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Sex & Nudity

  • There are multiple scenes in which people kiss
  • Makeout scenes never last longer that a minute. They usually never have graphic nudity.
  • In Season 3, after just having offscreen sex with the Governor, Andrea gets up to grab a knife. She is naked but her body is shadowed by the darkness nothing at all seen
  • In Season 7, Daryl is captured by Negan and held naked in a cell. Only his profile is shown, no nudity.
  • In Season 5, Abraham and Rosita makeout in an abandoned library as Eugene watches them from the distance. The act is shown but is slightly shadowed. They are clearly heard but no nudity shown.
  • In season 3, They are wearing aprons, but their buttocks are still very briefly shown.
  • In Season 6, Glenn and Maggie take a shower together, their naked bodies are seen in one shot, although it is foggy and only partial buttocks are shown.
  • In Season 3, there is a brief sex scene between Maggie and Glenn. It goes on for a 10 seconds. No nudity is shown, but some kissing.
  • In Season 3, Maggie is made to strip by the Governor as a form a humiliation. No nudity is shown, but the context of the scene is disturbing.
  • In season 5 When Daryl is out following an unknown person with Aaron, a female walker is tied up to a tree, no nudity is shown but the scene can be disturbing.
  • Some brief instances of implied rape or about to be raped and cuts away. Not ever taken too extreme but this is referenced
  • In Season 1 Episode 1, two men and a young boy take a shower in a locker room, they are nude but only shown from the waist up.
  • The sex and nudity is mild in most episodes and never that explicit. There are some brief sex scenes but they never include any nudity and they are mostly just makeout scenes. The nudity part is always the buttocks if anything and is VERY rare!! Only few episodes.
  • In season 10, two characters have sex. Kissing is seen as well as their unclothed bodies. No nudity.
  • In season 10, two women kiss and are shown undressing each other
  • A few sex scenes. Nothing graphic but a couple have clear thrusting and moaning accompanied by brief nudity.
  • A scene shows a man and a woman having sex standing up in a forest. This is more disturbing than graphic/sexual but nudity is shown briefly nonetheless.
  • A few instances of attempted rape but two scenes in particular are disturbing and graphic - in one a man forces a woman to strip and the humiliates her and shoves her down onto a table before nearly raping her. In another a man licks a captive woman's face before stating how he is going to rape her but he is murdered before going through with this.
  • Woman are forced to have sex with Negan. Although this is never actually shown, the woman are seen crying and stripping in front of him while he massages them. Very disturbing.
  • In season 1 Episode 1, there is a deep make out session about halfway through. There is no other sexual content, however the decomposed bare torso can be seen on a corpse and partially seen on a walker (she is layer on her front)
  • Season 1 Episode 2: Right at the start before the opening titles, there is a sex scene in the woods. The man removed the woman's clothes and she is left wearing her underwear. He licks her stomach and although there is no full nudity, moaning is heard and thrusting can be seen clearly.
  • Season 1 episode 3: A man spoons a woman and kisses her frequently in bed. She is fully clothed but he is shirtless. They eventually end up having sex and thrusting and moaning can be heard and seen. Another man stares suspiciously at the tent they are in from outside.
  • S1 E2 A man crudely calls a woman "sugar tits"
  • S1 E3: A woman says she misses her vibrator and another agrees with her.
  • S2 E5: Shane and Rick talk about their high school love lives and explicity speak of their sexual experiences.
  • Some episodes have nothing, and some episodes show sex scenes. No nudity is ever shown. Rape is mentioned or implied in the show, rarely, but it is never actually shown.

