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Watching a crime scene
wolverinejmc27 October 2011
Human Centipede 2 is like watching a crime scene. Besides our nasty, degenerate villain in Martin, there is no character development at all. What is on the screen is just violent act after violent act, culminating in a slightly open ending. I was expecting to see some really horrible acts of violence against bodies, and that's exactly what I got. I didn't enjoy it one bit. However, I cannot deny the effect it had upon me. I had to watch the Simpsons for an hour following this film so I could feel normal again. Physically, this is the most disturbing film I've seen. I have seen worse in extreme cinema when you are actually invested in the characters, but that is impossible here. This movie is not for the squeamish at all, in fact a scene or two forced me to turn away and gag slightly. It sucks to admit that as I consider myself a seasoned genre fan, but yeah, certain parts were really freaking gross. Was there any tension? Well the first one elicited a few genuine scares but here, the fear is for what your eyes are going to be subjected to next. Watch at your own risk.
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Sick, disturbing & unsettling.
bayareamike22 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I think Tom Six, the director of this film is apparently not a mentally well individual and probably needs help. Please don't get me wrong, I can enjoy a good horror movie. Devil's Rejects, A Serbian Film, Saw, Hostel, etc. Those kind of movies are a cakewalk (except maybe 'A Serbian Film') compared to this. As hard as I try, I can't even think of a film to compare this to. I have seen the first Human Centipede and was appalled. When Human Centipede 2 came out, I suppose I was curious and wanted to see how Tom could utilize feces for his next 'masterpiece'.

This is a film has very little plot. It is all about feces. Do we really need a movie with feces involved? I know people have fetishes, and Tom Six seems to have a feces fetish (which is fine, I suppose), but why share it with the world? Sure, I could sit here and bash the director, Tom Six, but after researching his background, he seems to get a thrill over peoples reaction to this kind of subject matter, and he isn't afraid to say so. This also confirms his his need of therapy or confinement to a mental institution. If you enjoy watching people forced to consume feces, this film may be right up your alley.

So I ask myself...... Who would finance this kind of vile? What kind of company would distribute this? Who would pull out their checkbook and pay for movie props, actors, camera equipment and rent movie locations for this kind of film? Who is in charge of making the fake fecal matter in the film? That must be a rewarding job. What kind of actor would look at this script and say "Oh yes - I really wan't to be a star in this movie."? How can you look at yourself in the mirror after being an actor/actress in this movie? I have more respect for actors in porno movies.

Think carefully before watching this movie. Because once you watch it, you can't unwatch it.
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How disgusting can a movie be?
sbarden23 October 2011
If you've ever wondered, "how disgusting can a movie be?..." well, this film pretty much answers the question. For what it is - and you probably know more or less what it is, or you wouldn't be reading this - it is fully realized in pretty much every aspect. Casting Harvey was pure genius. He carries the film with his amazing performance. There are plenty of little twists to keep you occupied, some of which are actually humorous in a grotesque way.

The odd thing, though, is that the film really isn't scary. Maybe because Martin is so divorced from reality that he seems incapable of true evil. Rather, he is just driven by a single-minded vision to complete his project. Probably the first real success he's had in his sad, sad life.

The effects are spot-on, and the pacing generally good, although I found it dragged a bit about 2/3 of the way through. However, the brashness and oddness of this film have surely earned it a spot alongside cult classics such as Eraserhead.
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Why Do They Make Movies Like This?
Chris_Pandolfi29 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I detested "The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)," and yet I'm well aware that it was made with me in mind – me and anyone else who thought that last year's "The Human Centipede (First Sequence)" was a disgusting, pointless, morally bankrupt pile of garbage. Writer/director Tom Six made a promise as he was promoting the original film, namely that the sequel would "go full force in graphic details, making part 1 look like My Little Pony"; by living up to that promise in spades, he has given his harshest critics the cinematic equivalent of the one-fingered salute. If you're reading this, Mr. Six, let me be the first to congratulate you on telling me off with such incredible flair. Let me also reassure you that you're absolutely right about people like me. We're not persuaded by the "artistry" or "entertainment value" of torture porn.

I've just been made aware that Six is currently working on a third chapter, which, according to an interview with, he promises will "make the last one look like a Disney film." That's a pretty tall order considering the imagery he subjects us to in this film, including (but not limited to) a man masturbating with sandpaper, people defecating into other people's mouths, and the head of a just-born fetus being crushed under the gas pedal of a car. Incidentally, are these supposed to be symbolic of something? I'm asking this because I tend to overlook symbolism when I'm actively trying to keep myself from vomiting in sheer revulsion. Earlier this year, when I had to endure the wretched "A Serbian Film," a reader happily explained to me the meaning behind a newborn baby being raped, which, I admit, went completely over my head. I expect that same person will tell me how I've failed to see the genius in "The Human Centipede 2."

What a sick, depraved, repugnant movie this is. Why do producers, writers, and directors believe such films need to be made? How is it that they actually gain a following? I'm greatly disturbed by the fact that there's a demand for them. We don't need movies like this in our lives, not even for the purposes of entertainment – which is a funny word to use, because it's inconceivable to me how anyone could possibly find this kind of trash entertaining. If stories like this appeal to you, if you get some kind of dizzy thrill at the sight of degrading, pointless exploitation, you inhabit a world I officially want no part of. There are enough screwed up people in the world without their sadistic perversions being gleefully celebrated in a movie theater.

