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Love Show BUT The Writers/Producers Need To Get Back To War Against Walkers!!!
thatmediaguy2 February 2018
Have been true fan from beginning, still am, love the show and the characters, BUT.....

the taking on of other people, while realistic, is a bit much and they barely fight again the Walkers anymore. This is sad as the fear, desperation and horror of struggling to survive in a world now ruled by Walking Dead, is how it all started.

So this is a sincere request to the leaders, the writers and producers, get back to fighting and surviving against the Walkers/Zombies!! Please!!!
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Back to how it was...
kerrie_blight9 March 2019
Series 7&8 were tough, in fact we gave up hope completely and stopped watching. Recently we gave it another go and got through it and series 9 is not disappointing us so far. TWD is back to how it used to be Humans vs zombies with some added dangers! There have been highs and lows but it keeps you hooked. I hope they continue like this.
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Season 9 is bringing TWD back from the Dead
lukeborg-707776 March 2019
So far season 9 has really kicked it up a notch. The last couple of seasons did feel like they were starting to drag but with the addition of the new characters and the time jump the mid season finale added has really kept me intrigued throughout the entirety of this season. Hopefully the show will continue to keep things fresh. Looking forward to the future of this show and the direction it has decided to go.
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A Realistic and Amazing Show!
sammielimehouse-8465812 April 2021
The Walking Dead is an incredible show, although it has it's rough patches, like every other show. Especially later seasons like seven and eight. But I love it because of how unforgiving and gritty the show is. Because of how realistic the show typically lives I go into every episode wondering who they're going to kill of next, because this show is know for killing off it's characters. Overall, this is one of my favorite shows AMC has ever produced and there is a reason that it has spawned several sequels and even an entire trilogy of movies.

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Going to miss it but it's prob time for it to go!
DiCaprio-HardyFan5 March 2021
Everyone know that The Walking Dead isn't as good as it used to be, those early seasons were groundbreaking in so many ways and because of them this show still gets a high rating from me! Those earlier seasons make this show one of the best shows of all-time! Like most long running shows, it's had its ups and downs but even at its worst it was still the #1 show on cable, in fact it has been #1 every season it's been on the air. The last few seasons without Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) haven't been as good but it's at least starting to get back to being a pretty good show this season. Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Jeffery Dean Morgan (Negan) have continued to carry the show after Andrew Lincoln's departure and I think we can actually look forward to it again!
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The Walking Dead: Season 1 (10/10)
skybrick73612 May 2018
The Walking Dead in its first season could not be touched. When it came down to it, the first season had a collection of complex characters, thought provoking dialogue, captivating storylines, great cinematography, and downright scary looking zombies. Its hard to pin-point one thing that is extraordinary about Season 1 since there are so many aspects to talk about. First off, the scenes in downtown Atlanta were incredibly visual and the scenes that took place in more rural areas were very scenic. The undead in the first season had great makeup and special effects too, the zombies had defined faces that really make them feel they were once human. If I had to pick one thing that was great about the first season, its has to be the cast... Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal make great, bad ass lead actors that also have the ability to project a range of emotions. Laurie Holden is also radiant in this season and the surrounding cast of Jeffrey DeMunn, Steven Yeun, Irone Singleton, and Norman Reedus all showcase a great character that can be easily become a fan-favorite to any. Frank Darabont hit a grand slam with the Walking Dead and its fairly easily to see why the shows popularity boomed right away.
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Time Machine ?
Blindfs10 December 2020
Huge fan from beginning, but the writers and producers are screwing up. Firsts seasons 10/10. When it was all based in a real Apocalypse , everyone getting used to the new real world after landing in a reallity never imagined..
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Zombies aint my thing
lesdean-2044011 April 2021
But I can't stop watching this show...Great TV, great writing. Great acting, entertaining storytelling, and scary..
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This show is NOT about zombies
cubsnovak1 May 2021
I stayed away from waithis show for over a decade. The reason is that I thought,"Great. Another show about zombies. Big deal. I've seeñ that story before..." Well...Yes. Zombies, or rather "walkers", are very much prevalent throughout the entire show.

