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Season 2

15 Nov. 2010
The New Me
Miranda makes an effort to get over Gary's departure to Hong Kong by reinventing herself as a more worldly, sophisticated woman, which is not easy, as her mother has moved in with her. After two misunderstandings, which find her accidentally working in a big store's bedding department and ending up with a goat in the flat, she meets handsome American Danny, who gives her a big kiss in public - just as Gary returns from Hong Kong to witness it.
22 Nov. 2010
Before I Die
Danny has gone and Miranda is asked by Gary's awful friends Chris and Alison to be godmother to their unborn child. She attends a funeral, unaware of who's in the box, which makes it hard when she is asked to give a eulogy, but she comes to see that she has never done anything good, to make her remembered at her own funeral, so she reads to the elderly and to children and signs up for a sponsored parachute jump, all to seemingly little purpose. However this ultimately proves to make her very popular at a charity party given by her mother, which comes in handy since ...
29 Nov. 2010
Let's Do It
At last Miranda seems to be getting somewhere with Gary but their attempts to snatch a romantic moment are constantly thwarted. Miranda's friend Tilly is due to marry handsome soldier Rupert but he starts to come on to Miranda, as does the obnoxious 'Dreamboat' Charlie. Consequently Miranda ends up with three near naked men hiding in her flat, prompting her to liken things to a French farce.
6 Dec. 2010
A New Low
Miranda and Stevie compete to be best friends with 22 year old Tamara from Hong Kong, the new waitress at the bistro. However after a night of clubbing they have trouble staying awake next day. To make it worse Miranda finds that Gary 'married' Tamara to get her a green card, though after she has moved on she leaves a very revealing parting gift.
13 Dec. 2010
Just Act Normal
Following a bizarre misunderstanding with an ice cream van and a school party Miranda is ordered by police to take a psychiatric assessment, accompanied by her mother Penny. Despite Penny's advice that she just 'act normal' Miranda wreaks havoc in the shrink's office, argues with her mother and ends up assessing the psychiatrist before accidentally triggering a hostage situation.
20 Dec. 2010
The Perfect Christmas
Despite affording the opportunity to meet a hunky doctor, Miranda's excessively jolly parents' pre-Christmas party is as embarrassing as ever so she plans to spend the big day at home with Tilly, Stevie, Clive and Gary. However, when the parcels firm fail to deliver her presents and the guests fall out, the prospect of Christmas with the parents seems strangely inviting.

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