The film is not a sequel in the strictest sense. Six adopts a metafictional approach, telling the story of a British security guard obsessed with the first "Human Centipede" film. His name is Martin (Laurence R. Harvey). He's short, overweight, asthmatic, and by all accounts, mentally ill. Apart from some groans and a good deal of maniacal laughter, he says not a single word throughout the entire film. He lives with his mother (Vivien Bridson), who verbally berates him at every available opportunity. She blames him for putting her husband in prison, apparently in denial or completely unmindful of the fact that he sexually abused Martin on a regular basis. A psychologist (Bill Hutchens) has frequent sessions with Martin in his living room. Are we supposed to find it funny that this doctor is a pervert who lusts after Martin?

When he's not at home, he's either brooding in his parking garage toll booth or targeting victims. You see, he wants make his own human centipede, only he wants to outdo the Dr. Heiter character and increase the chain from three people to twelve. And so he beats unsuspecting people senseless with a crowbar (how they survive this is anyone's guess), piles them in a van, drives them to a secluded (and conveniently abandoned) warehouse, and leaves them to lie naked in filth and darkness. He lures in Ashlynn Yennie, who played Jenny in "The Human Centipede," by pretending to be Quentin Tarantino's casting agent. We eventually have to endure Martin surgically joining his victims mouth to anus, which in this case involves such needlessly graphic imagery as knives slicing through flesh and vital parts being attached with a staple gun. We then have to bear witness to an ambiguous ending that cheats.

Six's cinematographer, David Meadows, photographs all this in black and white, arguably in the least artistic way possible. Did anyone making this movie honestly believe that, by employing a cinematic device as dreamlike as black and white, the material would somehow be elevated? No amount of technique would have made this movie work. Like the film that preceded it, it shouldn't have been made at all. "The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)" is not only one of the year's worst films, nor is it merely one of the worst movies ever made; it represents all that we as human beings should strive to evolve against. Under no circumstances should we be amused by cruelty, suffering, and exploitation. The sooner we realize this, the sooner we can make that next step.

-- Chris Pandolfi (
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vile, revolting and pointless
skipoc11 October 2015
without a doubt the most tasteless and disgusting film I've ever seen. The first movie at least a semblance of a plot but this crude and nasty "movie" has no plot-it's nothing short of torture porn. The first 30 minutes or so passable but the last third was just revolting. There is no motive other than to show people suffering and being mutilated. I couldn't even watch most of it. Why are people so desperate to work in a movie that they would subject themselves to such degradation? As an actor, there i no amount of money or notoriety that would convince me to do something so horrendous. It's just sick for the sake of being sick. It doesn't even make sense. Martin works in a parking garage to find victims yet no one ever notices his actions or him coming to work covered in blood. Sick, vile and disgusting. The first movie is Citizen Kane compared to this garbage. Tom Six should NEVER be allowed near a computer, a camera or any amount of cash EVER. I would give this minus 10 if allowed.
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Goal Achieved
JonesyDC19 October 2011
The movie was better than I thought it would be. It took me a a few days to get ready to view the movie. I usually watch a movie twice (on-demand), but I could only stomach HC1 once. I had to get into a frame of mind to view this movie and I was correct. HC2 is far more over the top. Lot's of gore and surprises.

I thought the villain in HC1 was a great choice, but the villain in HC2 is off the charts!! I felt pity towards this guy (however brief it was)until he started his re-creation. I hope this guy was acting and not just being himself. I mean I have never seen someone so jacked up. I thought he was going to pass out half the time or have a heart attack. I hope he has a life outside creepy movies.

I was shocked after reading about some of the parts that where cut out. I don't know how much more shock value I could have took, although some of the cut scenes seem to merit a viewing. Which begs the question of why IFC, the benchmark of indie films, would cut anything?

Overall, I liked the movie for what it was,although it must have been a bear to shoot. I have to give props to all the actors in this film. At some points I could see the physical difficulty some of the actors were having with some of the contortions.

Big props to Sixx for shocking me another time!!
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As bad as the fecal matter he forces his victims to excrete
tedari2 November 2011
I had somewhat high hopes for this movie. Not for it to be the sickfest that Tom Six promised in the early teaser trailer, but for Tom Six to actually create something lasting with the infamy he gained through the previous film.

The Human Centipede itself wasn't all that bad I thought personally. Twisted sure, outlandish definitely. However, aside from the poor show of acting from the American student girls early on in the film, the standard of acting was good. The plot was linear, shocking, and kept you gripped to your seat, or the toilet bowl for as long as the movie was running. The film itself also came in under the radar. My friend came home once and said he had just watched a movie called 'The Human Centipede.' He then asked me to imagine what comes to mind when I think of those words. Of course I was way off, but by this point I just had to watch it out of intrigue alone.

The second film is none of the above. Indeed, it is sick, twisted, and outlandish; and then some. But it just isn't original, clever, or even remotely logical.

I don't want to go into the plot and explain who does what, aside to say that there is no real protagonist, and pretty much everybody in the film is either an antagonist, or deserves to die. There is a moment where you think that one woman will come through as some sort of hero, but then she does the most insane thing I have ever seen in a film. You'll know it when you see it: if you see the uncut version.

