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Season 1

24 Mar. 2010
Prepare for Take-Off
Four Virgin America flight attendants, Mandy, Tasha, Louise, and Farrah, get a new roommate Nikole. While working a promotional event, Mandy has a fight with Nikole over past issues making her rethink their new living arrangement. Louise meets an "In Flight Boyfriend"' on the plane. When she goes to his party, she realizes dating isn't easy as she thought. Tasha is missing her son, Taevon.
31 Mar. 2010
Turbulent Relationships
After a blowup at the house, Tasha and Nikole are forced to work a huge charity event together. During a New York layover, Mandy meets up with her crush, Avir, an up and coming rock star. Mandy admits her feelings for him and leaves New York broken hearted. Farrah visits her younger sister in Brooklyn and realizes her biological clock is ticking
7 Apr. 2010
Rocking the Boat
Mandy tries to make peace with Nikole by inviting her to a friends exclusive yacht party. Nikole tries to balance her new relationship with the girls and her boyfriend Jon. Louise tries to prove to her judgmental sister that her lifestyle is respectable. The yacht party of the year turns into a day they all wish they could forget.
14 Apr. 2010
Destination: Sin City
It's Tasha's birthday and the girls surprise her with a trip to Vegas. Tasha secretly invites booty call to join the party and Nikole cheats on her boyfriend. The next morning Nikole confronts Tasha and the two have a blow out fight. Farrah cuts the Vegas trip short when she gets the call from corporate to interview for a promotion within the airline.
21 Apr. 2010
Cabin Pressure
Tasha blames Farrah for getting in trouble with corporate after she behaves inappropriately on a flight. Nikole feeling isolated culminates at a Snoop Dogg albumnrelease party. She turns to her brother for advice and reveals deep unresolved issues from her past. Mandy visits Avir in New York and is caught off guard when he asks her to move there to be with him.
28 Apr. 2010
High Expectations
Louise attends a family dinner and learns that her sister Yung has been spreading nasty rumors about her lifestyle. The family pressures Louise to change her life and settle down. While celebrating their one-year anniversary, Nikole is overwhelmed with guiltrnand confesses to Jon that she kissed another guy at Tasha's birthday party in Vegas. Tasha spends quality time with Taevon.
5 May 2010
The Third Wheel
Jon moves to Los Angeles to work things out with Nikole. During a layover in Miami, Mandy and Louise fall for the same guy, which causes a rift between the best friends. Farrah finds out she did not get the corporate job and is devastated.
5 May 2010
Unexpected Departures
Mandy and Tasha land a coveted spot in Virgin America's national advertising campaign. Farrah shocks the girls and decides to move out of the crash pad. Louise sneaks behind Mandy's back and goes on a romantic ski trip with their mutual crush. Mandy confronts Louise about her lie, which tears their friendship apart. At thirty thousand feet, Jon surprises Nikole with a very big question.

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