husband but this is only barely spoken about. Another, tells her boss off vowing to file a sexual harassment charge. This too should have gone into much more depth.

Instead, we are left with a story where 2 people who meet don't really tell the truth about themselves. One is an assistant writer who has privately written a book under another name giving advice and the man she meets supposedly works on computer chips until it's determined that he is really the son of the publisher. Big deal.

The whole story is contrived and very uninteresting.
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kotidean3 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I DVR'd this movie after seeing that Poppy Montgomery and Adam Kaufman (real-life couple) were playing main characters.

I thought the acting was decent. To disagree with the previous reviewer, I found the leads to be engaging and likable. Poppy Montgomery was convincing as both the overweight character in the first half and the newly thin character in the second. Could they have cast a heavier actress to be more authentic? Sure. But wouldn't have have required major weight loss in a short amount of time for said actress? And wouldn't there still be complaints about forcing actresses to be thin? Adam Kaufman played the "cute boy with something mysterious going on" role very well. When you watch a movie on Lifetime, that's all you can ask for.

I could have done without the annoying boss at Shine. She really was annoying, which I suppose was the point. For me, those scenes were the hardest to sit through.

I enjoyed this movie. The conversations between friends were natural, and the topics were real and typical. I thought the romantic leads played off each other nicely. They were believable.
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Definitely a girls' film
robert-temple-111 January 2015
This charming film, of little interest to men but of considerable interest to women and girls, succeeds because of the charming personality of its star, Poppy Montgomery. She is so impressive in the TV series UNFORGETTABLE that I decided to order a DVD of something else to see what she was like when not being a memory expert. So this arrived, under the film's original title Cinderella PACT (a phrase used throughout the film, and hence the more appropriate title). The story is simple: three women who are close friends are very overweight, one of them being even extremely fat. They all suffer from low self-esteem and are inattentive towards their appearance, especially Poppy, whose mouth gets smeared with the icing when she eats a doughnut, and she doesn't even notice. So they make a pact to lose weight together. All three of the actresses start the film with immense padding around their bodies to simulate being fat. It does not really matter that we can readily see that it is all false padding, because this film is essentially a fairytale, where reality rarely comes into it. Without Poppy Montgomery this film probably would have been a failure. It needed and got a star who is so compulsively watchable that we can ignore the silliness and just watch her reactions and wonder what she is going to say or do next. For those not familiar with her, she is like a much warmer, more affectionate and childlike version of Sandra Bullock. But she can also be entirely convincing as someone of high intelligence. That's it, she's extremely intelligent but never really grew up. The love interest for Poppy was very well cast, with Adam Kaufman. He is good-looking, but his main appeal is that he is so nice. Girls often prefer nice guys to hunks, so Poppy's falling for him is no surprise. The film is a kind of romcom, but with the comedy down-played in favour of girlish angst. Men will be impatient watching all that fussy female obsessing with their appearance, but girls will be girls and we had better just accept it if we can't change it. The film was directed by the Canadian director Gary Harvey, who does a good job. The sub-plot turns out to be the main plot, namely that Poppy has invented an imaginary persona, an agony aunt called Belinda Apple (who gets to the 'core' of problems), and her book of advice to women and girls becomes a potential best-seller but causes the dilemma of Poppy not being able to appear at the press launch because Belinda does not really exist. It's all good fun for those who are either female or enjoy observing females in all of their many neuroses, to see how they cope with what seem to them to be really serious problems but which to us men often appear to be trivial issues. If women only would realize that men do not want them to be waif models and do not want them to become anorexic! But try and tell that to a girl!
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Women in fat suits
HallmarkMovieBuff13 November 2011
While watching this movie, I heard the term "Cinderella Pact" so often that I wondered why that wasn't the film's title. As it turns out, that is the title of the book on which the film is based. But since the book's title is so much better than the one that the movie wound up with -- after all, this is a variation on the age-old Cinderella story -- why *was* the title changed? Did the author disown the movie, or what?

It's hard to complain that more "weight-appropriate" actresses weren't hired to play the three members of the Cinderella Pact because, honestly, how else could they have lost the weight called for in the script without stretching the filming out long enough to break the budget?

To me, the best things in this work are 1) "Cinderella's" gown and slippers, and 2) my discovery of Chelah Horsdal, who plays her best friend.

In closing, I have but one question: has our heroine, who after all is a writer by trade, never heard the term "nom de plume"? Watch the movie to the end, and you'll understand why I ask.
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Almost an exact copy of Confessions Of A Shopaholic
FyahFyah6 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I was kind of surprised that no one here has mentioned how similar the storyline is to that of Confessions Of A Shopaholic. Both the main characters are column-writers who pretend to be something they're not, be it a financial expert while having financial troubles or a weight-loss guru while being fat, and in both cases the secret comes out in the end. Then again, I guess not many people have actually seen this movie. Myself, I only saw it because it was part of a 5 movies for €5,- action at the supermarket. Still, if you're not looking for a movie with a great, original storyline, it's good entertainment.

Watch while consuming massive amounts of junk food ;)
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