Tom Six is taking his audience for a ride, and not a good one. He's laughing at the people paying the ticket price and stupid they were to trust him and his film making ability.

The majority of the movie is shot entirely in black and white except for one part of the movie that has touchings of brown, in a similar fashion to the way blood is portrayed in Frank Millar's Sin City: have a quick guess which part that is. Note: that same scene that lasted a minute in the original lasts for ten whole minutes in this laughable sequel.

I said to my housemate after the credits rolled that watching this movie was like eating an insanely hot curry, or camping out at a festival; neither are particularly enjoyable by the end, but at least you can tell all of your friends you did it.
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Strips Away the Twisted Charm of the Original
Simon_Says_Movies15 February 2012
In my review of the first, umm, segment of Tom Six's "Human Centipede" series, I stated that it was a very difficult film to review as it's inherently meant to alienate and disgust – so how to judge it evenly? I had no such problem with The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) as not only does it retain (and amplify) the revoltingness of the original, but strips away any twisted charm, tension, good performances and frequent tongue-in-cheek execution that made "First Sequence" better than it had any right to be.

Many haphazardly brand films they dislike as "worthless," but some movies are genuinely without any merit. "Full Sequence" is such a rarity. This sequel is artless, humorless, boring, without style (well, it is in black and white, so it must be high-class), purpose, or cleverness, and is generally off-putting, but never haunting or lasting. The only purpose seems to be in Tom Six's mind, in that he wanted to one-up himself. He succeeded in scope, but failed in every other aspect.

The opening scene reveals to us that the entire first movie was just that: a cinematic endeavour. Cut to Martin, a lonely and infinitely unhinged parking lot attendant who becomes obsessed with the film and further obsesses over creating his own humanoid monstrosity with twelve victims – an addition of nine. You see, these unlucky folks will be surgically attached mouth to anus, thereby connecting the gastric system, giving birth to a human centipede. His plan involves shooting his targets in the leg, bludgeoning them with a crowbar, tossing them into the back of his van and driving them to a grungy warehouse to await their fate. This drawn-out portion of the movie slogs along as Martin collects his subjects in a rythmic, monotonous pace with no sense of impending dread or sympathy for his victims. The camera seemingly just rolls for the hell of it.

While the original benefited from a deliciously deranged performance from Dieter Laser as the mad doctor, Laurence B. Harvey's Martin never speaks, is grotesque in his appearance and mannerisms and has no interesting motives or backstory except that he was apparently sexually abused by his father. In fact the entire second half of the film contains no dialogue, as by this point all the characters' mouths are otherwise full (I apologize for that imagery). When the poop did flow, I was both bored and otherwise desensitized from the previous grotesque events and simply wanted the experience to end. A backhanded aim of Six may have been to craft a movie that nobody could sit through, and he did succeed, but not in the way he likely intended. I felt my time was being wasted, not that I was being shocked to new extremes.

The only people I could recommend this movie to would be those like myself who enjoyed the first and are curious about the follow-up, but I would have to tack on the disclaimer that they will be disappointed and viewing could even diminish the bizarre appeal of the first. But I suppose if you truly love fecal matter, back-room surgery, blood, torture, infanticide, profanity, child abuse and (of course) centipedes, you will be in cinematic bliss. Six already plans to finish his vision with a third movie entitled Human Centipede (Final Sequence) and after fulfilling the worries I had that he would one-up himself to a fault with this movie, I quiver at the load of dung he has in store for us to cap the trilogy.

Read my review of the original:
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Surprisingly it works.
What this singular piece of nastiness has going for it in the main is brevity, no film of 88 minutes really ever outstays its welcome. Tom Six feels like a guy who knows what buttons to push, he introduces a minor character who is a kind of cartoon of the UK doctor / serial killer Harold Shipman, whose educated, imperturbable, casually degraded outlook is like acid in your face. There's also an incredibly disturbing line that evokes the main character's messed up childhood, "Crying will only make daddy's willy harder".

Martin is an obese middle-aged nighttime security guard, who lives with his mother, who blames him for having his father sent to jail (i.e. being there for him to abuse). He is fantastically ugly, a stigma which in Western society leads to ostracisation. Martin is looking at these cards he's been dealt, which ain't great, and decides it's time for the proverbial to hit the fan, which is to say he'd like to try and re-enact his favourite DVD, The Human Centipede.

The British censors (and no doubt those of other countries will follow suit), have spared us a scene of a mother brutally killing her own newborn by mistake, of a coil of barbed wire being used as a marital aid, and like their forebears, the censors of Witchfinder General, had to ponder on just how many bludgeons with an axe, or in this case teeth removed by hammer blow, are acceptable, and decided on a lower number than the director.

The film is not quite squared away in terms of plot plausibility, but does what it can.

I actually found the movie implausibly human, what Martin ends up doing seems, on the face of it, entirely logical (which is not to say that everyone who is abused becomes an abuser). The film seems to have a message that people are marginalised and forgotten about at our peril, that society is judged by the people who behave the worst.

