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Enjoyed it for the vertigo
greggman3 September 2022
The movie did one thing very well and that is make me feel vertigo. Reading some of the other reviews here I guess if you're a climber than you'll find it unbelievable. Me, I don't get climbing. Regardless of how unrealistic the movie is people do fall to their death and/or get seriously hurt so the risk is there and I felt it in this movie.

I did find the instagram/youtube stuff annoying but wasn't that the entire point, to be annoyed that Shiloh would take such risks just for clicks? On the other hand, once you start getting paid you might be tempted to take it up a notch.

One thing I didn't get, maybe I missed it, is why they didn't try a lineman's pole style to get down. Still, that didn't take away from the thrill.
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I said "nope" more watching Fall, than the actual movie Nope
Top_Dawg_Critic2 September 2022
I really don't have a fear of heights, but this film sure made me realize that I just wasn't high enough to get scared. Co-writer, producer and director Scott Mann did a superb job filming this smart little thriller so well, I got vertigo, dizzy and an upset stomach in some scenes. Don't get me started on my constant anxiety and elevated blood pressure watching this. It's constant edge of your seat moments with great cinematography and special effects, that you'll actually feel like you're stuck up there with them.

The writing was tight and cohesive with excellent character development that helped in the suspenseful scenes. The few twists and turns were well led up-to and perfectly executed, albeit somewhat predictable. The 107 min runtime flew by with the spot-on pacing. Casting and performances were convincing all around.

My biggest issue was the poor sound editing; towards the end, the score is so loud and overbearing, it muffles the actors dialogue. Aside from that and a few plot and technical issues, this is one of the better survival films I've seen in a long time. It's a well deserved 8/10 from me.
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Hard To Watch
forthetollferry13 August 2022
This movie was rather hard to watch, not because of the direction or acting, but just because of the sheer intensity of the story. It's not for the weak of heart. I wanted to look away several times rather than see what was going to happen. It's a pretty decent film, just know that if you're squeamish or acrophobic at all, you're probably going to be on the edge of your seat the whole time, probably not feeling too comfortable at times.
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Nice curve balls
josephjanz13 August 2022
My palms were sweaty even after the movie was over. This movie was very predictable and you get what you expect just from the trailer. But this is still a terrifying fun film. There are a couple of curve balls thrown at you that I really appreciated. Very fun to watch!
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Tense anxiety and great thrills!
natashialw12 August 2022
8/10! If you enjoyed the movie The Shallows with Blake Lively this is essentially the same vibes but instead of out in the water with the shark you are 2,000 feet up high stranded with vultures. Great acting, story and feels with this one and a major shocker for me I didn't see coming. Had a good ending to, I def recommend it!
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Best movie ever
TheOtherMovieGuy5 September 2022
I am a passionate climber and I love to watch any movie that contains climbing scenes. And boy! This movie does not disappoint! This is movie Gold.

The first climbing scene on the sandstone cliff face was totally realistic; climbing side-by-side on multi-pitch ascents is exactly what all awseome climbers do. None of those established commands like 'Safe', 'On-belay', or 'Climbing' and other crap. Safety weakens the mind !! I spent a lot of time studying their climbing style to assess their techniques. As I was watching it became clear that these "Masters of the Indoor Wall" had taken all their climbing lessons from watching films like "vertical limit" and "cliff hanger" because their technique was flawless. Did I mention the girls' super human strength? The way they managed to brake their climbing mate's surprise fall by simply grabbing - with one hand - a pole while standing on tiny platform is totally realistic. I should know because I do that all the time. Just like I always unlock my carabiner and unhook myself from the rope with one arm while suspended and hanging freely in the rope.

Guys, this is a must see film.

In fact they should take the best elements from this movie and make it into an instruction video for aspiring climbing instructors. They can call the video "how to safely crater into the desert floor" (I hereby waive any royalty claims for that suggestion).

If this doesn't win Oscars and awards for movie realism, I'll be profoundly disappointed. Finally I want everyone to recognize true expertise which is often forgotten: The technical advisors they used for the climbing scenes did a stellar job and are probably receiving sooooo many calls right now from directors who are fighting tooth and nail to get them to join their projects.