Violence & Gore

  • Season 8: Strong gore.About as violent as season 4 and 6, the first few episodes had gunfire and brawls. They often end up with blood being seen, some of which include zombies attacking people. Often very graphic like usual for this show. There are also a few brutal zombie kills with a story line involving people taking out the zombies by shooting or beating them. In the second half of the season it shows a man's small intestine being pulled out. EXTREMELY graphic. There are also a few fight scenes were an entire group of people are shot with blood covered arrows which slowly turn them into zombies. There's a scene where a group have there weapons backfire in their face. 10/10
  • Visual of a decomposing body, brief.
  • The death of a (zombie) child.
  • Dead animal being eaten by crows.
  • In a brief scene you see a zombie with a piece of meat in his mouth. Blood is seen dripping from his mouth.
  • In some episodes you briefly see body parts lying around. This ranges from not very graphic and not worse than scenes from "The Lord Of The Rings" to very gory and uncalled for such as a length scene showing a pile of half eaten people including children. Another bloody scene shows a pile of gore. A starving man begins to eat this because of his hunger. He then discorves near by the body of a ripped child and makes the realization that he ate the remains of a kid.
  • Bloodily violent and graphic. A scene shows a man getting his head smashed with a barbed wired baseball bat and his eye is seen. He then gets his whole head smashed and a bog pile of brains is shown. This scene is very emotional and probably the most violent in the entire series.
  • The show itself is pretty brutal and horrific. Much more violent then Fear the Walking Dead
  • EXTREMELY violent and VERY gory.
  • This is far more violent and disturbing than Breaking Bad (2008), Deadwood, and Nos4a2, another AMC production. Definitely not for the faint of heart. People are tortured and killed in extremely graphic ways completely on-screen. Probably the most violent TV show of all time.
  • Humans as well as vombies die in graphic ways with limbs ripped off, eyes pulled out, guts pulled out, torture, ect.
  • A group of cannibals prepare humans like meat and eat them. Very disturbing imagery is shown including a cannibal eating a man's foot in front of him. He graphicaly chews a piece of meat off the bone. This is extremely disturbing.
  • A woman needs to give birth and has to have a c-section. This is shown in graphic detail. The baby survives but the mother bleeds out.
  • Several scenes depicting eyes pulled out and guts ripped out. One of the more violent scenes shows a horde of zombies ripping a man open in two full on-screen. They then begin to eat his insides and flesh.
  • One character is known to beat people to death with a baseball bat covered in barbed wire. This is show countless times. One of the gorier incidents is when he hits someone so hard their eye is popping out of his head. The character than beats the dying man until his head explodes into a bloody mess. Brain pieces and skull pieces are everywhere.
  • Many scenes show graphic deaths of zombies but, there are also many graphic human deaths. The humans killing humans scenes are always the most graphic and disturbing. For example, a man slices a man's face in half with a machete in graphic detail. He continues to hit the dead body until it is a disgusting bloody mess.
  • Zombies are shown frequently biting and tearing people apart graphically and then feasting on their guts and flesh. Expect this to happen almost every episode.
  • Cannibalism is a major part of a subplot and is often shown in graphic detail. Think Silence of the Lambs but much MUCH more graphic.
  • A man's face is ripped in two on-screen.
  • A man is eaten alive partly by humans and is finished of by walkers.
  • Several grisly suicides.
  • Almost every episode features graphic violence.
  • Many disturbing children deaths.
  • Season one has a lot of bloody violence, the rest of the seasons has even more.
  • The violence in this show is definitely borderline NC-17.
  • The Walking Dead was originally rated TV-14 but later changed to an MA rating during the 3rd season due to an increase in violence and gore. Seasons 1 & 2 are still pretty hard for a TV-14 show though.
  • In season 10, an antagonist sneaks into one of the main communities through the drainage system and kills countless members of the community in the cover of night. Extremely graphic blood and screams.
  • Season 7: Contains some very graphic moments of violence. In what is probably the most violent moment in the whole series two main characters have their face repeatedly hit with a barbed baseball bat until it becomes nothing but a pile of brains and flesh. Another scene shows a man being slit across the stomach and his guts graphically spill out. 10/10
  • Season 9: Intense violence and gore. Contains the usual Walking Dead violence. Multiple people and zombies die graphically. Less violent than seasons 2-8; 10, more on the same level of violence that the first season had. 8/10
  • Season 10: Strong bloody violence and gore. Can get very graphic and brutal. In one scene a woman's throat is graphically slit open and blood oozes out until she dies. In one part a woman has her entire head pulled off with a piano wire. In the last episode there is a brutal scene where the villains graphically murder a bunch of people with tons of blood. Multiple people are also graphically torn apart and eaten alive by zombies. 10/10
  • While season one and season two could be considered TV-14, it quickly turns real bloody real fast after the ending of season two and it just gets bloodier every season
  • Season 6: Frequently strong bloody violence, gore and a scene of extremely sustained and intense threat. 10/10
  • Overall violence and gore in this show would get a 10/10 rating.
  • In the season 7 premier, 2 people are beaten to death with a baseball bat. This is possibly the most gruesome thing ever depicted in a TV show. The 2nd man to die is shown with his eyeball sticking out of its socket because he was hit so hard. He is then hit several more time until his head is a bloody mess of brains, skull shards, and a loose eyeball. Absolutely horrific and disgusting.
  • In season 2 the episode bloodletting hershel is seen removing the bullet from Carl, Carl screams and cries in agony this is shocking as well.
  • Almost all episodes of this series contain extremely graphic depictions of violence, with shootings and/or scenes of zombies attacking humans and the latter shooting and using various weapons on the former, with plenty of blood visible.
  • A variety of weapons are used to kill zombies. Throughout the show many zombies are seen in various states of decay, sometimes with bones being exposed. However, this is not overly graphic.
  • The series has a focus on what humanity is left in a world after humanity is extinct. As the series progresses violent conflicts between people begin to arise.
  • All of the fighting and killing of zombies takes place within the context of self-defense, rather than with any sadistic intent or relish, and within a firmly established fantasy context. But, the killing of humans frequently commited by sadists and torture is very common. For example, a man is forced to eat his own meat after his legs are graphically chopped off.
  • Season 1: Intense blood violence and gory horror. Contains shootings and a few stabbings against zombies. A couple very violent moments but nothing too bad. The pilot is fairly gory and violent. Overall the least violent season but still very violent. 8/10
  • Season 2: Intense bloody violence and gory horror. Contains a few VERY graphic scenes with more blood visible than season 1. Moderate to strong gore. It gets much more violent than this in seasons to come. The final few episodes are intense. 9/10
  • Season 3: Strong bloody violence, gory horror and a scene of strong and disturbing sexual threat. This season is the season where The Walking Dead becomes very violent. It includes stabbings, shootings, zombie gore and lots of blood. The most violent scene is easily an impromptu C-section which is shown in graphic detail. the stomach is shown being sliced open with graphic blood oozing out and we see a character sticking their hands in and pulling out the baby while the mother screams, goes into shock and dies. This is followed by a scene where her son shoots her dead body in the head. This is all shown on screen. There is also a scene where a woman graphically stabs a man in the eye and stabs his daughter. Scenes of graphic sexual threat are shown and it is a beloved character being harassed which makes it more disturbing. A zombie's arms are also ripped off brutally. 10/10
  • Season 4: Strong bloody violence, horror and gore. All sixteen episode contain severe violence, with a few humans and many zombies dying in various graphic ways. Some of the worst violence show a few characters being beaten/raped and shot or decapitated and disembowelled on screen. Explicit animal violence is also shown. 10/10
  • Season 5: Strong bloody violence, gore and horror. Probably the most violent season to date. More bloody than the rest. Brutal gore and violence including shootings, stabbings, strangulation, bludgeoning, people being eaten alive by zombies and humans and people being starved. Four main characters all die graphically this season. 10/10