I love this program because to me, it's all about right v wrong, honour v no honour, using your intelligence, creativity,ingenuity, and your trust in your fellow humans, in order to not just survive a world that you had never known. Not just survive...but to create a community. Heck. Not a community, but a new civilisation. You will follow a band of characters who encounter a plethora of antagonists. Some of these antagonists are simply bad. And some are extremely evil and sadistic.
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Even if you think you do not like this genre WATCHTHIS
arizonamatt127 October 2012
I only recently was talked into watching the first episode by my Daughter as I avoid the Undead, Ghost, Vampire genre. I was blown away! I could not stop watching and had to get EVERY episode! They made 6 episodes year 1 and about 12 year 2, at 42 minutes an episode the entire year 1&2 run time is around 12 hours total and COULD RUN AS ONE 12 HOUR MOVIE, and you would still not wanna leave for popcorn. The end of each episode left me dying for the next one, The writing is incredible, the character development amazing and don't suppose you know who will live or die here cause you will have no idea. The quality makes it seem as if all other series are quaint and boring. I find myself thinking about the next episode every day. VERY WATCHABLE; VERY ENTERTAINING; GREAT GREAT SERIES!!
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From Zombies and horror to Steven Seagal and guns.
contact-7667618 November 2017
I've been watching this since 2010. I LOVE zombie movies. Dawn of The Dead is my favorite. Back in the early 2000 there were several great zombie movies. Nowadays they are awful. More guns, empty characters, and explosions plus bad scripts than anything else. How in the world TWD transformed into a Steven Seagal movie? I remember the beginning was so thrilling … suspenses, a story, characters that you cared about, scary zombies. But after season 3 or 4 everything turned into guns and people fighting people. Cheap scripts, retarded dialogues, poor CGI. Take any episode from season 4 on and you can broadcast it on a cheap TV station as "action" movie. No one would tell the difference.

Right now you cannot care about any character. Bad actors that play as much as the trees in the background die by the dozen by each episode. Flashbacks and "emotional" (dumb) dialogues want to make us care about someone. But you can't. Zombies do not matter anymore, only rarely when they suddenly matter. It is either this image of them as "pests" most of the time, or lethal killers out of a sudden. I am sick of watching a cheap action movie that has nothing to do with a zombie movie. A zombie movie was a zombie movie because of the thriller surrounding this worldwide catastrophe of people turning into these creepy and horror things. That was the MAIN factor. TWD has nothing to do with that anymore.

If TWD would have kept 4-5 main characters and presented their struggle to live in this horror world full of zombies, then that could have been a great series. But even that has to stop. The only reason TWD continues is money. That's all. They make more money off the show. Why do you think the action happens in forests and zombies are mainly seen in packs from distance? Because it is cheap. No need to pay for shooting in a town and pay for complex CGI, a forest is perfect.

So. I loved this series but now I think it is the cheapest garbage out there. Honestly I don't care what happens anymore so I'll finally give up. Last episode "Some Guy" did it for me. I just could not bare anymore. I don't care who dies, who lives, because there is no story, no character, nothing intelligent about this series, nothing to watch.

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Show is dead.
deckblack28 February 2018
Since season 7 the show has slipped in the trash. The writers are just idiots.
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Adios TWD!
manolo-webmaster12 December 2016
They've lost me, the producers have lost me. How many times can they recycle the same plot? This is no longer humanity vs zombies, this is humans vs humans with a unnecessary dose of violence and twisted psyche, all for the sake of maintaining ratings and milking the cash cow. The writers creativity have been depleted for a few seasons now, there has been no direction, no gradual learning, no story development. All the physical moving around is just the illusion of story to mask the fact that there isn't a story being told at all. The show isn't going anywhere. I have stopped watching, and I feel liberated from this burden of a show. TWD has slowly decomposed into a gross, unintelligent TV show. Who keeps making gas, electricity... but then there's no radio communication... What happened to the military, the government, smart people, common sense... I understand the appeal for certain demographics, but I, for once, demand more from entertainment than this garbage, good bye!!!
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First 6 seasons are the best
imdb-ikysmoviedatabase31 December 2020
Fantastic first 6 seasons as the episodes started to increase I did get the fear of it losing quality. It didnt only lose quality after the massive first episode of season 7 it lost everything. It got incredibly boring and almost every episode just dragged. The makers increased the budget with season 8 with the first few episodes of all war even that got boring. The rest of season 8 would just go like 7. Just dragged on for nothing. Theres nothing left for the writers to think of and there are all these stupid spinoffs. I'd say only watch the walking dead up until the first episode of season 7 if you want to see the best of it. I completely gave up by the end of season 8.
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The longer they force this show - the more its reputation will suffer.
nja8912 October 2019
I think I speak for many when I say, this show USED to be one of the greats. I think after season 7 it started going way down hill. I remember everyone being thoroughly entranced & on the edge of their seats by the writing of this show for the first 6-7 seasons. It was excellent.

