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Among a cluttered cast, the show's best characters shine
Mr-Fusion20 January 2017
The murder case at the heart of this week's episode - involving a bright young marathon champion - feels like your average crime of the week, but it's what they do with it that makes this worthwhile. And having a like-minded sprinting enthusiast is a great way to spotlight Lydia and her prejudices against elite university culture and sports star exceptionalism. Regina King owns this ('natch) and while the case has its twists, the more opportunities we gt to learn about Southland's best detective, the better.

The other story involves Cooper and Sherman, attending the funeral of John's old partner. Life I've always said, the writing makes you work for the details, and the reason for the wake, revealed in the very last scene, ties into Cooper's own closeted lifestyle.

It's not the case that's memorable but the partner interactions, and I respect the writing for not beating its audience over the head.

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