  • Not as much profanity as most AMC programs. Swearing is used sparingly, for the most part.
  • In season 6 of the walking dead, the F-word is used 23 times by Negan in a four-minute long clip. Can be disturbing to some people.
  • The n-word is said once in season 1 by a character portrayed as a bigot.
  • F words are censored on subscription services such as Netflix, and only appear in special editions of the show. Main language is S words, D words, and A words. Quite tame for a TV-MA show.
  • Language but not a lot of it.
  • The character Negan is very crude and curses a lot, definitley the most out of any character on the show.
  • Profanity is used sparingly, with the word "shit" being the strongest said a few times every episode. "B---h", "a--hole", "d--k", "pr--k", "p---y", and "jerk-off" are infrequently used. Other than that the only regular profanity is quite mild (such as "ass", "hell", "piss", and "damn").
  • There are also limited instances of religious profanity such as "Oh my God," "Jesus!" or "Christ!"
  • character who's portrayed negatively. As such, other slurs used in his presence include the "n"-word, "rug-muncher", and "taco-bender".
  • The middle finger is seen on a few occasions.
  • The word "f--k" is used once in a few episodes but is censored on television broadcasts. However, it is uncensored on home releases.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In season 10, a character is addicted to caffine pills. Hallucinations occur and methamphetamine is mentioned in the same episode
  • In season 10, two characters drink an entire bottle of whiskey and get increasingly drunk and their decisions get increasingly worse.
  • Alcohol is consumed in some episodes.
  • Some characters smoke cigarettes.
  • References to hard drugs are made rarely and are not depicted in use.
  • Bob is an alcoholic.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Though most of the episodes are scary, some of the episodes aren't scary at all.
  • Children and animals are sometimes seen getting abducted, dying. This can be emotionally intense.
  • Car chase, resulting in a car crash.
  • A character has his head hit with a baseball bat while all his friends are forced to watch. The scene does not last more than 3 secods but this is probably one of the few moments which are hard to watch.
  • A character wears the face of a zombie as she cuts another woman's head completely off with a string of piano wire and then proceeds to hand the head to the victims boyfriend and then proceeds to stab the boyfriend multiple times in the stomach.
  • Quite a few major characters die throughout the series
  • This is one of the, if not the most violent and gruesomely graphic TV series ever made.
  • Despite being a horror show it isn't actually too scary, just extremely violent and gory.
  • AMC's The Walking Dead (2010-2022) is Rated TV-MA Mainly for the Graphic Brutal Violence. The rest of the content is quite tame though but the violence alone makes it unsuitable for younger views.
  • In season 10, two characters are held at gunpoint and forced to play russian roulette.
  • In season 10, a whole episode is centered around characters stuck in a dark cave filled with zombies. Likely to enduse anxiety in claustrophobic viewers.
  • The overall tone of the series is quite dark and gritty. Fight scenes are absolutely not styalized and they are often filmed with a shaky cam. That could scare younger viewers.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • At some point in late season some try to have sex, clothed no nudity at all.
  • At the beginning of Season 1, Shane and Lori have sex. You dont see the sex part but the woman removing the man's shirt and then the scene cuts
  • In the season 10, it was said that a female character gets raped by a group of men off-screen.
  • S1 E6: There is a scene that shows the group having hot showers after a long time. All men are shown from the waist up and women are shown from the neck up or with their chest covered. At one point, a husband joins his wife in the shower and they embrace, although this only lasts a few seconds.
  • S1 E6: Shane kisses Lori as she tries to push him away. He pulls her shirt up and tries to touch her inappropriately. No nudity unless you count Lori's bare legs in shorts.
  • S2 E4: Maggie catches Glenn picking up a box of condom and they begin talking about sex. Maggie removes her shirt and is seen wearing just her bra for a few seconds which she then also removed. For a second her breasts are visible from the side. Glenn then removes his shirt, they kiss and the scene cuts.
  • S2 E5: Glenn and Maggie speak about having sex the previous night and mention condoms