It has become painfully obvious that this show is being forced & NEEDS to end. All they're doing is ruining a once great series' reputation. Kind of like a once amazing an athlete who refuses to retire & sucks so bad he embarrasses himself.

It feels like greed is the only thing keeping this show alive. Please, for the sake of all one-time super-fans...END THE SHOW!
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This show is walking dead by its own.
the_blueeyes13 October 2019
The first season was terrific. Frank Darabont at the helm making it a must-watch. But it really declined fast after he was booted of the show. Since season 3 The plot goes on repeat. Group of survivors arrive to a town. Gets attacked by survival madmen led by a psychopath. Our heroes kills him, moves on to the next city and repeat.. It goes on and on like this. And in all the apocalypse going on there is personal dramas and endless long boring dialogue you dont really care about. Soon it was more about these humans and the walking dead was pushed aside to backdrop characters. It is more a soap than a survival show today. It should die..
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Best new series 2010?
hbg_kille22 October 2010
First heard about this show a few weeks back. Since I love zombie-movies I had to see what this was all about. At first glimpse I was a little skeptic, but the trailer convinced me otherwise.

I just watched the first episode and it matches all my expectations and MORE! I loved movies like Dawn of the Dead(new version), 28 days/weeks later, I Am Legend etc. This series is just like that, it's zombies/monsters but still very realistic.

The way the plot is presented is very entertaining, but not very surprising. The acting is top-notch and very believable. A drawback with TV-series is that the effects are usually quite tacky. However, here it's quite the opposite. Everything looks very realistic and honestly quite disgusting, in a good way.

I can't wait to watch the next episode!
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My honest perception
danv8020027 August 2011
So after reading the review "An honest perception" I felt like I needed to write my own review. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. However, that being said I have to disagree with the reviewer.

So here are the reasons I like the show.

First, character development, this is not usually a very big trait in the Zombie genre. If you only watched 3 episodes, this is a big part of what you watched. They take the time to give you a slight background of the characters, a chance for you to get to know them. For those of us that are big fans of the Zombie genre it gave us a chance to think "Who would I be?" in this situation.

Second, the story doesn't follow a straight line. This was a point of contention in the other review. I personally like the multiple story lines. It keeps things interesting and keeps it from becoming a boring show where I can foresee how everything is going to turn out. And before anyone says it…YES I know this is based off a graphic novel. I haven't read it and will refrain from reading it for a while.

Third, the zombies look and act pretty bad ass. The make up is done great, not a bunch of CGI which is so common in today's world. So anyway…if you aren't a fan of the zombie genre to begin with then yeah, you probably aren't going to get why so many of us love the show. However, I think most fans of the genre will love this show.

So in closing, for those of us who love the genre, It's a weekly dose of zombie apocalypse.

For those that aren't fans of the genre, when the zombie apocalypse happens and you don't know what to do…don't come crying to me and my friends…you'll just slow us down.

