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An Entertaining Sequel
marquisderon31 May 2010
Let's face it. The "Wild Things" films are never going to be confused with serious, art house cinema. They are lots of fun to watch though and if you are in a mood for escapist fare, they fit the bill just fine. The latest entry "Wild Things: Foursome" follows the formula of drop dead gorgeous women, eroticism, double crossing, slick production, and moody music. I rather liked this entry. The performances are pretty good, especially by veteran actor John Schneider, and I got a kick out of the multiple twists in the plot. The Florida location is also put to good use. It's not surprising that all of the "Wild Things" movies have been shot there. It will be interesting to see if they come up with a fifth film. Recommended.
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Wow, I'm the first person to see this ???
sb-2921 May 2010
Saw this on a "pre-screening" it seems. Wasn't really expecting anything, but hoping for some kind of titillation, having seen the first in the series.

Well, the movie started with some bikini babes and a poorly edited speed boat race which didn't really give me high hopes, but as the movie progressed I found myself getting more and more sucked in.

There was at least one scene to satisfy the sex maniacs, but overall the movie concentrated on beautiful people, and a murder mystery type plot with some nice twists and turns. Along with nice Florida weather and scenery.

Overall the movie was very entertaining and nicely photographed. The stars, although pretty much unknown, seem like they could all continue on to bigger better things, especially the girls who've all obviously been spending a lot of time in the gym in addition to their already having gifted gene-pools.

Definitely worth seeing, but don't expect too much needless to say. Its like a very good TV movie.
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kosmasp28 September 2010
The detective in this is one of the better things in this, but also one of it's weak links. Then again, I don't think anyone will watch this, trying to figure out, which one is the better actor in here. Still pretty decent acting going on overall (that does not include everyone in the cast), even though the cast does not wear that much during the movies duration.

Of course, I'd advice you to watch the first one. This is already the 3-rd cash-in, though as I've said, it seems as bit of an improvement to the other two "sequels" (they are not, just re-telling the story of the first one). I wonder if a fifth part, will top the "erotic" scene with a fifth member. Then again, it was pretty obvious that one actress had a "no nudity" clause in her contract. But I don't think that will put you off.

While pretty silly (no pun intended), it might be funny at times for you, depending what you expect.
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The seven deadly sins
Nick Damian1 October 2010
Greed, lust, envy, anger, pride, gluttony, sloth, anger Sex...more sex and more sex.

Short of being porn, this is just enough to make the movie solid without making it porn.

Along the lines of the other Wildthings and very similar to the first movie, this tells the story of pure lucid greed and how they go to get more.

Entertaining, but not memorable.

However, you may learn a thing or two from watching this...

Beautiful women in Florida are everywhere and always after one thing...

Don't trust a lawyer.
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The franchise ran out of gas long before they made this
MBunge20 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I can just imagine the pitch meeting for this movie.

"Why don't we make a sequel to Wild Things?"

"Uh, doesn't that movie already have 2 crappy, direct-to-DVD sequels?"

"Yeah, but I got a great idea! Instead of a scene where a guy has sex with 2 women, we'll have a scene with a guy having sex with 3 women!"

"You're a genius! When can we start shooting?"

I wish I was trying to be funny, but an extra chick in the orgy scene is literally the only thing that differentiates this from the previous 2 substandard follow ups to the trashy classic where Kevin Bacon and Denise Richards get naked but Neve Campbell doesn't. Pretty much everything else is the same, from the false accusation of rape to the ridiculous number of double crosses and the utterly unremarkable direction and cinematography. Hopefully, the fact that this film only has one actual sex scene indicates the franchise is running out of steam. None of the sequels have any of the style or cleverness of the original. All they have to offer is naked chicks and simulated sex. Wild Things: Foursome can barely be bothered to do that, so we may be spared a fifth edition which somehow involves a bisexual sheep.

The plot, which has all the complexity of a Rubix Cube where all the sides are the same color, concerns a rich man's douchey son (Ashley Parker Angel) with a moderately hot blonde girlfriend (Marnette Patterson) and the very hot poor girl (Jillian Murray) who supposedly comes between them, only for the audience to discover the three were in cahoots all along. Since that's exactly what happened in the previous Wild Things flicks, I don't think I'm spoiling anything. Besides, I've always wanted to use the word cahoots in a sentence.

Anyway, the douche's rich dad dies, the poor girl accuses the douche of rape, a marginally seedy detective (John Schneider) investigates and so on and so forth. To be fair, this thing isn't atrociously written to the point where nothing makes any sense, but it is flat, stupid and uninvolving. If you find this story to be at all interesting or surprising, that means you've got a low wattage bulb in your lighthouse.

The only folks in the cast who look like they have any business being professional actors are John Schneider, Jillian Murray and Josh Randall, who plays a red herring so obvious he might as well have been wearing a crimson fish costume. For the other actors, Wild Things: Foursome will be the highlight of their alleged careers. And by the way, somebody needs to tell Ashley Parker Angel to change his name. I don't care if it's on his birth certificate, a dude can't have a name like a Playboy Playmate. Ashley Parker Angel sounds like the latest poor girl to hook up with David Spade, not a guy who'll ever have a major part in a decent, non-pornographic motion picture.

Unless you're related to or dating somebody in the cast, there's no reason to watch Wild Things: Foursome. Either go rent the first movie and watch Campbell and Richardson make out again or ram your head through a plate glass window. Both would be a better use of your time.
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As good as WT: 3
John Doe30 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I liked this movie. It was as good as Wild Things Part 3 and had a good story and characters. The acting was good also, but still the first Wild Things was the best. This film has interesting plot twists like part 1 and 3 did. All the actors and actresses did a good job, especially the beautiful, Marnette Patterson.

I give Wild Things: Foursome a 6/10
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A great entry into the series
TdSmth522 August 2011
Ted Wheetly is one the richest men in Florida. When he dies during a car race, his irresponsible and partying son Carson stands to inherit it all, as the wife died mysteriously. But old Ted knew about his son so he put all the money in a trust fund that Carson can access when he becomes 30, unless there is a medical emergency or a wedding. That gives Carson's girlfriend Rachel ideas. Yet, Carson doesn't want to get married. Until his hand is forced. Rachel and another girl he met during a party named Brandi devise a plan where Brandi accuses him of rape. That forces the executor of the will to free up some cash to buy her off. Once she drops the charges, Carson and Rachel marry.

This being a Wild Things movie, things aren't gong to stay just like that. Everyone is scheming to get the money. But they didn't count on a persistent cop who keeps digging into the strange car accident, on the relationship of all the kids, who to avoid drawing suspicion have to pretend they don't know each other all that well. That leads the cop to the discovery that Rachel and Brandi were childhood friends living in the swamps who always dreamed of moving up north and meeting a rich guy. Things get complicated for the cop until both girls walk into his office to implicate the other. And just as you think things have sorted themselves out, there are more twists.

Wild Things: Foursome keeps the tradition of having an attractive cast in beautiful Florida doing all sorts of naughty things to get a lot money. Jillian Murray, Marnette Patterson, Jessie Nickson are the pretty wild things this time around, and they are gorgeous to look at. Performances are very good, Marnette does a superb job and so does John Schneider, yes, THE John Schneider, who plays the cop. The story is interesting and you really do get into as you want to find out just how it all turns out. There is one highly erotic scene that give the movie its subtitle. Very worth seeing.
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