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pure vendetta just on the edge of gore
trashgang7 December 2022
I expected a little more from this revenge flick. But the word Vendetta tricked me. Don't get me wrong. It isn't a bad flick. In fact, it does what it says in the title but the important issue is the father/daughter relation.

Luckily the plot has a twist which made it up for me to find it a good flick. Don't expect a Oscar worthy script. But what it does offer is a really good maffia revenge flick. It never goes over the top.

Compared to so much flicks about father/daughter revenge flicks, Taken is the most spoken about. I shall not do that. But I understand what they mean.

For some it can be on the edge of gore and in fact some killings are indeed in your face on-camera. Smashing heads is never an easy watch...

Gore 2/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 3/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 0/5.
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Basic vendetta plot.
Drawmort5 December 2022
I think this film is an excellent exercise in action-focused filmmaking. It has very good shots accompanied by good editing that transmit to the audience a dizzying development of the most moving sequences.

Unfortunately the film has a very basic script. It lacks depth. The performances are good, but they are not overly demanded by the story.

The rest of the technical aspects are decent. Nothing stands out too much. Good locations, but perhaps a little poorly used.

In short, My Name is Vendetta is a entertaining movie for those who like the genre. For other audiences, it's a skippable movie.
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Daring! -- invents a brand new Revenge Drama "player"
A_Different_Drummer1 December 2022
Warning: Spoilers
You have to give credit to the writers of My Name is Vendetta for going where few scripts have dared to go. On paper, this movie starts off looking like a workable Italian riff off TAKEN 2008. (Which coincidentally is on my list of the best movies of all time -- see more below). The production values are solid, the direction and editing are lean and swift. Everything is as expected. And then we meet a character in the story that, to the best of my knowledge, after some 2000 IMDb reviews here, has never been seen before. The introduction of the "bratty daughter." Within the first 10 minutes of the story, the bratty daughter ignores the warning her father had given her to never take his picture. She not only takes his picture with her cell, when he is not looking, but immediately posts it to social media. Within a matter of seconds (it is a movie after all!) the mafia family that had been trying to find the father for years immediately spots the upload (using telemetry-based software?) and dispatches a hit team. The hit team makes an error and kills the girl's uncle and mother, but not the father. Who is, as it happens, an ex-mob assassin, and not the kind of guy you really want to tick off. The father and daughter reconnect, and he takes her to a safe house. As he packs his gear (guns and silencers) to go for the Vendetta, he gives her one easy-to-follow, simple, direction -- use the phone only to talk to him. No one else. The moment he leaves, she calls her boyfriend and instantly the Mob traces that call too. Another hit team is dispatched. By now you get the picture. If the viewer can tolerate dealing with this completely unexpected new film character -- the bratty daughter -- the movie is fast-moving and quite watchable. But that's a really big "if." ((Designated "IMDb Top Reviewer." Please check out my list "167+ Nearly-Perfect Movies (with the occasional Anime or TV miniseries) you can/should see again and again (1932 to the present))
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Straight-forward Italian "Death Wish" reminding revenge drama
paul-allaer10 December 2022
As "My Name Is Vendetta" (2022 release from Italy; 90 min) opens, we are the Romeo family, with almost 18 yo Sofia being a little brad who, contrary to her dad's wishes, takes his picture during an camping outing. And next thing we know, that picture is hacked by a Mafia family who has been looking for him... At this point we are 10 min into the movie.

Couple of comments: I can't say that I was familiar with either the director or any of the cast. Turns out this is a straight-forward Italian "Death Wish" reminding crime drama where the bottom line is" 'kill or be killed (literally). In case you didn't pick it up from the movie's title, the dad turns out to be, oh the SHOCK, a one-man killing army, helped by his almost 18 yo daughter. This movie is about as sophisticated as a bull in a china shop, if you know what I mean. All that said, the movie wastes little time and this hour and a half just flew by.

