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Sex & Nudity

  • At the beginning of Season 5, it is revealed that men were raping women at a compound. In a very brief scene, they are shown choosing a girl to rape, where she begs, "not again," and they drag her off screaming.
  • At the beginning of Season 1, Shane and Lori have sex. You hear mild grunting and you see very mild thrusting when Shane flips Lori onto her back.
  • In Season 5, the protagonist Rick Grimes takes a shower. One shot shows his naked body through the glass and his buttocks is partially visible.
  • In Season 6, Rick and Michonne have sex. The scene itself is not shown but they are seen naked in bed together afterwards. No nudity.
  • In Season 2, Andrea and Shane are in a vehicle together. Andrea grabs Shane's crotch then proceeds to jump on him, but the act isn't shown.
  • In Season 2, Glenn and Maggie have sex in a pharmacy. They remove their clothes but are only seen from the waist up. A little bit of side breast is seen, but the sex isn't shown.
  • In Season 3, after just having sex with the Governor, Andrea gets up to grab a knife. She is naked but her body is shadowed by the darkness.
  • In Season 7, Daryl is captured by Negan and held naked in a cell. Only his profile is shown, no nudity.
  • In Season 5, Abraham and Rosita have sex in an abandoned library as Eugene watches them from the distance. The act is shown but is slightly shadowed. They are clearly heard and Abraham's buttocks are seen.
  • I'm Season 8, Jadis and several of her people are seen crafting art while naked. They are wearing aprons, but their buttocks are still very briefly shown.
  • In Season 6, Glenn and Maggie take a shower together, their naked bodies are seen in one shot, although it is foggy and only their buttocks are shown.
  • In Season 3, there is a sex scene between Maggie and Glenn. It goes on for a minute. Nudity is shown from a distance, as well as some thrusting.
  • In Season 3, Maggie is made to strip by the Governor as a form a humiliation. No nudity is shown, but the context of the scene is disturbing.
  • In season 5 When Daryl is out following an unknown person with Aaron, a female walker is tied up to a tree naked, no nudity is shown but the scene can be disturbing.
  • Across the entire series, there is very little sex and nudity. There are occasions of brief sexual situations, but limited nudity.
  • Condoms have been discussed.

Violence & Gore

  • Season 8: about as violent as season 4 and 6. the first few episodes had gunfire and brawls..They often end up with a bit of blood being seen, some of which include zombies attacking people with a bit blood seen. Not very intense. The most violent part was wen a characters army is wiped out by a 50.caliber machine gun but there is not much blood seen. This scene was rather like in action movies. There are also a few brutal zombie kills with a story line involving people taking out the zombies by shooting or beating them. In the second half of the season it is implied that a mans small intestine was pulled out and there are also a few fight scenes were an entire group of people are shot with blood covered arrows which slowly turn them into zombies and there's also another were a group have there weapons backfire in their face.
  • visual of a decomposing body, brief
  • the death of a (zombie) child.
  • dead animal being eaten by crows
  • In a brief scene you see a zombie with a piece of meat in his mouth. Blood is seen dripping from his mouth.
  • In some episodes you briefly see body parts lying around. This is not very graphic and not worse than scenes from ,,The Lord Of The Rings''.
  • Rick bites a man.
  • extremely violent and graphic. a scene shows a man getting his head cracked open with a barbed wired baseball bat and his eye is seen hanging out of it's socket. he then gets his whole head smashed into little pieces and a bog pile of brains is shown
  • The show itself is very brutal and horrific.
  • Quite violent and gory.
  • Almost all episodes of this series contain moderate depictions of violence, with rather infrequent shootings and/or scenes of zombies attacking humans and the latter shooting and using various weapons on the former, with sometimes (a bit) blood visible.
  • A variety of weapons are used to kill zombies. Throughout the show many zombies are seen in various states of decay, sometimes with bones being exposed. However, this is not overly graphic.
  • The series has a focus on what humanity is left in a world after humanity is extinct. As the series progresses violent conflicts between people begin to arise.
  • All of the fighting and killing of zombies takes place within the context of self-defense, rather than with any sadistic intent or relish, and within a firmly established fantasy context.
  • Season 1: Contains shootings and a few stabbings against zombies.
  • Season 2: Contains a few fairly graphic scenes with more blood visible.
  • Season 3: This season is probably the most tame season. It includes a few shootings and corpses with blood visible.
  • Season 4: All sixteen episode contain moderate violence, with a few humans and many zombies dying in various ways. Some of the worst violence show a few characters being beaten and shot or being attacked by walkers.
  • Season 5: Probably the most violent season to date. The level of violence really spikes up and it is a bit more bloody but it is also over the top and very unrealistic. The worst scene shows a decapitation of a zombie but it is seen from relatively far away.
  • Season 6: This season is fairly violent across all episodes. For example in a woman gets hit by a man and her swollen face is visibly shown in a later scene. A woman's abdomen is sliced (OUT OF FOCUS). The woman dies from that.
  • Season 7: A bit more violent than season 4. There is a scene where characters are bludgeoned to death. This sequence is very long and extremely graphic, as well as emotionally disturbing.


