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A Nutshell Review: Gantz
DICK STEEL14 May 2011
If you think that only Hollywood is tapping deep into comic book source material for its films, well they're not alone, with the Japanese also digging deep into its rich manga culture for adaptations to bring to the silver screen. It's taken Gantz quite some time to reach our shores given that the concluding sequel had already been aired weeks ago and we're only getting the first installment, but as I say it's always better late than never. Based upon the original works by Hiroya Oku, Gantz is a science fiction fantasy film that posed a lot more questions than it answered, and really asks that you put aside nagging thoughts and accept things for what they are at face value until the second film rolls along.

We're introduced to the teenagers Masaru Kato (the popular Kenichi Matsuyama) and Kei Kurono (Kazunari Ninomiya) who meet by chance at a subway station, once best friends with the latter always standing up for the former. They get involved in rescuing a man who had fallen onto the train tracks, but in the process get themselves killed, yet transported into some sparse apartment room together with strangers, all of whom had their life expired, and a huge black orb to whom they owe their temporal lives to. Here's where a lot of questions get tossed up as to the origins of the orb, and some thick existential queries - are they really dead, or operating on a separate limbo plane, or are really just dreaming - but put all of these aside to just soak up the ground rules that the characters have to engage in, and the set action sequences that come with the territory.

To help make the narrative a little bit more palatable, treat it as an extreme version of Men in Black, where a randomly selected group of apparently dead folks get topped up into an existing team, all of whom are given exo-skeleton suits to power up and weapons fit to kill aliens who walk this earth. Gantz, the orb within which houses a comatosed bald man communicating via a console on the orb, summons the players, sets the mission objectives, and teleports them into the thick of the action. Survive, and you get to live another day. Die, and you'll stay dead permanently. With a catch of course, where a Gantz summoned player earn meagre points in a mission (in addition to getting insulted), and a 100 points allows one to either wipe one's memory and go back to the "real world" not remembering a single thing when serving Gantz, or opting to resurrect a fallen comrade.

The first hour or so is spent learning the ground rules, and what better way than to be thrown into the deep end of the pool in an effort to immerse both the characters and audience in double quick time. Our main protagonists with their different perspectives and values often come up clashing against once another in their ideals, but when push comes to shove it's a life and death issue should they choose not to cooperate with each other, and with others in the same boat, unless of course one decides to use the clueless newbies as fodder.

The story's made more interesting with this particular contrast between the two leads, one being very reluctant to shed more blood and taking it upon himself to ensure that the newbies are properly briefed and told of the risks involved, often being ridiculed, while the other sees his new life under Gantz as an opportunity to rise up and be the hero he's meant to be, since in real life he's a zero this presents him a chance to answer what would be his calling in life, bordering on arrogance and partaking in riskier maneuvers. But alas given the need to cram everything into a slightly more than two hour film, you can bet that plenty of characterization and development got thrown out of the window, and subplot casualties include the romances between Kato and buxomy Kei Kishimoto (Natsuna Watanabe), and that of Kurono and fellow student and manga enthusiast Tae Kojima (Yuriko Yoshitaka), whom I suspect will have a much larger role in the concluding film.

Surprisingly there is plenty of bloody violence and gore peppered throughout the film, sticking close to the treatment as in the manga and anime, with only the gratuitous nudity in the source materials being toned down by quite a bit in the live action movie. Computer generated graphics are the order of the day, as plenty of futuristic weapons got produced, in addition to the skin tight exo-skeleton suit. Villainous aliens take on different looks, from robots with awkward mobility, to inhabiting statues of Buddhas that give rise to one of the largest action sequences in the film that came complete with high casualty and property damage.

