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Brilliant for a short film!!
Champ_says27 November 2010
This short (Heal) is powerful and emotionally charged, Along with some great performances, editing, music, cinematography and direction. It is a short masterpiece! The director has shown his brilliance with this short film as it has succeeded at every level. A must watch for those who have not yet seen it. Heal has won several awards to date and still continues to win. The most recent award being the (AUDIENCE AWARD at 'The 9th International Film & Video Festival of Beijing Film Academy' in China). For those of you interested in everything about 'Heal' go to the following link - www.facebook.com/pages/HEAL-short-film/143783075640700
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Heal- A Masterpiece!
Isbah Khalid14 January 2012
"Love will heal the broken heart Hope will heal the broken soul" A film that not only tells you a story, entertains you, but leaves you in tears and with many questions in your head. How many among us will actually got to the rescue of a wounded animal? How many will look at an old man carrying a burden and actually volunteer to help? How many have a heart as pure as an eight year old's? How many actually put others first? Set out in a region deprived of proper education system and schooling, deprived of many resources we developing nations are proud of having, deprived of infrastructure, wealth and security, but abundant in Hope, Love, Passion and the medicines that actually Heal society. It makes one wonder how a single person can be of so much significance to the society, well, for that watch Heal. It answers that question perfectly. If you decide to take a stand today, you can conjure up a beautiful tomorrow; full of hope and positivity. Our society has many Kaka Abduls, who lose hope and have no faith, who give up easily and stop fighting when necessary, but the same society has many Azeems, who absorb suffering, extract negativity, transform despair and spread love, blossom hope, and extend threads of life and happiness to hold on to. I ask you all to question yourselves every time you come across a difficult and hopeless situation, stand there for a minute and ask yourselves: What would Azeem do? I am sure you would never fail to come up with the right answer. Follow your heart, that's what Azeem did. Our heart is pure, its our negative intentions that blackens the effect of its purity and creates an abyss and uncertainty. It is widely said that our choices show what we truly are; if that is the case then I choose to be Azeem today, I choose to terminate negativity, I choose to spread love and hope and hang on to that ray of life, I choose to serve my society, I choose to Heal the world. Heal, is a masterpiece! Anything less that that is not a worthy praise for such a marvelous work. Heal is the essence of any blooming society and a beauty that makes art worth looking at. Never Lose Hope! For its Hope that makes the world go round!
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Not good enough for 24 minutes
Warning: Spoilers
"Heal" is a a short film by writer and director Mian Adnan Ahmad and it got him quite a bit of awards recognition. Yet he has not been prolific since then and that is in understatement in fact. Even with his work here, I cannot see great ability as a filmmaker. The (child) actors all did a decent job, but the story is just too try-hard in my opinion. A teacher does not continue his job after the death of a woman and severe injury to a little girl. So the protagonist, a little boy with a talent for poetry, writes a (not so) moving poem in order to motivate the teacher to do his job again and educate the class. This plays in the Middle East and as always with these films, war is a crucial component. All in all, even if the film had a couple decent moments, I thought these weren't frequent enough for almost half an hour. Not recommended and to me it is just one more of these many Middle East films that do not really stand out for whatever reason. If you still decide to watch it, make sure you get subtitles. The dialogue is not too frequent, but it still helps.
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