"My Name Is Vendetta" was suggested to me by Netflix and based on that I gave it a shot. This isn't a bad movie, just straight-forward without any surprises whatsoever. If you are in the mood for an Italian revenge crime drama, I'd readily suggest you check it out, and draw your own conclusion.
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Predictable but effective
searchanddestroy-111 December 2022
Violent, brutal, bloody, not for the squeamish this Italian crime film where a former Ndrangheta goon is searched by his family for whom blood lines are more important than anything else. A revenge topic, already seen ten millions times before but that will please action movies goers. Not for intellectuals either, not a complicated story, with pretty good moments, and a very good directing, camera work, overall atmosphere. Clichés galore, if you seek surprises, watch something else. But it's better that this kind of topic is told by Italian than by Americans, the end would not have been the same at all from Hollywood. Good stuff.
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Superman for a Father with the dumbest daughter imaginable
qui_j11 December 2022
This movie borders on the edge of fantasy. The story is based around settling of vendettas using surveillance techniques that are so far-fetched. The characters are not that interesting, and the daughter borders on being the most annoying movie character ever devised. Everything she is told not to do, she does, and it doesn't help that she is dressed to look like some character from a bygone era. She faces no consequences for her dumb actions, and puts the blame for the action that is the basis of the story, on her father, never mind that she is the person who puts his picture on the internet after she is warned not to do so. The story is weak and borders on fantasy. In short, it's just a silly movie!
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An impressive international film by a newb filmmaker.
Top_Dawg_Critic5 December 2022
Warning: Spoilers
This is Italian-Film Production Designer Cosimo Gomez's third dabble as director and (co)writer, and it was more entertaining than expected. In this overused genre, there were some decent stand-out scenes (e.g. The head-shot through the cell phone was brilliant) and a nice twist to the crime-family dynamics - namely the daughter who has to learn and adapt to play her part alongside her mafioso father. A few plot issues aside, the writing was very cohesive with great continuity. The 90 min runtime flew by with excellent pacing. There was the perfect amount of family dynamics, a coming-of-age per se story, and action to keep you glued to the screen. The cinematography and score were great, and all casting and performances convincing. It's a fun and entertaining little gem by a newb writer and director.
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Here Comes the Punisher
albertval-6956030 November 2022
Although this is not a great film, it's nonetheless, watchable. It's fast-paced with a few heartfelt dramatic moments. The truth is, the plot is straightforward so the viewer should not expect any surprises except perhaps the ending.

There have been revenge films made before. But what could set this apart is that it's a father-and-teenaged daughter affair. It starts in a idyllic setting somewhere in Bolzano (mention is made of Merano which is near the German border). The viewer should find the scenes here quite picturesque. Then, it shifts to an urban setting.

The fight scenes are realistic if not gory; nothing is exaggerated. Santo/Domenico is a mean killing machine who believes that the law is kill or be killed. The action sequences are well-executed.

Alessandro Gassman and Ginebra Francesconi are a good pair. They portray convincingly their roles as doting father and loving daughter, whose teenaged life is abbreviated by ugly circumstances. Gassman fits the role of a punisher. In fact, the vibes of the film is reminiscent of Jon Bernthal's "The Punisher."

If you have time to spare, watch this one.
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My Name is Vendetta
Tweekums2 December 2022
Warning: Spoilers
As this Italian thriller opens seventeen year old Sofia has a pleasant life with her parents in northern Italy. Then one day everything is turned upside down. It turns out that her father, Santo, was once an enforcer for the 'Ndrangheta, the Calabrian mafia, and he made dangerous enemies there. After Sofia innocently posts a picture of her father online they come after him. An attack on the family home leaves her mother and uncle dead. Sofia manages to escape and is later rescued by her father. Together they head to Milan where he plans how to strike back and free them from the threat forever.

This film turned out to be much better than I expected. Yes, it has its plot holes but many of these are necessary to drive to plot... if the villains couldn't find Sofia with such ease or she didn't make silly choices early on it wouldn't have been much of a film! After the opening scenes that serve to introduce Sofia and her father there is plenty of action; this doesn't stop till the end credits roll. This action is exciting; it includes shootouts, stabbings, hand to hand combat as well as an explosion or two. There is a genuine sense of danger and our protagonists, especially Santo who is seriously hurt more than once. The cast is solid; especially Ginevra Francesconi and Alessandro Gassmann, who play Sofia and her father. The locations used are impressive with the stunning beauty of the countryside nicely contrasting with the urban grit of Milan... something that effectively mirrors the changes in Sofia's life as events unfold. Overall I'd certainly recommend this to fans of action thrillers.