Undoubtedly a special effects extravaganza, Gantz is ultimately half a film, and I am looking forward to the concluding episode to wrap up the open questions posed here. After all, the sequel's subtitle is Perfect Answer, so I'm really hoping for that to happen. Stay tuned during and after the closing credits for that trailer to the sequel, and tell me if that doesn't pique your interest even more, so much so that like me I'm putting that anime DVD collection on my wish list. Recommended!
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What if you were in a 3D shooter you can't get out of?
siderite17 November 2019
Gantz is a black ball that recruits people that have already died in order to kill random aliens that are hidden on Earth. It does it completely randomly and to make it fun it presents it as a game: make 100 points and you can be out. The catch is that the threats are usually so bad that you can't reach 100 or if you do, you also get the option to revive a dead mate. The manga is full of crybabies that never find the time to deal with their emotions before they get killed and the film is not very different either. As others have said, if the ball tells you to kill something and it gives you a gun, use it, then consider your damn feelings and moral judgement.

All in all a good live adaptation of the beginning of the Gantz manga. There are at least two other movies in the series and they will probably continue where this left off without any closure whatsoever.
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An excellent Sci-fi romp.
thekarmicnomad14 February 2013
When I got this I was hoping for a Sci-fi movie with some shooting, a bit of a story and some interesting characters. This is exactly what I got.

The pace of the movie is typically Eastern, the action scenes are fast and packed, the rest is slow and considered.

A large portion of the film is dedicated to the characters trying to find out who they are; as well as trying to understand each other.

Don't expect too much exposition. Why does all this strange stuff happen? Because it's a Sci-fi movie; roll with it.

The affects are good, the bad guys are interesting and (compared to Western villains) refreshing and quirky.

ACting is good, camera work solid, production lavish.
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Good manga makes for a very good movie.
jackmeat22 August 2013
I only know the summary part of the manga, so I will stick to the movie itself. The movie starts with two old friends( ? ) that coincidentally meet on a train platform. In this brief moment, they attempt to rescue a man off of the train tracks and in trying this, they are killed by the oncoming train. Or were they? The two awaken in a room with a few other strangers, all of which claim to have been killed. Accompanying them is a mysterious black orb which gives some very vague instructions on what the "group" needs to do. Basically the task is to kill aliens that are on the earth hiding out. Sounds corny, but it is far from that. The movie is so well filmed including cinematography, editing, locale that pretty much whatever the group was sent to do was going to be a treat. Lucky for us viewers, it was an exciting mission at that. As the movie progresses, we learn that each person is awarded "points" for surviving (since if not, well, they are dead) and what can be done with those points is part of the mystery. The effects are very good, and basic, not overdone at all. This makes it much easier to get into the film and the characters in it. The acting was very good, even if I personally had to be distracted from their performances by reading the subtitles. Either way, I could tell by visual features and expressions that it was well done. Each encounter gets more and more difficult, as one would assume, and leads to a very open ended climax that makes you want to see more. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie from start to finish and recommend it to anyone that likes sci-fi and originality. Please Hollywood, can you keep your hands off and not remake this, let the Japanese do their thing, they have brought us a gem in this as it is. Enjoy. 6.9/10
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That's grotesque.
Aoi_kdr4 July 2019
I stopped eating popcorn when 20 minutes had passed since the start of this movie. An onion alien was too scary! It was too grotesque!

I've never read an original comic, so I don't know how different the movie was from the original. But the action scenes were exciting! The ideas about a statue of Buddha and Tanaka alien were based on Japanese culture. So I felt it was worth having being made into a movie.
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Gantz the live action movie
helmutty17 May 2011
I am not a fan of the Gantz manga and I have not even read it. I don't really read manga and comics. So when it comes to a live-action adaptation, I am clueless about the characters but I can make out with the adaptation's explanation or the adaptation may even prompt me to pick up the manga. Gantz as far as I know is famous for its over-the-top violence and nudity. I saw many criticisms on the adaptation saying that it lacks of blood and nudity. For a general movie-goer who does not know what to expect in the adaptation will find this a little bloody and will wish for some more nudity.