Two of Six's gambles that pay off extremely well are shooting the movie in black and white, and having Martin remain dialogue-less throughout. His implacability and remorselessness say all that needs to be said about someone who has been kept as an animal and poked one too many times. The black and white shooting literally portrays a miserable world drained of any colour.
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Sickening but more of a film than the first.
george_veck21 October 2013
Well we have Martin, the 'protagonist' who is mentally incapacitated and is abused mentally by his mother, physically by his neighbour and sexually by his doctor, who somehow works as a security guard in a car park. How he would get a job in real life beats me.

Despite the poor character development and non-existent script this is a chilling and disturbing title, one of the only horrors I have liked. I found myself much more intrigued and drawn in to this film than the first Human centipede, because of the unpredictability of the main man Martin compared to Dieter Laser in the first film.

I can understand why this film only has a score of 4/10 on this because of the non existent script etc but do not be put off by the low score, if your a fan of horror or enjoyed the first Human Centipede then your bound to like this.

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Martin has a dream ... that one day ... the world will be a giant human centipede!
Coventry18 July 2012
Actually I should be grateful to Tom Six… Thanks to him and his demented movie, I finally know where to draw my own personal line when it comes to tolerating cinematic smut! The ideal way to describe this movie is to simply write down as many synonyms for the word "repulsive" you can think of! So here goes: "The Human Centipede II: Full sequence" is revolting, sickening, disgusting, loathsome, degrading, nauseating, appalling, despicable, vile, heinous, nefarious and absolutely positively depraved! The first film already caused quite a bit of commotion and controversy because of its plot and a handful of shocking sequences, but I swear the original looks like a politically correct Disney family flick compared to the totally messed up sequel! Not only does the concept of creating a human centipede gets enlarged and illustrated a lot more graphically, also the characters and sub plots are much more perverted and insane than in "First Sequence". I realize this will sound as a recommendation to all the sick puppies amongst you, but this is truly one of the most repugnant movies ever made. In spite of the emphasis more than obviously lying on gore and shock-factor, I nevertheless have to admit that the film features a number of ingenious story lines and creative twists. The whole basic plot and set up, for example, is surprisingly inventive. The sequel considers the original film in fact as a purely fictional "film" and thus the events and unorthodox medical experiments of Dr. Heiter were never real. However, the protagonist of part two – the obese and mentally handicapped midget named Martin – is addicted to watching this crazy movie and becomes obsessed with the idea of creating his very own (and bigger) human centipede. I can't deny that I find this idea intriguing as a starting point for a sequel. Writer/director Tom Six also generates a suitably grim and disturbing surrounding around pivot character Martin. He lives with his mother but she hates Martin with a passion. Why? Because her husband is in prison as Martin couldn't keep his pedophilic nightly visits secret. Martin works as a concierge in an underground parking lot where he captures his victims, but also bashes people's heads in with a crowbar and masturbates using sandpaper! He brings his centipede victims - all 12 of them, including a very pregnant woman – to a raunchy hangar and accomplishes his dream, which leads to many gross tableaux, I assure you. Multiple images that I can't even begin to describe truly give a whole new meaning to the words tasteless and immoral. When approaching the grand finale, you may expect scenes featuring excrement, rape, miscarriage and gratuitous torture/mutilation. Don't even consider watching "The Human Centipede II" – not even out of curiosity – if you have a bit of virtue left inside yourself. Laurence R. Harvey gives away a peculiar and remarkable performance as Martin. He is so convincingly perverted and deviant that I sincerely doubt if he's even a normal person in real life... I don't want to know him at least, that's for sure. The film is entirely shot in black and white, which perhaps makes the gruesomeness and on screen filth slightly more digestible, but primarily it increases the sober and grim atmosphere of it all. Other elements that contribute to this are the minimal use of dialogs and/or soundtrack and the nihilistic narrative tone. It maybe feels weird to admit, but technically speaking "The Human Centipede II" is actually a competent effort. Apparently there's already a third installment in the making, but I might just spare myself the hideous aftertaste in my mouth and stomach.
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Disgusting and amoral.
HumanoidOfFlesh1 December 2011
"The Human Centipede II" by Tom Six delivers repulsive imagery in spades.The main character in this modern sickie is Martin,fat and sweating slob who works as a night-shift car park attendant.He is obsessed with the first "Human Centipede" and ghastly works of Dr.Heitner.His dream is about creating his own twelve-strong human centipede.Victims are strikingly easy to find and capture..."The Human Centipede II" is more unsettling and gory than its infamous predecessor.The scenes of mutilation,urination,serial defecation,ligament-cutting,tooth-pulling,vomiting and rape manage to offend.The main performance of Lawrence R Harvey is gloriously weird.So if you are into graphic torture porn and extreme body horror "The Human Centipede II" is a must-see.8 defecations out of 10.
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Disgusting and very well directed, acted, and photographed.
aouamhilal31 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Essentially no plot, just stark brutality in "artistic" (?) black and white. The violence is all very gritty and "realistic." I felt like the surrealism was intentional, like it was intended to put you in a state of mind that you'd be if you were actually living the movie. "This can't be happening, this can't be real". Basically a gory, graphic sequel.