These comments are based on watching the film in Italian with English subtitles.
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Decent Revenge Thriller
tkdlifemagazine2 December 2022
This is a decent foreign thriller about a defected Mafia hitman who resurfaces due to a happenstance of his attempt to lead an anonymous new life. When the Mob discovers he is alive they come after him, and his family, seeking to kill them. Of course it is not that simple. He is not an easy man to kill. Accompanied by his surviving daughter he seeks to finish what he started years earlier. There is a slight similarity in this film, to The Professional, with Jean Renault and Natalie Portman; however, this one is not as good. There is decent action. The cast is decent enough and the cinematography is good. Decent enough, but not the best.
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Coming for you
kosmasp14 December 2022
No pun intended - when a movie has the Vendetta title ... well there is not that much in it that should be too surprising, right? Maybe you do disagree, but I think most of the movie can be predicted. That being said, that does not take anything away from the movie and its story or its characters! Especially the characters - played really well by the actors.

Sometimes there is a reason someone wants to live in solitary ... mostly it has to do with the past. But the past always comes back to haunt you - no pun intended! Especially if you count in new technology and what movies make of it. I do not think it can be used surveillance wise the way it is shown in most movies ... but it does heighten the suspense ... it does help elevate the tension ... so there is that. Also the movie is filled with action scenes ... and some gruesome shootouts! I like what they serve, some may feel offended or be too sensitive when it comes to those things ... be aware of it ... we conclude the only way the movie can end ... well two ways ... the first "ending" and then the next one ... because .. it has to end! On the other hand, I reckon you could always do a sequel ...
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il suo nome è vendetta e anche quello di lei.
chand-suhas5 December 2022
Warning: Spoilers
This done to death Italian action film deals with a father and his daughter seek brutal revenge against the people who killed their mother & brother. The father with a mysterious past is revealed to be belonging to mafia family, a killer in the past while executing the rival family. Now, he is on the run, to protect his daughter as well as seek revenge on the ones who wronged him.

The problem here is very simple, the film offers nothing new. It is violent but also terribly boring. The performances are passable but there isn't any real threat to the lead due to the lack of strong antagonist. The action scenes aren't innovative and remain routine. The emotions are forced too, the bonding between father - daughter is better but once the truth is revealed, she is simply forced to accept it as it is.

The final act, the action mostly happens in the dark but that twist fails to have any impact. In the end, it's just an addition to another forgettable film on Netflix.
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A waste of time
soundstream11111 December 2022
The creators of this film took every cliche' of the "revenge" genre, mixed everything in a blender and pieced them together at random.

The daughter was made to look and act like Natalie Portman in "Leon", minus the acting skills.

Completely unoriginal and uninspiring dialogs, one dimensional characters, ultra predictable storyline.

It's a pity, because Alessandro Gassmann is a great actor with a lifelong acting experience, but in this film he could have been replaced by any mediocre actor and the result would have been the same.

The only positive I could find, was the stunning shooting location in the mountains of SouthTyrol, the German speaking province in the north of Italy.
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Violent, ferocious. But kinda farfetched and unbelievable storyline.Mixed bag.
imseeg21 December 2022
The bad; Could have been a solid 8 stars IF ONLY the story would have been more credible. There are too many farfetched plot turns, especially in relation to a young kid who suddenly has the capabilities of a seasoned assasin. That was WAY TOO UNLIKELY to take for granted...

The good: this is still a full blown hardhitting action flick, with thrilling fights till the death. Masterfully choreographed and filmed. Quite spectacular!

More good: really good acting performances by all the actors involved. The direction is tightknit.

Recommended watch for the fans of the genre PROVIDED you can dispend some of the sillier, unbelievable plot turns.

The story: a Sicilian mobster in hiding with a fake new ID and living a remote life with a new wife and daughter gets viciously attacked by revengeful mobsters. Will he be able to protect his daughter from harm?

Thoughts of "Leon" come to mind, because it is an identical story, but "Leon" was way better and way more fun.
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Good acting, strange script
justicewillprevail1 December 2022
To enjoy this, fully suspend disbelief and be a fan of the John Wick series. Without spoiling the plot, let's just say that the script is highly inconsistent in terms of basic plot points.