That's it. My review is done. I off to free-solo the Nose. After having watched this awesome instruction film, how hard can it be? Right?
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Had me sweating in the bulk of it and has nice eye candy
UniqueParticle31 August 2022
This movie caught me off guard I didn't expect to love it a lot! Has some minor flaws but overall the good stuff out weighs big time. Starts off kinda like Vertical Limit with some climbing up a rock mountain that is quite riskiness, little later best friend Hunter invites her friend to an epic excursion to the the radio tower 6 hours away from civilization. Fall is really well filmed and true pleasant surprise that keeps you engaged throughout. It's unnerving, suspenseful, beautiful all around, and perfectly thrilling! I'm glad I chose to see this after being sick for several weeks well worth it.

I don't understand what's wrong with my review but this movie is so enjoyable and would highly recommend!!
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Genuinely Palm Sweaty Stuff
adrian-m-miller2 September 2022
Even as someone who has done some climbing (in their youth) this had me with sweaty palms at the quite good camerawork.

The leads werent the usual annoying cliche and i wasnt waiting for either to die, in fact i was particularly hoping the blonde character with the impressive chest would make it to the end of the film....because bewbs, and dont judge me the character herself made them a focus....

Some great and clever curve balls thrown in showing good use of a single location drama. Well thought out and kudos to whoever came up with the concept

Came for the suspense, stayed for the suspense (and bewbs)

Way better than expected.

Stomach finally settled 10 minutes after the film finished....
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Fall Into Surprising Thrills, Acting Chills, and Stupidity That Ills
rgkarim12 August 2022

Fast Runtime: With a lot of experimental films, directors sometimes lose their ability to tell the story in a short amount of time and go to the three hour mark. Fortunately, Fall is not one of those films, doing very well to handle the entire ordeal in rough 84 minutes. The pacing is decent, finding good ways to utilize the moment to get character development while also keeping the suspenseful element strong. It's a nice mixture of the two elements and helps bring at least decent representation of both thrills and drama spills.

Great Musical Score: This movie is one of those where music really makes a difference at those key elements. Fall may not have the biggest or most unique track list, but it utilizes the limited song title quite well to really add the finesse and inspiration these scores do. Cherry Pie as a casual rock out moment and then as an inspiration cheer was quite fun and a good connecting point. While orchestral scores make up those killer finishing shots that are amazing across the board. There is not much I can say pass this, but perhaps Fall will at least make you want to listen to the 80s song again.

Message Is Powerful: So many movies these days are about delivering that gigantic message to hopefully inspire the "change" that we all "need." Fall has a couple of deep messages that do well to display some important topics, and most of them are pretty good. There is some trauma, no surprise right as these movies go, and how to handle these moments or at least the mindset some face, is decently glimpses in this film. Other moments like facing the fears, the will to survive, and pushing yourself are very big in this film, and there is surprising wisdom and class in the dialogue and filming to really show this message. It's target audience in particular should be inspired the most and find the words in particular worthy of being on your social media quotes.

Acting Is Good: This movie heavily focuses on two characters and the actresses are the ones to hold much of the attention of the film. Let's get this out of the way, they are very attractive, one the bosom blonde with that fiery energy, the other one delicate gorgeous and sensitive. With those superficial components out of the way, the girls are very good at displaying the qualities you need for this very focused movie. Morgan, for what little he is in it, does well with his time, and manages to deliver his few lines with fantastic abilities. Gardner is vibrant and playing the typical thriller type woman you see in these films. She's bold, she brings the one liners and meme looks that modern generations love, and of course representing the new generation of humans. She's bold, she talks a lot, and yet has some deeper layers that come out as the film progresses to help break the superficial mirror a bit. Yet it's Currey who claims my vote for best acting. As Becky, she really brings so many qualities that I grasped onto, her story deeper, more developed, and more realistic to help round out the character. Most of her acting is solid and sincere, and was the character that annoyed me the least with the direction that they took. Well done!

The Makeup: You can guess that trouble does eventually ensue if you have seen the trailers, which means the potential to suffer from the consequences. Fall is all about making the suffering look real, the make-up and effects solid as the girls gradually look dehydrated, exhausted and exposed to the element. It adds that suspense and experience effect, really selling to me just how miserable something like this would be if it happened. And when other things happen, they pull out some impressive tricks to make it believable.

