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  • The film has an original screenplay by John Orloff. Orloff became interested in the Shakespeare authorship debate after watching an episode of Frontline which featured the topic. Edit

  • It was never stated who his biological father was. However, it was stated that Elizabeth was 16 when she gave birth to her first child. At that time in history she was living in the house of her step-mother, Catherine Parr, the widow of Henry VIII. By then Catherine was then remarried to Thomas Seymour who was also the uncle to her half-brother, Edward VI. There are rumours of very suspicious shenanigans going on in the Parr-Seymour household, particularly between Elizabeth and Thomas Seymour. Using this information, one can infer that the most likely candidate for Edward de Vere's father would be Thomas Seymour in the "Anonymous" world. Edit

  • People use falcons for hunting rabbits and other small prey. When the falcon is not hunting, they will sometimes keep the bird's eyes covered to keep them more docile. Normally this would only be done while in route to the hunting grounds, but perhaps this bird was excited/scared by visitors, so it had on its mask for a short while when people were visiting. Edit



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