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A rather dramatic mess
thekarmicnomad19 June 2017
This continues on the Gantz story. A strange sphere resurrects dead people so they can fight aliens to the death.

I was a massive fan of Gantz - not so much of Gantz 0. This sequel is pretty disappointing. The actual alien fighting is pretty limited, the majority of the film is spent outside the combat zone.

the romance and character interactions are pretty interesting, but it feels a bit like you are watching a Japanese soap opera.

The story aims to shed some light on Gantz. This seems like a mistake as Gantz needs to be fairly enigmatic - but fails completely anyway. After all is said and done you are left wondering why 90% of what happened, happened. None of it makes any sense.

The film does not really cater for a western audience. It is overly dramatic and tragic. Many poignant last words are mumbled through blood stained lips whilst being cradled by a loved one.

Not enough action, too much drama, much, much too random.
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Gantz 2: Perfect Answer has no perfect answers
helmutty23 August 2011
The long wait is over. I am finally able to see the concluding movie to the two-parter series. I enjoyed it a lot. Gantz: perfect Answer is a good concluding movie. Although I wished that Gantz would become a trilogy. Heck, the manga has not yet been finished publishing. It won't hurt to extend into another movie. But the director has in mind a two-parter series and ends the movie firmly. Anyway, that's my wishful thinking.

The story: After the first movie, I started to read the manga. So I know more about Gantz when watching the last movie. I can see the movie is somehow faithful to the manga but points and scenes have been changed or added on. But the main story seems faithful. Answers are not really explained properly as what reviewers said. But I don't mind that. The action scenes are few but extended. Action fans will have to wait for a while for the first real action scene involving a battle in a train. Unlike the first one, this is not as action-packed but it still delivers the action. This movie packs the thrills and suspense too. As the manga has not yet finished, I could not wait to see how the director ends the movie. Acting is okay, there is still some of the over-the-top crying and screaming. Music is surprisingly epic.

Overall: A good Japanese movie with great action, thrills and music. Although the movie does not deliver in explaining unknown questions like movie-goers expect, this movie does deliver some of the best action not seen in Japanese movies and that should take your mind from the unsaid answers. Good series. Hope there will be more big-budget Japanese movies series. Japan needs more of this kind.
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tsoderlu20 September 2015
What a way to ruin one of the best mangas of all time. What a mess.

The first film was decent although a bit boring, roughly followed the manga.. dragged on some scenes and unnecessarily skipped other important ones, but it is understandable due to limited time. Ending was changed a lot but still recoverable from this error in judgment.

This time however very very little went according to the excellent story in the manga. There was so much potential, but wasted.. the last invasion arc would have made an excellent film, but this was too early for that of course. .but even just some of the finer missions would have been fine. I can think of at least 3 of similar caliber to the ending of the first film.. not exactly sure at which part the plot was in 2011 but still.

Acting was fine, action pretty cool, but the plot was a mess and pure wasted potential. Just read the manga.. and weep.
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A Nutshell Review: Gantz: Perfect Answer
DICK STEEL16 August 2011
Like Hollywood, Japan has its fair share of films adapted from the manga / graphic novel medium, and the first Gantz film showed what I had missed out. While being self-contained to a certain extent with the final scene leaving the door wide open for a follow up film, Gantz The Perfect Answer served up the concluding companion episode that's relatively different in tone and treatment, with the first film being that special effects extravaganza of a science fiction mystery that took its time to explain the rules of engagement to the audience, and this one being more measured in pace to explore and deepen the relationships between characters.

So for those who had come to expect an all out fight fest between the Gantz warriors and what was the myriad of alien lifeforms introduced in the previous film, this one had limited set action pieces to thrill you, with a consistent enemy solely being the shape shifting "Men in Black" aliens, extremely difficult to get rid of and who can forge weapons out of thin air. But that didn't mean the action got dumbed down, on the contrary they just become bigger scaled, and complex, especially the subway sequence involving different teams up against persistent enemies, weaving into and out of a speeding subway train using a whole host of weapons and strategies rolled into one.

The other action sequences didn't offer anything not seen before since it involved the usual hunter-prey type chases, although a three way street swordfight upped the ante before the all out whack fest as the finale that called too much attention to itself due to the fact that common sense logic gave way to wanting to achieve cool framing. There will be moments in the film that will make you wonder about continuity and inconsistencies especially to the ground rules drawn up, and the effects, outcomes and aftermath of weapon inflicted damages, but I can probably explain it away with Gantz getting weaker as the story goes along, and with that introduce the inconsistencies spotted, and the unpredictability of entire scenarios since for the first time, the "real world" people get put in direct line of fire.