Great Presentation: I can't say much about this, but let's just say that this presentation was solid for telling the story they wanted. Fall does a great job of laying out the story, and plotting out gradual transition of this journey, bringing things into a gradual build up to again help keep that attempt at suspense going. It is mostly very natural, and the editing solid to deliver so much in such a short amount of time. And when the climax hits, all the effects come together to finish the thrill ride in that last drop.

The Cinematography: My favorite part of the whole movie, the cinematography is key to what makes this movie the spectacle it is. This film really pulled a lot of tricks to make the tower look as foreboding as it should be. MacGregor finds all the right angle to get the scene going, from upward shots of the tower, to the angles looking down the valley below to establish the magnitude of the climb. Then he takes it one step further finding the perfect shot to continue showing everything the girls are experiencing including: close ups of them really struggling, the dynamic angle changes as they dangle from ropes and the fleeting shots as they try to solve their predicaments. For so many movie pieces, MacGregor, and the editing team afterwards, really brings it all together to give you the Thriller element without the shaky camera. And then there are other moments I can't share that help immerse me into the movie, helping give that overall picture of what they are doing. I can't say much more, so let's move to my limitations for this movie.


More Morgan: Let's face it. He's a top billed actor and there is more we could have done with the talent that Morgan can bring. Whether more time at the beginning, more integration into the other's life, or even shots of him trying to find them would have been welcome. These moments would have integrated the story a little better, and brought that extra angle to help the solution be a little more realistic than what they did. Though, the solution is definitely unique.

More Story Needed: There were so many avenues to explore for the two girls being on the tower as long as they were. Fall had a very big opportunity to utilize the secrets they were holding and gradually reveal how deep the rabbit hole went. While from a time sake they hit the highlights, from another element they skimped on helping further explore the motifs they were trying to present. Having Morgan's character involved could have given even more to give these girls the best depth possible.

Animal Cruelty I did not Need to See: Animal cruelty is potentially something I do not like to see. I can handle if it has a purpose, and for one of them it did work for the sake of the story. However, an early scene showed something I don't enjoy seeing and could have been edited out or done a different way. Does it accomplish the horror, foreshadowing, and mood to come? Yep, but again, it crosses a line for me.

Some In your Face Dialogue That's Cheesy: One thing that modern writers seem to have to do is rub the dialogue in your face to prove the point. Much of the dialogue was either okay or good, but there are other moments, particularly at the beginning, and some of Hunter's dialogue, that is really grueling. Like out of a book of Full House, the "inspirational" comes out a bit cheesy and I was just waiting for the actions to finally prove what the words could not do for me. I don't know if it was the writing, the direction, or the acting, perhaps all three, but those in your face moments did not work for me. Again, I think the target audience in this aspect will love it, enjoying the theatrics that really blow it up. But goers like me, may pray for something better and just bite their tongues to get by it.

Stupidity and Suspense of Disbelief Get A Little Out of Hand: One thing that is tough to avoid in these movies, is the various actions that occur to get the characters into the mess. Champion thrillers for me, are the ones that know how to craft it organically, but Fall's case follows the trend of our characters being stupid. The level of stupidity is kind of extreme, a bit insulting given the lessons they already learned. I mean climbing a rusted, banned tower for thrills... really that is the plot. Then as things progress, you see just how poor one of the characters is, and how stupid they seem to selectively be to push them to have to MacGyver up some quick fix solutions. Those moments are kind of too much for me, and could have changed the movie big time if they had just taken their own advice to save them trouble. And, the series of unfortunate events that happens gets a little ridiculous at times to the point of the stroke of bad luck being a tad too much. It hits comic relief and helps drag out the thrills, but at times I was like, I just predicted that would happen and you did it. This adds more cheese factor to the movie and was probably the biggest frustration of the film for me.


Fall was a bit deeper than I had anticipated from the trailers and cast. It blends elements of other thriller films in this category, and expands past the sorority girl motif to give us better characters. The messages are strong, the presentation and layout linear and decently paced, with acting that helps craft a better quality situation than what we got. Of course it's the visual and sound effects, including music, that really make the movie as intense as it is, with a fantastic blend of shots edited together to stir up any acrophobia you might have. With all the good, the movie needed ironically a little more time to fully flesh out the characters, alongside adding more time with Morgan's character as well. Fall's biggest limitation for me though is the cheese factor and how stupid the movie went sometimes. While some of the idiocy is relieved, there are other times where the lack of logic is mind blowing given the plan they had mentioned five seconds before it. Overall though, worthy of a theater visit for the effects, while definitely a recommendation to watch at home.