The story: There is a sick game which revives dead people and commands them to play along. Their tasks are to kill aliens. Aliens!!! Once an alien dies, the players are given points according to their contribution to the death of the alien. A number of points will reward that person. Gantz is touted as a big-budget action sci-fi movie. And yes, it is. The big action scenes especially the final one show that much money is spent. The aliens look okay but are unique in some ways. Characters wise is okay, some are a bit interesting but some are just there for sake of being there. The pace is decent for a Japanese movie, not to say that all Japanese movies are slow-paced. Watching this feels like watching the Japanese doing a Hollywood movie which is decently paced and features big action scenes. With the final movie completing this series, it will be expected to end with a cliffhanger.

Overall: It is good for a Japanese action movie, it could be one of the best I have seen. But for a character movie, it could have done better. It is worth a watch whether you are a Gantz fan or not. Since fans are saying that the manga has more violence and nudity, I am compelled to pick up the manga and to see if it is true. For a non-Gantz fan, I can't wait for part 2 which will conclude the movie series. Sadly, Singaporeans will have to wait.
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Only for lovers of the Manga or Anime
pontram1 November 2011
Japanese movies were often innovative, groundbreaking, trend-setting, also for the western movie industry. This declined during the last 10 - 15 years, that may (towards I tend to believe) or may not caused by the growing occurrence of Anime movies, often Manga-based. Therefore, Asian quality movies are now coming more from other countries.

'Gantz' has its origins in a popular 'Seinen' Manga (for adults), which were in Japan also successful as Anime series. It starts up with a mystery. A few people are rematerialized in a room after their obvious death. The machinery responsible for their resurrection uses unimaginable technology, but orders them to fight against so-called 'Aliens', and to gain points like in an ordinary video-game. Confronted with their first mission the people react different, some of them are killed, but most of them are completely disturbed.

Until the first mission the movie is (from a western point of view) intriguing; effects and design ideas are announcing a decent mystery/sf experience, if the audience isn't aware of the Manga/Anime.

That lasts about 10, maybe 15 minutes, until one realizes, that any further impressing film experience will not happen. If you know the Manga or the Anime series, you know that the movie won't bring any deeper insights than disturbed people, hesitating to pull the trigger even when it goes for their (second) life, and Aliens mostly waiting for being destroyed between cheesy dialogs. Most of the Anime's sexual content and language is absent in the movie; but not the inexplicable behavior of the participants, both human or alien (or director/writer/producer).

Furthermore, there is no real mystery, as one, who is not familiar with the 'Gantz' Manga, may hope. It's simple simple simple. The machine is for playing the game, it's not something between the realms of death and life, it's no matter of Karma or God or the Devil. It's a machine built for a game, built by someone, and this someone isn't even a computer nerd version of an AVP predator. So, there is no revelation, no development. There isn't even a noticeable story anymore.

Between the fights the survivors are released to the real world, so they may continue their lost life, until they are transferred to the next mission, where new dead people arrive mostly to be killed because of their freezing despair (women) or dumbness (men). The real-life part of the characters between the missions is mostly lengthened and could have been cut with very little effect.

If someone would argue, that there are insights shown to the abysms of human behavior or the illness of the society, or something that goes one millimeter deeper than Video Game Shooting, I could not disagree more than to that. I would accept it for 'Gamer', but not 'Gantz'.

Overall, the movie could have been cut to some 75 min. length, and as a result it would be slightly entertaining for an audience with an IQ greater 70.

People who expect a decent Japanese movie, will be deeply disappointed. There is a CGI quality to mention, but asides from the flawed plot, there is too much overacting and screaming, to keep the level at least in the B class.
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For heaven's sake, shoot already!
Someguysomwhere20 July 2011
Thru their deaths by misfortune, various people are periodically recruited by a machine in the form of a dark sphere called "Gantz"(I'm guessing it's completely random since an old lady and a kid were also conscripted). At the center of all this are 3 young people: 2 guys and a girl. The 2 guys, Kel and Kato, have a history but hadn't seen each other in a while. Kel is at first timid, and even cowardly but later sees himself as heroic. Kato is intense and shudders and grimaces a lot (killed his father and went to juvie). The girl is a real cute "girly girl" who panics and runs away a lot. She's got the hots for Kato who doesn't notice or care cause he's too busy grimacing and thinking about other people.

