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Sorry about the lack of scares
Jblum521 January 2023
"Sorry About The Demon" tells the story of a recently dumped screw up who moves into a haunted house with a very goofy demon intent on finding a human host.

I think someone's enjoyment of this movie will be completely dependent on how you feel about this movie's tone. It goes for laughs nearly every time you expect it to go for scares. It isn't scary, and it really isn't that funny but the jokes and wit are consistent throughout and I laughed out loud of a few times. I grew to like what they were going for, even though it needed better writing and characters to grab the brass ring. The effects were poor and it's poor production budget shows through at times but never took me completely out of the story due to the nature of the story. However if you go into this story wanting horror - you picked the wrong movie.

Overall I'm glad films like this can get made because they are different and fun, even though this film is just an average attempt at a horror comedy. I think it's worth a watch with the correct expectations and have some fun with it.
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It had potential...
paul_haakonsen26 February 2023
When I sat down to watch the movie "Sorry About the Demon" from writer and director Emily Hagins, I had never heard about the movie. But the synopsis sounded interesting, and with it being a horror comedy that I hadn't already seen, of course I opted to watch the movie.

However, "Sorry About the Demon" was somewhat a of a dud. While the synopsis had some promise to it, the end result movie was just not all that enticing or entertaining. Sure, it was a watchable movie, but it just fell short of being all that entertaining. And for me, it was because the movie was a tad too generic and mundane.

I wasn't familiar with the cast ensemble in "Sorry About the Demon", but I will say that they had some fair enough talents on the cast list. Just a shame that they didn't have a more fulfilling script and storyline to work with and bring to life on the screen.

Visually then "Sorry About the Demon" was an adequate enough movie. Sure, it wasn't a top notch over-the-top special effects galore, but the special effects and make-up effects in the movie worked well enough in favor of the movie.

"Sorry About the Demon" didn't impress me, and there are far better horror comedies out there. But I am sure that writer and director Emily Hagins movie here will find appeal with an audience, no doubt about it.

My rating of "Sorry About the Demon" lands on a four out of ten stars.
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A horror comedy that's more comedy and lacking when it comes to horror
etool20 January 2023
When it comes to comedy and romance, this movie mostly pulls it off. It got me to chuckle a few times and even laugh out loud once. The dialogue is ok. At times it feels genuine and emotional, other times it feels sappy and out of a soap opera. I like the protagonist even if he acts too stupid at times to the point where it makes him grating. The other characters are good too, and the actors give pretty good, if not a little cheesy, performances.

The parts with the main character dealing with the demon was a little but the humor feels a bit too obvious. Furthermore, the horror aspects of the film is where it falls flat. All of the special effects in this are awful. The design of the demons is terrible. The demons look fake and all the makeup effects are lackluster and unconvincing. Overall, the movie kind of has a cheap look to it.

The script and characters are fun and worth the watch, however, the overall execution is lacking due to the underwhelming horror and effects, along with just feeling kind of cheap, and not in a charming Evil Dead kind of way.
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mjsreg22 January 2023
This isn't a bad film, it just doesn't have anything particularly interesting or memorable about it.

The premise for the story is quite good, but the writing doesn't make full use of it's potential and quickly becomes one-dimensional and stale in the middle. It does pick up a little at the end, but not enough to save it from being mediocre.

It lacks the punch it could have both in comedy and horror, there was plenty of leeway to develop both in harmony that would have made the film much more interesting and appealing.

However, it is watchable - just don't have any expectations of it and take it for what it is.
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Hey Will, what's your address?
nogodnomasters23 January 2023
Warning: Spoilers
The production opens with young Grace (Presley Allard) becoming possessed by the demon "Deominous" (Tony Vespe voice). Her family communicates with the demon and offers to leave the house and give them a larger human sacrifice in return for Grace. Grace returns to normal. Meanwhile across town Will (Jon Michael Simpson) is in the kitchen at 1AM making cake pops and working as a Presto Paste customer service rep. His girlfriend comes home from a promotion dinner, one Will refused to attend. This causes a rift and Amy (Paige Evans) leaves, although it is Will looking for a place the next day. He gets a great rental price on the aforementioned home. He first discovers a ghost (Scout Flint) trapped in the house by the demon. He learns that the demon does want his soul and tells Will to leave. Discovering Amy does not want him either, he returns to the haunted house. Things get worse from here with the passing of Zelda Rubinstein.

The movie is supposed to be comedy horror. It was neither. The lines were attempts at humor. They managed to bring things talked about earlier back to play a role at the end, which is normally good script writing except when it is inane and not funny.

Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity.
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This movie is bad and not really worth your time
kevin_robbins7 February 2023
Sorry about the Demon (2023) was the first 2023 film I saw released to Shudder and I decided to finally watch it last week. The storyline follows a young man struggling to find his purpose in life which leads to him struggling in his relationships. After recently becoming single he decides to move and right into a house with ghosts and demons. When he feels he's become an expert on ghosts and demons he believes that maybe this have been his calling the entire time...