Laurence Harvey put on a hell of a performance as Martin. This man is so creepy and disturbing; his mannerisms and little gestures he makes when watching The Human Centipede are so awkward, as well as his relationship with his mother make him a very interesting villain character. I watched an interview with some of the cast of the movie which included Laurence Harvey and he is such a genuinely friendly guy with a lot of life in his personality; to see him portray this character impressed the hell out of me, which speaks to his acting abilities.
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Vast improvement over the first film is down right unnerving at times
dbborroughs14 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Vile disgusting and just plain wrong sequel to one of the stupidest films ever made is a brilliant reinvention of the premise.

The film has a worm like attendant in a parking garage who love Human Centipede deciding to make his own version for real and simply kidnapping and killing people in order to do so.

Its a minimalist plot that shouldn't work but does thanks to great photography, a creepy lead character and several set pieces that are just unpleasantly wrong.

This film is wrong on so many levels it somehow pulls enough of itself together to actually become an endurance test that is almost worth subjecting yourself to. Far worse than you can imagine, thanks to the black and white photography this is almost as unpleasant a film as I've seen in a while.

Honestly the film works best in the set pieces, the various murders, and even the final climatic sequence just get under your skin with there own dreamlike logic. There is also something about the perfection of the final image which is completely unexpected.

That th film worked shocked me, and it gets a few extra points for that. Is it something I recommend? No clue. I think the nastiness will turn off 90% of the people looking at it, on the other hand the whole meta experience will work for those who like unpleasant things and vile human behavior.

You're on your own
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Tom Six is a genius
omega2323 October 2011
(This is a reference to both Human Centipede I and II.) Whether or not you enjoy these movies, Tom Six is a directorial genius. In just two movies, Six has managed to encompass two grand extremes of the horror genre.

In The Human Centipede (First Sequence), Six gave us a disturbing yet comedic film, very cleanly shot with a campy, madman of a villain. The film progressed in a very Hollywood style, with an easy-to-follow story arc, plot turns along the way, and just enough implied to disturb the audience.

Now, with The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence), Six throws the audience to the far end of the spectrum. HC2 is a dark, twisted and entirely disturbing film of obsession and psychosis. The filming style is extraordinarily gritty and feels more like the video-diary of a deranged psychopath. Every gory and nasty detail is presented in full to the audience, bringing all the implied horrors of the first film to the forefront. There is no clear-cut story arc here, only a driving motivation that the Full Sequence will be realized.

Those seeking the laughs of HC1 will instead be treated to gasps, gags and fright. Six has managed to shock even those who saw HC1 by created an expectation in the first film and completely shattering it. Bravo.
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Break out the Barf Bags...the Centipede has returned!
alanmora3 November 2011
An inferior sequel compared to the original, this film is an obvious attempt by director Tom Six to further shock his audience. Even though it is filmed entirely in Black and White and the main Villain has not one actual word of dialog, the film does succeed to shock. It's villain Martin's shocking and grotesque appearance alone is enough to make anyone want to vomit. Throw in the fact that he randomly likes to soil himself and is sexually obsessed with the original "Human Centipede" film and you have an original concept for a sequel that I do not believe has ever been done before. Martin's obsession leads him to create his own 'Human Centipede' this time with not just 3 but 12 segments! The plot takes some absurd twists and turns ignoring the fact that, as a security guard, Martin should be a little more conscientious of all of the security cameras filming his every move and abductions! Logic is thrown completely out of the window in exchange for pure shock value in this one. Consider the fact that, as a security guard who is mentally challenged, it is impossible for Martin to have the medical knowledge required to undergo such a surgical endeavor. Nearly all of the characters in this film are deplorable human beings from the insensitive mother who taunts Martin incessantly throughout the film to their belligerent neighbor who goes on a rampage simply because someone complains about his loud music. Martin even tricks one of the film's original stars, Ashlynn Yennie, into believing that she is auditioning for a Quinten Tarentino film and makes her the head piece of his centipede. Very little is left to the imagination in this one...things that were merely inferred in the original film are shown in graphic detail here and expounded upon grotesquely! DO NOT VIEW THIS FILM WHILE EATING!
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A Tom Six out of a ten-person centipede (Get it?)
EclecticEnnui8 January 2012
You might be taken aback by my comedic summary regarding my vote to "The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)". I guess it's my way of dealing with this horrifying and utterly bleak film, which must be at least partly related to why black comedy exists; people need to amuse themselves and others to cope when it comes to something like this film. It could easily be why the first one is parodied on "South Park" in the enjoyable episode "HUMANCENTiPAD". In the New York Times interview "A More Perfect Union", writer and director Tom Six himself indicated this film has humour, like maybe when there's thunder and lightning when Martin, the main character, gives an angry facial expression to someone. I admit I kind of laughed at that, but I don't think I laughed at anything else. However, I did say things out loud a few times, like probably "Oh God" in a dismaying manner. More appropriate, I think.

Martin is a demented, obese, and non-speaking man, played very well by newcomer Laurence R. Harvey. Martin works as a security guard in an underground parking garage and has a sexual obsession with the first film. Yup, the first film, which Tom Six also wrote and directed. However, whereas that one has three people sewn together ass to mouth, Martin sets out to have *twelve* for his human centipede. Why? For his own entertainment and sexual pleasure. Talk about an unusual sequel. He violently kidnaps some people in the parking garage. There's not a single bystander around, for whatever reason. I'm not sure if I buy that, but then again, I don't know how much realism Tom Six was going for. Martin keeps his centipede victims in a warehouse and eventually combines ten of them together, which makes my summary even more suitable.