A very decent movie with a nice concept but marred mainly by one annoying fact: Time and time again one of these people had an opportunity to shoot the threat and did not do it. Or did (eventually), but then instead of firing again, and again ----and again, if necessary, until said threat was demolished they just stood around with their mouth open wasting time until the threat recovered to attack again (Man, was that annoying!!!). If that won't get under your skin too much and you like sci-fi, I recommend this. Love, Boloxxxi.
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Sato Shinsuke's entertaining sci-fi film "Gantz" is one big tease...
jmaruyama13 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Sato Shinsuke's highly anticipated big-budget, live-action adaptation of Oku Hiroya's hugely popular Japanese comic/manga series "Gantz" is an engaging, glossy and outstanding high-octane, popcorn action movie with imaginative and stellar visual effects. While fanboys will appreciate Sato's faithful interpretation of the manga, Toho does a great disservice by only releasing a disappointingly dubbed version outside of Japan. The dry, disengaging and monotone voice acting dampens an otherwise terrific movie experience.

As mentioned "Gantz" is a currently on-going comic series in the weekly publication "Young Jump" by talented artist/writer Oku Hiroya. Oku's story takes elements from a variety of sources including the seminal Japanese "jidaigeki" drama "Hissatsu Shigotonin" (AKA Sure Death), movies such as "Men In Black" and "Alien" and Takami Koshun's landmark novel "Battle Royale" among others to give us perhaps one of the most interesting sci-fi stories to come out in a while.

"Gantz" begins with the tragic deaths of childhood friends Kurono Kei (played by JPop boyband "Arashi" member Ninomiya Kazunari)and Kato Masaru (played by "Death Notes" star Matsuyama Kenichi) who die trying to save a passenger who had fallen onto some subway rail tracks.

Although they get hit by an express subway train, they find themselves miraculously alive in a mysterious Tokyo apartment room amidst other strangers who had befallen similar tragic and accidental deaths. In the center of the room is a gigantic metallic sphere with a digital screen display and various compartments which house an assortment of advanced and hi-tech weaponry.

Among the other "contestants" in the room include the mysterious and sadistic High School senior Nishi Joichiro (played by Prince of Tennis/Nana 2's Hongo Kanata), the buxom and pixie-haired Kishimoto Kei (portrayed by the gorgeous Natsuna) who had committed suicide after breaking up with her cheating boyfriend, and recently laid-off "salary man/office worker" Suzuki Yoshikazu (portrayed by Tetsuro and Kamen Rider The Next star Taguchi 'Tomorrow').

The metallic sphere (who calls itself Gantz) informs the assembled contestants that they need to hunt down various alien invaders (disguised either as humans or other objects) in order to earn points. Once 100 points are accumulated and won by any individual contestant, they may choose to either (1) erase their memory and return to normal life or (2) resurrect any of the other contestants who had previously died in a "mission".

Thus begins the epic adventure of these individuals as they play the game to win their freedom and to resurrect their fallen comrades in arms.

Oku's fascinating world of Gantz is recreated in loving detail by Sato's amazing direction and vision. It helps that Screenwriter Watanabe Yûsuke does an admirable job of condensing and streamlining Oku's original multi-volume story to give us a good introduction and look at the primary characters that are involved. While there are some sub-plots that don't quite work, for instance the budding relationship between Kurono and his college classmate, manga Otaku Kojima Tae (played by cute Yoshitaka Yuriko) I thought it was a bit much and didn't really add to the character development (although in the manga it is better done). "Gantz's" strength however is definitely in the superb visual effects which are eye-catching and nicely done. In particular, the various weapons used by the contestants (the Gantz powersuits, X-Guns etc.) look amazing and the alien effects are spectacular.

