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22 Mar. 2009
Levar Burton/Samm Levine
LeVar Burton discusses his journey as an actor and father. This was the very first show that Kevin did. From it was born the show's first catchphrase: "We're not ready..." LeVar talks in great depth about the enormity of co-starring in two historically successful projects: The mini-series "Root" and "Star Trek, The Next Generation."
29 Mar. 2009
Jim Gaffigan/Joe Mantegna
Jim Gaffigan discusses how and why he became a comedian, as well as his 20+year journey in the world of comedy, in which he now sells out theaters around the world. He's easily considered one of the best touring comedians of the day.
5 Apr. 2009
Jason Antoon/Elon Musk
Elon Musk is the CEO/Founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX. Only days after the Tesla Model S four door fully electric sedan, he shares why and how the electric car IS the future, and that future is finally here, as well as his other passion, the world of rockets. This is the most in depth visual interview this true captain of industry has ever given. Two weeks later, for example, he was on David Letterman's show for a total of 6 minutes.
12 Apr. 2009
Bobby Slayton/Doug Benson
Bobby Slayton is a unique, veteran stand-up comedian, who's nickname are "Yid Vicious" and "The Pit bull of Comedy." He and Kevin met in their early stand-up days of San Francisco and have known each other for almost 30 years. The hilarity that ensues is all the evidence necessary of their great friendship. This originally streamed live on Easter Sunday, '09.
19 Apr. 2009
Chris McQuarrie/Paget Brewster
Paget Brewster is a tremendous actress, both dramatically and hilariously. She was the first female guest on the show and rather candidly shared with Kevin her particular journey in both life and showbiz.
26 Apr. 2009
John Hamm/Alex Albrecht
Alex Albrecht is a true internet super star. He discusses starting out in improvisational theater and shares his struggles in life, as well as showbiz, and how he ultimately found his worldwide success as the host of one the internets most popular shows, Diggnation.
4 May 2009
Matthew Perry/Chris Mallick
Matthew Perry candidly discusses his life and career leading up to, and through out, starring as Chandler Bing in the wildly successful television show "Friends," as well as life since, some of which had not been spoken of prior. He and Kevin have co-starred in 3 films together, the making of some of which is discussed here, too.
10 May 2009
Curt Smith/Felicia Day
Felicia Day is a multiple award-winning writer and actress, who created, writes and stars in the internet uber-sensation "The Guild." She offers insights into how someone who couldn't get hired much at all in traditional media could take her destiny into her own hands and create the single most financially successful internet comedy series to date.
24 May 2009
George Gallo/Josh Malina
Josh Malina chats about his life and career as an actor and writer, including 4 years portraying the much-loved character "Will Bailey" in "The West Wing" and his current work on the television show "In Plain Sight." In this interview, he's also extremely funny in a charming and self-effacing manner.
31 May 2009
Nia Vardalos/Illeana Douglas
Illeana Douglas is an award-winning film actress, who shares details of life as the granddaughter of Melvin Douglas, as well as her struggles and satisfactions in life and career. She also talks about has recently achieving a multi-million online views following with her comedy web series "Easy to Assemble."
21 Jun. 2009
Dan Finnerty
Dan Finnerty talks about being the creator and lead singer of The Dan Band. He has performed his utterly unique and hilarious musical act all over the world, as well as in numerous films and television shows, including his own special on Bravo, produced by Steven Speilberg. He also shares insights into his life as an adopted child, and now a father.
28 Jun. 2009
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith discusses his youthful adventures in New Jersey that later inspired the stories of his films, as well as his relationships with his actors. He also talks about his career though the disappointments and triumphs both.
12 Jul. 2009
Mike Binder
Mike Binder chats about starting out as a stand-up comedian and his ultimately becoming a writer/director/actor in both television and film.
19 Jul. 2009
Nick Swardson
Nick Swardson became one of the funniest and most sought after stand-up comedians of his generation. He chats about that, as well as how he started writing movies for Adam Sandler, and how he and Adam have now become best friends and have successful worked together for many years.
26 Jul. 2009
Jason Lee
Jason Lee talks about his career as an actor, but also for the first time ever he discusses his earlier career as a 19 year old skateboarder, who found himself touring the world as a skating star.
3 Aug. 2009
Craig Bierko
Craig Bierko is one of the funniest people Kevin has ever chatted with. He talks about being an actor in Hollywood as well as starring in The Musica Man and Guys & Dolls on Broadway.