My scores are:

Thriller: 7.0 Movie Overall 6.0.
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Great thriller
masonsaul7 September 2022
Fall is great, a tight 100 minute thriller that's constantly engaging and gets as much as tension out of it's simple premise as humanly possible that's only brought down by a predictable twist but does balance it out with a smarter one.

Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner are both terrific, carrying the whole film with their believable chemistry and genuine care for each other as things consistently go wrong. Even though he's only in a couple of scenes, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is still good.

Scott Mann's direction is fantastic, there's a constant focus on little details to heighten the tension and MacGregor's cinematography adds a palpable sense of vertigo. The special effects are extremely impressive, especially considering the small budget and the music by Tim Despic is suitably epic.
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My feet were swetting literally!!!
caelum-natura9 September 2022
Now this is how you make a movie. No flying cars, no Diesel's or Rocks in flying cars, but keeps you on the edge of your seat. What a movie.

Shots bring vertigo to you seat. Story is simple psychology, but works. The director didn't lose time for nonsense. This is how you make a razor sharp tension. My goodnes, my feet were loterally swetting at some scenes, I couldn't sit still. Woow, just woow from my side. I respect good movie making. This was it. Blondy is not average actress but is sexy girl, brunette has everything. Acting, looks and emotion.

Loved this movie tho few moments are quite sad.
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Quick thriller, cool plot twist
welhof11 December 2022
This film had a pretty cool premise. Two girls who love climbing get stuck on a tower 2000 feet up. It sounds believable I guess. There are of course the things you think that you would have done differently but if you dwell on them you won't enjoy the movie.

My main gripe were the two girls they casted for the roles. They were just not believable at all. They weren't bad actors, just didn't fit that role. They would be more suited for a comedy or romantic film.

There was a plot twist towards the end that I didn't see coming. You question a few actions of one of the characters but then it makes sense.

Again not a bad little flick!
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Fasten Up (or down)...
Xstal1 September 2022
This will have you on the ledge of your seat, as two girls ascend over 2000 feet, up a radio tower, I felt myself cower, and repeatedly shout 'Don't do it!". As you'd expect, things soon go awry, especially as they can't fly, the structures decayed, weathered, beaten and frayed, and they're stranded with only the sky (and a vulture or two).

It's a film, an entertaining film, not a documentary, and it's extremely engaging, especially if you're a little wary of heights, or perhaps occasionally wake in the middle of the night just before you hit the ground. Two brilliant performances, leaves you wondering what you might do in similar circumstances - that's after you've resolved why or how you would be in that position in the first instance.
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If you like your disaster/thriller films, this will be exactly as you expect. Predictable journey but an entertaining one despite the lack of technical prowess
mickman91-16 September 2022
Extremely predictable and a survival /disaster film which literally paints by numbers with all of the tropes it almost feels like a parody film at times. But at the end of the day you spend 90 mins with 2 girls at a stupidly dangerous height and go through the emotional ups and downs with them of finding hope and then losing it again. And it is presented to us in all the ways we would wish for: suspense, fear, danger, fun. So if you enjoy your disaster movies then this will be well worth and evening for you, despite the lack of technical prowess.

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Better Than Expected - 7 stars
jp-483582 October 2022
I really had no expectations when I decided to watch this movie but aside from some of the usual predictable moments and boneheaded decisions by the two main characters, I actually enjoyed it. For me that was due to a few observations: 1) there were a few small twists in the plot which was a pleasant surprise especially in this type of movie genre and 2) the camera work/cgi effects which looked quite realistic and really gave you a sense of the height with a little vertigo feeling to boot. If you like this type of movie and don't suffer from major vertigo, this one is definitely worth a watch!
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Pucker up.
ryandgudgeon12 August 2022
If this movie does one thing well, it's building tension. There was times I was on the edge of my seat, clinched and sweaty, just imagining being up on that tower myself.