  • Not as much profanity as most TV-MA programs. Swearing is used sparingly, for the most part.
  • In season 6 of the walking dead, the F-word is used 23 times by Negan in a four-minute long clip. This is only included on the bonus disc of the Season 6 blu-ray.
  • Profanity is used sparingly, with the word "shit" being the strongest said a few times every episode. "B---h", "a--hole", "d--k", "pr--k", "p---y", and "jerk-off" are infrequently used. Other than that the only regular profanity is quite mild (such as "ass", "hell", "piss", and "damn").
  • There are also limited instances of religious profanity such as "Oh my God," "Jesus!" or "Christ!"
  • Most of the potentially offensive language comes from a bigoted character who's portrayed negatively. As such, other slurs used in his presence include the "n"-word, "rug-muncher", and "taco-bender".
  • The middle finger is seen on a few occasions.
  • The word "f--k" is used rarely in a few episodes but is censored on television broadcasts. However, it is uncensored on home releases.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Alcohol is consumed in some episodes.
  • Some characters smoke cigarettes.
  • References to hard drugs are made rarely and are not depicted in use.
  • Bob is an alcoholic.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Though most of the episodes are scary, some of the episodes aren't scary at all.
  • Children and animals are sometimes seen getting abducted, dying. This can be emotionally intense.
  • car case, resulting in a car crash
  • A character has his head hit with a baseball bat while all his friends are forced to watch. The scene does not last more than 3 secods but this is probably one of the few moments which are hard to watch.
  • Violence is infrequent but intense.
  • Violence is not frequent but sometimes quite bloody.
  • A character wears the face of a zombie as she cuts another woman's head completely off with a string of piano wire and then proceeds to hand the head to the victims boyfriend and then proceeds to stab the boyfriend multiple times in the stomache .
  • The overall tone of the series is quite dark and gritty. Fight scenes are absolutely not styalized and they are often filmed with a shaky cam. That could scare younger viewers.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • At some point in late season seven we witness a man attempting to rape a main character. He is then beaten down, this scene may be disturbing for some

Violence & Gore

  • Also Season 7: Two main characters are tortured with a taser but the scene is not graphic and it doesn't last long enough to be that intense.
  • a man starts a gun fight with the cops, shots one of the police(in the stomach), and the criminal ends up dying from bullet wounds. Little blood is seen in this scene.
  • In the sixth season, there is an animal same execution scene in which the protagonists are forced to their knees and some get their throats cut. The scene is very explicit, bloody and terrifying.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Their is a brief scene in season one in witch we see a bag full of pills containing a large amount of blue crystal meth amphetamine as an Easter egg stating this is set in the same universe as breaking bad

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In episode 5 of season 9, Rick sacrifices himself to blow up the bridge to stop the zombies from reaching the Survivors by crossing it. We then see Daryl break down in tears as another Survivor watches on devastated as well and walks away, all while we hear sad music. This scene is quite sad and powerful.
  • In episode 15 of season 9, well-known characters are lured away and decapitated off screen. We see some of their final moments. We see their decapitated heads put on spikes that stick out of the ground. Possibly one of the most disturbing scenes in the series...

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