For example, are you high tech (face recognition) or low tech (phone tracing)? Are you heavily guarded, or not a guard in sight?

What's good though are the action scenes and acting, given the weak material and dialogue. Ended up being invested to the end, thanks in part to the short runtime.

Overall, a decent entry into the mindless revenge category, with a more plausible motivation than "you killed my dog".
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I could only tolerate it for 20 minutes. That is bad.
jon-960368 December 2022
The plot is typical. The acting is abysmal. The unknowns that are attempting to act cannot.

The daughter, or a little girl named Sophia in the movie is unbearable, loud, and dumb.

Any good dad/hitman would've dumped her or left her up to her own means rather than have her blow every plot plan and quiet sequence in the entire movie.

Stupid lesson learned? You give a teenage girl, a cell phone with clear instructions do not use it or do not call anybody, what do you think she will do within one minute?

And that's basically the whole plot throughout this so-called movie.

Do not recommend. Save your time save your energy.

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Likeable Italian Job
neil-douglas20108 January 2023
Like the Taken films and Leon this is a fast paced thriller and like the others is extremely enjoyable. An Italian thriller, Santa/Domenico's (Alessandro Grassman) wife is murdered by a rival mafia family, only his daughter Sofia (Ginevra Francesconi) survives. She doesn't know about her fathers past but to aoid being murdered she'll have to learn to protect herself. Lucky for her she's pretty capable. There's great chemistry between Father and Daughter even though we know it'll probably end in tears. Decent end too, Francesconi could be one to watch for the future as she almost carries the film herself.
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Condensed john wick with
jeffprentice3 December 2022
Warning: Spoilers
No character development at all, I kept waiting for something interesting to happen and instead encountered a profound emptiness even for a formula film.

So much could have happened with the revenge back story.

We don't know anything about the characters. Why was the mafia boss son killed in the first place to create this vendetta and war?

Gratuitous violence. Did we need that graphic of the wife's head?

This is nit picky, but it happens all the time, not just this film. The girl sees her boyfriend get killed, but there is no grieving. Are our heros really sociopaths?

I love the actors!!!
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"When will there be an end to this, Papa?"
classicsoncall4 February 2023
Warning: Spoilers
I keep coming back to these types of films to see if anything new has been added to the genre, but this one was pretty standard. It takes a bit of a cue from "Leon: The Professional", in as much as an older assassin, in this case a father who's been out of the game for two decades, teaches his own daughter how to 'kill or be killed' when he's finally tracked down by the Sicilian Mafia. It's not clear to me why Santo Gruber (Alessandro Gassmann) became a target after a couple of decades, the only hint given was when he told daughter Sofia (Ginevra Francesconi) that he used to be a bad man. I'm also not convinced that the kind of surveillance demonstrated in the picture can actually be that effective in real time, but we live in a world that requires instant gratification, so I guess that applies to the Mafia too. If you have trouble keeping track of how many gunmen Santo took out in the final confrontation against his pursuers, don't worry, the picture keeps track for you. At least with captioning it does, I thought that was kind of funny. He kills seven as he makes his way to Don Angelo (Remo Girone), taking the old man out with your everyday choke hold which was a little anti-climactic. Not all goes well for Santo however, as a squad of police arrive on scene to put an end to his killing spree, as the Don's son Michele (Alessio Praticò) tries to make peace with Sofia to end a decades long feud. She wasn't buying it though, using her dad's advice to apply a thirty second jugular treatment to the two-faced criminal.
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Well, if it's Netflix, it has to be....
ilan-6082811 December 2022
An assassin father that hides from pictures from his daughter and never tell her how dangerous it could be to do so...

A daughter so stupid that after her mother was killed and her father told her to stay and not use the phone, obviously she used the phone.

The other assassins miss the shots almost every time.

The daughter is the most annoying personage I saw in films and I cannot understand who wrote this script.

There were nice shots, I liked the filmography, there were some enjoyable times, but then the end came... I couldn't believe that suddenly this was the end.

I thought that it was a joke of the father or something like that, but it was the real end.

This closed the stupidity of this film.

If you want to see some shots and people kill, it's a nice film.