It's hard to really critique the original character acting as the English dubbing actors really sour the performances. I'm not sure if there was a general disinterest in the material or perhaps not a clear understanding of the story but one can tell just from the monotone and often lethargic voice-overs that the actors were probably just reading lines.

As good as "Gantz" was, ultimately it was merely a big tease for the sequel which is scheduled for later in the year. As with the recent trilogy "21st Century Boys" or even the final chapter of "Harry Potter", "Gantz" felt like an elaborate setup for the next film which promises to be even better than this film.

I wish some of the other elements of the manga could be brought into the movie as in the manga we get quite a spectrum of interesting alien "hordes" that get hunted (some of the aliens disguise themselves as various mythological entities and deities). It does get touched upon somewhat in this film (particularly at the end).

While wishful thinking, I hope that Hollywood does not remake this film as Sato has delivered a perfectly good movie that could probably do well abroad in a subtitled version. Yet, knowing the arrogance of Hollywood producers it's probably only a matter of time before an eventual "American" version comes out. Let's just hope they at least they give due credit to Oku for delivering one of the most exciting sci-fi comics in a long while and to Sato for capturing that excitement in this film. Let's also hope that Toho does not dub the 2nd film as I believe "Gantz" and the performances of its principal cast (Ninomiya, Matsuyama, Natsuna, Hongo) deserve better treatment.
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one of best Japanese movies
stermix5017 December 2014
to tell the truth, after those ring movies, only a couple of Japanese movies retained my attention. Until Gantz arrived. It was very difficult to discover it and when I did, I had hard time to see which one was the 1st. Anyhow the trouble was worth it!

I initially thought it was going to be some cheap B movie or at best some American style movie with some guys wearing some special suits and facing some monsters. Although one could say that it was not far from it, the whole idea was very differently approached. This movie has mystery, action, and drama. Actors are very convincing, characters gain depth and the whole story draws you into becoming addicted to it. I never see any sequel immediately, but this thing really got me and rushed into number 2 the day after. I didn't know the anime or the manga, but now I want to see everything.

All in all 4,5hours of splendid story, U-turns and action. What anybody could need more?
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Shoot your GD gun
DrProfessor10 December 2020
I was really enjoying the movie until it became absurd. Such wasted potential.
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wonderful works of urban legends
ParisImpressionH-Y-10 March 2019
The unusually bad character set is the cancer of this series, including TV anime and comics. In this film, the acting of a tall actor is as bad as the character setting. Even so (the unbearable), this film, as well as its sequel and "O", still has a lot of highlights. It can even be said that they are rare masterpieces in urban legendary movies.
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Great! Best to Binge Gantz and Gantz 2
joeywyss3 August 2014
This is a lot better than I expected, although I wish I'd known Gantz 2 was actually a sequel that was better than the original, or at least a vital part of what should have been a multi-episode mini-series. If I had watched both together I would have enjoyed much much more. I assumed it would be a light fun sci-fi popcorn movie, but it has much more depth than that in the end which makes it truly satisfying. It suffers from a dialogue issue I find with a lot of Asian import films, whereas the humor or exposition doesn't quite translate to English, but that's not really a fault so much as to be expected. It was a wise decision to use Asian actors to do the English overdubs , and the cast do an excellent job of mimicking to the tracks although clearly not speaking the vocal. The director has a clear and concise vision here, and is completely successful in finessing the photography although he really shines in Gantz 2. The action and fight scenes are a joy, with the wire-acrobatics and choreography you'd expect. Against the alien mutants in Gantz-1 they are great to watch, but against the more human aliens in Gantz-2 they're much more appreciated. Gantz-1 has more of a humorous undertone to it than Gantz-2 (although that turns out to be a mistake when dealing with the robot mutant, he's a badass), where Gantz-2 is much more sinister and dark. There are no glaring plot holes (save one in G-2 that I assume just got left on the editing room floor) in either piece. Plot is fluid and not plodding. The production budget is greatly increased in G-2 and it shows. The ending of Gantz/Gantz-2 as a set piece is perfect, with very little room for any attempt of a "Gantz-3 : Resurrection!!", and that makes it even more satisfying. Cast is capable and believable, even past the leads. Don't watch one without the other, you'll benefit.
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Watchable, but you need to be used to this type of japanese movies and the acting
gustavo_palos25 March 2020
I haven't watched the Anime nor read Manga, but came across this movie checking for some live actions from Anime. The idea behind it's interesting and always enjoyable that not everything will be explained leaving the audience to make their own assumptions. One great director once said, he makes 50% of the movie and the audience does the other 50%. The way you understand the movie doesn't have to be the way the director had in his mind.