This movie is written and directed by Emily Hagins (One segment in Scare Package) and stars Jon Michael Simpson (Apartment 413), Jeff McQuitty (A Perfect Host), Sarah Cleveland (Mile High Escorts) and Paige Evans (Trapped with my Husband).

I didn't like much about this movie. The main character is super annoying. The writing, dialogue and comedic content was cheesy. The use of cakes 🎂 was pretty corny and not a topic worth having throughout the film. The reactions to various scenarios and circumstances weren't funny or realistic...the special effects and creation of the demons and ghosts were solid and the only worthwhile aspects of the movie.

Overall, this movie is bad and not really worth your time. I'd score this a 3/10 and recommend skipping it.
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So Funny and Cute
thalassafischer5 March 2023
I am a horror person for sure but I also occasionally watch dark comedies. I wouldn't necessarily call this a dark comedy, but it's not exactly horror-comedy either, because there's very little about it that's actually scary. In some weird way it reminded me of 1980s silly parodies of other movies but I can't really put my finger on which one.

I laughed out loud several times, and I thought the ending was great. The main character is a lovable loser who actually has a lot of interesting hobbies which he's tried to turn into businesses, but his attempts at being an entrepreneur are met with defeat each time so he settles for working from home doing customer service calls for a terrible toothpaste that everyone hates. This aspect of his personality is very important because it sets up the narrative for the entire film.
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its a witty spirituell...
ops-5253520 January 2023
Warning: Spoilers
Ghost comedy en masse', with walking , talking demons in a young lonely loveblaced man, who in an effort to become an adult in his ex-girlfriends eyes, buys a house in a hurry falling over rubble and sticks by a family full of fear due to demonish tendencies and drafts in their EMP'ded house. How much he paid aint said, but the demonbuddies didnt flee the house along with the perrishing family.

So the young man takes on the battle of the grounds of his house, trying to neglect them pestos, but the more he and they try the worse it gets, and the dire get pretty witty

its more a witty situational comedy than a direct horror flick from shudder this time, the script vs. The acting are at times slightly imbalanced, and that drains some of the comedy. As a parapsychological movie it works thanks to good musical score and abrupt noise and physical movements of pretty good quality. The only real bad issue with this mockinaround a neurotic sole is the dragged out playtime, 15 mins less wouldve compressed things better.

But its a film for more or less everyone, i envisioned my eldest child who live in his own squeeky quadruplex, never opening a door or a curtain after dawn, due to a maestrodamical fear of everything that might lurk in his own shadow, so some comparabilities to a real life stud theyve made and found, so a smell recommend from the grumpy old man.
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Fun Comedy/Horror Film That Straddles the Line
Reviews_of_the_Dead6 February 2023
This is a movie that I decided to check out due to needing a 2023 release for my podcast, Journey with a Cinephile: A Horror Movie Podcast. It didn't make the greatest double feature, but being early in the year, it can be limited. I came into this one knowing that it was partially comedy. I also knew that involving possession and a haunted house.

Synopsis: a young man struggling with a broken heart learns that his new place is full of restless spirits.

We start this off in an older looking house. There is a family that lives there and I believe they think it is their dream home. The problem is that living there is a nightmare. The father is in real estate and his name is Ken Sellers (Dave Peniuk). His wife is Tammy (Sarah Cleveland). They also have two children, Jake (Jude Zappala) and Grace (Presley Allard). When the latter becomes possessed by a demon named Deomonous (voiced by Tony Vespe), the family makes a deal with it. They need to bring it a sacrifice.

The movie then shifts us over to Will (Jon Michael Simpson). He lives with his girlfriend, Amy (Paige Evans). Things seem to have soured between them. Will works from home as a customer service representative. Amy tests him with a question, wanting him to come with her. He doesn't answer and she leaves. They then break up.

Will ends up at the house of the Sellers. Staying there is quite cheap. They're leaving out the reason they want him to stay. He agrees to their terms. It doesn't take long before supernatural things start happening. The ghosts mess with him and then he finds a large cake created by Deomonous. Will gets a gut punch when the demon doesn't want to possess him, causing him to spiral even more.

Our lead isn't as alone as he thinks though. Amy still cares about him, but she needs more from him. Will has a friend of Patrick (Jeff McQuitty) who tries to help. Part of that is by setting him up with a co-worker, also named Aimee (Olivia Ducayen). They all end up back at his place when Deomonous sees opportunities with the guests. There is also a renewed purpose in Will's life that could change everything.

