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Annie Wilson: Dad, you are not going tell any stupid jokes during dinner.

Harry Wilson: When you say "stupid", you mean "hilarious", right?

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Harry Wilson: Annie, we don't think you should see Jasper anymore.

Annie Wilson: You don't think I "should"?

Harry Wilson: No, you shouldn't.

Debbie Wilson: I know you don't agree on this, but we want what's best for you. We're doing this for your best intrests.

Annie Wilson: Is it because of that stupid rumor that Navid told Dixon that Jasper is a drug dealer? You really believe that?

Harry Wilson: Obviously that concerns us. We know Navid. We trust him.

Annie Wilson: But it's a lie!

Debbie Wilson: It's more than just the rumor. Jasper is just so... odd.

Annie Wilson: How can you say that? You don't even know him.

Debbie Wilson: Well for one thing, he doesn't have any friends.

Annie Wilson: That's because all the kids at our school suck!

Harry Wilson: Annie!

Annie Wilson: It's true! Jasper is just a lonely and misunderstood guy who's been shunned by everyone because they don't know him. He's been the victim of rumors and false accusations just like me. He's someone I can relate to. After everyone at school, including Dixon, turned their backs on me, Jasper is the only one who's been there for me. He's the only one I feel comfortable around.

Debbie Wilson: Annie, you're not yourself when you're around Jasper. You're nothing like him. You're not an outcast, or a loner, or a rebel.

Annie Wilson: You're wrong! You have no idea who I am anymore!

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