This is far from a, what I would call, a "critically good" movie. The visuals aren't top notch, especially in the beginning, but becomes more forgivable after the first scene, some of the dialogue and actions of the characters might make you scratch your head, and there are some major plot points that some might find to be predictable. The ending does feel pretty abrupt and I feel like we missed a couple good scenes on the cutting room floor in favor of run time.

All that being said, if you're a huge fan of survival thriller movies in the vein of 47 Meters Down, Frozen, etc. You would certainly have a good time with this flick. It does an excellent job of keeping you on edge throughout the whole movie, which is quite a feat, and something I haven't felt in a theater in awhile. It certainly has its flaws but it entertains remarkably well.
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Sweaty palms alright
msn66493 September 2022
I kept asking myself why I watched this. It's so scary my hands were very sweaty, I couldn't believe it. Nothing has ever given me that reaction. They did an excellent job of filming for maximum fright effect. Don't watch if you have a weak heart or something. So a 15/10 stars for horror and seven for the whole movie. 600 characters?.........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
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would be an injustice
A_Different_Drummer11 September 2022
... to call this an old fashioned thriller, as some have done. There is nothing old fashioned about it. Hitchcock, who actually did a hit movie called VERTIGO, took over an hour to let the audience have just a small taste of what the movie was about. Here, 20 mins into this film, the viewer is right up there with the girls, feeling every gust of wind and every shake. That is a serious accomplishment and deserves to be acknowledged. ((Designated "IMDb Top Reviewer." Please check out my list "167+ Nearly-Perfect Movies (with the occasional Anime or TV miniseries) you can/should see again and again (1932 to the present))
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Good survival movie..!!
kamalbeeee15 September 2022
Two girls trapped in very tall antenna and look for help.. At starting one of the girl's boy friend died by an accident when claim the mountain.. Later she tried to commit suicide but her friend motivate to climb a tower for divert her suicide thoughts... Good screenplay and photography.. Must watch in theatres to feel realistic.. Must watch thriller...!

Two girls trapped in very tall antenna and look for help.. At starting one of the girl's boy friend died by an accident when claim the mountain.. Later she tried to commit suicide but her friend motivate to climb a tower for divert her suicide thoughts... Good screenplay and photography.. Must watch in theatres to feel realistic..
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Good thriller
8512223 December 2022
Greetings from Lithuania.

"Fall" (2022) is a fast paced, good guilty pleasure - a B movie done good. As a one who is scared of heights, i really enjoyed this movie set up, premise and superb execution. The scenes "up there", cinematography were superb. Editing was good, but maybe a bit too much quick cuts here and there. Acting was solid, but no Oscars will shine here. Directing was good, because at almost 1 h 45 min i enjoyed the whole ride, even seeing that this movie ripped scenes from many others.

Overall, "Fall" is a descent flick which will do it job on a boring evening. For those who are afraid of heights - strongly recommended!
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Vertiginous thrills.
BA_Harrison30 August 2022
Fall is another survival thriller/horror along the lines of Frozen, The Shallows, Open Water and 47 Meters Down, this time seeing its central characters, adrenaline junkies Becky Connor (Grace Caroline Currey) and Shiloh Hunter (Virginia Gardner), becoming trapped on the top of a 2000ft tall tower in the desert after the structure's rusty old ladder collapses. Having told no-one of their whereabouts (which is bloody irresponsible of them), they must try to use their wits and courage to find a way down.

The film starts off great, with a tense Cliffhanger-style opening on a rock-face that results in the death of Becky's husband Dan (Mason Gooding). A year later, Becky is depressed and feeling suicidal, so Hunter decides to make her friend confront her fears and embrace life -- by climbing up a rickety old communications tower in the middle of nowhere. The climb up is nail-biting stuff, as it it clear to the viewer that the tower wouldn't pass any building regulations, nuts and bolts shaking loose as they ascend.

Once the girls are at the top, director Scott Mann cranks up the tension even further by having Hunter and Becky pose for photographs by hanging from the ledge by their fingertips. This is not a film for those who suffer from vertigo (or perhaps it is!). It is when the pair decide to descend that trouble strikes, those pesky bolts finally coming free, causing the only means of descent to come crashing down to the ground. So far, so fun.

The rest of the film sees the girls trying different ways to attract attention (by lowering a phone to get a signal, throwing things off the tower, firing an emergency flare gun, and using their drone to carry a message to a nearby diner). They also have to try and retrieve a back pack that contains useful items and much needed water, and fend off hungry vultures, which leads to some more nail-biting action.