"The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)" is in black and white. If it was in colour, especially with little or even no altering, the film would've still been bleak, of course, but as it is, boy, is it bleak. In a good way, nonetheless. It *sort of* reminds me of "Eraserhead", a David Lynch film I really admire. Both are eerie, weird, in black and white, don't have much dialogue, involve an infant or two, and have each main character living in an apartment. "Eraserhead" is weirder and definitely not as violent, though. If David Lynch saw this film, I wonder what he would think about it.

If I look away when watching a film, it's usually because the film doesn't have me interested and not because there's something way too repulsive happening on the screen for me to even look at. With "The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)", I never looked away, though I almost did because it did get a bit too boring. Nonetheless, it's mostly effective with its unorthodox storytelling, grungy and downbeat look, and the acting. (I had a bit of trouble believing the couple at the beginning, but that's a nitpick.)

There's a lot of human suffering and it largely comes from the victims in the warehouse. Even though they seriously lack characterization, I did care about them, at least somewhat. No sane person wants to go through their ordeal. I should mention I really enjoyed the first film. Even though the victims also lack characterization, they have more going for them and I strangely felt more sorry and supportive for them. It's probably because their pain wasn't overwhelming, they're main characters, and there's more focus on them potentially escaping. Here, the story is told mostly from Martin's perspective. He's definitely not somebody to root for. Why is he twisted? What's wrong with his sexuality? His sexual abuse by his father, whom we don't see in person, probably has something to do with those questions. Probably abuse by his mother, as well, whom he lives with. Yeah, this film hardly explores his past.

How come we never see Martin talk? I don't know. I actually don't consider it a flaw, however. I'm so used to main characters talking in films and with the different way it's done here, I didn't mind. He's implicitly characterized, but at the same time, his behaviour is pretty unsurprising. I don't think main characters necessarily have to be likable as if they're a close friend, but they should be interesting, one way or another. It actually seems like we're suppose to feel sorry for him at times, like when his mother lays blame on him to an angry neighbour over something *she* did. I guess Martin deserves some pity there, but when it comes to the film as a whole, you'd probably be wishing him death or having him locked away in a mental institution. I pick the latter. Maybe it'd be interesting if his past was explored and if he used to normally talk, what his dialogue was like, but as the film is, I'm okay with him *as a character*.

I didn't like or dislike "The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)". It's well shot, even though shots are depressing as hell, especially in black and white. I doubt the film is trying to say anything about someone who's inspired by violence in films to use violence in real life. I don't think the film absolutely should, either. In the aforementioned New York Times interview, Tom Six said that such a person is already insane. He's probably right. In an interesting way, this film ends ambiguously, which I won't spoil how, but the third and final film that's in the works will apparently begin with this film's ending, just like how this one begins with the ending of the first. This trilogy is Mr. Six's film centipede. What the heck is he gonna do with the last one? Maybe it should be a musical.
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Recommended for those who can stomach it
Scarletfire-125 March 2017
The sequel is quite different than the first in the series. It is in B&W and is completely unflinching in its depiction of the inhumane treatment the main character issues to his victims. There is a level of shock, and yes revulsion, that you experience as you watch it that would be difficult to duplicate. You do need to be able to completely divorce yourself from what happens in a movie and in reality because what is depicted is nothing but the behaviour of someone who is truly mentally ill.

In its own peculiar way, it is a masterpiece - one of the greatest achievements in the history of cinema. Very few people will be able to sit through it, yet one can only give it the highest recommendation to those who feel they are up to the challenge.
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It's Good... But That Doesn't Mean You Should See It
Caesarboy514 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The Human Centipede II is a disgusting movie. In fact, it's made to be disgusting just to be disgusting. Some people believe that makes it a bad movie. I don't see why.


You would never expect this to be in a review for the Human Centipede II, but the movie is SHOT EXCEPTIONALLY WELL. I have no idea who did the cinematography or if the director is to praise for it, but it's really well done. While some people call the BLACK AND WHITE effect "pretentiously artsy," I disagree. It adds to the film and even makes it seem sort of like a demented dream combined with the great cinematography.

Laurence R. Harvey... he pulls off an exceptional performance as the psychotic fan of the first film who wishes to put together a "real" human centipede. And who NEVER SPEAKS A WORD, a decision I compliment. Really adds to the creep factor.

The movie succeeds in it's goal of being really GROSS. It really pushes it with disturbing imagery like a man cutting several people open, staple-gunning them each other mouth to anus, him beating his mother's head in, the famous crapping into each other's mouths scene, and a pregnant lady squishing her just born child to death. Jesus, that last one still gives me the creeps.


The few seconds the girl from the first movie ACTS... it's just bad. She was good in the first one because it seemed like it was trying to be a crappy b-movie... this one it's just out of place with the talent of Laurence R. Harvey stealing the show. Either way, doesn't really matter, just a nit-pick. There has to always be one, right?


Great movie, not for everyone. If you feel like you can stomach it, or are just curious or feel like challenging yourself, check it out. You might regret it.