Sorry, coming back to the movie, it reminds me of 'The cube' in terms of the characters, how they ended up there and what's the goal. Worth giving it a try, but as i say in the subject of this comment, you need to be familiar of japanese acting. If you come from Hollywood movies to this type for the first time, it may be hard to fully enjoy.
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IMHO Better Than The Anime Version
enilenis10 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The first thing I said having watched the anime was that it should've been a feature length show instead of the sluggishly paced 26 episodes.

The movie has greatly improved the story's presentation, eliminating empty filler material.

Production values were good as well as the casting choice and visuals. Instead of a niche product appealing to a very limited audience, the film was made into a decent sci-fi flick, preserving everything that made the story unique.

The characters had to be flattened to fit the format, but didn't suffer much due to having little depth to begin with. Each one of them simply represented "an approach" with some background revealed to explain motivation.

The core is still the same - random candidates find themselves in strange circumstances. They're given tools with no instructions and are expected to figure out quickly what to do. There's no room for error and the reward for passing a test is always a new test.
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Great Adaptation of the Anime
eplanti18 February 2011
I actually don't like film adaptations of anime, there's something crazy about trying to follow a series that's roughly 12 hours in length down to a suitable movie format of 1.5 to 3 hrs. What surprised me about the film adaptation of Gantz, is how well they adapted the idea of getting transported to a room relentlessly by a alien sphere to fight aliens shortly after your own death, instead of simply trying trying to mash the plot into a shorter format. They kept most of the aliens, but changed a lot to the series which is pretty refreshing after it had been out for five years. Also, the film is just as brutal and violent as it is in the anime, maybe even more so with the film's added realism.
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Complete lack of logic, completely ridiculous movie.
rorrr13 March 2011
Clearly this is not a low budget movie, the special effects are pretty good. The premise is good too. However the movie fails at everything else, and the main thing that bring is down is the complete lack of logic. Most of the movie goes like this:

1) Monster is moving slowly or not moving at all 2) People are just staring at it or running away, even those who know that the guns work really well against monsters. Nobody is trying to shoot it. 3) Monster hurts one of the main characters 4) There's a long an boring cut scene with the cheesiest dialogue you can imagine. Meanwhile the monster is taking a break, not doing anything 5) One of the main character shoots the monster, having no problems 6) Repeat

There are a few characters (guy in glasses) that do absolutely nothing the whole movie. Seriously, nothing, zero. They just hang out, don't participate in fights, don't help anybody, don't say anything interesting.

So other than the main idea, the script is absolutely rubbish. It's like it was written by a ten year old who saw the original manga series.

With just a bit of effort this movie could've been one of the coolest sci-fi movies in a long time, but it was completely ruined by bad script, horrible dialogue, mediocre acting.

This is too bad, good sci-fi movies are pretty rare.
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Tragically dull and awkward...
anime_queeny24 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
***Review may contain spoilers***

The anime Gantz - is a brilliant story about a young man named Kei Kurono who has a bad attitude towards society and he's a gigantic pervert. He ends up waiting for his train ride at a busy train station some where in Japan (forgot the station name)only to come across a complicated situation that involves his old school friend - Kato.