And with the introduction setting Kei Kurono (Kazunari Ninomiya) achieving close to 100 points would already have done away with any montage sequence to show him and the Gantz squad dispatching countless of aliens along the 5 month duration set in the film, in lieu of wanting to explore the more human emotions and relationships between Kei and his best girl pal Tae (Yuriko Yoshitaka), and that between Masaru Kato (Kenichi Matsuyama) and his brother Ayumu (Kensuke Chisaka) who is yearning for the day he gets back home, which Kei is trying his best to assist in clocking his first 100 and trading those points for a resurrection. Then there's the love story between Kei and Tae that forms the centrestage of the plot here, like any typical love story where the guy stands up and protects his loved one from adversity, only to find the odds unfairly stacked against him because of the nature of the set up and game formed by Gantz.

On a deeper level, this film touches on how humans tend to fight without knowing intrinsically what they are fighting for, other than for the promise of something that obviously won't be delivered upon one's demise, or purely for selfish, personal gain that can easily turn allies into foes, and what it means to be selfless. The finale while dragged out, is bound to leave one nodding in appreciation just how it goes back to its science fiction roots in order to complete the film, and in some ways cutting close to the Matrix on levels dealing with the formation of realities, though here done with a little bit more finesse with bittersweetness.

As an expansion to the two film mythos, some familiar faces get to come back for a second round having form a formidable team with Kei Kurono, while new faces are being added such as the model Eriko Ayukawa (Ayumi Ito) who goes about in a hypnotic trance to help Gantz, and cop Masamitsu Shigeta (Takayuki Yamada) who is hell bent on finding out the truth behind Gantz and the whereabouts of the urban legend but always finding himself one step behind. The other Gantz members who get featured in this installment, though some briefly, suggests how one gets trapped in a loop or are at the beck and call of Gantz, and raises questions specifically on the kind of freedom granted by the black orb, which puts on that perfect philosophical and science fiction mash up spin.

For those who have forgotten the details from the first film since it has been months, fret not as this installment begins with a quick, broad recap of the pertinent points, then launching itself proper into the scheme of things that will call for patience in the initial act before its first action sequence kicks in, and kicks into high gear all the way to the finale. Definitely recommended for fans of the first film, and for the curious, do pick up the DVD of Gantz first before heading to the cinemas to complete the tale.
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Slightly Bias But Still Pretty Poor
thomasholding25 October 2011
Okay so i'll outline the fact that my rating of the film is bias based on my opinion of the manga. Having said that i do give credit where credit is due.

Well i was slightly skeptical of the film before i watched it, since i wondered how it could compare to the manga. The next few arcs in the manga (after what the first film detailed) is where it actually kicks off and gets really engulfing with the characters, the relationships and the aliens. To my surprise though this film doesn't actually continue along the manga's story and instead tries to make up a new story of it's own. The problem with this is that the film needs to work out what it's trying to say in the story. Unfortunately we are left with more questions than answers and a pretty shaky story to hold it all on.

Now moving onto some good points, the cinematography was good, the action scenes started well, but dragged slightly towards the end of the film. The acting was okay... as good as any other live-action Japanese film. i think that might actually be it.

My conclusion is the film might be very slightly better than my rating for anyone who has only seen the first film and not read the manga. Their is a lot of scenes and actions in the film that happen and are unexplained or have no relevance as far as i can see. Beyond the poor makeshift story the film still tries to convey the depth of human actions and emotions. But for me it was too little in a film that didn't seem to have enough attention paid to it.

P.S Just remembered - this doesn't even have the third option when getting 100 points. i guess it keeps it from opening the story up to the fact that their are more Gantz teams all over the world. intrigued? thought so.
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Jesus, what a mess!
siderite17 November 2019
Nothing in this film made any sense, from people who claim their highest wish is to resurrect someone, but then they call forth another, to weapons that work so bad that regular pistols are way better and people have to fight (badly) with swords, to fake (and bad) philosophical questions that mean nothing to the story or the characters. If Gantz 2010 was merely mediocre, the sequel is a piece of crap.
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A confusing movie
ferdmalenfant11 September 2019
Sometimes Science Fiction can get out of hand to the point where nothing makes sense anymore and the viewer is left with a big Question mark over his head...This is one of those movies. If you didn't see the first part don't even attempt this because you'll REALLY be lost...and if you did see the first part, you'll probably still be asking yourself "what the hell just happened?". A confusing mess!
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A bland and generic addition to the "Gantz" franchise...
paul_haakonsen3 July 2019
Granted, I have only seen the "Gantz 0" movie, which was overly enjoyable. So when I was given the chance to sit down and watch "Gantz: Perfect Answer" (aka "Gantz 2"), of course I jumped at the chance.