On second thought…you may come in handy in case we need to make a hasty retreat
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Very good!
mihai_escu12 March 2019
I'm a big fan of tv series, i work from home so that allows me to watch some, i'd say actually a lot of them. I did knew about the show but for some reason i didnt watched it. So at some point i sayd let's give it a try.. gooood damn! It hooked me up so bad. Its just that good, i've seen a lot of negative comments that the last seasons arent that good. I think they ar, its normal maybe to be so excited as you were in the begining, you get used with the idea, but there ar plenty surprises and they just keep comeing. Also for thouse complaining you dont see much of a zombie type action, oh well this show is and isnt about zombies... Its really challenging thinking how would a lot of people change into a alpocalyptic scenario. Well i hope the show will keep on going. Good job!!
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They killed this show...
szeregowieclucas13 February 2018
I use to be big fan of this show. I really liked seasons 1-6 but last good episode I have seen was s07e01 since then it is more and more boooooring...All season eight so far (I'm on s08e08) is just terrible. It's barely watchable to be honest. The Walking Dead have so much is very sad to witness what they done to it and how it is being murdered now.
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One of my favorite series
FrenchEddieFelson28 April 2019
This series is strongly inspired by the comics created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore, in the early 2000s. I read the first 25 volumes. I loved them! As in the comics, the series centers on the character of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), Sheriff's deputy in a county of Georgia, who wakes up from a coma of several weeks to discover that the population has been ravaged by a post-apocalyptic epidemic that turns human beings into zombies called walkers. Behind a 'humans versus zombies' appearance, the series essentially deals with human relationships, with a very wide spectrum of personalities. There are a few empathic and benevolent (wo)men with a collaborative mindset. There are also a few psychopaths hidden here or there. The series starts excellently with two first seasons rather well designed and well interpreted. Quality is right there! The third season is disappointing with sometimes laughable dialogues and moronic plot twists. Seasons 4, 5 and 6 get timidly back on one's feet. And season 7, with Negan and tutti quanti, is relatively mediocre despite a thunderous (and gore ...) departure. And then? I do not know, I stopped at the very end of the seventh season, after noting that the IMDb ratings of the eighth season were almost scary. More scary than the series itself...

Two friendly advices: 1) You must watch the first two seasons. Absolutely. They are cult. 2) I then invite you to stop, mainly because of a script full of far-fetched plot twists.
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Was a a 5.
SteevoCanuck28 July 2018
To keep this short and sweet, I was the BIGGEST fan of the Walking Dead. Unfortunately, several seasons in, it started to fall apart; straying from something we could relate to, to something that relied on improbable, unrealistic, and ridiculous situations, characters, and plot-lines that became increasingly unbearable and too cringe-worthy to watch. The introduction of the "garbage heap people" was a definitive turning point for me. I've continued to watch and will probably see it through to the end simply due to the fact that I have a morbid curiosity as to where this unfortunate train-wreck will end up. Do yourself a favour and watch it from the beginning until it starts to offend your sensibilities and then just walk away: believe me, it won't/doesn't get any better beyond that. 10 stars to start...5 at the finish.
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The Pandering Dead
guinnesswrig4 November 2019
Man I used to be so obsessed with this show.. I would literally plan my weekends around being home on time to catch the next episode.. I never thought I'd ever have anything bad to say about it but, sadly, it's just lost me.. They literally killed off all the most interesting characters and replaced them with people that are simply uninteresting and very difficult to actually care about.. It's almost as though the writers are just trying to pander to every "group" they possibly can.. Since when did PC politics have to play such a role in a once great tv show? It's sad.. The show was so much better before all the pandering began.. Oh well, Life goes on
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Should have finished when it was good
jyo-184-60026027 November 2018
Was really good. Now its just painful to watch. End it already
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Top 10 Favourite in my Lifetime
pobrien-68-15907611 March 2019
OMG, this TV Show is unbelievable, casting is off the charts, every single person on this show is amazing. Casting Jeffrey Dean Morgan and now Ryan Hurst (from Bates Motel and Sons of Anarchy) brilliant, as well as all of the others, actress playing Alpha and Judith, plus the new group, just blows my mind. This show just seems to be better and better and for someone that loves any good Thriller, Horror, Drama all rolled up into one, I will continue to watch even it is another 20 years.
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