A bum falls onto the train tracks - Kato jumps down to help the old fool and Kurono is forced into a situation where he should play hero (something the live action didn't do). After saving the drunken bum - Kei and Kato have no time to jump up the walls away from the tracks so they end up running for their lives away from the train. Before they know it, both friends are struck by the train with the crowd shrieking in horror by the horrendous blood bath!

Kurono and Kato are then teleported into a bare naked room - with other Japanese people and they are all confronted by the merciless Gantz sphere.

Here Kurono and Kato are forced to battle alongside fantastic supporting characters such as Kishimoto, Masanobu Hojou, the beautiful Sei Sakuraoka and many more memorable characters. These characters fight to survive, fight to win points, fight horrendous and arduous battles against their own emotions and their capabilities to actually use the Gantz suits to fight their battles.They all fight at a chance to win enough points to go home together.

What I love about Gantz - is the dramatization of every situation and just how unbelievably cocky Kurono is. Kei Kurono is bad ass in the anime from start to finish - in the live action...this isn't really the case.

I can't say that I've fully enjoyed the Gantz live-action movie. My free-to-air television network allowed me to take a look at the movie and because I'm a huge fan of the anime series; I was more then happy to give the movie a go.

Here are just a few things wrong with the film:

A) The story of Gantz live-action was rather confusing. Like even though I've watched the series, there wasn't enough or anything to reel you into the story. It just starts of as Kei at a train station waiting for a ride - there is one lame ass attempt to make Kei a perv by having him look at a giant poster of a beautiful Japanese girl and then that's it really. And then the plot stutters all the way. If a person never watch the Gantz anime series before - I wouldn't be surprised if those people were scratching their heads going - I don't really get it.

B)I am not sure why it's so hard to replicate a scene from an Anime but the way Kato and Kurono died was completely bizarre to me.

C)The movie was dull 60% of the time with very little dialog...too much standing around and staring and each other like Zzzzzzzz...I was always waiting for a joke or a swear word or a pun or more life from the other characters but none of this happened.

D) None of the characters really kicked ass...In the anime - each character had a moment. Kato was just boring...he just mopped around all the time. He lacked compassion like he did in the anime - like I get that the Japanese love to dramatize their characters in this way but he just lacked something...

E) Not enough character the end I just didn't care about the characters because they all died before we even got to know them lol.

F) The awkward bloody close ups of their faces and the over the top crying again, there wasn't enough character development, not even between Kei and Kato the two "friends" for Kei to be so upset he could die knowing that he'd lost a friend. Like the emotions on the faces of these actors were awkward to watch :S!

Some good points about the story:

The suits are awesome, Kishimoto was pretty hot, Kei came out on top in the end briefly and the computer generated scene of the laser beams teleporting the characters were pretty awesome. The monsters were pretty cool - took me back to the anime.

4/10 Some good points about the movie but it will never ever compare to the anime nor the manga but is was entertaining to watch either way. Give it ago you might enjoy it more then I did.
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Great moments but generally not great
bougheyrm17 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I've never read manga series or watched the TV show but after seeing this title knocking around for a while I decided to rent it and give it a go.

I enjoyed it and thought that there were some great moments in it. I love the teleport effect of slicing the person (although I notice that there is the usual Star Trek transporter quirk that sometimes people arrive as they were sent but at other times they don't). I also like the basic concept of a hidden war (and that it's not too certain who are the good guys.

Yuriko Yoshitaka is stunning to look at but has nothing to do (Ken'ichi Matsuyama as Kato is the same to be honest). The down side is that there are occasions when terrible decisions are taken simply because no one could (presumably) think of a better way to write the scene. for example when Kato is killed it takes forever to die during which time Kurono could have been trying to kill the alien and so save him.