Violence & Gore

  • Also Season 7: Two main characters are tortured with a taser but the scene is not graphic and it doesn't last long enough to be that intense.
  • A man starts a gun fight with the cops, shots one of the police (in the stomach), and the criminal ends up dying from bullet wounds. Little blood is seen in this scene.
  • Rick bites a man. The man he has bitten is seen with blood spurting out of his neck. Very graphic, disturbing, and unexpected
  • In the fifth season, there is an animal style execution scene in which the protagonists are forced to their knees and most get their throats slit. The scene is very explicit, bloody and terrifying.
  • In season 2, a woman is crawling away from a zombie, she slices its stomach with a katana sword and its guts fall onto the ground. Very graphic.
  • In season 7, a man is talking with the main antagonist, the antagonist quickly pulls a big knife out of his belt and stabs him. He slides the blade along his stomach, making guts fall onto the road and onto the man who was stabbed. Very graphic and unexpected.
  • In season 8, rick slices Negan's throat with a piece of glass. Blood is seen slowly trickling down his neck . Not too graphic
  • A girl is alone and starving whilst walking along a road. She finds a turtle and rips it apart, and eats it raw. With the turtle bones she makes the letters JSS. Disturbing, a it graphic.
  • A woman has her face eaten by zombies. It's graphic and disturbing. We later see her as a walker.
  • In Season 9 episode 1 a man gets hung by one of the protagonists. It's disturbing and shocking
  • In season 4 ep 13 you hear a dog bark and then whine it is shown that the dog dies but you don't see anything.
  • One of the main characters during season 2 and 3 is beheaded with a sword
  • In season 10, a womans throat is slit. Her head is then placed on a spike.
  • In season 10 a characters back is slashed and then two knives are stabbed through his eyes.
  • In season 10, a character with cancer takes her own life after the pain becomes too unbearable.
  • In season 10, a man hunts and kills two members of Maggies group and after he becomes surrounded, he takes his own life by exploding himself with a grenade.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Their is a brief scene in season one in witch we see a bag full of pills containing a large amount of blue crystal methamphetamine.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In episode 5 of season 9, Rick sacrifices himself to blow up the bridge to stop the zombies from reaching the Survivors by crossing it. We then see Daryl break down in tears as another Survivor watches on devastated as well and walks away, all while we hear sad music. This scene is quite sad and powerful.
  • In episode 15 of season 9, well-known characters are lured away and decapitated offscreen. We see some of their final moments. We see their decapitated heads put on spikes that stick out of the ground. Possibly one of the most disturbing scenes in the series.
  • In season 10, a character suffers from PTSD and tries to drown himself
  • In season 10, a man is shown to have forced his brother and his family to play russian roulette. The mans brothers family's decayed corpses are seen. The mans brother is then seen to shoot himself in the head.
  • In season 10, an antagonist sneaks into one of the main communities through the drainage system and kills countless members of the community in the cover of night. Extremely graphic blood and screams. In the same episode a man fights the antagonist in an extremely violent and gory fight. Some parts of the fight are from the point of view or the protoganist.
  • In season 11 there's an episode in large part viewed from the point of view of a deaf character so, theres no audio. In this episode she's trapped in a house with cannibals who are trying to find her, extremely intense, disturbing and nerve wracking.

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