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9 Nov. 2009
Miranda is so tall that delivery men to the joke shop she owns frequently mistake her for a man. Penny, her mother, is desperate to marry her off. Then the gorgeous Gary, an old friend who has been abroad but is now working as the chef in the cafe next to the shop, asks her out. Miranda pulls all the stops out to look her most glamorous - but only succeeds in frightening the poor lad away.
16 Nov. 2009
Miranda wants to create a romantic moment between herself and Gary. Flat-mate Stevie thinks a knowledge of French might help and takes her to her French class. The tutor - who cops off with Stevie - turns out to be Miranda's old school teacher and Miranda gets stuck in a chair. Tango lessons seem more promising but Miranda loses Gary to the instructress and, just as the couple are getting cosy during a cookery lesson in the flat, the moment is ruined by the arrival of friends and family.
23 Nov. 2009
When Miranda's school friend Tilly gets a promotion, Penny, not to be outdone, puts it about that Miranda also has a great new career. This leads to an awkward interview with Evergreens department store which ends with Miranda standing on the table performing 'The Greatest love of All' to a stunned interview panel. Worse follows when, due to a misunderstanding, people think she had a wee in the ball pool at the staff gym, though, on the plus side, Gary does, literally, sweep her off her feet.
30 Nov. 2009
Miranda cannot be bothered with all the hassle of foreign travel so, telling everybody she is off to Thailand, she books into a local hotel. However she is rumbled, first by her mother when she goes home for more clothes and then by Gary's boss Clive, who turns up as her escort. There is compensation when she is mistaken for a high-flying conference attendee called Amanda and hits it off with the organizer, but when the real Amanda shows up there is nothing for it but to climb out of the nearest window.
7 Dec. 2009
To stop her mother organizing a Pride and Prejudice themed party to find her a beau Miranda agrees to a blind date with Tilly's friend Dreamboat Charlie, but he is a total bore and so the date is off and the party on again. Miranda's excuse is to claim she is gay but then it becomes a Coming Out party. She does meet a handsome young man but as soon as he opens his mouth any hopes of a relationship are doomed.
14 Dec. 2009
Miranda has been invited to Henley Regatta and her mother gives her tips on how not to disgrace herself. However, Miranda has more pressing concerns, such as competing with Stevie for a date with handsome, dog-loving customer Robert Husband and trying to talk Gary out of leaving to work in Hong Kong.

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