Overall a good and some pleasing design
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Don't waste your time on this, go watch GANTZ: O
Ivanovo_044 August 2017
I haven't read the manga, just the first one and it's basically the first 15 min of the movie so I really don't know if there is a reason for the "NOT SHOOTING" thing. Over all is an OKAY movie, but if you want to watch it you better go for GANTZ: O (2016) so much better and they actually shoot there.
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2hr movie covering roughly 3/4's of the 26 episode anime series.
Props00115 February 2011
I base this review off of what I know about Gantz(also assuming that you've read the manga or have watched the anime series). I personally never read the manga nor spoke to someone who has. I have watched the anime series(dubbed) followed now, by the movie. How strict the series actually followed the manga, I'm unsure; however, the movie itself seemed to follow the series. That being said...

The movie was alright; the effects: CG & costumes were alright(much better than I had expected). Actually, that aspect exceeded my expectations. However, the amount of characters were extremely lacking as well as the back story to the main characters...things seemed to be consolidated.

If you're familiar with the anime, you may be disappointed. The story here just didn't match up with the series...I'm sure the series simplified the manga..and that's pretty much what the movie did for the series.

Overall, it wasn't bad..I just had higher expectations... The dubbed version gave it a B movie feeling with more than believable effects. I would have rather seen a 2 hour movie that expanded on the first and/or second encounter that the anime series had(w/ Gantz), rather than just about fly through 3/4's of what I know as Gantz(the anime series).
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some things work and some don't
fenniferdead8 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I really wanted to like this film. There were great effects in it. The story seems to follow the anime series well. Its got cute Asian boys in leather in it and the acting is somewhat decent. So what is my main hangup with this film? I completely lose interest when I watch the characters stand there when looking stupid when they could have fired off multiple rounds from weapons or could have easily defeated some enemy quickly. But what do they all do? They all stand around with gawking faces while watching the aliens pretty much destroy them. The most insulting part is when they are inside the museum and the shiva type statue decides to wait around while the injured characters have their big dramatic moments and then decide to fight. The amount of times both the good guys and bad guys could have easily finished each other off are ridiculous. This to me is just bad directing/timing and something I cannot seem to forgive.
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Gantz : Great Movie
denizuzun5813 February 2013
I first watch the movie then te manga collection and believe me, I enjoyed the movie... I must say the manga was great but the movie was very good.

First of all, most people are talking about the anime/manga and that the movie ain't the same. You cant make the same effect because if you draw you use a pencil ( use your imagination and you will put it on the paper) if you make a movie you cant use every thing you like because some time its not possible to put it in the big screen + then it would be exactly the same as the manga and people will say they just copied the script from the manga/anime !!!

Some people say please shoot shoot shoot than it would be like statship troopers it would sucked. You should put you're self in there shoes, the first time you see an alien you don't believe what you see you freez e and all that mambo jambo ........... i think you understand

i love people who critisies dit you ever made a movie no shut up then
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Unbelieable how dumb the characters were depicted
cielaust18 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Seriously doesn't make sense how dumb these characters are. Train scene blows my mind how hesitant people were to help. Fighting scenes were so frustrating. All the characters deserved to die....... Seriously....... Gantz 0 on Netflix is a tonne better. This is absolute rubbish.
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What a great surprise!!!
eduardo-peixoto16 February 2011
I did not read the manga, but I did watch the entire anime a few years back. The anime had 2 full seasons to tell the story, the movie had just two hours. So clearly while it is not as rich as the anime, the movie does a very good job given the time restriction.

I had no expectations when I started to watch it, however after 15 minutes I was a believer, and even if I didn't know the story, still a pretty decent movie. Very nice FX and a high quality production to it.

As fiction flicks goes, it is not for everybody, but If you like the theme and/or anime/manga culture, go for it for sure. And the sequel is already in the works, so we will get our Gantz fix soon enough.
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