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great lead character, nasty movie
Sorpse14 July 2013
man they definitely upped the ante on this one. If you thought the first one was disgusting you are in for one hell of a ride. Pushed so many of my limits and I have to give It credit for that because that Is pretty much the reason I decided to watch these kinds of movies. Gross on so many levels that the original just looks like a comedy to me now. The lead character was awesome, he never speaks yet we still learn so much about him. Also the secondary characters were great like his mother and the guy upstairs. There was a strange amount of depth to this movie that it feels strange that such talent could go to such a low brow movie. I personally am thankfull for that and it is going to be very interesting to see where mr. tom six goes with the rest of his career. Such a good movie yet unrecomendable because of how far they take some of the scenerios. Show this one to people only to watch em squirm.
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A Masterpiece!
mryan1515 September 2013
I was really disappointed with the first Human Centipede. This one, however, lives up to the hype. If you don't like sick movies, this film is not for you. This film deserves 10 stars because it only exists to sicken the audience, which it does very well. I only mentioned that because over half of the negative reviews of this film only say that this movie is sick. Lawrence R Harvey played his role so well. So well, you'd think he he'd be like that in real life. This is not a film to watch to see a good plot and character development. You only watch this movie if you like disgusting or gory films or to be shocked. It is definitely one of the nastiest films out there and it is better than films like August Underground's Mordum and Slaughtered Vomit Dolls because it is a well made film. I'd say see it if you are interested in it.
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It's actually good, much better than the first (UNCUT REVIEW)
LoneWolfAndCub1 December 2011
I had the opportunity to see this on its one week tour of Australia, and I was lucky enough to get tickets to the premiere followed by Q+A with Lawrence R. Harvey. Having literally just finished The Human Centipede before leaving to see this I was quite excited to see what Tom Six would do with this sequel (considering I stayed away from any reviews and spoilers). Well, I must say, Six has produced one of the best genre pieces in quite some time. It's a strange little movie, black and white, with a silent villain and an intense final half hour. It is well known that part of this film is Six responded to the negativity from horror fans of the first film, which was berated for not being extreme or sick enough. Now, I didn't LOVE the first film (I gave it a 6/10), but this was for different reasons. I though Six did a fantastic job with The Human Centipede, the direction and setting were fantastic, and the concept was just so screwed up! Where the first one fell short was the writing and acting from the three victims, which seriously detracted from the horror of the movie. With The Human Centipede II I think there has been a big improvement in writing and acting, but more importantly for Six, an increased amount of depravity.

Martin is a parking garage attendant. A loner, with mother issues and who was abused by his father. Already mentally unstable, his fixation with The Human Centipede inspires him to create his own, by knocking people out in the garage, dragging them to an abandoned shed and using kitchen appliances to perform the surgery. The first fifty minutes aren't exactly violent, but still quite good. The scenes in Martin's apartment reek of David Lynch, and are darkly comic. Once Six gets into making the centipede there is a kind of joyfulness about it all that is disturbing, yet still enjoyable. Teeth are knocked out, tendons are cut, flesh is stripped and staple guns are used instead of stitches. The assembly of the centipede isn't the end, and what follows blends very dark humour with some very disturbing imagery.

I won't go into anymore detail, needless to say, the uncut version is MUCH better than the cut version. Having read the descriptions of certain scenes in other versions, let me say, they are FAR worse here! So for those waiting for the uncut version you are in for a pleasant surprise. Lawrence R. Harvey, for a debut performance, is fantastic. He is easily one of the best horror villains to grace our screens in years. Meeting him afterwards was a pleasure, he is an incredibly friendly, well-spoken man. The cinematography is fantastic, the whole film has a dirty, grungy atmosphere.

On a sad note, the film just got banned in Australia, a disappointing choice by the OFLC. Will this film ever see the light of day in Australia uncensored? Not in the near future. Much like A Serbian Film, an incredible viewing experience has been denied to adults who are able to consent to the films they want to see. I don't want to get into a censorship essay though!

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That was gross... But I loved it !!
TarantinosLoveChild4 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
8/10... Story line could have been a bit better and maybe more elaboration on Martin and his history. We could easily tell he wasn't the brightest spark but some form of personality wouldn't do any harm... But then again is that the point, was he just that twisted ??

NB. This film made me feel ill and I felt like I was watching something that would note make me a better person in any way... I haven't been able to get the images out of my head, or Martin's glory dance to 'the poop' scene in T.H.C; first instalment, and his new-found sense of life-achievement when he actually creates this disgusting form of torture for himself...

But damn right !!! this film was ace in my opinion... I've only ever wished they'd make films like this - so in-your-face and un-censored beyond what I've seen before - with no regard to potential criticisms or offending anyone - this film took me by major surprise ... "Major; Surprise" (How I Met Your Mother) ...

What a film... So gross !!! Brilliant !!!
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"The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)" is a bizarre, depraved and often hilariously over-the-top exploitation film with a brilliant meta-edge... Worth seeing once...
There's really no way to describe writer/director Tom Six's "The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)" on IMDb. It's so grotesque, violent, over-sexualized and exploitive that it's near impossible to describe it in general, let alone here, where reviews should be "PG" rated. So I will try my best.