9 Aug. 2009
Rob Huebel/Paul Scheer
Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer talk about their journeys of making it in Comedy, including the success of Human Giant for MTV. Easily one of the funniest interviews Kevin has done.
23 Aug. 2009
Hank Azaria
Hank Azaria reveals the process of becoming one of the stars of The Simpsons and the twenty year journey that it's been, as well as how some of his more famous characters came to be, such as Moe, Apu, Comic Book Guy and more.
30 Aug. 2009
Seth McFarlane
Seth MacFarlane talks about growing up dreaming of being an animator, then landing at Hanna Barbera, as well as his journey to creating and starring in Family Guy.
6 Sep. 2009
Rob Corddry
Rob Corddry shares how he found out he if was funny and deciding if he'd really make a career of it, as well as how he transformed himself from goofball to a television and film comedian. He also chats about creating his comedy web series, "Children's Hospital" that will have its next season on Adult Swim.
13 Sep. 2009
Michael Gladis/Rich Sommer
Michael Gladis and Rich Sommer talk about getting hired to co-star on the television show "Mad Men" and the process of doing this remarkably unique show. They also share their ups and downs as actors.
20 Sep. 2009
Glen Hansard/Market Irglova/Jane Campion
Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova shed light on the process of being in and getting the film "Once" made, as well as the experience of winning an Academy Award for Best Song and what it was like to play it during the Oscar telecast and so much more.
5 Dec. 2009
Kevin Nealon
Kevin Nealon chats about being a stand-up comedian for over 25 years, as well as being a cast member on Saturday Night Live and now on Weeds.
4 Oct. 2009
Lisa Loeb
Lisa Loeb was days away from giving birth to her first child when this chat was streamed live. She sheds lots of light on her career and life, as well as relationships and putting them on display for reality tv.
11 Oct. 2009
Eddie Izzard
Eddie Izzard holds the record for the longest interview with this 2 hour and 31 minute offering. He talks about starting out as a street performer, walking on stage for the first time as a transvestite and performing shows all around the world. He obviously talks about much, MUCH more, including completing 43 consecutive marathon length runs totaling 1000 miles.
18 Oct. 2009
Paul F. Tompkins
Paul F. Tompkins is one of Kevin's favorite comedians of his generation. He talks of his upbringing, his formative years as a young comedian, as wells as his finding his voice among the "alternative" comics of the '90s, and his foray into television.
25 Oct. 2009
'Weird Al' Yankovic
Weird Al Yankovic, in his most extensive interview to date, shares his early memories of musical and comedic icons that influenced his choices and rather unique style, as well as "that moment" when he heard one of his songs on the radio for the first time. He also talks about the journey he took that brought him to the world's eyes and ears.
1 Nov. 2009
Kent Nichols/Douglas Sarine
Ask a Ninja creators David Sarine and Kent Nichols discuss in depth for the first time how they set out to become one of the first recurring internet viral stars, and where it took them and what it brought into their lives.
8 Nov. 2009
Brian Tyler
Brian Tyler chats about his life in music and shares insights into the world of being a film composer. He is a remarkably gifted musician, award-winning composer who's membership in Mensa is clear throughout this interview.
15 Nov. 2009
David Koechner
David Koechner offers up one of the more candid series of stories of his life, marriage and fatherhood, while being one of the funniest guests the show has ever had. During this episode, Dave created what has become the production graphic intro to the show's weekly segment of "Tweet 5" live questions from the viewers.
22 Nov. 2009
Robert Legato
Robert Legato knows a thing or two about visual effects. He chats about his early work in television and commercials, as well as working with James Cameron, which led to his Academy Award on Titanic for Best Visual Effects, and his creating the shooting technique that finally enabled Cameron to make "Avatar." He and Kevin also share stories of working with Martin Scorsese.
6 Dec. 2009
Nick Kroll
Nick Kroll is emerging as one of the funniest comedians working today. He talks about who he admired coming up as well as what he went through to finally find his voice on stage. He also chats about creating characters like "Bobby Bottle-service" and one half of "The Ed Hardy Boyz."
13 Dec. 2009
Chris Hardwick
Chris Hardwick has a most unique comedic voice, being part pure stand-up and part pure computer tech/internet geek. He is insanely funny during this interview. He talks about his struggles and failures as well as his tv successes, including his current hit internet-clip show, "Web Soup."

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