However, "Gantz: Perfect Answer", from 2011, was just not as enjoyable as the 2016 "Gantz 0" movie. Not even by a long shot.

What was wrong with "Gantz: Perfect Answer"? Well, first of all the character gallery was a scrambled mess that gave the audience surprisingly little insight in whom all the characters were. And believe you me, there were many characters! This shallow character gallery was an anchor around the movie.

And the storyline wasn't particularly well-thought through. It seemed more like an impromptu script made up as director Shinsuke Sato went along. The storyline was all over the place with multiple sub-scripts, none of which came to a proper fruition and completion as the movie drew to an end. There were so many unanswered questions to the storyline.

The acting was good, though, and they did have a good ensemble of actors and actresses, just a real shame that they were given flaccid characters without any proper meat on their bones, so to speak. They were essentially, just portraying the same character when you think about it.

As for the action in "Gantz: Perfect Answer", well, I will say that it was nicely executed. Lots of good action sequences throughout the course of the movie. However, the drama aspects to the storyline had a tendency of overshadowing the action aspects, which I found to be a shame. I wanted to watch action and fighting in the movie, not a TV soap opera drama.

All in all, then I am rating "Gantz: Perfect Answer" a mediocre five out of ten stars. The movie really failed to impress and entertain me properly in most aspects. Sure, it was watchable, but it was a horrible scrambled mess of a movie.
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Gantz 2, a rare sequel equal or better than Original
joeywyss3 August 2014
This is a lot better than I expected, although I wish I'd known Gantz 2 was actually a sequel that was better than the original, or at least a vital part of what should have been a multi-episode mini-series. If I had watched both together I would have enjoyed much much more. I assumed it would be a light fun sci-fi popcorn movie, but it has much more depth than that in the end which makes it truly satisfying. It suffers from a dialogue issue I find with a lot of Asian import films, whereas the humor or exposition doesn't quite translate to English, but that's not really a fault so much as to be expected. It was a wise decision to use Asian actors to do the English overdubs , and the cast do an excellent job of mimicking to the tracks although clearly not speaking the vocal. The director has a clear and concise vision here, and is completely successful in finessing the photography although he really shines in Gantz 2. The action and fight scenes are a joy, with the wire-acrobatics and choreography you'd expect. Against the alien mutants in Gantz-1 they are great to watch, but against the more human aliens in Gantz-2 they're much more appreciated. Gantz-1 has more of a humorous undertone to it than Gantz-2 (although that turns out to be a mistake when dealing with the robot mutant, he's a badass), where Gantz-2 is much more sinister and dark. There are no glaring plot holes (save one in G-2 that I assume just got left on the editing room floor) in either piece. Plot is fluid and not plodding. The production budget is greatly increased in G-2 and it shows. The ending of Gantz/Gantz-2 as a set piece is perfect, with very little room for any attempt of a "Gantz-3 : Resurrection!!", and that makes it even more satisfying. Cast is capable and believable, even past the leads. Don't watch one without the other, you'll benefit.
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The dark side of the live-action movie based on comics.
Aoi_kdr4 July 2019
Z gun was cool! But I didn't like this movie. I felt like I saw a dark side of the live-action movie based on comics. Because the story was distorted to converge for the movie length.
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Part 2 offers a lot more substance.
reallyevilboy25 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I'm really going to give a review here for both Gantz and Gantz: Perfect Answer because it's not so much a sequel but part 2.

I really don't think you could watch Gantz and leave it at that. Unless you really hated the movie, after the end of Gantz you will feel the urge to watch the second part to see how it turns out.

Now I do also understand that the anime would be better than the movie, even though I have not seen it. I also understand that the manga would also be better than the anime. This review is only about the movie.

The first movie is more of an introduction to the situation whereas Gantz: Perfect Answer offers a lot more substance. I found it well worth the watch. I enjoyed also when certain aspects of the plot made me realize other certain, undisclosed aspects of the plot. I really enjoy that sublime element and the slow dawning realization.

Two points that annoyed me a little.

1/ The aliens were always saying "This is revenge" or "You started this" and I was hoping for some kind of explanation but there was none. The mention of this untold background seemed as a tease to my curiosity. (I don't doubt the explanation is in the anime)

2/ I found the ending a little obvious. I knew what was going to happen and then it happened. I was desperately hoping for some kind of last minute twist, a reprieve from the inevitable.

Other than that I really liked this two part movie, especially the second part.
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