"Human Centipede II" is a strange hybrid of meta-fiction and satire of itself and of the first film (and is, to its credit, quite funny in a very "gallows" humor kind of way), while also being an extraordinarily grotesque and depraved "body horror film" at the same time. It's one of those movies that is borderline parody of its own concept (again, in a meta-fiction way), in the same vain as "Gremlins 2" or "The Princess Bride."

Essentially the plot is as follows- "Martin", a mentally handicapped man whom has suffered from rampant abused his whole life, becomes fascinated by the original "Human Centipede" film (which is a movie-within-a-movie in this sequel), and begins to kidnap various people in order to re- create the grotesque experiment from the original film.

I will not spoil anything else, but the film in its second half, is essentially a much more grotesque remake of the first film, albeit with different characters and different motivations.

I really must give credit where it is due. Tom Six has crafted a beautiful film, at least in terms of visuals. The black and white photography has a fantastic contrast and despite being stylized, has an iconic look to it. I also found his direction in terms of camera placement and movement, though a bit over-reliant on the "shaky cam syndrome", to be vibrant, kinetic and clear. The film is also well- edited and the atmosphere just reeks of tension and humor.

Like the first film, the acting is a mixed bag. Laurence Harvey, whom portrays the villainous "Martin" is actually a revelation, delivering a character that so far as I can remember, doesn't speak one work, yet manages to garner a lot of sympathy and horror. He's clearly unable to comprehend (or just unwilling to) the dramatic extent of what he does in this film, and his troubled past, which is alluded to, makes you feel sorry for him despite his sins. Ashlynne Yennie, one of the stars of the first film, returns, this time playing herself, as she is kidnapped by Martin due to her connection to the original film. Other centipede members (12 in all) are played by newcomers, and though I won't go into all of them, they are all adequate, though some sore thumbs bring the score down.

The script, as I said, is an extreme and bizarre example of meta-fiction with elements of satire, parody, body-horror, family drama and many other genres thrown in. It's a compilation of differing (and sometimes conflicting) ideas. And it is interesting, though the script suffers at times due to disjointed pacing, clunky dialog and an over-reliance on shocks.

All of that being said- I will address the one thing this movie does extremely well, and at times perhaps too well. The gore. This movie is one of the few films I've seen that made me have to look away. I'm a huge gore-hound, and I love my gory movies (I was able to sit through "August Underground", "Cannibal Holocaust", "Salo" and other extreme films), but this film took it to a disturbing new high... or low, depending on how you look at it. Featuring everything from realistic portrayals of teeth being tapped out with hammers, to skin being flayed and stapled, to depictions of graphic sexual violence, this movie will make your skin crawl, and may prove to be too much for even seasoned veterans. Be warned going in.

That all being said, I think fans of horror should see this film at least once. I've seen it twice, and I still don't know whether I love it or hate it. It's one of the most disturbing films I've ever seen, but it also has a highly enjoyable self-awareness and sense of humor, and I think that's what sets it apart from other extreme films. I'm giving this a 5 out of 10, because I don't know what else to give it.

(EDIT: Upon two more viewings, my affections have grown for this film, and I updated my score to suit its entertainment value and satirical hilarity!)
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Shock Cinema at its finest and most repulsive!
Red_Identity28 October 2011
I really liked the original The Human Centipede. I was surprised by how tame it was as well. It really didn't show anything, and it was very subdued in its execution. It was also very well-made, and not some crappy and weak thriller. I liked that about it, but at the same time it got a little dull at times. Which is why I was completely excited for the sequel. I wanted it to come in a different style and vain and for it to be so much more gross. Does that say something about my mental health? Anyways, it didn't disappoint.

Like the original, the sequel is well-made. The use of black and white gives it a tone of its own, and the cinematography is pretty damn excellent, making use of its textures very well. The script doesn't have much depth in it, but how can it? Many people as opposed to how well made a film is also ask what's the importance of it. What's the importance of this? I'm not sure Tom Six was trying to say anything here... not even sure he was trying to in the original. The thing is, he has complete control of this film and the type of film he wants to make. This is shock cinema at its finest. People go watch horror films, well how about a really horrifying film? It is a question to be asked about films like this. How far do people go to see films like this, and why do we? Michael Haneke pointed out this very question in his film Funny Games, and this film is exactly the type of film he would be pointing at and criticizing. But in fact, he would criticize us... and our reason for watching this. For me, I love me a really gross film.

A Serbian Film is still the nastiest film I have ever seen, but that film's second half while nasty left me sorta bored. To me this type of film doing this is the ultimate disgrace it can do- to get you bored. This didn't. It's riveting cinematography, along with the performances, kept me entertained. Kudos not only to Laurence R. Harvey (who manages to be even better than the infamous performance of Deiter Laser) but also to his lunatic mom played by Vivien Bridson. They both manage to give the film a very dark humor tone during many scenes. Then the last 30 minutes, which are definitely too damn disgusting. Many scenes in this film are still in my head, and not just the gross scenes, but also many of the moments of the lead character and his weird mannerisms.

I do want to note that I most likely saw the edited version. The unrated is nowhere to be found, so I do want to give the unrated a visit on DVD hopefully. The sequel is better than the original for these simple reasons- it is more disgusting while also being more entertaining and definitely more funny in a twisted way. Also, kudos to the eerie sound effects and lack of music.
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