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MPAA Rated PG-13 for some violence and sexual content

Sex & Nudity

  • A man and a woman are shown having sex in bed. He is thrusting on top of her. His bare back is shown and also the top of his buttocks. Moaning is heard also. Even though it is in the dark, but it is still shown.
  • A man interrupts another man and a woman that are having sex: we briefly see the man's bare buttocks thrusting on top of the woman, he rolls off and the woman appears fully clothed; she leaves after being paid for her sexual services.
  • A young man and young woman kiss passionately, we see them pulling at one another's clothing and we see them later lying side by side and the man's chest is bare (sex is implied). A woman refers to a young man "bedding her" and we see the young man approach her (his bare chest and back are visible), she touches the young man's chest and it is implied that she performs oral sex on him when we see her head disappear around his crotch; the woman lifts her head moments later and the two kiss passionately as the man climbs on top of her (sex is implied).
  • A man tells another man that a woman had given birth to multiple children out of wedlock, he then explains how the man is one of the woman's children, and that he had sex with her and she conceived a child during their incestual relationship; the other man looks shocked and disgusted and tells him that the woman would not have engaged in incest. This is just a sexual reference.
  • A man makes a crude remark about being able to "bed" many women. A man flirts with a woman, who clutches her chest and looks at the man longingly, while he stares at the woman's cleavage. A man tells a young man that he is "not the first or last" of a woman's lovers. This is just a sexual reference.
  • We see a young man storm into a woman's dressing room, and we see the woman standing before a mirror, clothed in her undergarments (long pantaloons and corset top; no nudity is visible). No sex is shown at all.

Violence & Gore

  • Several men on horseback enter a courtyard, many guards open fire on them, the men shout, some men and horses hit the ground and some men and guards fight with swords; we see dead, bloody bodies lying on the ground, a man is seen partially trapped under a dead horse and a woman watches in horror as a young man is surrounded, drops his sword and is arrested and dragged away with his hands tied.
  • A man watches as guards walk through a courtyard littered with dead and dying bodies, guards shoot the dying men on the ground and blood is seen on two of the men as they moan in pain before being shot point-blank.
  • A teen boy stabs a man through a curtain; we see the man lurch from behind the curtain, blood is visible on his chest and hands and the sword sticks out of his chest.
  • A man attempts to shoot another man, and the man leaps up and shoots the gunman before the gunman's shot is fired; the gunman falls to the ground, we see a small pool of blood form on the man's chest and it is presumed that the man is dead.
  • While two men practice fencing, one of the men becomes violent, forcefully stabbing and slicing at the other man: he slices the man's leg (a bloody cut on his upper thigh is visible and he collapses to the ground in pain) and is about to kill him when the injured man stabs him in the chest killing him (we see blood on the man's chest and on the sword).
  • A man violently slaps another man tied to a chair; we see the man slap the man two more times, and the last time the man's head snaps back and blood, and what appears to be a tooth, drool out of his mouth.
  • Men surround a young man being lead to the gallows; the young man kneels down, places his head on a rock, looks at the executioner and tells him to kill him quickly (we hear a slicing sound and thud, but do not see the actual beheading).


  • 2 sexual references, 2 anatomical terms (the term "ass" is used as a term for donkeys, but in a cursing nature), 8 mild obscenities, name-calling (fool, idiot, amateur, reptilian of court, oaf, laughing stock, lying naïve, mad, lamely and unfashionable, liar, scallywag, wanton ambling nymph, villain, failure, traitor, fraud, counterfeiter of wit, charlatan, hunchback), exclamations (bloody, bullocks), 9 religious exclamations

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Throughout the movie we see men and women drinking beer and wine, including a man drinking from a stein and acting intoxicated, men frequently drink and a man announces to a crowd that he is buying a round of drinks for everyone, a man chides another man for drinking during his play's performance, and a man appears visibly intoxicated.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The violence can be intense.

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