But if you care a bit about your intelligence, discard it immediately.
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xxtreame13 December 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say that I made IMDB account just to tell you guys not to waste time on this movie. It's worst basic cliché u will ever watch in you life! Just NO!

Guy is ex assassin, they kill his wife now he have to kill them all in order to save life of his daughter, he's asking daughter to help him because he can't so it alone.. He teaches her how to proper stab people with knife, and she's only 17. 😂

Girl is literally the worst.. Guy came to rescue her, they shot him while he was trying to do so, she didn't even check on him if he's maybe still alive to save him.

Watch first 10 min and you will see everything that you need to see in this movie, or better DON'T.
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Save yourselves
rambleredhead6 December 2022
This revenge movie is really bad. Nothing new or exciting - the story is lame, acting is subpar and stunts are all bad. I really wished I had stopped ten minutes in. I can not believe this movie had been recommended as a must watch. The story made no sense and they should have done explained it with more detailed. The ending of the movie was really dumb based on what the lea$ did throughout the movie. I won't spoil anything but it made no sense. If it is 2 in the morning and you can not sleep then give this movie a try or watch 2001 and they will definitely put you to sleep like it did for me.
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A sharp relief from all that holiday goodness.
JohnDeSando4 January 2023
"To kill or be killed. This is the law. Showing mercy is just a sign of weakness. It's a lesson I wish I could forget." Santo (Alessandro Gassmann)

In My Name is Vendetta, you can transport the manic spirit of Taken to Milan by way of Sicily, and you have your father, daughter fix mixed with the Sicilian Mafia. Violent action does not get better than this with Santo and young daughter Sofia (Ginevra Francesconi) on the run and running to revenge on a Sicilian Mafia that slaughtered his brother and wife.

It's not as stylized as Kill Bill or John Wick, but it has a familial charm with good camera and lighting work.

While you can see immediately this is not one of my usual art films; it is rather a thriller with the popular American motif of family reconciliation prevalent today in our super-hero films and family dramas. Netflix gives you a holiday retreat from goody-goody to exercise your natural instinct at self-preservation with naughty on the side.

It's a smart, bloody business emphasizing the central role now occupied by smart-phone technology. Facial recognition propels the action as bad guys can find good guys by connecting photos from your phone to your current location if you should be foolish enough to snap one when your dad warned you against taking it.

So the tech goes as everybody tracks everybody to lead to a final confrontation between Santo and Mafia boss, Angelo (Remo Girone). Sofia, with better-than-middlin' action skills, participates to bring home the sweetness between father and daughter and exciting action tropes.

My name is Vendetta (a descriptive title if there ever was one) is simply good old-fashioned revenge thrills set in a Euro-trash world whose menace is better because we watch from the safety of our homes.

Just remember, your phone is ever the willing partner in crime.

Netflix knows.
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not the best revenge thriller
thewalkingpuns7 December 2022
I thought at the start this movie had pertential. I dont think it was all that bad really, but also it was not that great. After sofia posts a picture of her dad online, bad people are quick to come and try and kill him and his family. Santo is played by alessandro gassmann. He is alright in the role but could be better. To me though the real star of this was sofia. Ginevra francesconi is her actress and reminds me of the movie dora the exploer. Shes tough and will stop at nothing to protect her father, despite it being her thought to start with. Overall this is a movie that was ok but not great with some good acting.
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It's the poor rendition of the "Jason Bourne" and "The Professional" and other films that are superior.
jordondave-280856 February 2023
(In Italian with English subtitles)

Co-written and directed by Cosimo Gomez with 16 to 17 year old, daughter, Sofia (Ginevra Francesconi) sneaking a photo pic of her dad (Alessandro Gassmann) upon him re-adjusting a jeep side mirror even though he tells her he does not want his picture taken. The next thing you know both her mother and her uncle are then executed forcing both of them to go on the run as both their names are plastered all over the news. For it was eventually revealed that the dad used to be part of the mafia, but decided to settle down after getting his first child.

Sofia was annoying who first used a phone to get her mom killed before using a different phone to get her boyfriend killed in the spawn of 30 minutes. As I had said above, this is a poor rendition of better action films from "Columbiana" to the "Jason Bourne" movies to lord know what.
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