Now that is where I'm going to leave my recap for this movie as well as for the characters. Where I want to start is that I ended up liking this more than I was expecting. Part of it for me was the ability to connect with our lead, Will. I've been in a situation like him in the past. I've lived with a girlfriend who didn't think I would amount to much due to my circumstances at that time. Plus, I was content with where I was working. Looking at my life now and where I've ended up is quite interesting. Correlating back to the movie, I can see why Amy leaves him. In doing so, it forced him to reevaluate things.

With that established, I did see people not liking this since it didn't lean as much into the comedy. The comedy we get worked for me personally. This is a solid parody on possession and haunted house films that worked. It wasn't as scary as some. I think what they do with those elements are effective. This walks a fine line of being a scary movie with a bit of comedy or a comedy with scary aspects. I'm not sure it goes far enough into either to fully work.

That's not to say that I didn't enjoy this though. I had fun here. The characters of Will and Patrick are annoying, but they also felt real to me. I like that Aimee becomes our 'expert' on what to do. That was funny. The other Amy does have a change of heart that doesn't fully work, especially as someone who has been in this limbo type of relationship. I'm not sure enough time has passed for it work for me. It is also funny with the Sellers family and how they play into everything.

Since I've went over the characters, let me discuss the acting. I thought that Simpson works as our lead. There is a bit of me that feels bad for him, coming from my personal experiences. I can also see why he was dumped. Not sure we see enough change for me to fully buy in though. McQuitty is funny. Also, quite annoying. I liked Ducayen's performance. I've already said what didn't work with Evans, but she is fine as Amy. Peniuk, Cleveland, Allard and Zappala all work in their roles. Vespe has a great voice for the demon. Other than that, the rest of the cast rounded this out for what was needed.

The last things to go into would be with the filmmaking. I think the cinematography is good. The best part of it is setting the atmosphere. The outdated house adds to it. They also make it feel menacing which works for a haunted house. This has a combination of practical and CGI effects. The latter are hit and miss for me. Doesn't ruin it though. The look of the ghosts and those who are possessed were good. The climax gets odd, but I had fun there. Other than that, I'd say that the soundtrack fit for what was needed. I'll bring back up that the voice of Deomonous is creepy. That was solid.

In conclusion, this one I enjoyed, but I didn't love. It does good things. I like that they took the horror elements serious. They could have leaned in more to them though. There is comedy, but not all of that worked. I do think that the performances fit the characters as needed. This is well-made. Establishing the setting goes a long way here. I was pleasantly surprised here. This is one that I'd recommend if you like possession or haunted house films as I think this is better than most of the 'ghostlies' out there.

My Rating: 6.5 out of 10.
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It's cute
BandSAboutMovies10 February 2023
Warning: Spoilers
Emily Hagins made Pathogen when she was just 12 and I'm so excited that she's kept making movies. She directed and wrote this possession film, which has heartbroken Will (John Michael Simpson) move into a big house all by himself when he gets dumped by Amy (Paige Adams). It's too good to be true and that's because the family who was there before made a deal with a demon named Demonous to save their daughter's soul. Now, Will is dead meat. Or is her?

Will's friend Patrick (Jeff McQuilty) wants him to move on and tries to fix him up with Aimee (Olivia Ducayen), who as fate would have it used to cast ghosts from homes to pay for college. Of course, Demonous is a much bigger problem than just an everyday specter.

The big problem happens when Amy ends up coming over and romance rears its head, leading to a night of pasta and passion. Yet when our hero wakes up, well, it's not to his lover. It's to - you knew it - the demon.

I had a lot of fun with this movie. There are too many cakes, too many jobs for Will, too much danger and it all works. It's a movie that doesn't seek to destroy and humiliate its characters and by the end, you enjoy every single one of them. I'm even happier that Hagins didn't lose her love of horror or her ability to transform the expected into something so much more.
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mmissmeowmeow9 February 2023
Honestly. How in the world did this movie come up in my suggested movies? This is such a stupid stupid STUPID movie. It's a horrible waste of time and it makes you cringe with its stupidity so much that it gives you a headache. I had to turn the tv off just to try to subside the stabbing pain in my head from this horrific attempt of a horror or comedy. What an utter complete failed piece of trash. I hope prime video will stop suggesting ridiculous movies such as this as it's not making me wanna watch prime anymore if I have to waste my time and suffer the pain to these worthless pieces of crap. Don't watch it to save yourself a headache.
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Just a good movie
thelycan_8624 January 2023
Its and enjoyabel one and half hour use , its funny sweet , ligth, easy watchabel movie , not a a lister bur definitly just a cool movie if you take it for what it is and dont expect to much , it realy suprised me and i would definitly watch the sequal , realy recomend this one i it is a hidden pearl! Some newcomers that carry the movie and the characters are easy to fall for and a assemble of easy loving characters that dont have to many levels so it is a great movie to relax with on a sunday or a rainy monday while you text on your phone, the effects are also better then expected so all inn all just a great movie you did not know exsisted.
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