Unfortunately, a lot of the time is spent with the pair just standing or sitting on the tower chatting, which is where the film tends to drag a bit. A movie like this needs to maintain the high level of anxiety for it to be wholly effective. A sub-plot about Hunter having had a secret affair with Dan also feels unecessary (and I am sure I have seen this same idea recently in a similar film -- I just can't recall where).

I think that shaving off about 20 minutes from the 1hr 47minutes runtime would result in a far more satisfying and taut movie, but even so, Fall is still an enjoyable addition to the sub-genre and recommended viewing to anyone who entertains the crazy notion that dangling from a precipice for social media clicks is a great idea.

6.5/10, rounded up to 7 for iMDb.
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Goosebumps all the way
Luv2Spooge2 September 2022
I didn't think much of it in the trailer, but when you actually watch the movie... it's chilling. Perhaps made worse because I have a fear of heights.

It's very well made and goes along the lines of movies like The Shallow, 47 Meters Down, Horizon Line, etc... don't expect too much in sense of plot element and story, but just enjoy the ride. It keeps you at the edge of your seat.

Camera work is excellent, production value is great, some boring drama talking parts I don't care for, could do without the pee part, etc... But everything else is exactly what you expect from a short thriller. Oh and Neegan is just bonus.

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It would be a 10 if i hadn't seen the trailer before...
bluetzin10 September 2022
Yes.. it was unrealistic... and yes it was kind of static but who cares... The storyline was good... and it escalated in a perfect way increasing anguish and interest every single minute... the direction was stunning and intense. The twist took off the movie in a level higher from the tower.. Well done guys... this is literally what i ask from a thriller or a survival movie...decent acting... and sitting at the edge of my seat.. The only thing i regret is watching the trailer... cause i lost some chills from some scenes because i already knew what was coming.. and to be honest i felt i lost every cool moment when the trailer is over but thank God.. there was more... watch it... you'll have a great time. Not boring at all! 9 from a Greek Fan!
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Overlong but tense and compelling
benjaminskylerhill12 August 2022
From a plot standpoint, Fall bears striking similarity to another film from this year, The Ledge. But in most respects, Fall is a far superior film.

For one thing, the visual effects and backgrounds in Fall are remarkably convincing. I wasn't afraid of heights before this film, but my throat dropped into my gut many times as the perilous situation unfolded.

The performances in Fall add to the authenticity as these two actresses really do feel like best friends who care about each other. I believed that they cared, and that made me care.

Makeup is also an element that they succeeded at here; as the days tick by and the girls have no food or water, they really do look like they're on the brink of death. And it's brutal to see.

Contained thrillers are very difficult to write because there is only so much one can do to keep up both stakes and emotional investment in one setting. For the most part, this film succeeds. Drama between the girls unfolds in a sometimes heartbreaking, believable way and the times when they try to save themselves from their dire predicament are always tensely executed.

What really didn't work for me was the implausibility of the girls' occasional obliviousness. Given how many days they are sitting in the same place, stuck, it's insane how long it takes for them to come up with some solutions to their present danger, and how many solutions there are that they don't come up with.

But I can overlook most of this. After all, people are flawed, and judgment is skewed in the face of danger. These aren't plot holes; they're just writing conveniences that at times annoyed me personally.

Still, the film is so well-acted, well-shot, well-paced, and compelling from a character perspective that I am thoroughly impressed with this as a contained thriller. It's one of the better thrillers we've gotten this year.
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Damn tough
FattyBoomBatty26 September 2022
Our gals are so tough, if they had been Brits, Ozzie's or Europeans they would have been all roped up, with namby-pamby safety equipment, but no, our gals can shimmy up a 2000ft tower with just 15ft of string, in case things go pear shaped. Fortunately they were well dressed for the occasion in case the weather took a turn for the worse - I mean rad maaan. It is a real lesson in climbing. So watch and learn kids. Nevermind being tormented by demon local wildlife, 'cos all animals are bad, right, and having to unplug a 60watt light bulb that fends off low flying aircraft in thick cloud to charge their drone, these girls are stoked and know what they are doing. With films like this we can't fail to make America great again. I haven't laughed so much in years.

Highly recommended.
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